Scarlett Johansson [2]

The virtue signalling of this celebrislag is infamous enough (Time’s Up, Saturday Shite Live, attacks on the Trump family, wearing dresses designed by Mrs Weinstein etc)…

But this Hollyweird trollop has now surpassed herself (yet again)…Johansson playing a transbender has got nothing to do with art, acting, or (as she says every other minute) ‘diversity’… It has everything to do with appearing as ‘liberal’ and virtue signalling as much as possible… To be a tin god to the hordes of PC obsessed snowflakes and social media cunts…. Then again, she could (again) be trying to divert attention away from her antics with Woody, Polanski, her attack on James Franco, and her past (ahem) friendship with Uncle Harvey?… Whatever, she is still a cunt…

An add on to this cunting…

Scarlett Johansson has dropped out of a role in which she was going to play a transgender man following a backlash from the LGBT ‘community’..
Johansson was set to play 1970s Pittsburgh crime boss Dante “Tex” Gill, who was born Jean Gill, in Rub & Tug…. But she was criticised by those who dictated/demanded that the role should have gone to a transbender actor…. Johansscunt crawled to the higher authority that is the ‘community’ with the following statement:

I’ve learned a lot from the community since making my first statement… While I would have loved the opportunity to bring Dante’s story and transition to life, I understand why many feel he should be portrayed by a transgender person….I am thankful that this casting debate… has sparked a larger conversation about diversity and representation in film”

Bowing and scraping to the fanatical fascist libfucks makes her even more of a cunt… Mind you, maybe to take this film role, create a snowflake hoo-ha, and then pull out, lickarse the libtard zealots and then look good as a virtue siganling liberal was the plan all along?… What a cunt…

Nominated by Norman

49 thoughts on “Scarlett Johansson [2]

  1. Yep, what cunt and nonsense.
    Why did she listen to these people?
    All this means is that the casting team will now face the impossible task of finding actors that have what they are truly looking for.
    Look at black panther – all that hollywood money & special effects couldn’t hide the absolutely appalling performance of the actors.
    I know it was a marvel film, etc etc, but it truly is fucking terrible. The actors looked genuinely surprised when the camera was on them, giving it a secondary school play feel to their performances.
    Of course, MTV gave them a best movie award. Perhaps this is the way forward – if it’s shit give it an award.
    A sort if twisted take on the “it’s the taking part that counts”.
    What utter, utter bollocks.

    • When the trans freaks initially kicked up a fuss she told them to fuck off making her go up in my estimation slightly. But then she quickly capitulated and sank right back down again. Though I’m certain this movie will get all sorts of Hollywood awards after sticking some ugly tranny as the lead.

  2. “Acting is an activity in which a story is told by means of its enactment by an actor or actress who adopts a character—in theatre, television, film, radio, or any other medium that makes use of the mimetic mode”

    “Adopts a character”….. isn’t that the whole point of acting? An actor takes on a role,and the better the actor,the more convincing they are? A good actor can pretend to be a Royal or a peasant,a policeman or a criminal,a Gay or a decent,worthwhile member of the community.
    You don’t have to “be” to act.

    Fuck her.

    • As Dick says, the whole point of being an actor is being able to convince the audience you’re someone that you’re actually not. Convincing people you are what you are? Where’s the enjoyment in watching that? An actor with ability can play any part, unlike Cagney, Connery etc.

    • Yep, the great Sir Larry Olivier was making a film with Dustin Hoffman, in the scene they were to film together, Hoffmans character was supposed to have been up all night and supposedly knackered.
      Hoffman turns up for filming looking like a dogs breakfast.
      Sir Larry: Dustin, you look absolutely awful,is something wrong?
      Hoffman: Ive been up all night so I can look convincing.
      Sir Larry: But my dear boy you are an actor,you are supposed to act the part ,not live it.

      • Sorry Sir Larrys exact words were ““My dear boy why don’t you just try acting?”

