Jane Barton

An emergency not before time, 29 years after the original event, cunting please for this dreadful old harridan, Dr Jane Barton, who looks as if she suffers the same complaint as Cressida Dickhead. (Nowt so queer as folk as Mrs. Boggs always says)

This monstrous obese heap of shit in trousers was the *clinical assistant * (overworked, so she says) of Gosport War Memorial Hospital who overprescribed – often for no clear reason – vast quantities of opiate drugs which killed several hundred patients (and the records, as is the way of the NHS of countless others has been “lost”, so we could be talking about Harold Shipman type misdemeanours here.

This vile old cunt ran her reign of terror for 12 years. She was “investigated” (obviously totally fucked up investigations 3 times and was then allowed to resign.

Now her future is being “considered”. Surely she should be in the dock of the crown court to answer the questions so many relatives want to put to her, for which they have for too long been fobbed off by her fellow “Professionals”. Professional cunts, I would suggest.

Her activities, needless to say, were reported by nurses, but were apparently not followed up.

This thoroughly unpleasant monster, will I hope, if found guilty, spend her last days not being killed off in a hospital, but behind bars. Just a pity hard labour and hanging are not still available.

How the fuck can she have been allowed to get away with both her overprescribing 1989-2000 and the consequences in the 18 years that have since passed?

Nominated by W.C Boggs

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  1. Right, that’s it – privatise the NHS and let the free market decide who offers the best value healthcare. There’s always the risk of our own Martin Skrelli coming to prominence of course but if that’s the worse case scenario then it isn’t anywhere near as bad as incidents such as this – especially when you consider that the Gosport incident is far from a one off.

    • My first thought on seeing this Crippen was Jane/James. Looks like an ageing footie commentator. (No-one particular in mind…).

      Massive failures all-round that she has not already been appearing at the Old Bailey.

  2. Looking at that pic, it looks like Oddie hasn’t aged well… Let’s hope that Graybags and Timbo have fared a bit better…

  3. The NHS has a culture of secrecy and cover ups. Incompetence and worse are routinely pushed under the carpet. Remember Shipman? Whistleblowers are gagged, fired or sidelined. This is nothing new although the scale is frightening.
    Could it be that a dose of morphine eases the workload? I suppose it does if you are morally and ethically bankrupt.

    • In my last job I encountered quite a few NHS management types. Didn’t meet a single one who wasn’t a crook, or a complete and utter self serving wanker. Quite a few were both of course.

      As for Dr Barton, shouldn’t she be running the Royston Vasey job club?

  4. Makes you wonder which is worse, being given painkillers when you don’t need them or not getting them when you do. And I’ve been in that position in a hospital on more than one occasion. We put our trust in these people. We have no choice.

    • It is very odd, this world…

      When people genuinely wish to self-deliver, great walls of bullshit are constructed, but oddly there’s never a shortage of dope when the medicos need it for their nefarious purposes…

  5. The NHS and related authorities must have been working overtime to cover this fucker up, using valuable resources that could otherwise have gone to patient care no doubt. If the powers that be would only put as much time and energy into running the Health Service efficiently, shits like this vile scumbag might be detected earlier and get their cunts kicked in properly like they deserve. And she must have had plenty of enablers turning a blind eye if nothing else. 29 years and counting when she should have been banged up at least. Sadly just part & parcel in the decline of our once great and influential nation.

    People rarely speak out (including me) about the way they are treated in hospital, cos the staff have so much power over our welfare and that of our loved ones. Both my parents cited issues of poor treatment in hospital toward the end of their lives, but implored me to say nothing for fear of retribution. My mother was a Nursing Sister during WWII and into the 1950s, and was shocked to discover how far standards had fallen and the unprofessional attitude of much of the staff when she herself became a patient in the late 1990s, during the final months of her life.

    Knowing what I know and believe now, I’d do almost anything to avoid staying in an NHS hospital today… and have plans to avoid going in entirely toward the end of my life. We have a few bob saved up for that purpose… just hope it’s enough.

    With ‘Queen Midas in reverse’ May at the helm, and Catweasel, Flabbott & Associates poised to take over, this country is indeed well and truly fucked.

    • And yet we’re all expected to join in and celebrate the ’70th anniversary’ of the sainted NHS as if its a perfect organisation that can do no wrong. Well, it’s not, it’s a public service – and a badly run one at that – like any other, not a fucking religion.

      • Quite. All that sentimental 2012 Olympic opening ceremony NHS propaganda twaddle had me sticking my fingers down my throat real BIG time!

  6. The NHS are indeed cunts.

    I’ve been engaged in a battle with this totally unacountable organisation for the past 3 years over the neglect my now late father endured over his care.

