Richard Branson [10]

A cunting for Virgin Atlantic and the bearded, grinning, hippy cunt Branson.

‘Virgin Atlantic is to stop working with the Home Office on forcible deportations from the UK of people deemed to be illegal immigrants.
The British airline says it has informed the government of its decision, saying it was “in the best interest of our customers and people”.
It comes amid concern over the removal of Windrush generation migrants and LGBT asylum seekers.’

These cunts have made their money out of the Windrush fuck up so are withdrawing from deportations. And of course LBGTXCFSZ gets a mention as if we are turfing out planeloads of Eddie Izzards on a daily basis. Look at us! We are so right-on and caring!

Can this organisation, with it’s subsidy driven sectors and it’s repulsive figurehead get any more despicable? Probably. The cunts.

Nominated by Cuntstable Cuntbubble

57 thoughts on “Richard Branson [10]

  1. I literally can not wait for this rich wank stain to try interstellar travel to Mars, and we get the news that unfortunately the Virgin components in his shuttle are a bit shite what with it being made in China and that he is now on a one stop journey into the Suns photosphere. The end. Cunt.

  2. I’m avidly awaiting this cunts first space flight. Hopefully he’ll boldly go and get fucking vapourised .

  3. There’s only one reason beardy bollocks has withdrawn from this…….the cunt isn’t making enough money out of it.
    By the way, bumbanditry is a common “human rights” excuse for avoiding deportation.
    They get nicked for something and when they get out of prison, despite being married and having untold kids, they have suddenly been converted to poofery while they were inside. Naturally they all come from shitholes where benders are discriminated against. A few tears rolling down their frightened little faces in front of some soft judge and jobs a good’un.

    • Spot on FF a great way to stay in the push over UK. All one has to do is claim a penchant for the brown way, your here to stay. Then you can bring all you family over as well. Was a fave ploy of Zim’s as Mugarbe did not like crafty butchers at all.

    • A common ruse amongst boat jumpers saying their bhaji is buttered on the other side along with even identifying country of origin. Afghanistan? Pakistan? Iran? Syria? Who the fuck knows because no cunt has any papers but all have the latest smartphone.

      • You can’t be exported back to Iran. Nor Somalia. A few other countries too.

        Which means that once they’re here, they can do anything they like, ANYTHING, without fear of deportation.

        Wonderful, isn’t it.

    • Nail on the head! If the cunt was getting £2k profit per deportee he’d be waving the cunts through like an Anfield turnstile on match day!

    • Well it is hard to make money out of this when over the past 20 years the Home Office has probably only deported about 5 illegal immigrants.

  4. Even if its been done 10,000 times before this is still a well deserved cunting. I detest this bearded maggot faced cunt with a vengeance.Let him ship the smelly cunts to his private island if he cares so much, let his celebricunt mates sunbathe with em and feel the diversity.I can only repeat what the above cunters so eloquently expressed, I hope this grinning fuck faced cunt has the vanity to launch himself on a televised space flight that wobbles off orbit and Brancunt spins endlessly around the earth til his oxygen runs out and us cunts watch it all on live streaming

  5. Ugh, I hate this cunt and his shitty business. Not only does his face look like Tony B. Liar’s but his entire company is riddled with far left, open borders, right on authoritarian politics of the kind which would make even some of the NeverTrumpers blush. To borrow a phrase from Monsieur Fiddler, fuck him.

    • the borders are to have no walls…..but there are walls in the form of bollards round every fucking building and public meeting spot in our society ?

      strange that

    • Banning the sale of the Daily Mail on his shitty trains but keeping the equally biased but even more stupid Guardian. Because nothing says you’re an upstanding and morale company like censoring free speech that doesn’t always agree with your opinions.

    • Cunts like Branson love to virtue signal about letting the dark ones in. It doesn’t affect him in the slightest living on Paradise island .

  6. What a world we live in, now leching and ogling women has near bin made illegal, the ladies seem to be wearing less and less clobber especially in this heat wave, surely if they object to male attention they should wear more, i need blinkers fitting like an old cob when im driving , its a terrible thing to behold all these firm, toned, semi-naked women trolling about, should be illegal.

