Paul Pester

A cunting for Paul Pester, the fucker who fucked up the TSB and for the City in general and it’s lack of values and culpability.

This cunt has just pocketed £1.7 million as a reward for total incompetence. How can that be? We would be out on our ears but in the City it doesn’t matter how fucking useless you are, there is always a huge payout which is ultimately paid for by dull cunts like us.

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61 thoughts on “Paul Pester

  1. Yep City ham shankers and football managers; make a total fuck up, get fucked off, pick up a six figure handout.

    A most apposite knee in the cobs for Mr Fester, Cunty my son.

  2. ‘UK driving license may not be valid in EU.’
    ‘Phone roaming not guaranteed’

    Another day, another load of bullshit.

    • Aye

      scare story 2341 , tomorrow , leaving the EU can make you susceptible to a strain of AIDS that lowers your house price .

      the link below is 10 mins of a great reply to the fucking idiots who voted for the status quo because they were the actual morons who never took the time to check the facts before voting


      • oh and as for these banker cunts , well , this is fuck all in comparison to the great bait and switch con that was perpetrated in 2008 when private debt by banking practices gone mental was dumped on the public purse and the new word “sovereign” debt was born. We swallowed that , that’s why Fiddler is right about the EUdeal ,were being well and truly fucked over but if we swallowed the last one why not this

        • Great video. I’m going to buy my beer in glass bottles for a while and store the empties in a nice safe space.

      • I cant beleive i wrote the above about house prices lowereing at 4.49pm then the fucking bbcnews reports same at 10pm

        fucking clairvoyant old Squinty

        • And the Canadian cunt Carny, in his role as boss of the BOE should maintain impartiality (but advise) has come up with a nugget of house price falls by 35%. I never trust a people who cant walk out in cold weather without looking like an explosion in a fucking firework factory (Canadians having no fucking taste whatsoever) and least of all one in a suit. His predictions have been as correct as Michael Fish forecasting tornados. He wouldn’t be able to tell you if it was wet stood in a storm. Project fear takes on new levels of so called experts. In Naval terms an “ex” is a has been and a “spurt” is a drip under pressure. I see a Denmark / France / Ireland “rethink” and the peoples vote overturning the referendum. It only takes Appeaser May to turn turtle and fuck the nation up by using the Royal prerogative to grant but on the other hand she could invoke that same prerogative without even referring the deal back to parliament – if she had a spine that is.

    • That’s weird, I still use my original paper licence (from 1987) that expires when I’m 70 over here in Bulgaria, no photo ID or anything. Been stopped by local plod numerous times, they do see the motorist as an easy fining target just like the UK and they always question what it is, but but the flakey fading document does say European communities model on it and so far no problems.

      I have not lived at the address on it for over 25 years and most of the local plod can’t read it anyway. Too much paperwork to delve deeper, just like the UK plod pulling over foreigners I guess, just not worth the effort.

    • Here’s tonight’s mystifyingly irrelevant Project Fear bollocks:-

      1. We won’t get warnings of impending meteorites (ffs I’m not making this up)
      2. Different scare-pictures on fag packets because the copyright on the old ones will expire (for pity’s sake!!)
      3. Turns out the driving license problem (which I’ll stake my mortgage on will be quietly resolved come the time) can be sorted via the purchase of a – wait for it- £5.50 special issue obtained from the local Post Office. Wouldn’t be a problem if the cunts hadn’t already shut them down!!
      4. All pianos stored in homes, concert halls etc will suddenly start sounding like Les Dawson’s as the International Pianoforte Tuning Union will withdraw all cross-border cooperation

      There’s probably more but if that’s the best they can come up with …..

      Bet that’s got the entire ISAC community rattled ?!!

      • Hunt

        if you switch on BBC news now the next story is about house prices dropping 25% if no deal brexit

        theyre getting desperate now , ask Mark Carney to stay on on monday….he spills this shit thursday.. total and utter cunts

    • Get an international driving permit £5.50 at the post office. And roaming charges are company based so fuck all to do with the EU just greedy money grabbers. Fucking scare mongering fuck wit cunts.
      And Paul Pesta is banking maggot leech of the first order. CEOs and all the other top bods in banking, business and the civil service are literally just figureheads absolutely no responsibility taken when things go wrong. Grooming Gangs, Young Child Deaths caused by social services, company and bank collapses all caused by ineptitude but the cunts at the top who should oversee and audit their workforce do nothing but leave and get paid a big pension to dissappear quietly.

  3. Bonuses for making a company extra profitable, and a golden handshake for fucking things up – win, win for a useless cunt like Pester, and his ilk!

