George Soros [3]

Immediate, emergency, and TERMINAL cunting required.

According to The Times, the deluded, crooked old lizard is launching a plan for a second Brexit referendum in the next couple of days.

Does anybody here do Voodoo dolls ?

Nominated by HBelindaHubbard

Another evil shit globalist who thinks he can buy democracy. If we had a proper leader, a leader who loved this country, like Churchill, Soros would be told to fuck off and mind his own business. Brexit has got NOTHING to do with that foreign cunt. Unfortunately, we don’t have a leader who loves this country. we don’t even have a leader. We have May. A woman who would rather arse lick foreigners, particularly those from the religion of violence, than stand up for the British people.

She’s almost as big a liar as Blair. She promised to give the British people the Brexit we voted for. Two years on, and she’s doing her best to destroy Brexit, and the equally spineless so called Brexiteers in the Tory Lite party are letting the bent spined bastard get away with it. We DON’T want to stay in the Customs Union. We DON’T want to stay in the single market. And we certainly don’t the fucking transition period to last until 2023. We want a complete and total withdrawal from the EU, right fucking now.

Nominated by Quick Draw McGraw

A gold plated cunting is in order for this piss stained, shit smeared senile old bugger. Having escaped the care home he has yet again meddled in Brexit.

The greedy old cunt, at 87, probably fears he will be too late to cash in any possible renumeration one way or the other, so he is just using the money he has ponced off the financial institutions to fuck the plebs off. Yet another multi millionaire kidding themselves they know better than us.

You might say the old motherfucker is going senile (he certainly looks like a candidate for ISACs Deadpool in that photo), but you can’t get away from the fact that the old fucker, like Gina Miller, is yet another foreign national meddling in our affairs. No doubt Blair and Mandelson have wet dreams thinking about how these rich greedy old cunts are doing their work for them.

Soros is a vile old money grubber. I wouldn’t piss on him if he was on fire. Surely Starmer and co are not so bloody desperate they need the help of this decrepit old ponce.

Nominated by W.C. Boggs

61 thoughts on “George Soros [3]

  1. What can I say about this cunt that hasn’t already been said? Ah, I know – he looks like even more of an owl than Woy Hodgson.

  2. Can’t really add anything other than suggest he be fed through an industrial mincer, then formed into ‘halal’ burgers and sold on the cheap in Luton.
    Good afternoon.

  3. Obviously we need a second referendum. The case is clear.

    (1) We didn’t know what we were voting for
    (2) We didn’t take Project Fear seriously
    (3) We didn’t know we were leaving the single market (even though Cameron said so in writing)
    (4) 52% is clearly NOT a majority
    (5) George Soros will lose money if we leave
    (6) Nicola Sturgeon says so and she is never wrong

    Soros is, of course, a Hungarian jew who lives in America and as such has a clear right to dictate British government policy, being both a non UK citizen and non UK resident.

    Rather like Bob Goboff and Gina Miller when you think about it

    • I was thinking about his citizenship the other day, and was pd certain he doesn’t live in EU !!
      Dodgy cunt, hypocrite.
      At least our American allies will hopefully teach him a good lesson.
      There must be a lot of baseball bats that could multi-task, for the greater good of humanity

  4. You missed out the fact that , due to overconfidence, they didn’t have the opportunity to fix the first one.
    Blatantly unfair.

    • I actually think they did fix the first one, but not by enough of a margin.

      As you say, overconfidence.

  5. Again I think the old cunt is another good recruit for the Leave Camp along with all the other duplicitous treasonous cunts who don’t need naming. No better incentive for people who are told they are thick by sanctimonious cunts like him to confirm their belief that they have voted the correct way. I am in fact in favour of a second referendum as long as the question was thus: Q. Would you tell the EU to.
    A: Fuck off
    B: Shove the whole thing up their choccy donuts and give us our fuckin money back.

    I think B would take it by some margin.

  6. I have nothing original to add to the cunting of one of history’s most despicable cunts.

    What you need is a referendum on the best method of execution for the Treasonous Cunt Soros. I suggest:

    1. Hanging…drawing and quartering
    2. Carving the Blood Eagle
    3. Blowing from a Gun
    4. Breaking on the Wheel
    5. Neglect in the Tower


      • @DtS

        An excellent choice that I overlooked. We’ll add that to the ballot.


