Nicholas Watson

Nicholas Watson is a cunt.

I’m back at my parents for the Christmas break and what do I see upon opening the county paper, the Wiltshire Times? A story about the aforementioned Nicolas Watson getting a suspended sentence for watching child pornography in a pub. One, anyone who watches child pornography is an evil cunt who deserves to be castrated and two, how monumentally stupid do you have to be to engage in such a heinous activity in as public a place as a pub? Thick, evil cunt.

Oh, and Swindon Crown Court are cunts too for not locking him up due to ‘poor health’ – he had an estimated 71,000 pictures and movies of such child abuse yet the court decides that he should get treatment instead solely because he’s a bit ill? Soft cunts.

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10 thoughts on “Nicholas Watson

  1. He would be in poor health if I had my way because he would have some lead to the back of his nut These people are untreatable and are a total waste of space judges are totally out of touch with reality in the real World Imagine being in a pub and that vile rubbish came on I’m disgusted with this ruling but not surprised

  2. And what a sad indictment of modern society that he wasn’t given a fucking massive kicking before the police were called and who then additionally worked him over in the back of the meat wagon.

    • My thoughts exactly Mr T Cunt Engine, back in the distant days of my youth my feisty neighbors would have kicked the cunt senseless and if the pub staff intervened on the side of noncery the pub would have been demolished as noncing by association was taken as proven. Life was simple then and noncing was hated with a fierce passion. Course did not apply if one was rich, famous or in government but always has been such.

    • Just don’t tweet about your disgust at this lack of justice though because that will get YOU in chalky these days!

      That’s British plod for you these days, defenders of the elites and their agendas (peacefulness, trans, let stabby cunts infringements slide, etc.), but lock up 13yr old girls (from a non protected efnik background) for attending a Yellow Vest protest and anyone tweeting how shite the elites and their neo-liberal fascism.

      Fucking cunts!

  3. Perhaps it was a case of mistaken download…..he pushed the wrong button 71000 times?

    Or perhaps we should consider a process for sacking judges which falls outside of the established judiciary as they will always rally around their own.

  4. Aww he must have come from a broken home or was abused by uncle Ernie. So lets fell sorry for him. A bit like that dark skinned cunt who stabbed the dad to death on the train. He apparently hears voices so that’s his excuse. Well I say hear this voice ” life in a secure mental facility with NO chance of release” or better still when we leave the EU hang the cunt. And hang his coalburner chav slag of a partner as well. Just to be sure.

  5. The justice system in this country needs a top down overhaul it’s not fit for purpose. A mostly useless bunch of judges who believe any old shite the corrupt lawyers and social workers come out with and before them a mostly useless police system who are failing the population big style.
    Apologies to any cunters who may be involved in the legal or social care system as you obviously are hamstrung by useless cunts like cressida dickless.

  6. Another prize cunt of a decision from the fucked UK justice system. I bet the pervert wasn’t in such ‘poor health’ when he had the wherewithal and ability to download/save all of that revolting shit to his computer, sick bastard.

    Newsflash, you utter cunt of a judge: PAEDOS DO NOT GET BETTER!!!

    Apparently, this fuckarse judge said that nothing would be achieved by jailing the fucker and that he needed ‘treatment’. What fucking planet is the arsehole on? Paedos do not recover from being a paedo. The only treatment that this cunt needs are his testicles removing (without anaesthesia) or failing that, euthanasia.

    Frankly, the judge could go the same way. I would say cut his balls off, but clearly the cunt already hasn’t got any.

    SICK CUNT!!!

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