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Elvis Costello aka D.P.Costello aka Little Hands of Concrete aka Napoleon Dynamite aka Howard Coward is a pseudo intellectual little has-been cunt who can’t sing and writes shit songs.

On 17 December 1977, Costello was scheduled to play “Less Than Zero” on Saturday Night Live; however, instead he copied Jimi Hendrix by stopping the song mid-intro, and played “Radio Radio” instead – earning himself a ten-year ban from the show, and considerable attention as an angry young man. Pretentious, copy cat cunt. Not a bone of originality in his entire body.

Called James Brown a ‘jive-assed nigger’, called Ray Charles a ‘blind ignorant nigger’. Fucking racist cunt. When asked why, he said he felt it became necessary for him to outrage these people with about the most obnoxious and offensive remarks that he could muster. Supercilious little cunt.

Hit an all time low after George Galloway used the lyrics from one of his hackneyed pieces to slag Thatcher when she died.

“When England was the whore of the world, Margaret was her madam.’Cos when they finally put you in the ground, They’ll stand there laughing and tramp the dirt down.” Crap lyric done for sensationalism. Doesn’t rhyme. Doesn’t scan. Shit. Anyone who has Galloway as a fan has to be a cunt.

He’s so fucking bad at music that in 2008 he was awarded an honorary degree of Doctor of Music from the University of Liverpool. You don’t get much shittier than that as a musician. Now he’s fucked off to America because Brits ‘don’t dig him’. Too fucking right we don’t!

‘Less Than Zero’ sums the little cunt up perfectly, I’d say

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8 thoughts on “Elvis Costello

  1. I’ve never liked this pretentious cunt. He thinks he’s a clever cunt but he’s just a cunt. He’s just a little twat cunt. A cunt who writes dense lyrics and thinks it poetry, cunt. A very lucky cunt that would benefit from a good old fashioned kicking. Maybe we could rearrange that fucking mal shaped head and squeeze them beady eyes a bit closer together. I’d like to burn him as well. Not all over, just bits. I like Elvis Presley, although a fat cunt who died having a shit.

  2. I agree. His music is cunting bad. I wanna take that guitar and bash it into his cunt. That’d teach him not to be a cunting cuntard anymore.

  3. Liverpool FC fans
    Even during their annual mope about their own dead fans, the cunts from this hateful club couldn’t resist abusing and mocking the death of an old woman. Self righteous, unfunny cunts. Fuck them and their club.

  4. Aye, definitely a totally irritating cunt, and the stupid cunt can’t write to save his cunting life. Definitely an absolutely cunting fucking cunt. Not a bad producer though.

  5. he got a few things right about coal fucking niggers etc, nevertheless still a cunt

  6. 1981 was apparently a ‘Good Year for The Roses’ according to this talentless sock full diarrohea. Well it fucking well wasn’t in my garden. Greenfly got the lot of ’em… which makes him a lying cunt.

  7. Just spotted the Elvis Costello is a cunt thing, and I couldn’t agree more, Chas…

    Apart from being like a (very) shite Buddy Holly impersonator, this cunt is now ‘excused’ by the muso-wank music press for calling Ray Charles a ‘Blind, ignorant Nigger…’
    Funny how Clapton still gets stick for his comments on immigration, but because they’re seen as ‘cool’ by cunts like MOJO and Uncu(n)t, twats like Costello have excuses made for them (‘He was drunk’ ‘He was trying to be a provocative punk’)… Just like they gloss over that Nazi slag, Siouxsie, wearing swastikas on both arms for a whole year and saying ‘there are too many Jews…’ Big Ron Atkinson said something about a ‘thick nigger’ when he thought his mic was off on ITV, and he was sacked and has been persona non grata ever since… But Costello gets away with it because (along with Sioux, Chrissie ‘I love Myra Hindley’ Hynde and that Sid Vicious cunt) because he is ‘punk darling’…. Fucking cunt…

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