      • @HBH

        Is there no limit to your cruelty?


        (Wish I would have thought of that.)

        • Thanks, GC !

          I think Oscar Wide said something like “You will, dear boy, you will !”

          I am no expert on Wilde’s poetry, though…

          Much prefer that of the late Sir John Betjeman, one-time Poet Laureate, who had a thing about sporty girls, especially when tennis, hiking or bicycling was involved.
          A touch of the saddle-sniffer ?? Maybe, and I wouldn’t blame him, for I is a dirty old cunt meself…

      • I am absolutely sure that this is the most disgusting and depraved thing I have ever seen on the internet or indeed anywhere else, your mind is warped beyond help to come up with such an idea as a form of punishment for this crime against the people of the UK and to put it on an open forum for everyone to be shocked and sickened by………..well done!

    • Blood eagle. Definitely blood eagle. So awfully cruel that it makes me cringe – and that makes it perfect for the cunt.

      • A wet week end indoors with my missus would give him terminal freak out.

  7. If there was a second referendum it would result in remain.
    There’s so many dumb sheep cunts in this country they’d take the view that the government have stalled on acting to get us out, because the 52 percent were wrong. A quick re-think and nothing changes.
    If would do leave it’s Brexit light at best.
    End of.

  8. I think we have to offer thanks to Soros for his past actions. In 1992 Soros betted heavily against Sterling and by doing so forced the UK out of the ERM. Sterling floated on the open market and devalued and this was one of the catalysts for the mid 1990’s recovery.

    It’s possible that if we had not left the ERM we would have joined the Euro. If we had joined the Euro leaving the EU would have been virtually impossible. The fact that we are now leaving the EU is down to George and to be fair to him you cannot blame Soros for the weak, inept, incompetent handling of the Brexit negotiations by the Hunchback.

    Cheers George, what goes around comes around, I hope you loose millions on your poxy attempts to make the UK vote again. You fucking twat. My only regret is I have not got you in the Deadpool. Cunt.

    • Be fair Mr Twat… I don’t think Soros deserves ALL the credit… Bliar did his bit too…

  9. Amazing, incredible, disgraceful. Only THREE cuntings?

    The breathtaking greed of this cunt..

  10. Next time some lefty cunt complains about “Russian influence” on the referendum just remind them of this old cunt.
    He’s had more influence on brexit and trump that the Russians ever could’ve…
    Funny that everyone seems to vote against him no matter how much money he spends. The cunt.

  11. Can you imagine the shit this cunt would be getting if the millions he is pouring into Brexit was to bolster the leave campaign? Meddling cunt. Made a fortune fucking people over, spending a fortune on fucking people over. I hope his last resting place becomes a urinal.

  12. Alastair Campbellend on LBC for 2 interminable hours this morning, bleating on and on about how we must have a second Referendum with the only possible “fair” question,

    Tick one box only:

    1. Accept the deal as negotiated by U.K. Government.
    2. Remain in EU.

    Apparently no mention allowed on air of the only remotely honest second option:

    2. Leave on WTO rules.

    Any mention that EU would be incentivised to give UK worst possible deal if Campbellend’s desired Referendum question got the green light was also strangely absent…

    And the slimy shit had the cheek to take every opportunity to portray Farage as a charlatan snake oil salesman when he (Campbell) was sitting in on the absent Farage’s programme!

    Crooked fucking war criminal scumbag.

    • Agreed Ruff Tuff.


      Painful yet hard to look away in the same way as a car crash.

      A very nasty piece of work. Coupled with Blair, absolutely lethal.

    • Agreed Ruff Tuff.


      Painful yet hard to look away in the same way as a car crash.

      A very nasty piece of work. Coupled with Blair, absolutely fucking lethal.

    • Heard that show this morning too. What a bloody greasy cunt weasel.

      It’s no wonder he suffered such depression and mental troubles; when you have that much shit on the brain, and the phantoms of thousands of dead Iraqis whispering in your ear as you fall asleep.

