8 thoughts on “Pastor Fred Phelps

  1. A nasty little bigoted cunt who is probably a closet faggot for all he preaches hatred against homosexuals

  2. I disagree 100% — Humans need more Pastor Fred Phelps in the world.

    We need hate for health – shit eating fags hate normal people, normal people hate fags (except for the brain-dead cunts under 25 who have been conditioned from birth to admire sodomy), and all people hate blacks.

    Revel in your hate – it’s natural.

  3. Paedo Preacherman Phelps. Let the Lord of Vengence cast him down into the nethermost pit of Hell. There to endure the endless torments of Hell Fire. Let his bollocks singe and his cock blacken and burn. May I wish a prosperous New Year to all my clientele.

  4. Phelpsie needs a good fucking reeming by a big fucking cock…. he’s probably getting that anyway …. what a twisted cunt. The only reason he’s homophobic is because he doesn’t want a gay man to treat him the same way as he treats women….. like shit i expect rot in hell you slimey little cunt …… and while i’m at it take that stupid fucking hat off, makes you look twice the redneck cunt you are.

    • Well said cripplecock – using his ill-informed, ignorant opinions to distract from the fact that he’s obviously an in-bred hate-filled cunt. burning’s too fucking good for him.

  5. Well, even his family have finally tumbled to the fact he is a complete cunt. His granddaughters leaving his church of insanity and trying to lead a normal life. Redneck Cunt is a good description though, might honour him by choosing him for the next deathlist..

  6. Inbred, shitkicker, hatemongering cunt… This twat wouldn’t be out of place in Nazi Germany. He wants fucking shooting! Up the arse!

  7. Just learned that the old cunt is finally dead. Wish I’d had him in my death list. Apparently, he was excommunicated from his so called “church” before he died. A fine end to the rednecked cunt

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