9 thoughts on “Graham Norton [2]

  1. A very personal cunting nomination: Birthday Honours

    Red mist rising. Despite comprehensive cunting by yours truly commie crap cock Tony Robinson has gained a Knighthood. Why oh Fuck why?

    Did the card carrying commie stand in solidarity with his comrades and turn it down on principle? Fuck no. Gimme gimme gimme. Cack arsed Cunt.

    Alongside the full tawdry list of closet paedos, party hacks, pc charity cunts and wanker bankers.

    Outrageous. Return my Knighthood in disgust? Have to get all me toilet paper reprinted. Bugger.

    Birthday Honours – the final reward for the total cunt

  2. yes a cuntish cunt of all cunts living today in this cuntish society of Cunts and arseholes…TELEVISED CUNT..iMAGINE A RADIO STATION NAMED CUNTfm
    hell be top head cunt host…oh what a twat too…rich cunt…

  3. Now he’s a real cunt,of the ist order,cunts don’t come much worse than him.

  4. He’s such a little faggity piss taking gayer cuntbag of shit, someone needs to slam his head against a wall and then hold his face against a belt sander. Then we’ll see if that repulsive arsehole keeps cracking anymore shitty camp jokes. I find this reprobate repugnant. Eugh. Fuck off. Wanker. Fuck you.

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