  13. The lousy cunt looks like teenage-boy fondling pop mogul, Jonathan Ringpiece, in the photo above.

    Arrogant, foreign fuckstick seems to believe his vast wealth gives him a voice over that 52% British majority that voted to leave.

    I bet he shares cosy evenings with Major, Blair and Campbell-end planning how they can legally take your children and pets unless you support them wholeheartedly in their quest to remain sucking on the cocks of the Brussels dwarves.

    A supreme cunt. I hope for an imminent invasion of genital eating lice on him and his family and Remoaner comrades.

  14. You know what I would do with this Soros shitstick? I would tattoo, on his forehead, a picture of the Prophet (blessings and peace be upon him) fucking a dog. Then I would dump him outside a mosque.
    See how he gets on.

  15. I don’t wish death on many people but Soros is one of the exceptions.

  16. Still quite irked over this Tommy Robinson malarkey and was wondering, if a hate preaching Islamic cleric with a three month suspended hanging over his head, over stepped the mark, would he be banged up in hours..?

    • No he would be lorded as a hero and given an extra helping of Grenfell and Windrush compo!

      Oh, and you’d hear nothing else on AL-BB-CERA or Sly News for weeks on end, or until HM Govt capitulated (like every fucking thing “peaceful”) and released the cunt – so that would be an hour tops!

      Like I say it is the disparity of it all which rankles. “Peacefuls” get away with murder – literally – and the 1st thing the authorities do isn’t round up the rest of the cunts they KNOW are radical terrorist “peaceful” cunts, no, the 1st thing the authorities do is say they’ll come down on any cunt who dares hurt a poor, wee “peaceful’s” feelings.

      Tommy Robinson follows a court case and cites copy from the AL-BB-CERA website (and therefore publicly owned information) and he’s arrested for breach of the peace!

      Well I say FUCK OFF!

      And fuck the ABBC for their wall of deafening silence on this social justice travesty! You fucking traitors!

      • My mate (conspiracy peddler) reckons newly appointed Muslim Home Secretary Sajid Javid stuck his oar in the Tommy Robinson case…
        No proof, but stranger things have happened….

        • Unlikely… wouldn’t have needed to… policy of serious harassment long predates Javid’s appointment.

          • Not my theory, but thanks for the informative reply, as some can appear quite condescending….

          • Too true.

            Simply by the law of averages, we’d have got a slime Home Sec. sooner or later.

            I womder if Afua Hirsch will be first female Archbishop of Canterbury ?
            Then she could identify as Cuntuar Hirsch.

  17. If George Soros truly wanted to help mankind then he could start by casting off his mortal coil and being bloody quick about it!

    This interfering auld cunt shister – because that’s what he is – ought to fuck off! Someone of his monetary stature would usually be lorded by their native country and countrymen. Not this cunt, he is resoundingly hated by his fellow Hungarians who gave the cunt two fingers (both political and ordinary bod) when they – rightly – said: “Fuck off economic migrant scum – especially ‘peaceful’ scum. You’re not coming here!”

    Tell you what Soros, if your “peaceful” anthropologist tendencies are so strong, why don’t you fuck off and live in downtown Islamabad or Tehran or Riyadh or Mogadishu, and see how they welcome you. No need for mansions or gated residences, just an ordinary house.

    I’m sure – given your religious/family background – you’ll fit right in.

    The thing is Soros lived through the pleasure of exact same totalitarian regime of the late 30’s/early 40’s that he would like to inflict on us now, except this time with added “peacefulness”!

    Well George, fuck you.

    Fuck your bollocks ideals.

    And fuck every one of your toadies – from Tony B.Liar to Killary Cunton – who you’ve bankrolled into destroying democracy, removing any sense of national pride or worth, and removing all borders.

    Well that’s great for a minted auld cunt like you Soros but for the rest of us that’s annihilation!

    So please feel free to go fuck yourself you interfering auld cunt!

    • Yes this was mentioned in the ABBC interview with the Home Secretary on the Andrew Marr show.

      Total bollocks of course, but hey, if you wanted genuine reporting then don’t trust any UK based TV station (especially AL-BEEB) or newspaper!

