5 thoughts on “Comic Relief

  1. Fuck off Lenny, always going on about starving bloody Africans who didn’t want to know about Europe when it was a plague ridden medieval shit-heap but now it’s the land of milk’n’honey they think it’s alright to wail and moan; here, have £7B Free Money courtesy of G8, no wait, make that £9B, but please fuck off and die, cunt.

  2. Why doesnt he send his wife over and they could eat her,she would last em fucking years,hes a selfish fucking bastard.

  3. Ahhh, Comic Relief’s ‘Red Nose Day’: my least favourite day of the year (after Children in Need).

    Any charity associated with the BBC or Sainsbury’s has got to be suspect.

    My reasons are simple: the BBC are utter cunts and Sainsbury’s (the main Comic Relief sponsor) are cunts for providing inter-book employment to Jamie Oliver.

    GOT: I nominate “JAMIE OLIVER” – he is a first class cunt who is a friend of New Labour and is a flobby gobbed wanker.

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