Dominic Grieve MP QC

A cunting fit for a queen to this demented old arsehole, who, in his efforts to thwart Brexit, is even outdoing the Soubry cunt in the drama queen stakes (“At a recent meeting I had to be protected by SIX armed officers”, the old hag said in Parliament yesterday). No you didn’t *have to be* darling, you are just an attention seeking old fuckwit, and an hysterical old twat.

As for Grieve, he appears to be doing the LibDem and the Labour Pansy Remainers job for them because they are too fucking thick to do it themselves. The old bastard is still at it this morning on radio with his threats.

Of course old Dommie is only shitting in the road out of principle. Or is it because he is still miffed at being demoted from high office. 2010 to 2018 has seen quite a fall in the old motherfuckers standing.

Nominated by W. C. Boggs

46 thoughts on “Dominic Grieve MP QC

  1. Another cunting for Westminster.

    “Abolish the House of Lords if Peers betray voters on Brexit, MPs demand”…(today’s Telegraph).
    Fair enough, I hear you say, and I include myself.
    But what about the Arse of Commons, and aforementioned MPs betraying the voters… Pot and kettle spring to mind.

    Fuck them, fuck them, kick ’em in the cunt, and take their goolies off with poultry secateurs.

  2. For Sale:
    Knife, sharp blade. Used for stabbing people in the back.
    Second hand. Fair condition.

    Contact: Dominic Grieve.

    • Hmm, not sure why Admin. I didn’t accuse him of anything of that ilk. Only that it wouldn’t have surprised me had he been and that there was a whiff of 2 notorious characters about him. I note the opening cunting has been edited and the very funny section re Haribo sweets has been deleted.

      I appreciate we have to tread a fine line, but calling him a cunt is an absolute accusation. Perhaps I should just refrain from this one thread.

      • Admin’s desire to tread carefully with Mr Grieve is understandable. He is a slimy scumbag ex Attorney General of a lawyer. If he wasn’t busy using his crooked legal skills stamping on democracy, negating the will of the people, and threatening to bring down the Government (thereby handing Catweasel the keys to No.10), he’d likely be turning his attention to closing down websites and harassing decent, ordinary people who have the audacity to question his integrity and call him out for the cunt he undoubtedly is.

        • He is indeed the scraggy, inedible bit of knob-cheese, liable to cause extreme d&v, that gets left on the edge of the plate.

          Odious, sanctimonious arsewipe. One of a most frightful pair with Soubry.

        • I understand Grieve is standing down at the next election. Perhaps the vile old wanker will embrace the church rather than taking silk. I could just see him getting to grips with his organ…….

          Frank Field one of the most principled and sane Labour MPs is going to introduce a bill to abolish the Lords and I hope he is successful, but with friends like he has in Parliament, who needs enemies. Frank Field and Kate Hoey seem to be the only voices of sanity in a Labour party which is as if not more divided than the fucking Tories

          • Sadly he won’t be successful. Good people like Field have been trying to bring about abolition for as long as I can remember (1950s)… Result: The House of Cunts has just got worse and much, much BIGGER.

            There may however be a greater public appetite for serious Lords reform now, following their cunty role in sabotaging Brexit.

      • Cunt is fine, but you can’t suggest he might be a kiddy fiddler or he’d be within his rights to sue – and he is a lawyer remember?

        • Fair point but when Lord Queensbury was sued by Oscar Izzard-Wilde, his defence was that he wrote “posing as a ……. He told Wilde “I don’t say you are, merely that you look it”, and Dommie does look a bit sinister. He looks as if he should be advertising Steradent, stair lifts or trusses.

          You are right to be cautious with a slippery cunt like Grieve, who willno doubt be looking for ways to increase his income when Beaconsfield gives him back the two fingers he has given them.

  3. I’d like to propose a cunting in principle for any constituency who voted leave and who do not vote these traitorous cunts out at the first opportunity.

    • Says in the Mail this morning that his constituency party is rather pissed with him and may well deselect him. Let’s hope the likes of Soubry and Morgan get the same treatment

  4. Who the fuck would want to kill Soubry or this weasel faced little poshboy traitor? They are the best advert for Leave there is.
    Who could fail to be nauseated by these cunts crying their crocodile tears for the supposed poverty that is going to be sweeping across the country. Anybody who thinks these bastards care for anything except the bank balances of themselves and their rich mates deserves everything they get.
    They would rather betray their party and their country and see Catweazle in number 10 than give up their beloved EU.
    Fuck them all to hell!

