5 thoughts on “Norman Cook

  1. From HurlingDervish.

    …..and the cunt lives in fucking Brighton of all places!!! fucking Brighton. Jeez. People go to Brighton to die don’t they? like some cunts graveyard!

  2. I thought people lived in Brighton so they could go dogging or simply shag some bloke up the arse.

  3. The Housemartins were a top band. But Quentin (real name) Cook is a cunt. His cuntish “Supastar Deejay” name on routine as Fatcunt Slim just screams “Tosser”. All “his” hits in this guise are all rip-offs and samples from other pieces of work. He is also a cunt for marrying that other uber cunt, Zoe Ball… I thought she was a cunt years ago (claiming to be a Man United fan, yet wearing a Liverpool shirt on TV!). Now she is back on the box, and she is an even bigger cunt….She now looks like she has had 10 facelifts and has been baked in a giant oven..

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