    • JBP echoes your point here. No women are wearing low cut tops.and short skirts because of the weather. It’s because they want you to look. The problem now is that the cunts want to then have you done for it.

      • Wimbledon might have been less fucking boring if in the heatwave all the non-lezzie women under 30 had been required to just wear nipple tassels and a micro G string

    • The times I’ve driven round the block again for a second look after clocking some salacious bird strutting along the road

  7. It was also the LGBTQIAVYVJCJFFNOBXK Y45/) 76*4793 KORMINUDEE that got the Daily Mail taken virgin trains

  8. This twatty fuckwit needs a severe kicking.
    Fuck him and his company.
    Never willingly purchased any of this smug hippie cunts products.

  9. Doesn’t the cunt need some kind of permit from the government to fly in our airspace or land on our soil anyway?
    Maybe some of the application papers need to be “lost in the post” or something.

    • He needs to be made to catch his own overcrowded expensive cattle wagons into work, oh that’s right he lives on a luxury island brownnosing c-list selebs and ex POTUS.

  10. Putin gave President Trump a football… Big Don said he’s going to give it to Barron and tossed it to Melania….

    Liberal snowflake fuckcunt heads exploding! Lovely stuff…

    Viva Big Don!

  11. On the subject of Putin: why doesn’t Big Bad Vlad just send those Pussy Riot flutes on a one way ticket to Siberia? Their ‘pitch invasion’ at the World Cup Final was pathetic and they are bona fide libfuck cunts of the highest order… Poison umbrellas up the jacksy all round, I say… Mind you, the weirdo cunts would probably love that…

    • The women presenters on early morning telly thought that it was quite amusing. They probably wouldn’t have been so understanding if the pitch invaders had been a group of men called “Cock Riot”.

      • If they saw you scampering across the pitch with cling film wrapped cock in hand they’d be baying for your blood.
        Good evening.

        • Baying for a taste of the good stuff more like, Jack. Most of these lezzas are only that way because they can’t get a man. Although I must admit the thought of that Steph McGovern strumming herself while watching me streak at a World Cup final isn’t really going to encourage me to book my ticket.

          • Stef would need to be in cock riot now she has almost completed the hormone therapy. I think hers is in the Jonny Holmes category.

  12. Couldn’t have been more pleased when his island – (Brass) Necker Island – was flattened by a hurricane last year. Egotistical turdblanket and faux-demotic poser of the first water. East Coat Line franchise: I remember when Virgin apparently shared it with GNER (RIP): the latter was usually on time and reasonably civilised and Virgin wasn’t. When a GNER service was delayed, the holdup was usually a Virgin cockup down the line. Branson this year blamed his failure to make a profit on Network Rail failing to pump money into the line. An entrepreneur worthy of the name would have sorted it himself instead of investing in amateur rocketry. While it doesn’t look as if the line’s going to improve, at least ditching Branson was a step in the right direction.

    Cunt, cunt and cunt again. Narcissistic blathering hippie conman cunt. Cannot be cunted enough. I don’t want him to fire himself into the sun. He’d be remembered for that. I want him to explode on the launch pad. Or be stabbed by peacefuls on his way there. Cunt.

  13. In the week that Branson waves his virtue flag, and pulls out of the Repatriation Programme, his cronies and penis sucking paymasters in Government reward his company with a 2 Billion pound investment in his “Space City” Project in Scotland ffs!

    Successive Governments castrated the fuck out of Spadeadam, which was the UK’s leading Rocketry Centre for almost 2 decades. Why not invest in Cumbria? Why Scotland ? Couldn’t be a bung for the SNP could it ?

    Either way, Branson is a cunt, and a very dangerous one at that.

    • I did a fair bit of work at Spadeadam a few years ago, ASA. It is eye-opening just how much tighter the security is there compared to Otterburn . A deceptive place, RAF Spadeadam.

      • You are right about its security now Dick. If you scan on google earth, you will find several Russian Aircraft and tanks ( presumably captured ) and there are some dirty covert ops based there.
        I was actually at Otterburn when the C.O. was asasisnated by the IRA. If my memory serves me well, One was arrested at the Percy Arms following the shooting of a Police Officer. We were flying that night on searches. The security was shite at Otterburn, and I hear little has changed.