    • Absolutely, Freddie they are as hypocritical as Blair, Gina Miller, Lady Mandy and Dick(head) Branson.

      Those cretins at the Jezfest the other day, if they have a brain cell between them should wonder just why men and women like these, dripping with money are so concerned for everybody else. They probably need cheap gardeners and cleaners. Jezfest was shitty enough with Izzard and co, they certainly didn’t need the excrement of the *stealing our future* arseholes. If they think their futures are stolen, what do they think of the young men wiped out in the two world wars who were trying to defend this country from European interference. Their futures really were stolen. These cunts will still have their scripted *reality* TV after Brexit

  5. Pity he doesn’t Grieve for the death of democracy and free speech!

    Unless Grieve is Latin for “gravy”?

  6. This fucking traitorous cunt with the Witchy Poo chin thinks he’s so unbelievably clever by picking through the Brexit process to the Nth degree to tie our negotiators hands while at the same time denying doing just that is in collusion with the other side of the negotiating table. No doubt he’s been promised a position in high office if he can help derail our escape from the tower of Bruxelles. If this happens he may as well be on another planet because people will not forget this diabolical behaviour. I’ve never heard the cunt bemoaning jobs and economy in the past so don’t try that crock of shit. You’re just an egotistical duplicitous shyster. Fuck off.

    • Totally agree KN,
      These weasel worded Cunts like grieve, soubry, Adonis and Heidi Allen etc etc are trying to portray themselves as the guardians of the people and laughably democracy ?
      Listen up Cunts we had a democratic vote and your side lost!! All you are trying to do is undermine the majority’s wishes as you think you know better!
      Grieve is a 48 carat cunt!! As he believes people can’t see thru his denial of brexit!

      Get MPs a meaningful vote on deal
      EU knows all they have to do then is offer a shite deal!!
      MPs reject deal ….
      NO BREXIT!! Doh

      It just shows the absolute contempt these weasels have for the populations intelligence and the core values of democracy!!
      So utterly desperate is grieve and his EU loving toadies to stay firmly shackled to this ailing body they are prepared to collapse the government! All in the name of saving the U.K.? Heroes? Don’t make me laugh!

  7. Grieve’s shareholdings, currently held in a blind trust, but available in full should he cease to be an MP, may be viewed here (scroll down page)

    He appears to continue to work as a QC. And you don’t get to be a member of Lloyds unless you are a rich cunt.

    From the Telegraph, in 2012, the top ten Cabinet fat cats. Grieve was #8, even then. Figures are in millions, obviously:

    Lord Strathclyde 9.6 Inherited Wealth, stake in family’s estate management company, Auchendrane Estates. Also private directorships.**

    Philip Hammond 8.2 Stake in healthcare and nursing home developer Castlemead; consultancy work

    William Hague 4.8 Income from public speaking, two books, a newspaper column and various business advisory roles

    Jeremy Hunt 4.8 Stake in Hotcourses, a publisher of guides and websites for educational courses, which he co-founded

    Caroline Spelman 4.5 Wealth figures primarily reflect the value of properties owned by Spelman and husband, a Senior Partner at Accenture

    George Osborne 4.5 Property (inherited); stake in family-owned fabric and wallpaper designer Osborne & Little (inherited)

    David Cameron 3.8 Property, most likely funded from parents/inheritance

    Francis Maude 3.2 Work as managing director at morgan stanley and various directorships

    Dominic Grieve 2.9 Private investment, funded by salaries as barrister and QC

    Andrew Mitchell 2.2 Former investment banker, owns a number of homes, contributing to most of his wealth.

    Well and truly representative of their constituents, then.

    **Now UK Chairman of Raytheon

        • Mrs May obviously isn’t… viz her latest NHS funding crock of shit.

          Unless she thinks we’re all as gullible as the average Liebour voter.

          Queen fucking Midas in reverse.

    • The only pleasure Osborne gives me is that since he became editor of the Standard they genuinely can’t give the fucking thing away. Every supermarket and railway station still has piles of the Friday edition – on Sunday afternoon.

      The stupid fucker is as useless at playing a newspaper editor as he was with his daft Project Fear

  8. Grieve will be my cunt of the year make no mistake. The treacherous cunt is prepared to bring the government and the nation to it’s knees. Can anyone tell me if he is a land owner like Hessletine who gets huge subsidies from the eu. Just asking ?