    He will probably end up in another top job despite having a shit CV. The gravy train never stops for cunts like him.

  4. Judging by that picture it looks like he forgot how to smile, or have a soul, about 43 years ago.

    That money won’t fix the gaping void inside him. Only a nazi themed dominatrix named Eva with a 8 inch spiked strap on can do that.

  5. Business as usual is resumed for the same bunch of financial geniuses who happily gambled customers’ money and when the shit hit the fan snuffled up their bonuses and left the taxpayer to pick up the bill.
    Bankers used to be the very model of probity,now they are thought of on the same level as used – car salesmen or cold-call salespeople. I wouldn’t piss on one of the Cunts if he was on fire.

    Fuck them.

    • Bankers had the same social profile as a doctor, a senior police officer, a total paragon of virtue. Little got past him and my old bank manager dragged me out of the shit 30+ years ago, I could never thank him enough. Fast forward to the crash of 08 and I had seen working in the City, greed was king. I found myself creating an application that gave managers a cheat sheet and a tick box procedure for making decisions. Managers of 21 were recruited as the task became a series of tedium in the art of banking. Looking at todays world trillions of £$ has disappeared but here’s the question I still find nobody has a reasonable answer for. Where did it all go?? The Rothschild and Soros of the world made billions on the back of quantative easing but I have yet to meet anyone other than shadowy figures in sharp suits surrounded by graphs and charts always on the phone who in any way benefitted from QE. Then I was unlucky enough to catch an episode of Big Brother and that utter cunt Nick Lesson who explained with glee and the confidence of an Everest double glazing salesman that he managed to blow >700m and bring a financial institution to its knees and then it dawned on me. It doesn’t answer my question about who got the money but it more than answers my question about a group of the ilk of Lesson playing monopoly with someone else’s money to blow the fucking lot and still the way that banking is making obscene amounts of money for doing little or nothing is leading to another perfect storm. Russia and China will be at the bottom of the next one.

  6. Yep a proper cunt These bankers financial nob heads rule this Country the sooner they are put up against a wall and shot the better

  7. If you hadn’t heard my fellow cunters I shall just place an image. JRM? Bone? Insults hurled at children? Getting warmer? This cuntish specimen has been given air time by Sky and the BBC plus the gnardiu of which she is a regular contributor (quelle surprise). I give you Dr Lisa McKenzie. Presently of the LSE, formerly of a Nottingham sink estate, single mother to a blambo (father unknown) and has made a living off being the latter.

  8. When ever i go into Santander i ask the old tabbies behind the till when they are going to stop paying Jenson button and the others that front the bank a fortune for no discernable benifit and give me more fecking interest. Dont know any fecker who has rushed hot foot with loot in sweaty little mit to open an account cos of bunch of celebrities.

    • Button the Tax Exile; Ennis and multimillionaire McIlroy too I believe.
      Whenever I see that sort of thing I make a habit of switching banks.
      I wish I could opt out of the TV Poll Tax to give Linefuck more of the same!

      • I opted out years ago and I can still watch catch-up TV. There’s nothing they can do about it if it isn’t live TV your watching. And with a bit of creative googling…well,say no more. Prying eyes and all that. Cunts!

  9. Off topic but the sly news app is reporting that anti terror police now arrest more white people that people of “Asian apearance” ….
    There are 20,000 muzzies on the terrorist list, plotting to blow up children and stab random innocents in the street and they’re arresting white people for saying that Islam is full of cunts…
    (Which it is).

    How many people have been killed by “white” terrorism and how many from “Asian appearance” terrorism in the last few years.
    Seems the pigs have learned nothing from the grooming scandal. The cunts.

  10. I lost my job in 2008 thanks to them cunts, no pay out for me . I fucking hate seagulls. I mean bankers. CUNTS

  11. i ‘ve just watched ‘ Mothers Day’ on the i-player. it’s about the Warrington bomb. anyone who thinks the IRA were ‘soldiers’ or somehow ‘ heroes’ should be forced to watch it. i wonder if Corbyn watched it?

  12. ” Worried ” of Milton Keynes writes ……. ” My husband and I have recently spent over £7,000 pounds on a new bathroom, I have been reliably informed by a Guardian reading neighbour that after Brexit our bidet will stop working and will only become functional once Brexit is overturned. I feel cheated, this was never on the ballot paper, a fact that must surely render the referendum result null and void. I’m not saying Brexiteers should be flogged with rusty barbed wire but……………. “

  13. You would hear that in the playground on any given day-‘your daddy is horrible’ ‘people don’t like your daddy’. The nanny should have got hold of him and given him a good spanking for being so naughty and rude.

