John Rentoul

This Blair fan boy, who still thinks Blair is the greatest gift to mankind has needed a first rate cunting for years since he assumed the “Political Editorship” of the if-ti-wasn’t-so-funny- you-would-piss yourself-laughing Sunday *newspaper* The Independent on Sunday, which now only exists on line and in champagne socialists wet dreams.

For years this cunt, who is also a lecturer in politics at a London university (though how being so nakedly biased he can do that job any better than journalism, god knows) has been churning out peevish, hectoring anti-anyone – except Miranda/Mandelson/Campbell bullshit, often with a football connotation. Like the North East New Labour fairies, pretending an interest in football was perhaps a way of disguising their homoerotic worshipping of Blair. He ought to remember there is more to football than sniffing Harry Kane’s jockstrap.

Rentoul defended everything Blair – Iraq, Dr Kelly’s dubious suicide, the arselicking to big money – and still does. Click for his latest whinge

Theresa May Not might not be the greatest but Blair isn’t coming back but must at least be slightly better than Catweazle & co.

I hope now the IOS is just a website and has no physical hard copy he is not paid for his fuckwittery.

Nominated by W.C.Boggs

83 thoughts on “John Rentoul

  1. Rentboy has been raising me blood pressure to Looney Tunes levels for years. Thank the Lord I have a blow orf valve in me arse. The cunt is a talking head all over and pops up frequently on those talking about press headlines shows. Faultlessly neo-liberal it adopts the old Mack The Knife technique orf smiling all the time so fellow telly tarts find it difficult to disagree with his liberal bull shit let alone call him oit and call him a cunt.

    • He looks like the keyboardist in a Spandau Ballet cover band so shit, he forgot to buy the spangly 80s jacket.

  2. If he loves Blair so much go spend some time in Iraq with Isis they are there because of Blair and Bush invading Iraq

  3. They’ve been wheeling this arch Bliar apologist out on TV in an attempt to give Bliar’s disaterous legacy a veneer of respectability, for fucking years now. I knew he was a so called ‘journalist’ but was unaware of his position as lecturer in politics at a London university… this both astounds me yet surprises me NOT – simultaneously.

    Goes a long way in explaining why the standard of our modern politicians and the quality of political discourse have become so debased and lacking in substance over the last two decades plus.

    Arrogant patronising fuck.

  4. Never heard of this Rentokil cunt but he sounds like another James O’Shithead.
    For these wankers and the Guardianista mob the Blair years were the golden age. They were 20 years younger, on the way up and making money. They didn’t have to feel guilty about this because their god Tony was looking after the Plebs and even bringing in poor people from all over the world so he could look after them too.
    The problem was Tony wanted to fuck off and fill his pockets…….Er…….wasn’t appreciated so took his talents elsewhere.
    These cunts will never stop sucking Blair’s cock because he represents a stage in their lives when everything was sunshine and light.
    Some of us ,of course, had a different experience and remember the evil bastard in a different light.
    Cunt of cunts.

  5. Barely even heard of the cunt – which is probably an indicator of how insignificant the little twerp is. I take it from the cunting that he’s the Mini Me to Blair’s Dr Evil.

  6. Let’s play “Spot The Connection” :

    The Independent newspaper,
    The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea,
    “How To Look Slim & Attractive” by Diane Abbot,
    The Liberal Democrats Party.

  7. Never heard of this likely flautist of the purple woodwind instrument but the moniker, Rentboy, seems to be too apt to be just a lingual coincidence.

    The Independent – independent from fucking reality. If it looks and sounds like an arsehole acrobat then it probably is.

  8. So after spending 2 years trying to get sacked, including describing Mavis’s latest offering as “polishing a turd”, Boris has finally bitten the bullet.
    I can only assume that he has been assured that there is enough support to force a leadership election and enough for him to win it.
    For his sake I hope he is not relying on his old mate, backstabber Gove.

    • That is a very interesting prospect Freddie! Gove the greaser! If only Grove could remove his mouth from the Maybot’s tit, I wonder what he would say to that ?

  9. On a point regarding the late Dr David Kelly, Blair and his cronies certainly were very relieved at the sudden demise of the man who may have embarrassed Blair and his shitheads into a term of imprisonment.