      UK News Channels are only any good for Helen Keller types and UK Newspapers are only any good for tramps to wipe their arses on!

      I used to watch Fox News and that was taken off UK TV because they had the audacity to tell the truth now and again! And the establishment simply couldn’t have that – what!

    • So I guess we can spend our £14bn Foreign Aid Budget on ourselves since we will be on par with some Third World African shithole.

      • Yeah I like this one!

        If we scrapped aid to despotic Africunt shitholes and drug cartel South American shitholes (like ungrateful Miller’s Guyana) and just kept aid to our poor but noble allies like the Nepalese then we could save quite a few billion.

        No tears shed from these eyes, they have Baby Spice for that bullshit these days.

        The solution to all this posturing is simple: play ball or we put a 1,000% tariff on all new German cars coming into the UK.

        They can retaliate by putting tariffs on our stuff into the EU but – seeing how HM Govt had the neck end of a £trillion lying about to bail greedy banking institutions out back in 2008 – bolstering UK businesses on their shortfall in the short-term will be a drop in the ocean in comparison.

        6-8 months of no German car sales in the UK would have those cunts down to a 3-4 day week in no time. Merkelcunt is hated by most real Germans anyway and that would be the last straw.

        In the meantime – without the protectionist trade shackles of the EU – we could be garnering business deals across the globe.

        It wouldn’t be long before a trade deal was struck toot-sweet with the EU if the Hun decided not to bankroll the rest of the failed experiment (which is what they’re basically doing now – without Germany’s €’s the EU ends, simple as that).

        And yet the weak cunts in Cuntminster will still not use the “Trade Deficit” angle. Why? Cos they don’t want Brexit, whether vocally and up front like an Anna Sour-berries type or merely paying Brexit lip service like BoJo.

        The only cunt I’d trust in those meetings who is a true Brexiteer, and with more nouse than his peers combined, is Jacob Rees Mogg.

        And that is why he is kept as far away from the EU negotiations table because he’d probably broker a deal which would dash Appeaser May’s hope of a 2nd referendum vote by proxy of guaranteeing the worst possible deal for the UK.

        We know what you’re doing Theresa. As much as you hold us in contempt and consider us to be thick idiots, we’re not, and we can see what you and your cunt government are up to.

        Deliver as promised or fuck off!

    • Expect a lot more of this kind of shite in the coming months .What’s the betting that Christmas as we know it ends after this year ? Yawwwwn.
      The Independent is a cuntfuck of journocuntish codswallop, hopefully it will soon be history, along with the Guardian .

      • It was a Civil Service leak. The Independent and every other news organisation simply ran with it.

        Blame the 5th Columnist Civil Service. And the Government.

        Goodnight Jack. Sleep well.

        (I won’t).

        • Good morning RTC. I take your point ,but the Independent is a well known remainer mouthpiece that reports such things with morbid glee, the cunts.

          • Good morning Jack.

            Absolutely. But I took it for granted when posting that fellow cunters know where the Independent and similar organs are coming from. I chose their article for sake of convenience.

            Can’t see the ‘leak’ doing Remoaners cause much good though… way over the top! Should boost morale of Brexiteers though.

  18. The Satanic Evil Left is not getting what it wants and what it superciliously thought it had wrapped up in the bag. Soros funds the Podestas who were tasked with making Hillary win, and they fucked it up. Then the world got to see who they were with Pizzagate, which is entirely real and self-evident. The evanescent sickening artwork from the establishments involved, and the Instagram and email chats and messages speak plainly for themselves. There is no ‘context’, there is no ambiguity. These freaks are highest-level child abusers. Each time I see Soros’s sagged, desiccated visage it only makes me sway a little further to Icke’s otherwise ludicrous ‘Lizard’ theory; but there’s no doubting it; his physiognomy is truly saurian.

  19. I am sure you will agree, Richard, Depeche Mode’s excellent track, Everything Counts could have been written just for the cunt Soros.

    Perhaps in his case, it could be renamed Everything Cunts?

  20. Sometimes the cream rises to the top, but more often the scum lies on top of the pond.I think we all know what happened in this case!

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