    This was despite me being beyond proactive and eventually employing a legal advocate.

    I can only imagine how badly elderly people without family support are treated. Genuinely it really bothers me.

    During the battle I applied for my Dad’s medical records which I received along with a vulnerable adults medical records who shared the same surname.

    I know she’s a vulnerable adult because I know all about her from a medical perspective.

    I reported this data breach and the cunts only seemed concerned about who sent the information.

    I’ve had no follow up confirming the results of the investigation and I can’t help but think these cunts think the problem has gone away.

    When the time is right I will go public with this information, I don’t expect anything will change but hopefully some cunt will be hung out.

    We live in hope.

  7. A doctor over- prescribed a relative of mine painkillers when they were in the final stages of cancer. It was a kindness,not manslaughter or negligence. Sometimes it’s for the best.

    • Absolutely. My mother used to ‘joke’ about hoping there’d be a Dr Shipman to see her off humanely at the end.

    • FFS that is not the case here. Thats the fucking point. People were going in for routine operations and getting prescribed death.

      • FFS.. What an hysterical assumption. You have no idea how severe the 650 cases were . When she’s charged and convicted with “prescribing death” in ANY of the 650+ cases,I’ll take some notice .
        Perhaps she’s the next Dr.Shipman, I don’t know,but then again, neither do you. My point was that I ,personally,would welcome a far more open situation regarding the quality of life in serious cases. If she really offed 650 people after they went in for routine or minor surgery,as you seem to believe,it really is a quite amazing scandal and you will be fully vindicated in pulling me up for not understanding the bigger picture.

        • Dick: The vast majority of these patients were NOT on palliative care due to terminal illness. I dare say a few might have been oncology patients, but in the main they were ordinary if elderly people who had broken a limb or some other relatively minor complaint. Their main crime is being old, and many not having friends or relatives to witness the shit treatment doled out.

          In my own experience I could cite several instances where I have seen a close relative who would have been left to *drift away* because it was after 4.30 on a Friday afternoon, (and these days hospitals are in the main a Monday to Friday operation. God help you if you are seriously ill between 5 on Friday and 9 on Monday morning) and the nurse in charge couldn’t be bothered to phone his consultant (I did it myself in the end and the consultant was decent enough to go to the ward and through his ministrations my relative survived. The fucking thick as pig shit “nurse” got promoted a year later – typical NHS logic.

          On another occassion, I stayed overnight because there was a shortage of nurses, and I stayed awake all night. About 2 a.m. my relative (who suffers very bad epilepsy) was in distress and I pushed the button to get a nurse. Half an hour later no response, so I went out to the nursing station, to find 5 of the fuckers hanging round the nursing station, laughing talking and eating chocolates that a grateful relative had left for them. Quality Street, as I recall. As Corporal Jones said they don’t like it up ’em when I gave them a very mild rebuke. There are far too many young women in senior roles, most of whom the patients come very low on their list of priorities. Getting to the next level, or which doctor is going to get her knickers down when they are off duty are far more important matters. Even Emmerdale is more important than the health and wellbeing of their patients

          Like most jobs, most people do their best, but you get the odd 5% of fuckers who do as little as they can get away with. It is sad so many of them are in the so-called “caring professions”. Workshy cunts who wouldn’t last 5 minutes in a commercial company.

          Hopefully this Barton creature will do us a favour and do to herself what Shipman did to himself. But I think she needs to answer the charges in a court.

          • Fair enough WC. I actually wasn’t defending this woman,but advancing that I believed that sometimes it’s the best thing to over dose in some cases.
            I only bit when someone advanced the unproven claim that this woman stalked the wards like some avenging angel “prescribing death”. She has never been convicted or even charged,so I just thought it a bit previous to state such a thing.

      • @ Protesting too much watch

        I know that’s not the case here, no one is suggesting it was.


        You may find this 17th of June report from the Telegraph of interest:

        A retired GP accused of being responsible for ‘hundreds of deaths’ at Gosport hospital should be prosecuted, says the MP of one of the victims.

        Dr Jane Barton, 69, has been accused of prescribing deadly doses of diamorphine – a powerful opiate painkiller – to patients when she worked at the hospital near Portsmouth in the 1990s.

        The “brusque, unfriendly and indifferent” doctor is expected to be named as the person responsible for the shortening of possibly hundreds of lives, following a £13 million investigation, according to a report in The Sunday Times.

        Inquests in 2009 and 2013 into 11 of the deaths ruled medication prescribed by Dr Barton had contributed to six patients dying.

