Dominic Grieve [2]

This fucking old woman has been on The World At One again, this time threatening/promising he will resign from the Conservative party if Boris Johnson becomes leader.

I should tell him to fuck himself if I were the chairman of their party. The old fuckwit has tried to derail Brexit, yet today he had the fucking cheek to suggest that old Boris was a threat to democracy. The old wanker who would like to stop the democratic wishes of over 17 million voters. What a deluded arsehole.

Nominated by W.C. Boggs

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  1. Boris (if he gets the job) should save him the trouble and just sack the little whining son of a bitch…

    On the subject of Boris, he makes a remark about those stupid and creepy Dalek Women looking like letterboxes and it’s a snowflake mushroom cloud, ‘Disrespect to Muslims’, ‘Racist’ and the usual outrage from cunts like ‘Baroness’ Warsi…. Funny how the word ‘letterboxes’ offends and upsets Warsi so much, yet she doesn’t bat an eyelid at human filth in Luton screaming ‘Death to the Police’… There was also no upset from Warsi over Rotherham or Rochdale, and no words of outrage at murdering scores of innocent people (including kiddies) at a Manchester pop concert…

  2. Let him fuck off then. I’d rather listen to Boris and his comments about post boxes any day. It always makes me laugh when self righteous pricks like this start having a tantrum and threaten to take their ball home if they don’t like the rules. Grow the fuck up you sad little tit.

  3. Its all going to plan,the conservatives are deliberately doing everything they can to make themselves unelectable so that a Corbyn led coalition can take over and scupper Brexit by “renegotiating” with the EUSSR Commisars and hold a 2nd referendum,I suspected as much 2 years ago and everything ive seen since confirms my suspicion.Treasonous cunts the lot of em

  4. If the cunt wants to resign over Boris Johnson, then I am delighted to hear that news. If he fails to honour his pledge, then I would take the satisfaction of kicking this cunt in the bollocks for being such a toady spineless twat. But mind, with a spineless twat as Prime Minister, he has a good role model when it comes to integrity and tenacity.
    Cunts, every single one, and , as posted previously by me, all the spineless gutless cunts who fail to take to the streets if Brexit fails to materialize.

    • It’s hilarious that this cunt thinks anyone would miss him if he left. Really shows how far these cunts have their heads shoved up their own arseholes to be so out of touch.

  5. Boris Johnson is facing a possible investigation into breaches of the Conservative Party code of conduct.


    The party has received a number of complaints about the former foreign secretary’s comments about women wearing burkas, who he said looked like letter boxes.

    The complaints will be looked at by an independent panel.

    For Fuck Sake. Enough.

  6. I have mixed feelings about BJs Gurkha related comments. I agree with him, I find them offensive and not in keeping with British values but i’m Not sure what his motives were in making them, he’s not an idiot, these were not off the cuff remarks, he knew exactly what he was doing, what’s he up to? Incidentally if I pass A woman wearing a full face covering I sometimes feel compelled to pass a comment, not rude or abusive, something like ‘ you’re making a mistake, you’ve got It wrong, you look preposterous’. Am I committing an offence?

    • Boris knows that the majority of the British public agree with him. The only people complaining are the peacefuls and the damn snowflakes who are terrified of ever doing anything to upset them. And you had better remind yourself about what British values are because burqas sure as hell go against them completely. Really all of mainstream Islam just does not integrate with Western values but they take advantage of our tolerance to get away with all their shit.

      It’s also not a British value to have protection from ever being offended so fuck everyone saying that his comments are wrong because he offended some cunts, especially when you have no control over other people getting offended. I mean as a normal person I get offended when some freak calls me cisgender but I don’t go crying about it.

      Oh and fuck the people calling his comments racist. It’s a piece of cloth your morons.

      • Wearing a burka is a cultural affectation, and has nothing to do with race.

        Incredibly, there is no shortage of white Muslims. Or Jedis for that matter.

        But facts like that do not suit the libtard white hating, racially divisive agenda. Confuse religion and race – great idea. The end justifies the means.

        Cunts all.

  7. Excellent cunting WC
    The biggest mystery for me is how on earth has this brexit denying sack of remain shit only been up the ISAC ramp twice?
    If Johnson did get the hunchbacks job surly first matter at hand is dealing with Uber Cunts Morgan CLARKE, soubry, grieve and Co! These complete fuckers ran on an election manifesto of the U.K. LEAVING THE EU ( not just in name) and instead of getting into line have set about the derailment of brexit under the bull shit banner of the people’s vote! , obviously this has been aided and abetted by Hammond, Robbins, Rudd with the hunchback pulling the strings.
    It’s nothing more than sheer deliberate incompetence designed to make brexit a completely unattractive proposition, designed to wear the people down with a constant barrage of pessimistic predictions………..
    Grieve is just another HUGE turd in the swamp……..
    The truly amazing thing is these Cunts actually believe they are patriots……..

  8. Oh yeah, I’m sure all those working class Brexit supporters who voted Tory last election will be devastated at this news…. Cunt.

