Kim Jong-Un

Kim Jong Un

Kim Jong-un otherwise known as Kunt Wrong-un, Korean commie dictator cunt and self abusing wanker generally to be seen fannying around with Harriet Harman’s muff on his head ( that muff don’t arf put itself around in commie circles ).

Really the little fat fuck dreams only of living on benefits in these fair islands supported by his wives and children. Clearly a hermaphrodite cunt thus not got the tackle for that so the very little leader has to threaten the world with nuclear armageddon to get a payoff in lieu of child benefit.

Kunt Wrong-un you psycho cunt – go moist dreaming of your commie palace guard goose stepping up to take you from behind. Then explode a nuclear missile up your arse. Sure to dry you off gangbang style.

Nomimated by : Sir Limply Stoke

9 thoughts on “Kim Jong-Un

  1. My old man used to kill gook cunts like him in the war. Sadly before he could kill his 3 score and 10 the cunting Yanks stuck him to a tree with napalm- never the fucking same after that. Anyway, this Kim Dung is a fat cunting fuck with a tiny cock. He is one ugly cunt with a fat square head. If I had my way I napalm the cunt myself, ‘cept petrol is so fucking expensive as is soap. Can’t we just send him a box of exploding cigars or somethink?

  2. Dear old Sir Dingle Stoke would go out nights spraying rats with a mixture of wallpaper paste and petrol. Used a stirrup pump stuck in a bucket. Resourceful old cunt. Another unsung British inventor. Never quite got the ignition right though. Would use the end of his old cigar to set it off. Came the windy night it all blew back on him and he burnt his bollocks off. Never the same man again. It was all hushed up.

  3. What an absolute piece of shit gook cunt. Hang him by his fat little elephant ears and feed him to his starving people

  4. Horrible little doughboy cunt… Ugliest worldl leader since the Fuhrer (although Merkel is pretty minging!)…

  5. It would be interesting if ISIS could issue a fatwa against the chubby paranoid cunt.

  6. Somehow, Kim ill-twatmong reminds me of that utter twat camoron. Maybe they’re penfriends…fucked any tasty pigs’ gobs recently??

  7. What a fat horrible little man.he is the ugliest cunt I have ever seen.I would love to slap him and his warmongering family.The little fat square headed cunt.How on earth do people think this little kitchen sink(chink) is good looking,Where abouts.A nuke is too good for this little murdering knob head.

  8. That little fucking fat pork chop bastard looks like he chases parked buses. What an ugly little fat bastard and for fuck sake who the fuck is his hair stylist, fuck me.
    Why not send someone in to poison the little bastard with polonium or something like they did with titvenynko eh ?

  9. What a pug nosed fat ugly short arse prick he is. A legend but only in his own tiny deluded sad sick mind..He needs his arse kicked right off this planet the fat fuck..last time I saw a figure like his it was being miked in a farm yard..Nail his bollocks to a tree I say the obese cock sucking cunt

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