Sophia Hadjipanteli

You’ve got to cunt the unibrow model or cunt the BBC for running the story on the ugly model who would make the most frightening emoticon ever!

They say she’s a Greek Cypriot which should mean she’s isolated from the rest of the world by the Mediterranean, thank fuck.

Don’t, whatever you do, try to search for a photo of her on the internet ‘cos you’ll suffer PTSD for the rest of your life. (Oh fuck! Too late – Admin)

Her eyebrows look like somebody’s weaved a pigtail on her forehead. There’s a side benefit tho’ .. no need to think about what your next weight loss diet will be.. one look at this and you won’t be able to eat for weeks..

The fucking BBC will put anything on their website no matter how nauseous it makes us

Nominated by Paul Ya Plonker

64 thoughts on “Sophia Hadjipanteli

  1. As my wayward nephew used to say….’.she’s a double bagger.’
    Me…..What’s a’double bagger’ then Simon?
    Simon…….’before you shag it, put a bag over her head, & put one
    over your own head, in case her’s falls off!’

  2. Somebody ring up the Chamber of Horrors to see if there’s
    anyone missing!

  3. It looks like the Gallagher brothers have been cloned with that shitcunt Russell Brand and they’ve been in an explosion in a paint factory
    ugly cunt

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