Dominic West

Dominic West, the actor who I really enjoyed watching, when he portrayed Detective Jimmy McNulty in US crime drama The Wire, has unfortunately joined the ranks of other libtard actors and thus deserves a cunting.

Mr West recently suggested that the next James Bond should be played by…….wait for it…….a transgender actor/actress/shemale.

Why in the holy fuck? The character of Bond created by Ian Fleming is a notorious ladies man, who has no desire to play by his superiors rules and would no doubt be banged up for insubordination along with coerced sexual activities of young vulnerable women. Hero.

Anyway, Dom says that the above character should be played by some military officer woman who used to be a man……tell me how does that fit the character profile? First off, that would make JAMES Bond a woman, and I highly doubt a transgender actor would suitably play a serial womaniser. Also it should be noted that the person who he put forward for the role, isn’t actually an actor, she’s an officer in the army.

I’m fucking sick of liberal cunts fucking with institutions just so they can make them ‘inclusive’. Fuck off.


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26 thoughts on “Dominic West

  1. A transgender Bond ‘ey ?
    ” Do you expect me to talk Blofeld ? ”
    ” No Mr. Bond, I expect you to fuck yourself ”
    Good afternoon.

    • James Bond has always shagged beautiful Birds. Why oh why change him into a fucking soy boy freak.
      Ian Fleming will be turning in his grave if this absurd behaviour gets through.
      Whatever next ? Disabled people having the audacity to play abled bodied people ?

  2. I saw this jerk in a dire film called ”Colette”, the highlight of which is when he farts in the spoiled brat face of Keira Knightley who has been mouthing her right-on, politically correct and know-all “opinions” – in “The Guardian”, of course. Look how this untalented example of modern wimminhood is condemned by her own big mouth:

    “I’ve never wanted a penis… “Apart from to piss up a tree. Being able to do that standing up: so convenient. You can just whip it out and whatever. But the idea of something so vulnerable swinging between my legs, I think I’m all right without.”

    Knightley also announced that she has banned her young daughter watching the Disney classics “Cinderella” and “A Little Mermaid” because of their “dodgy feminist messages”.

  3. Trannies are the new normals. All else is discriminatory. A mental health issue has become accepted as natural.
    West is a typical public school luvvie. No surprise.

  4. Meestuur Bond, have you come here to die?
    No, i came yesterdie.
    Ooooh you are awful……but like you!

  5. Just another Eton bum-boy. Probably “fagged” for Cameron and Osborne.
    Presumably he didn’t think that a tranny should have played any of the parts for which he will have been handsomely paid over the years.
    Luvvies are all Cunts. They can all shove their “Art” up their well-reamed arseholes.

    Get Fucked.

  6. “What the fuck did I do?” Was a familiar catch phrase from West’s character, Jimmy McNulty from The Wire.

    Well, Dominic, you have just shown yourself to be another touchy-feely right-on rich cunt not caring one shit about tradition.

    And isn’t this suggestion a form of cultural appropriation? The Hollywood types bang on about white actors playing black or asian characters; but are strangely quiet when it seems okay for a transbender to play a white male!

    Bunch of cunts

  7. When will this madness cease?
    Why not just make Bond a badger or a hydrangea? How about a mango? Ian Fleming never said that he WASN’T a mango so why not?


    • Captain M, I do like your idea of James Bond as a badger. I would imagine his sharp claws and teeth would come in quite handy when attacking Blofield’s bollocks.

  8. Well according to the BAFTA (wankfest) winning “Skyfall” Bond is a closet anal interloper already.
    As well as a pathetic moping alcoholic burnout who clings to Dame Judi’s skirts while swilling pissy lager from the bottle.
    And West is just another priviledged actor twat…

  9. Well we’ve heard talk of a female Bond, a gay Bond and a black Bond, so why not a trans Bond? Why not anything in fact, except, heaven forbid, a straight white bloke, as per Fleming’s creation?

  10. To quote the immortal Ted;

    “There are no chicks with dicks, only guys with tits.”
    Did you know the large majority of transgender people do not have any below the waist surgery? Young cunters should be made aware of this fact before going out on the lash.

    • And most of them end up needing psychy treatment.

      Silly cunts.

      Go half-fuck yourselves.

  11. I don’t know why they chose Brits to play Yanks in ‘The Wire’. But at least Idris Elba’s accent did sound genuine.

    I think it’s time for a gay James Bond. A new version of ‘Goldfinger’ would include the immortal lines – “Don’t toss your bowler hat my way, duckie. I wouldn’t be seen dead wearing that.”

  12. I am so sick of opinionated luvvies. Just because they live in the public eye and have access to media attention, they think they can get up on their soap box at every fucking opportunity they can about any subject they please, usually political or social.

    It shows a mammoth amount of arrogance on their part that they believe that any bastard is at all interested in what they have to say, fucking big headed cunts.

    As far as Bond goes, in my mind it is pretty simple:


    So why the fuck do these fucktards seem intent on going against that original character?? It would be like making Miss Marple a spliff smoking, lezzy Jamaican. Instead of ‘More tea Vicar?’ it would be ‘Fancy some weed, me man?’

    The whole argument is fucking ridiculous and just more evidence of just how sick this country is with PC snowflake cunts like West.

    Just fuck off, Dominic. Stick to what you are good at, whatever the fuck that is.

  13. I saw one episode of that Wire and thought it was a load of overrated tosh.
    West deserves a nomination anyway for appearing in BBC’s Les Miserables, where the vindictive police inspector is played by a black man. Not that I’m an expert on French history, but I doubt that there were any black men in the French cop squad circa 1790, or whenever the effing hell it’s set.
    Oh yes, one of the innkeepers is played by an Asian. So the Beeb makes sure it covers all diversity bases then.

  14. If it’s such a sure fire hit at the box office, I’m sure we will see Dom and his ilk putting all their wealth into funding it.

    Something tells me that will not happen.

  15. Make ‘him’ non-binary with rainbow skrillex hair and leggings at the very least, fighting microaggressions at the LSE.

  16. The only time I ever go to the cinema these days is to see a new Bond. The day Bond becomes anything but male and Caucasian in origin is the day the franchise ends forever.
    That waste of space token and bad actress Naomi Harris grates my teeth enough to put me off Bonds, and I hope Daniel Craig finally puts a bullet through her head in his final installment. One can wish.

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