Romanian gangs


A dozen cunts from our new cousins in the Fourth Reich, Romania, giving us an advanced demonstration of what to expect once the flood doors open next January.

The cunts smashed their way into jewellers across London and pocketed a million quid. One of the fuckers told the cops ‘I don’t care, I go to prison to go on holiday.’ Oi, Cameron you cunt, you listening yet? Prison here is better than being in their own country FFS!

And guess what? They’re going to be deported when they come out. Just like Abu Qatada, eh? And the cunts will be straight back again on the next banana boat. The biggest cunts here are the British public for putting up with this shit.

Nominated by : Dioclese

4 thoughts on “Romanian gangs

  1. The Police (a nomination)

    The cunts give corruption a bad name. Ever thus of course. I recall the Soho Met scandals in the ‘60s and the “one bad apple” saga of our friends up North in the 70s. Every decade brings its signature scams as one generation sets the example for the next. And the cunts get to retire on full pension at 50 then straight on to double bubble and re-employment in another fat police job or consultancy.

    Catch a villain? They would not know how. Too busy going on a course (but not on catching villains), taking a sabbatical or going sick and pulling a health and safety scam. Oh they can pull over my old Bentley after I’ve had a few sherberts just because the cunts don’t like the colour of my nose yet merrily wave past yahoo fuckcunts up to the eyeballs on chemicals. Or carloads of Rumanian cuntbeggarthieves full of underage prostitutes. Their human rights feller.

    Thing is old Gussie, the black sheep of the family, has never had an easier time of it. Can inject what he likes, can shag what he likes, can embezzle what he likes. His human rights donchaknow. Thinking about it Stoke family buggery has gone out of fashion rather. No need to pay off plod anymore. Family rights and all that. Bit of a bore.

    The cunts have corrupted corruption.

  2. A timely cunting Herr Dioclese. The Germans have already had all this and their armed police go in hard against the Romananian cunts. They take no prisoners anymore which is one reason why the cunts are coming here. The Nazi branch of the family are domiciled in Austria where they have similar experiences. Imagine a helicopter shot of the beautiful upland pastures of The Sound of Music crawling with Romanian tinkers and littered with rubbish and scrapped cars. Then zoom in as Julie Andrews gets raped and crawls home to find her alpine farmhouse turned over and just the head and feet of her chickens left. The cunts take everything.

    You get the picture?

  3. Harriet fucking Tubman, (An American Historical Cunting) revered in America for fighting against slavery and equal rights for woman seemingly a fucking Saint.

    But no a Cunt, in fact a proper fucking cunt. First she was a fucking criminal (An escaped fucking Slave no less) who conspired to thieve other slaves with gay abandon.
    Secondly she was a total and utter fucking loon who suffered seizures, various types of spack attacks and thought she could talk to God.

    In short a fucking witch type of cunt. Finally she was a fucking ugly ditch pig of a woman, a true Stegosaurus type of split arsed cunt.

  4. Harriet fucking Harman? No idea the old mare was into slaves. Recognise the rest of the description though – fucking loon, seizures, spack attacks, talking to God ect ect. Right on there.

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