  3. What she wants is a good rogering in all three holes – which would fit her role perfectly given she is a gobby cuntish arsehole!

  4. I wonder how many of Harvey’s tadpoles she had to swallow before she was allowed to act in the shite movies she’s in…
    …I almost feel sorry for her 😆😆😆😆😆

    • On the money there, Deploy… I reckon Rose McGowan is right… IRA loving cunt though she is, Rose Mac reckons that the whole Time’s Up bullshit (which Skag-Jo or her agent helped create) and the attack on Franco was some sort of diversionary tactic… Talking about Franco to divert everyones’ attention from Skag-Jo’s past with Woody, Polanski, and Uncle Harvey…

  5. I think she should black up and play George Robeson, although I doubt she could sing like him.

    • I’ve heard her ‘sing’ and she is absolute shite… She butchered New Order’s ‘Bizarre Love Triangle’ and she also does this crap ‘indie’ bollocks with some crosseyed cunt called Pete Yorn….Typical pretentious New Yoik Ciddy hipster bullshit….

  6. Someone forget to add a closing bold tag somewhere??? 😉


    I refuse to be Lorded over by slebs and media whores claiming a “higher moral ground” on anything anymore.

    Black lives matter. Don’t care.
    Hug a peaceful. Don’t care.
    Immigration. Don’t care.
    LGBTQIAP issues. Don’t care.

    To virtue-signallers I say this:

    Black lives matter. Don’t all lives matter?

    Hug a peaceful. You first and just make sure that vest is not ticking!

    Immigration. Feel free to home as many as you like in your copious properties, the rest can fuck off!

    LGBTQIAP issues. There are no issues with Lesbians or Gays, they prefer a different fruit but at least they’re not nutters. All the other cunts are physiology deniers with mental issues. Peter Sutcliffe was a mental nutter who had some warped views. But he believed in them too so shouldn’t we be fawning and bowing to him? No, of course not. Why? Cos he’s a fucking nutter like all fucking transbenders are!

    Utter fucking nonsense.

    Scarlet you are an actress. Your job is make believe. Don’t confuse that with reality you CUNT!

    • If black lives matter so much, why are so many taken each day around the world?

        • The mayor of Londonistan is a Peaceful.

          Peacefuls hate blacks.

          The blacks in Londonistan are stabbing and killing each in record numbers.

          Does the Peaceful mayor give a fuck?

          Is the Archbishop of Canterbury a cunt?

          I rest my case.

          • Just to add……I’ve read that a Buffy remake is on the cards with, guess what, a black buffy. Why not a tranny? Or perhaps that most minority group, an honest politician.

          • Yea – same logic that is touting Idris Elba as the next Bond. Or wait a minute – a female Bond. For fucks sake. Thank God Barbara Cabbage is an Eyetie and unlikely to be swayed by that bollocks. I do feel that, alone in the entire in(continent), Londonistan breeds this E&D bollocks

    • So true RWAC
      How many actors fall into that trap of being Unable to separate reality from acting……
      Edward fox and de Niro instantly spring to mind……

      • Edward may be a cunt, but he did produce Emelia.

        No doubt she is a neo-liberal glitterati type too but she is very alluring (IMO).

        • Agree with you there Rebel about Emelia Fox she has definitely got that certain something that makes her very alluring indeed

  7. Assume for a minute that scarlet’s critics were indeed correct.
    This now means that we should find every single actor from a minority interest group and demand they are struck from their roles.
    I wonder how many films there will be left for trans or gay actors to star in?
    And if you were to take kanye west and his slavery comments seriously exactly how many roles will there be for black people to star in?
    What about films with aliens in? Well that’s fucked then as there aren’t any.

    They haven’t thought this through have they?

    • True enough, Mr. Cuntflap. At least Cliff Richard has some spare time at the moment. He can play the part of a heterosexual Cuntbuster who can’t resist the fully-grown ladies… No acting required,’cause that’s what Cliff is…a veritable pussyslayer.
      Prince Harry can get fucked too…I’ve had enough of him acting (badly) the part of a legitimate member of the British Royal family. His father must be so disappointed in him.

