Q. What do you call a woman with two Cunts

That’s my nomination: the shit music making chav Cunts,
especially that stupid hat wearing King of Cunts Dappy, Nappy or whatever his stupid cunting name is!

Nominated by Youngwombat

5 thoughts on “N-DUBZ

  1. Dippy more like, I bet he still lives with his mum. Never heard of the cunts so clearly they don’t get any airtime on Radio 2.

  2. That Dappy Cunt is a fuckin right wigger who needs a hot poker up his fundament

  3. i have to listen to his shit in class because i have to go to school with a bunch of chavs, and me liking death metal and being afraid to be different am the subject of much mockery- so can i just say fuck all chavs go and die from some poisoned crack or something

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