    Not saying of course that Mr Integrity ( Blair ) had anything to do with Dr Kelly’s death , but I wonder the outcome if he hadn’t so conveniently passed away at such a convenient time in the WMD debacle.

    Rentatool certainly played his part in the mutual ego masturbation society club, and lauded Blair as , and I quote ,” A man of such rare talents and abilities, that he , ( Blair ) strides the world like a Colossus.” ( Likening Blair to Caesar in Shakespear’s Julius Caesar )

    Any turd who honestly makes ridiculous and shirt lifting statements like that , certainly needs his anal cleft stuffed with the rough end of a ragman’s trumpet.

    He IS a cunt.

    • Fuck me, did he really say that about the Blaircunt? Even Dr Goebbels would have been embarrassed by such barefaced arse licking.
      By the way, another strange and convenient death during the Blair years was that of Robin Cook. It’s worth taking a long hard look at that one.
      I won’t mention the unfortunate accident in the Paris underpass.

      • Checked it out Freddie…..Hmmmm interesting, and so coincidental in time and situation. While looking at your suggestion, I stumbled across something else that may interest you. Mo Mowlen fell, hitting her head and died. only 2 weeks after threatening Blair. The chances of 3 persons in one room dying following an accident, and in such a short time frame are massive. Include Dr Kelly and you have 3 untimely deaths in one Prime Ministers cabinet and 1 ( ahem ) unrelated carking ! Fuck me. Thanks for the lead Freddie!

        • I’ve told this before on here but it’s worth repeating.
          Back in 2003 I was seeing a lady who was of the Baha’i faith (long story, best left). When the news of Dr.Kelly’s death broke, she immediately claimed, “Something dodgy’s going on here. There’s no way would he commit suicide!” Apparently it’s against their faith to do so (?!) and nobody ever would. She protested straight away that he’d been off’d.

          On a lighter note she had a lovely pair of funbags and couldn’t get enough of the Cap’n M’s gearstick so….swings & roundabouts.

          True story.

        • Don’t forget the untimely death of John Smith, without whose demise Tony B.Liar would not have become Labour leader, at least for another generation or so…

      • And Premier in waiting John Smith…… A nasty
        heart attack I believe.

  10. You’re all cunts.
    Tony Blair did a good job – you all have retrospective advantage, that’s the only difference. The Blair kickers make me sick – cunts.
    A bunch of fucking rag-heads knocked down the world trade centre. Have you forgotten that? So the POTUS decides to take action and thank God we had a leader with the BALLS to join the fight.
    You wankers with your “I could have told that would be the outcome” make me sick.
    You cunts.

    • That would be a valid point… Were it not for the fact that IRAQ HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH 9/11! Saddam was an awful, awful man but he had nothing to do with that incident and there’s no denying that the situation we have now is far worse than a Saddam government ever was. As for 9/11, it was the Saudis who did it but no, they can’t be attacked because us and the Yanks and the rest of the Western world are in bed with them thanks to their oil.

      • Yeah, but Tony wanted his Falklands moment and Saddam said nasty things about George W’s daddy, so they had no choice but to make up that shit about WMD, innit?

    • Yes, the ragheads took down the world trade centre but they were Saudis. Saddam was a despicable cunt but had nothing to do with it. Blair and Bush’s legacy is the shambles that the ragheads are in now, and the increase in attacks on civilised people. Bush and Blair are odious, revolting cunts who kickstarted this shit. Both are war criminals.

    • *Kevvy* dear. You are Peter Mandelson and I claim my £5 (or you can suck my dick if you prefer). All Blair cares about is money as a substitute or consolation prize for his loss of *power*. He would have fucked his granny for a few thousand. Grow up and face the obvious facts.

      Here is the real problem for Labour. Vote for Corbyn for a return to 1973, and then get a coup and get a Blairite cocksucker for a return to 1997 and *diversity*. Both options stink worse than Satan’s knickers.

  11. AND you all go on and on about the muslims taking over the fucking country and then have the gall to criticise someone who saw that danger and put his reputation on line in an attempt to turn the tide. cunts.

    • I’m sorry Kev, if you’re not a troll (and I have my suspicions) the reason Tony B.Liar went into the Middle East had fuck all to do with the cessation of “Peacefuls” entering the UK (which he was all for by the way, as part of the EU Kalergi experiment) and everything to do with oil.