      Fuck them.

    • I honestly cannot wait for the emergence of the “Dalek Lives Matter” movement…

      • Some cunt actually complained to the Black Broadcasting Corporation when a 2005 Doctor Who episode showed a Dalek being tortured… These cunts live to be offended, they want to be offended, they’re addicted to being offended…

        • I really didn’t want to ask, Norman,but how the Hell do you torture a Dalek? The rack wouldn’t be a lot of good,there’s nowt to pull. Waterboarding is liable to just blow it’s fuse box. Beating it would be about as much use at attacking Dusty Bin, I’d imagine. I suppose you could always stand at the top of the stairs and call it nasty names safe in the knowledge that it can never get up the steps to take revenge.

  8. What about that bitch May playing the part of a Prime Minister? Is anybody buying that?

    • Not for much longer,I’m guessing Freddie. I’m going to put my money on Sajid Javid being the next leader of the Tory party….not so sure about next P.M.

        • That land whale budhafitiviastamunch from kids club will be next prime minister, mark my words.

      • Can’t think of a worse cunt to lead the Tory Party Dick. That would surely be the end for the twats!

        • But who else ASA? He’ll keep his hands clean regarding Brexit (or the lack of) and the Tories will again fall into the trap of not wanting to be seen as the “nasty” party. Who better than a Peaceful to demonstrate inclusivity? …Anyhow,let’s be honest, the other “suspects” Rees-Mogg, Johnson, Gove, Hammond etc. are all far too tainted by Brexit to ever be able to lead a united party.
          ” Peaceful for PM” can be the next Tory election slogan.

  9. I think it’s actually her third cunting… Two by me and the first by our old mate, birdman…

    First of all, there’s these liberal fanatics and the higher authority/dictatorship that is the LGBGT ‘community’…Surely the whole point of an actor is to inabit a part and transform themselves into a character? Terence Stamp’s superb portrayal as a transexual in The Adventures Of Priscilla: Queen Of The Desert comes to mind… But now these cunts would complain and be ‘offended’ about an actor of Stamp’s calibre playing a tranny if ‘Priscilla’ had been made now…. No matter how good he was…
    The trouble with these fascist freaks is they are so self important. vindictive, and anti-heterosexual (which Stamp and Johansson both are) that they go on about ‘diversity’ yet they are happy to hound and harrass a straight actor for daring to play a gay. lezza, or tranny part… Nazis in feather boas, that’s what these cunts are…

    As for Johansson herself? She’s either done this to gain points with these liberal bellends by pulling out at the right time… ie: as soon as the ‘community’ got ‘offended’ (that wouldn’t surprise me)… Or she’s just kowtowed and crawled to these social media zealots like so many celebrities now do… Which makes her a cunt either way… The reason these fanatical offended by everything cunts thrive and survive is because people far more wealthy and powerful than them are always apologising for ‘offending’ them and for being sexist/racist/homophobic/telling a joke/playing a tranny etc… Everyone from Phil Neville to Scarlett Johannson has done this… Even Liam Gallagher has ‘apologised’ to these demented social media fascists… What Johansson should have said is ‘I’m a superstar, and I don’t give a fuck about offending any insane straight hating fanatics! Fuck off!’… Instead of realising her fellow liberals and lefties have stabbed her in the back, she is bowing and scraping in front of them… Bowing and scraping to what amonuts to total nobodies and saddos on social media…. Which makes her an even bigger cunt than she was already…. She’ll apologise to the LGBTNazi Party, but she won’t apologise to Jimmy Franco… Oh, I forgot… He’s a white straight bloke, isn’t he? What a cunt she really is…

    • Great post that Norman, sadly.

      These bastards genuinely live in a social media infested parallel universe and have the power to constantly grab the headlines giving the impression the world is genuinely going mad.

