10 thoughts on “Brendan O’Carroll

  1. I’ll have to wait for this programme to make its way to television in The Canadas, before I comment negatively. Then again. I did enjoy Ballykissangel where that Brit-fuck priest wanted to get a leg-over on that Assumpta tart ’til she got herself orfed by god.

  2. Ballykissangel? Mrs Brown’s Boys? Comme ci, comme ├ža. TV for bog trotters, potato growers and men who like dressing in frocks. And the pseudo British, by the look of things.

  3. There is nothing in the world like a good Irish comedian..sadly this talentless transvestite is not one of them

  4. This fucking limp excuse for comedy is shown here in NZ and is billed as “modern” and “cutting edge”.
    Cutting edge? The only fucking cutting edge anybody associated with this shit should be shown is the business side of a large axe.

  5. The way people go on about Mrs Brown’s Boys and the hype that surrounds it bends my head… People I know call it ‘The Funniest thing ever’ and claim that is is better than the mighty Father Ted… Sorry, but Ted (and Dougal and Jack) piss all over this shite!

    The ‘gay gags’ alone in this crappy programme show how cheap it is. Even John Inman would cringe at the way this piss poor panto portrays gays…Even On The Buses was more tastefull than Mrs Brown’s Bullshit.

  6. It’s the most over hyped piece of tripe on british television.Totally devoid of all humour and front by a So called “Perfomer” who sadly believes his one hype.Should never evan been commissioned in the first place.An Utter,Uttter waste of other peoples money.Avoid the movie at all costs.

  7. This show is brilliant ur lot leaving negative comments its ur choice. Brendan ocarroll is hardly a tranny ( cross dressing for the show hardly counts ). Great comedy and funny as hell. Millions of people watch Mrs browns boys just goes to show its a lot more popular than not.

    • It’s not fucking brilliant, so your IQ doesn’t hit triple figures well good for you but don’t expect anyone with a modicum of intelligence to like such fucking drivel.

  8. That cunt is as funny as lung cancer. I lived jus up the road from the cuntish clown, me mate wanted to giv him a hidin one night, I wish I never stopped it. If I knew then what I know now I wuda ran over him with me car.

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