Jeremy Clarkson

Where is JEREMY CLARKSON on this site?

Surely some fucker must have nominated him by now??

Fuckin rat pissed off to China (best place for him, hope he stays there!), but must say I’m really surprised his boat race isn’t been on here at least a dozen times !!

What a complete CUNT !!

Nominated by Anonymous

32 thoughts on “Jeremy Clarkson

  1. Who the fuck is “anonymous” to cunt Jeremy? The only bloke on the Beeb to tell it how it is?
    Fuck the fuck off anonycunt (I’m not generally this impolite but you are a non-person being “anon”).

  2. I propose that the option of “Anonymous” in the Profile box should be replaced with the words “Lazy Thick Cunt”.
    Fucking wankers who either cant be arsed to use a pseudonym or are simply too fucking dense to think of one. Cunts either way.

  3. I realise that “banned” and “OLLIE BURTONS GRANDAD” must be petrol heads and BBC loving cunts but ANON has the right to cunt anyone he see’s fit just like all the other cuntings !but personally I think it’s a very valid nomination because I’ve never met anyone who like’s the cunt, so you must be in the minority or as Clarkson and his cronies just BIG KIDS who have never grew up!!!!….. Much does the BBC pay that CUNT a year ??????

  4. I agree with Fred Flintstone….JEREMY CLARKSON is an out an out TOSSER of the highest order and needs fucking shooting himself and should be sacked by the BBC so fuck all you PETROLHEADS and BBC loving bastards

  5. Brilliant !!! Glad to see someone finally got FUCKFACE CLARKSON on here !….Well over due !!!!

  6. Right, you bunch of cunts. This is the way it is (and answering another thread too)

    Anyone can nominate a cunt. If it is done in a funny way it will probably get posted.

    Rule 1 says don’t post nominations as an AnonyCunt. We usually ignore them. Make up a name. It isn’t tricky.

    But if the nomination is legit then it will go up even if the site owners don’t agree with it. The really shit ones will then get roasted in the comments.

    Remember that the word “Democracy” comes from the Greek…’demos’ means ‘people’ and ‘cracy’ means ‘twathead’.

    Your call, cunts.

  7. Clarkson maybe a cunt but he is the kind of cunt who constantly cunts the right people. He cunts striking cunts, cunts on push bikes, cunts with caravans and green cunts, in fact anyone who he doesn’t like. I suggest he is a grade A, ├╝ber cunt of the century and we should be grateful that he exists to piss so many people off.

  8. Clarkson is a cunters type of cunt and the only type of cunt who would cunt sych a cunters cunt would be a sad fuckwitted cunt who had been cunted by the cunter.
    Which means you lot who dont like Clarkson are all tree hugging caravan dwelling left wing striking public service types of cunts so fuck right off. Wankers.

  9. Well that’s those cunts fucking told. Anonycunt, Fred Cuntstone and the rest of the swamp dwelling fraternity should Indeed fuck right off.
    In my day we would just disembowel the cunts and let the crows eat them. Fucking wasters.

  10. I met the Top Gear lot in France last year and at least Clarkson bought me a drink. He was looking at my tits tho.
    The biggest Cunt by far is that little poncy bastard Richard Hammond. What a sad twat of a man.

  11. Has anybody nominated Adele? What a fucking fat, overrated, ‘managed to hoodwink the entire population into thinking it’s cool to buy her (shit) albums’, fingernails down a blackboard, seal voiced (the marine creature, not the artist whose face looks like it’s been run over by a tractor), most smacked arse faced cunt in living memory. Thank christ for throat nodules, they’ve silenced her (at least momentarily – any reprieve from the blanket coverage of this cash rich, talent poor bitch is welcome). What a cunt.

  12. FAO Peter, it seems to me that your in need of psychiatric help as all you seem to be doing is ranting like a madman !!about anything and everything you seem so full of hatred for all and sundry. I suggest you go see your doctor and ask to be put in touch with a PSYCHIATRIST A.S.A.P. Best of luck

  13. Thanks for your concern. My next appt in actually on the 4th of Jan. Anything in particular that you wish me to pass on to him? Last time I saw him he seemed to think it was an excellent way to let off steam. Mind you he is in possession of a sense of humour.

  14. even if u agree with his politics it dosnt stop him from being the physical embodiment of cuntitude

  15. Hes bumming his immensley irritating midget bottom bandit boyfriend hammond sandwich in china as we write, while james flowerpower may is wanking to the action

  16. Anybody who is in awe of this cunt needs to be melted in acid. Or get through puberty as quickly as possible. And then get melted in acid. He’s a tiresome wanker, and all the usual half wits fall for it – his “honesty” and “saying it how it is”… except, whenever he says something particularly controversial, it just happens to be approximately two weeks before his latest shit book is released. Greedy, pompous, attention-seeker who will shit on anybody in order to make a few extra quid. He is occasionally amusing, but is, nevertheless, a total arsehole and deserves his place on this website.

  17. Oi! Cunts ! Leave J.C. alone. He has ADHD and as such should be left to his suffering in peace. Short-arse hammond is , of course a complete cuntlet

  18. Fat pot bellied flamingo legged moai faced kidman loafheaded manky cunt
    should be doused in petrol and torched on a special edition of flop gear
    richard shortarse arse hamster on the otherhand needs to be hung drawn and quartered
    the IRA should stick a bomb under fat mays car and blow the cunt skyhigh

  19. That cunt, Nigel Farage, being voted Briton Of The Year?!?
    The world has gone fucking mad, and I am ashamed to be British….

  20. Jeremy Clarkson is a mega cunt who cunts it up to the max at the UK licence fee payers expense. Come to think of it the whole of the UK, including me are cunts for paying for the BBC who pay cunts like Clarkson to smash shit up. Cunts! Now it is going to be a ginger cunt doing the same.

    Jeremy is from Doncaster originally….not too far from Scunthorpe
    Fred Flintstone… do you spell illiterate?

  22. Wilbur is still looking for gazzo & lekko, & when he catches them he’s going
    to shove an electric current measuring device, as far up their arses as it will go
    sideways, just when they are having their evening meal, which is being spoiled
    by having to listen to foreign sounding fucking meerkats, selling movie tickets.
    What a shower of cunts!

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