9 thoughts on “Maria Sharapova

  1. I second that, Sharapova is a squawking cunt whos unsportsman like squealing has ruined the womens game. It may not surprise you that I cheered like fuck when the cow got beat in the Final. Please fuck off out off the game for good.Cunt.

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  3. From HurlingDervish.

    You smooth talking fucking bastard! she’d be down with her knickers in a flash, with your silver tongue darting round her crevasses and whispering sweet cunting nothings in ‘er ear!
    You old silver fox you.

  4. She’s big, you know – shoulders like the back of a 2 seater settee – so if you’re even going to think about it you’d better be blessed with tackle of catering size knockwurst proportions.

  5. she could suck my cock whilst playing with her cunt and facing a mirror,so I could see all the cunt action

  6. Why can’t someone stab the screaming angry banshee cunt in the shoulder as happened to Monica Seles (another screaming fucking cunt).

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