      Blair couldn’t give a fuck if we were blown to fuck or not (7/7 for example – if 9/11 was so much of a wake-up call on “Peaceful” extremism in the UK then how come thousands of the cunts were allowed in between 2001-2005 with nary a check between them?), just so long as the immos were Noo Liebour voters – which they were – then it’s: “In you come. Please pass go and please take as many benefits handouts as you can from your friendly neighbourhood Labourman!”

      Besides if he truly wanted to affect change in “Peacefulness” in this country he just had to ban cunts coming in from one country in particular. Begins with “P”, ends with “STAN”, and rhymes with “DAKI” in the middle. He could have also banjoed a boat load of the cunts back there who we knew had radical “Peaceful” views. But no, stay they did.

      Tony Blair is the biggest cunt this country has known and his reign between 1997-2010 (Inc. useless Brown) is not called the second dark age for nothing!

      Like I say, I reckon you’re a troll but if you’re not then you really need to brush up on your Amazon book review posts and Wikipedia summaries before spouting such incorrect bollocks in the future!

        • I think Kev’s real name is more likely to be Cherie.
          I wonder who’s yacht they are sunning themselves on today?

          • Lol. Cliffs. …

            The young ones
            Darling, we’re the young ones. And young ones…Should probably be afraid….

    • I may seem naïve to you cunts, but I have no idea what a “troll” is, apart from some giant thick cunt. I thought this was a place where everyone could give their opinion?
      History will show that Blair did most things right. Brown was always a joke and Corbyn is the biggest cunt in British politics since Nigel Kinnock.
      Blair turned this country around. As I said previously, you have the advantage of retrospection. And you (apparently) have very short (or selective) memories. cunts.

      • You can air your opinion here. But one of the rules is that you don’t cunt the cunters.
        Anyway, please proceed. You’re doing a wonderful job.

        • Firstly, it’s Neil Kinnock, not Nigel.
          Secondly, Blair fucked up everything he touched. NHS – more money to no good purpose. All funds swallowed up by inefficiency and malpractice.
          Immigration- let them in, fiddle the figures to show them as skilled workers. We can see the results in our cities.
          The economy, light touch which led to the banker’s fucking us all up.
          The Euro, join but, Brown went against because Tone was in favour, otherwise we would be tied to the Deutschmark.
          I cant be arsed to list all this cunt’s failings but will just end with Iraq. What a fucking splendid idea that was.

    • Kev, Blair and his swivel eyed cuntmaster Mandelson deliberately engineered diversity for political gain, little realising they were sowing the seeds of the destruction of western civilization, or maybe they did. Go and spend time in Slough, Luton or Wealdstone as I have done then tell me that Islamists enrich our country. Individually most are good people, but as a whole they will end our way of life if we do not act now. The time to stand up or get ass-raped is fast approaching, better decide which side you’re on.

  12. Just seen Boris Johnson has quit. This is getting more fun by the hour.

    May gone by the end of the week, anyone?

      • If we could make Boris England centre-forward for a week, with intensive training sessions from Harry, we would win the world cup at a canter. And Teresa would be in the 3rd place play-off.

    • Obviously I know fuck all, especially from 5,000 miles away but me thinks a coup is afoot. Rees-Mogg Kinnock to be Tory leader in the near future. You probably didn’t hear it here first.

    • Hopefully in the Cark Corner ?

      A sort of B horror film death; Maybot in the bath, suddenly the water turns red as a malicious and myopic sea-cucumber type animal burrows up her cunt and devours her from the inside…

  13. Ok Kev! Who is Nigel Kinnock?
    What has some cunt who plays a violin got to do with it?

  14. What the FUCK is this cunt Kev on about ??? Nigel who ?
    I know the rules state you can’t Cunt a fellow cunter but you my friend have about run your fucking race
    He was a cunt before he was pm, during his dictatorship and afterwards
    End of ……
    fuck him

  15. labour leaders past
    Eddie Foot
    Adam Smith
    Edwin Cook
    Nigel Kinnock
    FFS …………

  16. Ahh this cunt… I’ve often imagined him in the role of Blair’s cabana boy, mincing around Cliffs boat serving up little Peni colladaS whilst trying not to trip over any small buoys (The boats as sea, you see). Typical 3rd way wank puffin (although i think only the irish pronounce it correctly). Fire… and lots of it.