        Dr Barton was found guilty of “multiple instances of serious professional misconduct” by the General Medical Council in 2010 but was not struck off and soon retired.

        Much of the evidence at the fitness to practice panel concerned her “brusque, unfriendly and indifferent” manner, her “intransigence and worrying lack of insight” into the effects of her actions and her inability to “recognise the limits of her professional competence”.

        Eastbourne MP Stephen Lloyd, a supporter of Gillian McKenzie, 84, whose mother Gladys Richards died suddenly in 1998 after she was transferred to the Gosport War Memorial Hospital following a hip operation, said: “If this is true, not only would I expect charges to be brought, I will lobby for it actively in parliament,” Mr Lloyd said.

        “I will be tabling an early day motion the following day and pushing very, very hard for criminal charges, if the report is as suggested,” the Liberal Democrat frontbencher added.

        The independent government panel was led by James Jones, the former bishop of Liverpool and chairman of the Hillsborough Inquiry into the deaths of 96 football fans in 1989.

        It examined 833 death certificates signed by Dr Barton during the period when she worked at the hospital.

        The number of people who died under suspicious circumstances is expected to exceed the 92 cases already looked by police, whose previous investigation left a number of “unanswered questions” and led to accusations of a cover-up.
        It is not suggested that Dr Barton is guilty of murder, and she declined to comment when contacted by The Daily Telegraph.

        Healthcare workers who may have acted on Barton’s alleged instructions have also been drawn into the inquest, The Sunday Times claimed.

        A source close to inquiry told reporters that Barton will not be referred to the police or the Crown Prosecution, as it is beyond the body’s remit.
        It came as Dori Graham, 86, told the newspaper that her husband, Leonard, was killed after receiving care from Barton and a fatal injection.

        She said: “Len said he wasn’t in pain but they gave him the injection anyway. I sat there. Within a few minutes he was dead.”

        Bridget Reeves said her 88-year-old grandmother, Elsie Devine, was killed at Gosport in 1999, and called for Barton to be prosecuted.

        Bishop Jones will inform the families of the results of his investigation in a closed session at Portsmouth Cathedral on Wednesday.

        Theresa May is expected to refer to the finding during Prime Minister’s Questions later the same day, with Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt also expected to give a statement.

        • Thanks for that FTC, but she hasn’t been charged and indeed it actually says “It is not suggested that Dr Barton is guilty of murder, and she declined to comment when contacted by The Daily Telegraph.”
          So until she’s convicted of “prescribing death”,I’ll hold fire.

          • oh really . I look forward to you showing such charity with every other cunt you cunt. you cunt.

          • Fair do’s Dick. Nothing about being “prescribed death.” Poetic license, presumably.

          • Are there some posts missing from the above thread? Seems oddly incoherent.

            Btw, I don’t understand why she wasn’t struck off after the GMC found her guilty of “multiple instances of serious professional misconduct” in 2010.

  8. looks like this cunt was more liberal with her distribution of opiates than the Mexican drug cartels. Probably killed more people as well.

  9. If this amount of people died in police stations there would be cries of police brutality . This is an example of NHS brutality.

    • Undoubtedly there would be cries of police brutality,but,then again, if all police detainees were held in hospital wards, that probably wouldn’t be an ideal situation either. FFS. Hospitals tend to be stuffed to the rafters with people at death’s door,hence their slightly higher mortality rate than the average local police custody suite.

      • and police cells are also full of people out their tits on all kinds of dangerous substances. Not the you would know that from your armchair.

        • You’re right. I’m sure that you have far more experience of police cells than I have…and dangerous substances,no doubt.

  10. I firmly believe I have the ultimate right to choose to die if I so choose, regardless of whether I have a terminal illness or not. My life, my fucking choice.

    There are many people being kept alive against their will, as the care homes (with prices starting as little as £1500 per week with their minimum wage staff) are raking it in big time. For the vast majority it takes a lifetime of hard work to accrue ones wealth and chattels, only for care homes to charge outrageous fees often for an uncaring second rate service. There are probably a few decent ones however the service they provide is in my opinion not worth the money.

    I want my wealth when I die to be passed down to my wife and children, and not to anyone else. See no problem for those who have had enough, or who are terminally ill to be allowed to die humanely and with dignity in this country if and when they so choose, without legal proceedings. Being a logical chap the upside to this is it should free up some much needed hospital beds and property and free up medical resources. Surprised there is so much resistance to euthanasia as it would certainly help things along.

    The other is to stop fucking useless cunt immigrants coming in, but that goes without saying.

    Regarding this particular story, find it difficult to imagine this type of medical malpractice (murder) can go on for so long without adequate safeguards and the authorities themselves being aware. Understand the perpetrator was not even struck off when suspicions were raised, instead she was given the option to resign. Simply unbelievable.

