The Rolling Stones

Glastonbury 2013 … the Rolling Stones will headline the Pyramid stage on Saturday night.

50 years and counting – or should that be 50 years and cunting?

The Rolling Stones at ‘Glasto’. What a bunch of has been cunts they turned out to be. Strange choice of set played self indulgently. Out of tune, out of rhythm, ‘Out of Time’

Cunts like me can afford to be self indulgent. Not the Stones. Time to stop rollin’ – stick to the studio!

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8 thoughts on “The Rolling Stones

  1. Dare say that after all the negotiations on fees the cunt Jagger did not feel sufficiently monetised to give a decent set or spend any time actually rehearsing for the benefit of the audience. The Rattling Bones are well past their sell by date. Old rockers never die, they only sound that way.

  2. mick jagger should have died in the seventies
    would still have looked like the cunt does now
    a skeleton in black clothing…what a croc of cunt

  3. Dumb cunts actually pay big money to see these cunts live? Rather grind my eardrums out with pencils… Boring old cunts!

  4. To be fair they did themselves no favours by only allowing the BBC to broadcast half of their set, so when they cut into it, they’d missed all the good stuff and came in at the point where they were slowing down the tempo. On the other hand, why did they do that? Could it be so that they only put the full set out on DVD later? Shurely not!

    ‘Miss you’ was truly painful and ‘Midnight Rambler’ went on forever. Reminded me of a Status Quo concert I went to once. They were brilliant until they went off ad-libbing for the last half hour or so just to show how good they were. But they weren’t.

    The professional performer has to learn that they are there to please the audience, not to show off and please themselves.

    Self indulgence is just that. It’s not pretty and it’s definitely not clever. Anyone who forgets that deserves to be called a cunt.

      • Or I am a cunt for not resisting such an easy pop. So far as the Rattling Bones go I was not there insitu and there have been some reports from punters who were that seemed to enjoy it. Cloth eared kids doubtless but I am mindful that to rely on the technical expertise of the new BBC to capture the true vibe is not wise.

        Recall the appalling crap sound mixes broadcast during the Jubilee and the Olympics courtesy of the BBC who once were rather good at that sort of thing. Apparantly 300 BBC farts covered Glasto but did that include anyone with two functioning ears monitoring EQ, ouput levels and so forth?

        So ready to accept the part that the BBC played in burying the Bones.

        Also highly likely that old meanie Jagger avoided broadcasting live the best bits to hang on to the rights for further exploitation.

        Does that make Jagger Cunt of the Year?

  5. the rolling stones? the strolling bones more fucking like … these skinny drug ridden fuckers can’t help but to cadge a few more quid off of fucking hippy throw back wanna be’s. grow up you dope smokin, think your hip cunts. Having monday off work so you can come down and realise what a fucking cunt you’ve been watching doddering old rich cunts like the strolling bones fleece you fuckers whilst you were out of your fucking tiny minds….. you’ll no doubt go in work tuesday bleeting that you rough as a badgers ass all over the weekend and fucking bed ridden….. lying bunch of weekend druggy cunts…. hurry up and OD on your fucking shite coke…….CUNTS!

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