    • I would have thought Spadeadam was the obvious choice, the main reason being it’s in England. I’d be very wary about gifting valuable assets to that sour faced cow Sturgeon.

    • With all the cuntbumfuckery he’s probably been involved with over the years you would have thought he’d have expired from some incurable sexual plague by now, the cunt.

    • If you don’t get out of the fucking EU all U.K. Rocketry money will be spent at fucking Peenemunde

  14. I just wonder why that vacuous cunt Dick Branson insists on wearing Emily Thornbury’s minge round his chin

  15. Ken Clarke has just given his full backing to the Maybot’s sellout.

    Says it all.

  16. This space tourism is decades away from being anything decent.
    First trips will be little more than a quick up and down, to experience a short spell of weightlessness. A lot of dough for not a lot, that’s if Branson can get the thing in the air….

    “Virgin Galactic are sorry to announce the cancellation of the 08.41 to low earth orbit due to leaves on the launch pad”….

    • Virgin Galactic have been delayed a couple of decades now. And still the dull fuckers pay and the grinning cunt gives photo ops.

  17. Top Cunting CC,
    This cunt and his company are proper cunts, this cunt deserves a cunting for sending me without fail every 2 weeks ‘Virgin’ promotional crap, which those cunts at the Royal Mail get paid to deliver to me. Broadband, TV, Mobile… fuck off you cunts. Had a look at Virgin TV and its menu’s and sub menu’s are shit. I will never knowingly buy anything Virgin. What a cunt for talking about Brexit when he lives in the Caribbean, cant say I blame the cunt though for living out there.

  18. If i want to experience weightlessness i will pursue anorexia. Not branstons rockets.

  19. Arseholes to the grinning bearded Pound Shop Hugo Drax. An utter cunt who can get fucked if he thinks most sane people would risk boarding any spacecraft he can cobble together.
    And fuck all the other dickheads that have been cunted comprehensively on this fine website too. Been busy so not been participating but we’ve had some sublime noms over the past week.
    Now at a campsite on the Norfolk coast for a week and thanks to the miracle of mobile broadband can browse ISAC at me leisure while enjoying a decent pint or three.
    The bar and clubhouse is a timewarp back to the 1970s, the barman even looks like Mike Reid and I’m expecting a reanimated Bernard Manning to appear on stage any minute with a broadside of p@ki jokes.

    • Enjoy, Mr. Bastard, enjoy. Coincidentally, just watching Ray Mears on the Norfolk Coast,beautiful place.

        • Your sister is your mother,
          Your father is your brother,
          You only fuck each other,
          The Norfolk family…

          With apologies to The Addams Family

  20. Some call him, “The Preening, Smiling face of Capitalism.”

    I call him a Cunt.

  21. People believe this cunt came up from fuck all. Total bollocks. This cunt was bailed out by his parents in 1971 who paid a £70000 fine. Today that £70,000 is worth £932,000 in 2018. Now my parents couldn’t fucking rustle £400 for me back in 92 when I needed a car to drive to my first job. I had to get the fucking bus and train. Yet this cunt could break the law and get bailed out by his parents. When you have that level of backing it must be so much easier to kick start a business because when it fails you ain’t out on the streets you just go to the bank of mum and dad to smooth over any troubles or to get the cash for your next start up. Self made my arse. Privileged fuckwit who is still taking the country for a ride with bailouts and subsidies. Maybe he should let some of those made homeless by the blaze in west London stay on his fucking island or better still he could offer them a place on his own version of challenger.

    • Spot on, CS1066. He’s been perpetuating that “I started with nothing/worked out of a telephone box” cack for decades. The reality is crushing little people and employing Iron Curtains for minimum wage.

      Refugee Houser status: Lily Allen

  22. I have a ‘Hate’ list and a ‘Fucking Despise’ list and this cunt is far too cuntish to be in either of them. I am in the process of devising another one but haven’t thought of an appropriate title yet. For your information Johnathon Woss in No1 on Hate and super ugly hyper cunt Russel Brand in top of Fucking Despise.

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