    I have been of the opinion for the past few years that NOTHING that the British government is involved in running is run efficiently or with thought and care any more, that those at the top are useless cunts. Nobody really cares as there is usually a closing of ranks to protect arse, followed by a cover up, failing this an enquiry several decades after the event. The punishments for incompetence, and serious crimes will be miniscule when compared to the final number of victims, because the legal system is shit, and nowdays favours the perpetrators of crime (who will get legal aid), and the families of the victims (who won’t).

    No confidence in those running the country anymore.

    Useless cunts.

    • I have a major problem with euthanasia, in that I worry it would create a pay per kill or quota system where doctors end up killing off, say, severely disabled people (my brother for instance) who live perfectly happy lives just to meet quotas or earn a little bit of extra coin.

      • I appreciate it is an emotive subject however I would never advocate euthanasia be applied to someone like your brother who is clearly happy with his life.

        Against that, there are many people who are living terrible and unbearable lives, and who do not want to continue living.

        My late wife died of a secondary brain tumour. Her final suffering was relatively quick however it was highly distressing both for her and to her family to witness her deterioration, and as there was zero chance of recovery I am sure had her family been offered the opportunity to end her life prematurely her family would have agreed.

        An animal in the same situation would have been put out of their suffering quickly, painlessly and with dignity.

        I cannot help but think there must be a way to help those who no longer want to continue with their lives, in accordance their wishes, and with the necessary safeguards (including undue pressure from either unscrupulous benefactors or the medical profession).

        Appreciate it is and has always been a difficult subject but feel personally it is not beyond us to come up with something to assist people who have had enough of living.

        • What’s with all this smoke and mirrors and strawman arguments. She is not being accused if giving an easier passage for those who are dying but rather for her cavalier attitude to anyone in any sort of pain or discomfort who are over 45. Fuck me, read the fucking report.

          • Read the report. I referred to her malpractice as murder. Hardly smoke and mirrors or saying she was giving an easy passage.

            Suggest you read the postings properly in future.

        • The key-word in the euthanasia situation is “voluntary.”

          Just as many of us require a midwife to assist our entry into this world, it is not surprising that we may need a genuine professional to assist our departure.

          But what is the chance of Wetminster ever having an intelligent, mature debate on the subject ? As with everything else, about zero.

          I seem to remember Lord Rix always objecting because, like many people, he had a handicapped kiddy, but when he needed it himself, that was different. But, alas, he had voted against…

          My mother always said that she’d prefer to be taken out and shot: my paternal grandmother, during an Alzheimer’s-free moment in the nursing home, asked my sister for a length of rope to hang herself with.
          Sadly, I suspect that most of us on this site have been close to this type of situation.

          As you say, WS, vets perform this every day on our beloved pets and, thankfully, they don’t have to run the gauntlet of crowds shouting the odds about Dr. Mengele…

          • Good stuff Belinda, I didn’t know that thing about Brian Rix… supremely ironical.

            Caught some of the last Commons debate on the subject a few months ago and agree – zero chance of a mature, intelligent debate any time before Xmas 2030…

        • It certainly is a tricky conundrum. I agree that people who are in immense pain should have the option to end their lives if they want to but like you say, that has to mean implementing the necessary safeguards to ensure such a policy is not abused. Hopefully in time something can be worked out which manages to balance those two things.

          • OC, I agree, and hope very much that something can be sorted… Other countries, and certain states (I believe in Australia, and possibly in USA) have managed something.

            I try to remain an optimistic cunt, but it is difficult !

        • @Willie Stroker

          Great posts… especially the one at 9.30, particularly well articulated, cheers.

  11. I have been on receiving end of opiate prescribing in hospital, i was fighting for my life at 34yrs old and a big part of treatment was pain relief, the max dose in a 24hour period is 400mg of the opiate i was on, when i came out i was on 2500mg a day enough to knock a shire horse over according to a vet mate. It can run away from them sometimes, they do their best for u but sometimes things go arse up.

      • Huge amount, then u get dependent on it and then through no fault of your own you get labeled as a druggie the same as the smack heads and recreational users. Was a very bad time.

        • They say what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

          Glad you came through it.

  12. That’s what you get when you get a useless cunt like this working for a state funded institution like the NHS, the government or the AL-BBC.

    Cunts that aren’t capable of holding down a proper job and go onto spending 40 years in a position of total transparency and unaccountability to no-one, and a huge taxpayer funded pension at the end of it!