      I don’t participate in any social media, in part because it’s vacuous but also because I genuinely think I’d become a full time troll which will no doubt end up in me being arrested and may be worse.

      It’s a dangerous path that this professionally offended class are treading. Ultimately it will eat itself but not before causing untold damage to the way our society works.

      I was heartened by the lezzer protest at the ‘Pride’ march in Londonistan the other week when they protested against some LQBMGBGTV8+ transbenders demanding to self identify or use female bogs or some other ridiculous shit.

      Don’t know if anyone watches South Park, in one episode a few years ago there’s a school Xmas play where nothing actually happens, all the parents complain but the Head explains that this is what they wanted as they were so offended by anything and everything so the only way they could guarantee not to offend was to do and say nothing.

      I wonder how long it will be before that becomes reality.

  10. She can’t fucking act that well now anyway… Started off quite promising in stuff like Ghost World (although Thora Birch was a far better actress) and even Lost In Translation (overrated full of herself cunt Sofia Copolla is though)… But all this Black Widow shite, that Ghost In The Shell crap, ‘wimmins’ films like Rough Night (should have been called Rough Shite) and her almost permanent presence on anti-Big Don cuntfest, Saturday Shite Live… The avaricious bitch also does more adverts than films… A so-called liberal who takes millions of dollars from firms in the UAE, China, and we won’t even start on the Palestinian Soda Stream farce… A hypocrite and a colossal cunt…

    • As per usual agree with you Norman. Purchased Ghost World primarily for Steve Buscemi (love his lonesome loser type roles which unfortunately I can sadly relate to), and Thora Birch (daughter of a porn star) who I thought was great in American Beauty.

      Scarlett Johansson is a terrible actress and needs to do whatever she can to get roles. A bloody hypocrite at best.

  11. I’m no fan of Johansscunt, but I wonder if the LGBT Stasi would have been so ‘offended’ if a black actress was playing a transexual in a film? I think not…. They’d call it ‘diversity’ and ‘progression’… Cunt trumpets…

  12. As a rotund, baldy, beer swilling, rolly smoking, pork scratching eating, opinionated cunt, I was racking my brains as to who could play me when my autobiography “A Life of Mediocrity” comes out next year.

    Immediately – as you’ll agree – I thought: “Brad Pitt! Fucking shoe-in!”

    But no, apparently it’s a toss up between Rosie O’Donnell and Queen Latifa! Fucking casting couch strikes again… 😠

    Mind you, what do you expect when that preachy cunt Ken Loach is directing!

    • A young Albert Finney would have been ideal for my biopic:’Miserable Mancunian Cunt’… Now? Phil Glenister in full on Gene Hunt mode would do nicely… Only with even more swearing and sexism…

    • Fucking hell RWAC, sounds like I could play you to a tee. I’d have to shave my head but I’ve pretty much nailed the rest. What’s the pay?

      • And the scratchings would have to be proper ones, not those puffed up sweepings or fancy shite hanging up by the beer in Sainsburys. Either Jays or pretty much anything black country, non negotiable.

        • 4 X McEwans Champion Ale and proper hand-cooked Black Country pork scratchings (a pub in Walsall – which is technically Staffordshire – has absolute mint ones sourced from a local butchers, lush).

          Hey did you hear the cunts in the highly “culturally enriched” Birmingdrabad were trying to get the “Black Country” renamed/rebranded as a different name!?!

          Obviously the cunts are not too hot on UK local history because they’d realise that the “Black” is actually because of the soot covering the surrounding buildings due to the coal burning industry in the region in the late 19th early 20th centuries.

          Maybe “industry” is waycist too??

          • Yeah that cunt Mayor. It was is sat-navs fault. He wanted to see the part of the West Midlands where every one worked so he kept typing in ‘Black Country’ and it kept taking him to Handsworth Wood… silly fucker.
            Don’t venture into Brum these days mon, they can be as enriched as they fucking like as long as they stay the right side of the boundary…

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