7 thoughts on “Ioesif Vissarionovich Stalin

  1. Gordon Brown’s idol.

    This cunt was a bigger killer than Hitler, but got off lightly for decades. Only in recent years has he got the villification he deserves.

    Remarkably, he’s still revered by lots of Russians. Mad bastards.

  2. Have you cunted Mao Zedong (Mao Tse Dung) yet? I don’t know how you can cunt off Stalin and leave Mao un-cunted.

  3. Yeah, Mao’s a good one for the “Dead Genocidal Cunt” category. I see someone has also cunted Hitler, that’s the big three sorted.

    Throw in Pol Pot and Ghengis Khan and we’ve got the majority of them.

  4. Best cunt Lenin and Karl Marx while you’re at it – lets make sure we get the lot

  5. 100% nailed on cunt.
    would like to send all UAF students,poloticions and bloggers back in a time machine (tho thats theoretically impossible as you can only go fwd and not back in time as the machine wouldnt have been invented)to live under stalin.
    they wouldnt be so fkn ‘wadical’ then….CUNTS

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