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6 thoughts on “Nominations

  1. Admin has this one been scheduled or binned? it is rather overdue.

    Boris Johnson

    Was watching RT ( Ruskie Toss) the other night to keep me weather eye open to what Ivan is up too re lies, distortions and Commie Capers various. Apart from featuring as a last resting place for old media cunts to bite the hands that fed them (eg Larry King with his nipples stuck in his braces, scots cunts George Galloway and Alex Salmond, old dodgy Wall Street trader Max Keiser ect) the commie channel feasts on Boris Johnson and his shenanigans. To be fair BJ cannot tell a lie – but that never stops him.
    Those downward sagging eyes screw up (look like piss-holes in the snow) and that twisted Turkish beak (yes the cunt has Turkish ancestry) pokes forward sniffing and savouring the semantics of his latest porkie. It would be wrong to call the cunt a bare faced liar – stands out a mile unlike his old horse prong – he goes all shifty and starts stuttering and braying like a flatulent donkey. Then he digs a hole and sticks his head in it until the coast is clear. Thus the cunt leads the country by his arse in a bubble.
    Point is and to return to RT, the cunt lights on popular politicking (thank you Larry) such as Brexit and the Withdrawal Agreement and raises hopes but is incapable of defending poor old Blighty’s vital interests. In between banner headlining Boris balls-ups like the Covid testing fiasco and handling generally, the Irish border dispute, the flogging of vital national assets like the tech industry and on and on, it takes the Comrades to find and interview one of the leading lights of the Brexit Party, some yank tech billionaire name of Robert Mercer and oppo of Farage, who put the case for giving the Brexit Withdrawal Bill the elbow very succinctly.
    1) The EU negotiated in bad faith
    2) The EU led by the French sought to, and continue to seek to punish the UK against International Law
    3) The principal premise of the Bill, to safeguard the Good Friday Agreement is a red herring and will do the opposite
    4) The intention of the Bill is to split of the whole of the island of Ireland from the UK
    5) Johnson is doing bugger all to counter the pro IRA sentiment in the US Congress
    6) The French are cunts
    7) The French are cunts

    It’s scheduled. We let today’s BJ nom go through since this shit just happened and we felt there might be some venting. We were right! Your nom will be coming. – admin

    • Ever so grateful for the personal reply, grovelling apopologies for ever doubting the integrity of admin ect ect. Write me off as a paranoid old cunt. If I can be arssed will append a long list of all me cuntings that have vanished unseen into the cuntospere.

  2. I request most humbly that The great British Bake Off is cunted ASAP. My reasons for this request are as follows.
    Channel 4 was, at its inception a radical, challenging channel and though some of the programs were utter bollocks some were very good, some interesting late night viewing as I’m sure many cunters will remember. So what is this right on channel showcasing now? You guessed it a program about people baking and making assorted buns and things. All watched over by a selection of slebs whose talents include shagging younger women, carpet munching and attempting to justify their enormous contractual fees.. The future welfare of our planet will not depend on the texture of Shaba itudues fucking rock cake.
    This rolling wagon of crap is starting to take up media space better suited to informing us plebs as to the real nature of our reality ie what the fuck is going on? Is it true panic buying of toilet rolls is occurring again. This is of greater importance than Timmy dropped his waffle spear.
    I could go on and on and on, deep down we all know this is a typical zombiefication, placate the masses bullshit. How I wish it would fuck off and die.

  3. Illegal economic migrants

    Every now and again, a story comes along that you read in your local rag that
    boils your piss and puts a local slant on a national issue. When I read this one, it was a nailed on nomination. There’s a hotel in my area that is housing what the fuckin’ 18 year old left wing reporter calls asylum seekers. The Britannia Group are using several of their hotels for this purpose.
    This cunt just tries to build sympathy for these people by attacking the nasty local racists who object. He even tells us about an ‘incident’ that supposedly happened last month when members of the far right group ‘Britain First’ broke in to the
    hotel and started banging on people’s doors. The poor dears were frightened for their lives and some even thought it might be Border Force officials — that’s a fuckin laugh when we know these cunts don’t work in the day, let alone at night! Besides, if you’re a genuine asylum seeker, what have you to fear?