  13. Tangent Alert: I see wimminz are being allowed to drive for the first time in Saudi. That’ll go well I’m sure.

    • Will they have to wear their bin bags when driving? It’ll make the camel crossings and give way to goat herders signs hard to see.

      • I saw the piece about women being allowed to drive in Saudi Arabia on the news and both driver and passenger were donning their post box outfits.

  14. FFS they had to scrape an undeserved win didn’t they? They were lucky to even be just 1-0 down in the first half.

  15. Have to say, the dick fiddler chap has all the pomposity and arrogance to be an actual defender of this cow.Sred they related ?

    • I’d be grateful if you gave up now. I’m beginning to feel as if I’m kicking a defenceless puppy. Perhaps you might like to give it another try when you sober up?
      Have you been on here before under a different name?

      LOL, LOL. I’m no gentleman,that’s for sure.

    • I don’t know how new you are to this site, but the object of the exercise on here is to cunt the nominated, not the nominator. We may have different opinions but we don’t slag each other off.

  16. I think she should be promoted to personal physician to Anna Sourkraut….

  17. Have you ever TRIED morphine? Fuck me, it’s brilliant. I’m 62, and therefore a little near my sell-by date… Give me a bucketful, and I’ll die happy. A happy cunter I will be. And when you’re dead, you’re fucking dead, so who cares. Given the state of the world, death is a rather attractive option…

    • Unfortunately for me morphine has no effect. Twice I’ve been left in agony, first time after an operation, they stood around and tut-tutted and said they couldn’t give me anything else. Second time was in A&E, eventually a young doctor took pity on me and gave me intravenous diclofenac which worked. I make sure they all know now, don’t give me that stuff.

    • I had a once only experience around 1978. Me and a girlfriend bought it thinking it was cocaine. Incredible stuff! Far too more-ish… vowed I would never touch it again, and haven’t.

      Now I’m old and wretched I probably wouldn’t say no though…

    • Had a double navy strength gin (HMS Victory, IoW.) the other day, neat and pink, in true navy style (acc. to my late mother, the evil bitch, who knew a thing or two about navy traditions, having been “on board” a number of times during her wartime schooldays, boats anchored off W. Scottie).
      Never met such a lying bitch, but she was usually reliable on matters alcoholic.

  18. Once meet Baroness Elaine Murphy on a cruise.Charming lady I must say. Sits on the committee looking into assisted dying. Told me that it will never get though parliament due to the Catholic lobby.

    We also need to be clear what we are talking about. The religious cunts like to tie two terms together because it suits their argument, but….

    Euthanasia = murder because someone decided for you
    Assisted dying = you decide that you want to die and ask for help.

    Absolutely NOT the same thing at all

    • Yes, glad you made that distinction – one or two posts using the word “euthanasia” when they clearly meant assisted dying.

      Religious cunts need to butt the fuck out if they’re not prepared to engage honestly on a matter involving so much unnecessary human suffering.

      Personally would prefer they butt out altogether full stop.

      • Remember Cuntuar-Welby’s bollox on this matter ??

        How could anyone forget…!

        The Cuntuar may well get his “Who will rid me of this meddlesome cleric?”

        Agreed that Assisted Dying/Death is a better term, as it avoids the parallels with certain periods of history.


  19. This is a serious question: if you choose to go down the path of assisted suicide, rather than suffer some procrastinated deteriorating illness, does that decision invalidate any life insurance that you may have?

    I am of the opinion that it should be the right of the person to choose and that *should* be available on the NHS. The question of wrong-doing in this case is one of choice or whether Barton chose on their behalf.

    Who gives a flying fuck what any church/religion thinks, especially the Catholic Church who are the most immoral bunch of cunts out of all of the Christian variants, and – if I’m not mistaken – didn’t Henry VIII banjo these cunts from existing here a few hundred years ago?

    I mean we’re tolerant to their, like all religious delusions, but they, like all religious delusions, should have no fucking say whatsoever on any Govt policy whether that be Christian, Hindu or Bomb Maker.

    Besides, my Catholic brethren, “assisted” means someone else does it to you, so you still won’t end up in purgatory.

    Next you’ll be saying that doesn’t count because the bloke in a white frock sat in Rome says so. The same cunt who still doesn’t think contraception in Africa is a good idea either – even though it’s an overpopulated basket case that we foot the bill for!

    Clever bloke that like and his church is absolutely minted…

  20. There is no such thing as ‘lipstick lesbians’. ALL lesbians are cut from the same cloth – rug – muched-rug – as this granite-hewn, prematurely aged through 40 a day habit, total and utterly humourless, permanently pissed off man-woman. It’s insulting to LGBTXYZ to group lesbians with them – they are a completely separate species of hominid.

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