  17. Someone defending blair??
    There’s a first on ISAC!!
    WTF,s going on? ………

    • Seems this ‘Kev of Kevvie world’ is one peculiar fellow.
      Perhaps he’s this Rentoul cunt in disguise?
      Certainly anyone who defends Blair ought to be shot dead for treason.
      Let’s hope that Kev fucks off forthwith.

  18. Fuck me stinking rich remoaner Jeremy Cunt is Foreign Secretary! I hope Tango Man counts his fingers after he shakes hands with the fucker on Friday.
    Still, at least he won’t have to fuck up his expensive suits with that NHS lapel badge anymore.
    That fucker’s going straight in the bin!

    • Any idea who the new Health Secretary is, Freddie?
      At the rate this country’s deteriorating, it’ll be Anjem fucking Choudary.

      • A hardline islamic NHS could be a fiscal wonder. Consider amputations – done in one hundredth of the time with no anaesthetic. Teeth extractions ditto. There’d also be no vanity related surgeries, only executions.
        The NHS would turn a profit overnight.

        • Ho ho, yes indeed. Anyone who has an expensive or difficult to treat condition would be accused of benderism and hurled off the roof of the hospital faster than a spanish donkey plummeting from a bell-tower.

  19. You’re going to make the trannies cry with that kind of hate speech.

  20. Sarah Wollaston on newsnight being a smug bitch as usual.The woman who pretended to be a leaver then converted to being a remainiac a few days before the referendum.

    I will not vote for the Conservatives until Wollaston Soubry Clarke Grieve Lee Morgan are all deselected and May is ousted.

  21. News just in.
    In a bid to regain Jewish supporters, Jeremy Corbyn decided to have a circumcision. Unfortunately the operation wasn’t a success.
    The surgeon was quoted as saying. “I’m afraid I can’t carry out the procedure as there appears to be no end to this prick.”

  22. John Rent-a-tool can often be seen doing the rounds of the paper review slots along with other insufferable fuckwits, Stig (un) Abel, victoriain granny Polly Toynbee, wet as fuck Christina Patterson, Ian C-Dunt and snobbish look down your nose Jenni Russel. The list goes on and on. Ayesha Hazarika, Rachel Shabbi. Fuck me I could be here all night. I would happily see all these cunts lined up together and pushed into a large opening in the Earth. Cunts.

  23. House of Cards actress Robin Wright has said she and former co-star Kevin Spacey only ‘knew each other between ‘action’ and ‘cut’….

    Well, she would say that, wouldn’t she?…

  24. Me old cuntsniffer detects a whiff orf troll about. Kev old heart, we do love to have fun with trolls on here.

    • It’s hard to justify voting Tory after how the Pig Fiddler threw all his toys out of the pram two years ago and then Saggy May had systematically gone out of her way to kill Brexit.

      Saying that, who do you vote for?

      Labour – never in a million years.
      Limp Dumbs – No chance in hell.
      UKIP – what has happened to them in the last 2 years confirms something I suspected for a long time – that they were a one-man party with Farage, since he stepped down they had a series of planks, cretins and incompetents lead them down the toilet.

      Christ, I bet Grieve and all the other treacherous cunts are whacking themselves silly now and Cunt Corbyn and scum like the likes of Lammy are talking themselves up as the next government including one of their MPs who, surprise, happens to be another shitstain named Khan!

    • On news tonight, it was said that Tories don’t have anyone they feel they can “rally round” as PM…
      Either a blatant lie, or, if it IS the truth, desperately hopeless.
      If they vote in Boris The Goon – it’s two decades in the political long grass.
      I’d be OK with The Mogg, but what else is there ? DD, possibly, or somebody who’s uncle might have been a goat-fucking taxi-driver. Or just a goat taxidermist.

      I’m v likely to give UKIP a chance.

      • I saw in the news that Big Nige is planning to run for leader of UKIP again so he can stick it to May over Brexit.

        In his latest video, Paul Joseph Watson explained why he joined UKIP.

        You might be onto something there HBH.

  25. I’m definitely just gonna write ‘fuck off cunts’ on my ballot paper from this day forward. Cunts.

    • Good man – it would be wrong to let the cunts off thinking the voters didn’t care.

    • That answers a puzzlement. No matter who you vote for you always get a cunt therefore only cunts get on the ballot paper.

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