    Where the reporter really fucks his story up is by interviewing some of the immos.
    Rather than me rambling on, I think the best way of illustrating the mindset of these parasites is to give a few genuine quotes, straight from the camel’s mouth as it were.

    – [ ] “It’s a prison” (Not true. They can leave as long as they sign in /out morning and evening)

    “You have four walls, you can’t go out.
    “90 per cent of the guys inside, they don’t go out of their door because they don’t know if somebody is going to jump them.”

    “It’s like we’re told ‘don’t work, don’t breathe, don’t eat – get lost, get crazy, get sick and now we will detain you’.”

    “The food is poor.” (They receive 3 meals a day in a 3 star hotel). This particularly got me with the number of our elderly folk who are lucky if they get one at the moment and are truly imprisoned in their homes.)

    You fuckin’ ingrate, lying arseholes.
    Fortunately, the public don’t have to come into much contact with them because the hotel is rather isolated on the edge of a business park. The usual other observations apply — most are men in their 30’s. People who have seen them sitting on the grass outside when driving past mention them smoking, drinking and using their mobile phones. When they do choose to leave the hotel, there are reports of them intimidating people at a nearby farm ice cream shop and harassing people at a shopping centre some distance away.

    Interestingly, of the 65 or so readers who commented on the story 60 were ‘racists’ who fitted in with IsAC’s line of thought. People have just had enough.
    So fuck off you illegal economic migrants. I could equally have chosen to cunt the newspaper, the juvenile reporter, Brittania Hotel Group and the Government, so you take some as well you cunts! Hopefully, I’ve gone some way to redressing the balance of this fuckin’ ridiculous article.


    A gold plated Sussex Royal cunting please yet again for the gruesome twosome who have now stepped into the debate on the American Presidential election.Mrs. M the failed soap actress has already castigated the Donald, but today in a celeb interview on TV, she and the little man were at it again:

    Harry should shut the fuck up anyway, and I would just say to him his step grandad at nearly 100 has more marbles than the twighlight home bound cretin Biden.

    The cheek of these motherfuckers – like Dame Kweer they know fuck all about poverty and care even less.

    You two – caning room NOW!

  5. Alyssa Milano deserves a nomination. Again. Actress, activist, asshole, annoying twat, living proof that most celebrities are morons, and raging fucking hypocrite. And it is the last of I will be nominating her today. She’s just hit the headlines for calling the police (though she’s now claiming that she DIDN’T call the police, she called 911, which is the same fucking thing) due to concern that there was a gunman loose on her property. Five-0 responded promptly, with seven squad cars, a K-9 unit and a helicopter. Oh yes, a truck from the LA Fire Department turned up too. Turns out that it was just a teenager with a airgun, shooting at squirrels.

    She’s now taken an enormous amount of shit on social media for this incident, because Milano recently signed a petition calling for a 90% defunding of the police and tweeted a link, while urging her followers to sign it. Oh dear. Guess she forgot that. And this isn’t the first, or even the second time Milano has been caught out as a massive hypocrite. Back during the furore over Trump nominating Brett Kavanaugh to the US Supreme Court, she turned up to the protests dressed as character from the Handmaids Tale and demanding Kavanaughs head on a pike after he was falsely accused of sexual assualt. Yet when a former intern accused Joe Biden of sexual assault, she went against her equally demented MeToo sisters, by insisting their must be due process.

    I’ve only given two examples of Milano’s hypocrisy, but this cretin really should have her photo placed next that word in every dictionary on the planet. And going off some of the things I’ve read about her over the years, it seems she thinks she’s far more important than she actually is, and certainly more than us mere mortals. Step forward Alyssa, you are a cunt.

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