11 thoughts on “T Mobile

  1. He’s right. Utter cunts. Purposefully obfuscating, rude, untrustworthy cunts.

  2. Tmobile are a fat rectum of a company. I had a contract cancelled within 7 days. Now they are saying i owe them £500. To end contract. I tried setting up payment but i keep speaking to sum donkey dick sales rep who couldnt make a piece of toast without fucking it up. Anyways there saying pay what you want because the account is dead and they are not chasing me for the money. I said ok il pay you fuck all. Tmobile and its zombified staff are officially. CUNTS …………

  3. Massive cunts, charged direct debit 3 fucking times after they had supposedly closed it…. fucking cuuunts!

  4. I was on Tmobile and my phone gave me one bill and their staff charged me another. I told them i will pay the bill once they can confirm exactly which one i had to pay and they terminated my contract, charged me over 300 quid and now i have debt collectors in my life. Thanks for fuck all.

  5. Utter UTTER FUCKTARDS. They lie, dissemble, and lie again. Then put their prices up…. Tried to get a reasonable upgrade after being with them for 9 YEARS and get offered a worse deal than they offer to any old new customer… UTTER UTTER CUNTY CUNTS!

  6. I joined on a low contract paying £13 a month , cancelled after less than a month after being charged over £120 on bogus fucking shit not paying it they can sue me

  7. pure cunts unfucking believable to think I used to go round Dicky’s gaff and work for the cunt

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