4 thoughts on “Radio 1

  1. I haven’t listened to this bollocks since the days of “Mark and Lard” and then it was only to be able to discuss their shit show with a girl, who I was going out with, who liked them.

    Fuck Radio 1 and the BBC!

  2. I NEVER listen to BBC Radio 1, Radio Caroline was way better. Talking of which has anyone noticed how listening to BBC DAB Radio is even more fucking annoying than listening to Radio Luxemburg underneath the blankets ?

    All that going ^*$ in and out of tune wh*bt&^ and the cunts call that progress ?

  3. As Marty Feldman so memorably sang:

    Radio 1’s a load of fun like migraine headaches”

    • I didn’t realise he sang you mean that radio show round home? thought he was just a comedian poor bastard had protruding eyes like a pug. Maybe its good he died his eyes might of fell out otherwise wasn’t a comedian in the proper sense but his looks were funny that definitely helped his jokes.

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