  14. I’ve heard that, because of Brexit I may not be able to get any Mr Kiplings French Fancies. They’re my fucking favourites.
    Fucking Farage, what a cunt.

    • Despite Brexit, Mr Kipling Treacle Tart and Ambrosia Devon Custard are still on the shelves.

      But for how long?

      Will commence stockpiling first thing tomorrow.

  15. Just seen sky news and Goldman Sachs cock sucker carney has said a no deal brexit could? Lead to a 33% fall in house prices? Btw I’ve just sold mine following MC advice….. 😂
    So with no sandwiches
    No French fancies
    The army on the streets
    The U.K. looking like 1930.s Germany
    And our house prices falling faster than a Tijuana hookers knickers brexit looks very bad … 😂😂

  16. Will French letters be hard to get after Brexit and French toast and will i have to keep me tongue in me gob when French kissing what about plaster of Paris, we should have been warned.

    • You cunts don’t know shit. I’ve heard that Pizza Hut won’t be able to import the ingredients for their genuine Italian pizzas and Stella Artois won’t be able to supply their much loved Belgian wife beater.
      Fuck you Farage you fucking racist!

  17. I keep getting moderated? Other tham calling carney a Goldman Sachs cock sucker I can’t think why?
    According to that Canadian pond life a no deal brexit could see uk house prices tumbling by 33%? He should team up with ISAC favourite Spivey!!
    According to the daft sack the shoreham air show accident was a hoax? Funny that as I actually knew someone via a close friend who died! And no he wasn’t a crisis actor!!

    • Sir Quislings, I find I get the ‘error: Javascript…’ notification EVERY time I attempt to post from a mobile device, and I have to go back, refresh, and post again. But I’m not getting modded, per se.

      • I have tried that but the that single post wouldn’t go up, all the other nonsense I wrote did? 😂
        Cheers For the heads up……

      • Although his page is good for a laugh when you actually know someone who has died and that fucking twat is calling it a fake/ hoax it becomes insulting , and for people that have lost loved ones the pain must be horrific …. !

        • That recent one from Spivey, Brian Jones didn’t die, he became David Bowie, was fucking priceless… What the fuck will this certifiable fat fuck say next? Ian Curtis changed his name to Bono? Because of what Spivey did to Lee Rigby’s family I hope the cunt catches monkeypox and fucking explodes….

          • Yeh Spiveys face morphing is fucking priceless, sticks two half faces of completely different looking people and then says they are the same person!!!
            Well apart from the shape of their head, nose, eyes, ears and jaw he might be right……
            apparently Megan Markle is high class transvestite prostitute ? And that’s why she (he) doesn’t have children? Glad Spivey has cleared that up …..

          • Psychotic? Or plain evil? Has to be one or the other. Probably both. Definitely not just a harmless nut… surprised someone hasn’t taken a baseball bat to his legs at the very least…

  18. EVERYTHING is a hoax according to that numbskull and when months later the inevitable inquest proves conclusively that he was wrong there is a deafening embarrassing silence from SPIVO. i could list everything he has got hopelessly laughably wrong but i;ll give just one; the GLasgow bin lorry accident. his ‘forensic investigation ‘ (lol) ‘proved’ that no one died. at the subsequent inquest graphic video was shown of people being mowed down and killed and it turned out the lorry driver had lied about his health, he had a history of blacking out and thats precisely what he did on that day, collapsed at the wheel. The Spivs response? a humble apology? a ‘fair cop guv’? lol. what do you think?

    • According to Spivey everybody in these shocking events are crisis actors? not real people?
      Although he thinks absolutely everything is a hoax I have it on good authority he believes in the Loch Ness monster and the tooth fairy…….

  19. Question Time boys!

    Theo Paphitis is on, the Ryman’s magnate.

    I always laugh when I see him. A good few years ago, Ryman’s round my way had some promotion posters with Theo on a pogo stick with his mouth open in faux-shock exclamation at whatever the offer was. Some enterprising individual drew a large cock quite accurately entering Theo’s gob.

    The funniest part was Ryman’s left it there for at least four days.

    • Surprised to learn Rory had a military background, I guess appearances can be deceiving.

      One of my favourite ice hockey goons of yore was a man called Joey Kocur. He had a punch that on numerous occasions split his opponent’s helmets. But many years after retirement, he looks like one of those video gamers still living in his parents’ basement.

    • Umunna is getting stranger looking by the day, he looks like some alien headed freak from the planet kuntos ……..

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