  9. I see in the photo that the Cunt is stood up against a brick wall. All he needs is a blindfold,a final cigarette and the firing squad to complete their task. Traitorous old sod.

    Fuck him.

  10. Just saw a trailer on CH4 for a new series called “The Big Narstie Show”.

    A couple of Notorious B and Tupac “gangsta” types presenting a guest/chat show that – in the trailer below – is the “…blackest fing on telly!”

    No doubt the libtards and flakes are creaming themselves over this “cultural enrichment” show.

    I wonder if they will do consumer reviews like what hunting knife goes through a padded hoodie best?

    Or: “Cutting secrets – talcum powder Vs Bicarbonate of Soda. We discuss after the break.”

    I just can’t help wonder if there would be any outrage if someone made a series and tagged it as the “…whitest thing on television.”

    Just wondering o’course…?

    • FFS!! RWAC…….
      TV hits a new low!! ( if that’s possible)
      Whatever these 2 Cunts are peddling I ain’t interested!
      From reviews on glocks to blacked out beemers!
      Bring back out Of town with jack Hargreaves!! 😎
      I remember shaw Taylor on police 5 “ has anybody offered you cheap cigarettes in the pub?” “ does anybody recognise this carriage clock?” How times have changed…. yaunks

      • Yes Shaw’s closing line was always: “Keep ’em peeled!”

        Now it would be: “Keep ’em covered! Stops the acid attack better that way!”

        Another gift of “cultural enrichment”.

    • Weightwatchers didn’t do slubberguts much good, did it?. I think in the same time slot the BBC should do a rerun of the Black & White Minstrel Show!

  11. Interesting news…looks as if Soros has been hacked (sadly, not in the machete sense) and a load of confidential info leaked. Source: RT News.

    • My apologies for this…it flashed up on opening Youtube, me being a daft cuuuunt I didn’t spot 2016.
      I shall sniff Flabbott’s arse as a penance. “I may be out cold for some time”

  12. A firing squad is too good for this cunt. I’d rather throw jagged rocks at the cunt like the Roman Legionaries used to do to any cowardly bastard in their ranks.

    Senatus Populus Que Brittanicus


    Brexit barriers could cost households £1k each, a report by Global consultancy firm Oliver Wyman argues

    Oliver Wyman is an international management consulting firm with a large focus on banking. They want the UK to stay in the EU so more project fear.

    On the flip side, if it is only £1k per year to get us out, where do I sign?

    • Yeh those Cunts WS!
      Saw that this morning…
      “ could cost?”
      A monkey “could” land on the moon!!
      The Loch Ness monster “could” be true?
      Could if definitely the most used word in the land of project fear!!
      I “ could” win euro millions 😎

      • Mining wisdom: When you’re offered a gold prospect claiming ‘up to’ 6 oz/ton, it is useful to ask ‘and down to what?’

        As WS suggests, here’s my £1K. Let’s get the fuck out now.

        • It would be a nice touch if we hacked Sorearse’s bank acc., and used HIS dosh to pay for Brexit…

          • One comment about the BBC article in question

            “Two of my (now ex) employees were ranting Remainers so I sacked them and gave their jobs to two Polish guys. Oh the irony”.

            I really wish that were true, but must admit I do have my suspicions.

  14. ‘we shall fight them on the beaches’
    Oh Winston, we can’t do that, we will bring down a catastrophe on the country.
    ‘ Never in the course oh human conflict’
    Winston, you are talking like a racist….our European partners are our friends
    & wish us well….they are not invasion barges, they are pleasure boats as gifts
    from that true friend of Britain Mr Hitler.
    The French have surrendered but we will stand alone & repel any invasion.
    But Winston this is not an invasion, Mr Hitler is just helping us to become
    better Europeans
    How ridiculous to say there are any traitors in the Conservative Party.
    There are a few who don’t support party policy & that nice Mr Catweazel on
    the other side, of course, but all public spirited people who are there because
    they want to serve our country & not put themselves first…..don’t you agree
    Winston……………..Bollocks my right honourable friend!

      • I was going to say zip Ruff Tuff “you won’t see much with my head in the way”!.

        He can take a photo if he’s quick about it.

        • Have you been drinking again Willie? Bit early isn’t it? Worse than CaliAngel…

          • I start drinking very early each morning. Starting with an orange juice swiftly followed by a large mug of tea.

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