  9. The sooner that cunt Grieve falls on his paper sword the better. He and his ilk have nothing to offer but rampant immigration of peacefuls and other trouble-making elements, increased pressure on public services, rising crime rates, a politicised police force that, in tandem with ever more draconian laws, will continue to do little to tackle muslim grooming gangs but everything to demonise white men. Oh, and as for freedom of speech, you can forget that ever existed.

  10. Rents in UK will rise for next five years, experts predict.

    I predict the prices of gas, electric, water, food, insurance, council tax, petrol, TV licence, telephone, broadband, rail fares, air fares, to name a few will also rise.

    Does that make me a fucking expert? Like Cunt Carney?

    No, just stating the bleeding obvious. Hardy shock horror news headline.

    The great British public will contine to be ripped off compared with our European counterparts, and everything will of course continue to rise significantly above the rate of inflation.

    All apart from salaries and savers rates obviously.

    • Since we voted for common sense and independence, HUNDREDS of people have died EVERY DAY! Some people have lost their jobs; there have even been car crashes. In the last two years there have been overdoses from Class A drugs.

      Had I known this, I never would have voted for Sovereignty and Democracy.

      • HB, a durable bean bag could be fashioned from them with no risk whatsoever of moisture, but the odour…

  11. I have always believed that the bullet can be the final arbiter in any argument.

    In the event of Treason, let the bullet decide.

  12. He reminds me of one of those characters out of the Carry on Films a proper cunt

  13. If you drew a little, black, toothbrush moustache on the above photograph, he’d resemble somebody…. somebody infamous from the last century…

  14. Do scat merchants like Grieve, Chuka Remoaner, Sourpuss & Adonis truly believe GENERATIONS of our forebears fought and died for the unaccountable, undemocratic, profligate 4th Reich?

    Fucking mind-boggling if they do.


    • They don’t care. Not for them the pavements replete with acid-spraying psychopaths, muslim grooming gangs, knife-wielding fiends, jihadis in search of innocent lives to take, rapists, murderers and perverts of every stripe, but the delights of the penthouse, far above the misery, violence and fear that blights the lives of those whom they are elected to serve.

  15. Then the kings of the earth, the princes, the generals, the rich, the mighty, and everyone else, both slave and free, hid in caves and among the rocks of the mountains.
    16 They called to the mountains and the rocks, “Fall on us and hide us from the face of him who sits in BRUSSELS and from the wrath of the BREXIT!
    17 For the great day of their wrath has come, and who can withstand it?”

    So it is written. Nearly. (Revelation, 6:15, mostly) Repent! Repent!

  16. Yes, of course Boris knew exactly what he was doing. Obviously he must have had phone calls from various editors and sub-editors questioning his sanity before they went to print. They knew exactly what the reaction would be and so did Boris. Fuck me, we all know you can’t upset the peacefuls.
    It seems to me he is forcing the issue setting himself up as a martyr on the snowflake cross.
    Mavis must fall soon and he is the obvious replacement. If he can get enough votes among the Tory MPs to get through to the last round he will carry the membership vote with ease. Of course, what he does once in office is another matter.
    As for this fucking Grieve cunt, he can gather up his ill gotten gains and fuck off to his beloved EU as soon as he likes.

    • Boris’s comments were obviously designed to take the heat off Corbyn, whose position as Liebour ‘leader’ re the anti-semitism row has been looking a little less than impregnable recently.

      After all, if it wasn’t for Corbyn & Co the Tories would likely have been ousted by the electorate years ago. And a future Boris premiership, for slightly different reasons, would rely just as much on a Corbyn ‘opposition’ as Mavis May’s does now.

      • Boris wants to get Corbyn off the hook? Oh, come on. Still, good of him to highlight the growing illegality of routine insults, whether aimed at Muslims or Jews. All we need is the C of E getting exercised about a tweet to complete the Book trio. (fat chance.)

        Mind you, it all takes the heat off Israel, which has been doing more bombing practice on Gaza this week, largely unreported, and has, even to the chagrin of some of its own staunchest Jewish supporters, formally adopted apartheid. Or so they say. Must be antisemites, eh?

        • I so hope she’s right (but somehow, I do doubt it…). But hey, apartheid? Against the Gaza Arab scum? Bring the fucker on! Robben island for the lot of them. Oh sod it, no, just hang the cunts.

          • I would have to walk a mile in the Gazans’ shoes before endorsing that opinion, Francis. Or maybe just do a few years in a prison camp.

            But then I’m not you.

    • Under 2., you might also include the dork and muchess of pork.
      Under 4,. also Sue Perkins.

    • Sir Limpley’s “horse-prong” if his bulletins on the unfortunate appendage are to be believed…which I, most decidedly, do.

  17. The Cunt Grieve is just the sort of Cunt that if he was around when The Nazis were coming he would have surrendered Blighty just to save his own skin .

  18. He does indeed resemble Der Furher in that picture.
    The exhausted insane 1945 version, ranting impotently at his generals while the Red Army bangs on the bunker door.
    Utter cunt…

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