Guy Verhofstadt (5)

Mr Verhofstadt -The Biggest EU Cunt?

This drink-sodden little motherfucker mutilating the English langauge has come up with another of his commandments (on the Irish question):

“It’s clear that the ball is now on the side of the UK to come forward with a satisfactory solution” he said.

“We will not give our consent to a withdrawal agreement without a guarantee, a 100 per cent assurance, that there will be no hard border between Northern Ireland and the Irish Republic.”

(Source Standard newspaper 25/4/18)

Who the fuck is this wanker to tell us we have to have their CONSENT to leave the EU, when we actually voted for it and Verhofstadt is only a pen-pushing arse licking careerist who we have never voted for?

Even David Davis seems to be getting weak now – he told the self import tossers on the EU Withdrawal Committee at Westminster that the votes of MPs on the final withdrawal bill will be complied with.

Why don’t we just tell the up-their own-arses EU tosspots that we are leaving without any agreement and not paying another fucking penny to their bloated drinking club. Fuck them.

Nominated by. W.C. Boggs


81 thoughts on “Guy Verhofstadt (5)

  1. This is about the UK not the EU and not Ireland. Fuck the Irish border, their problem. Fuck consent, not needed. And fuck Verhofstadt the cunt.
    That should be our negotiating position.

    • All this focus on the Irish border issue. Can’t we just landmine the area, put naval mines in the Irish sea, and have proper guards patrolling on the English side with belt fed machine guns and napalm tanks to cleanse the peacefuls?

    • I bet Baron Verhofstadt’s dad was an SS cunt .
      Uncle Adolf came out with all this shit as well, about
      teaching the Englanders a lesson.
      ……did’nt get him far though did it…….cunt.

    • Yes fuck him and the ship the gap toothed twat sails in.

      I’m all for a border. Exactly the same as the one currently separating Spain from Gibralter. The preecident is already set.

      On a similar thread, Kier CuntStarmer has announced he is in Bruseels for a day or serious Brexit discussion and the importance of staying in the single market blah blah blah.

      Why won’t some one shut this cunt up for good. We voted leave you dodgy haired gormless spac. Leave means leave you cretinous traitor.

      Please let’s prevent whatever Eurostar train the cunt is returning on later this week from getting into the channel fucking tunnel.

      Finally what right has this cunt got to be going to Brussels for talks anyway. He’s part of the shadow cabinet, not actually in a position of real power. Why don’t the usless tories slap the cunt down?

      Yes my piss is boiling with this traitor in our midst. Cunt. Cunt. Cunt.

      • Who’s the most useless cunt between, Stormy
        Daniels, Keir Starmer, or Sturmy Archer?
        At least Sturmy Archer, helped you to progress,
        on your bike, Stormy is a bike, & Keir Hardy….
        makes us laugh, just like Oliver Hardy.
        Another fine mess you’ve…….

        • Just seen that handsome cunt Len McCunsky being interviewed on BBC News. No doubt he will be joining their
          Lordships in that den of iniquity in due
          course, to be near his old comrades,to
          plan the revolution with Catweasel.

    • I agree – the biggest mistake The Hunchback made was letting these cunts dictate the process.

      You would have thought that the HM Government of cunts would have taken the time to speak to Yanis Varoufakis and others who have had the misfortune of trying to ‘negotiate’ with the Fourth Reich but sadly not.

      Rather than the touchy feely ‘let’s all be nice’ approach they should have started with a double barrelled Fuck Right Off on Everything and give little ground from there.

      The EU are cunts. Theresa the Appeaser is a cunt and the entire Civil Service are a bunch of useless, spineless cunts.

      To borrow from Dick, Fuck them.

      • “Fuck Right Off” would indeed have been the rational approach if they’d ever been serious about leaving…

  2. Excellent cunting there W.C. You’re right we don’t the consent of the EU to leave their corrupt little club. WE, the British people have already given our consent, and that is all that May the Meek needs. No bullshit from the Lords, or from the traitors in the House of Commons. WE are THEIR employers, and WE have told them that we want out of the EU. That constitutes a clear mandate, including our permission to walk away from the EU without a deal. It’s clear to all but May and fucking cabinet that the EU has absolutely NO intention of giving the UK a fair deal. They want to punish us, as warning to other nations to stay in the EU. To me, that is also a clear sign that EU leaders have no intention of reforming the EU, or making it a truly democratic entity. Why would they? Nobody in their right mind would actually vote for the likes of Verhofstadt, Juncker, Tajani or Tusk to govern them.

    David Davis has been sidelined by Theresa the Appeaser, his biggest weakness is in not standing up to her and demanding he be allowed to do the job she created for him. May could easily walk away from the EU tomorrow, but as a Remainer, and a political lightweight, she will never do that.

    • That bitch has done my fuckin’ head in. We’d be better off with Adele’s arse in No.10.

      • Let’s be honest, even Adele’s arse isn’t as big as the one we already have in No 10.

        • I think you must mean ‘arsehole’, don’t you Moggie?

          The wizened flesh surrounding May’s is about as paltry as an arse can get!

          • You’re right. I just don’t understand how anybody so insubstantial, in almost every sense, ever made it to the top of the greasy, shit-smeared pole.

          • Its down to a lack of body weight, therefore a higher power to weight ratio. The skinny ones always climb better whilst the fatties can’t get both feet off the floor.

          • Interesting theory Cuntflap, but doesn’t quite account for Flabbottomus & Thornpiggery, who are unaccountably near the top of the shitpole…

  3. The only way out is out. Completely out, on the stated date. Let the cunts pick up the pieces. We have no need of membership of an outfit displaying such blatant bad faith. Verhofstadt and the rest of the crew need reminding that they govern (or bureaucratise) only with the *consent* of the governed. Which, by referendum, in the UK, they do not have.

    • Spot on, Komodo.

      For me, only “satisfactory solution” to this neverendum attack of dribbling faecal incontince is:

      Out. O-U-T spells “out”

      And rope, bag over head, trap-door for all these O2, H20, sunlight and space thieving CUUUUUNTS !

      The cunt looks as if Juncker has got his tongue up his tailpipe.

    • Agree 100% Komodo……
      Not forgetting those jumped up political nonentitys never had the U.K. populations consent to legislate for them , the people only voted on a common market not the completely anti democratic monster the EU has morphed into!! , those powers were given away without the explicit consent of the population by wankers like major and B.lair….

        • And today the commons had a 72 second silence for Grenfell grotto. Clammy Lammy was of course very vocal about his friend whatshername. Kensington are still selling multi million £ houses and labour MP’s want to know why these can’t be given to the survivors instead of being sold off. Two thirds still remain in local 5* hotels on an all inclusive basis with a cash lump sum being paid weekly regardless of status. I will just leave that there for my fellow cunters to chew over.

  4. Jurgen Klopp doppelganger cunt-wipe, he’s loving Europe this season too.

  5. Personally I see this as an opportunity. Just fucking let them have the whole of ireland and let them see what fun governing that box of mental frogs is all about.
    It’s been a bloody ballache for us since we even knew it was there.
    Fuck the EU. Fuck Ireland. They love each other so much, let them fuck off together.

    • Throw Scotland in too if Wee Jimmie ever gets her second referendum. They whinge about the Union and it being too English biased and Westminster centralised but would have no problem being run by the bureaucratic monster from Brussels.

      • They think they’ll get more subsidy from the EU than the UK. They’re in for a nasty surprise. The Greeks will confirm that.

      • Correct LL …..
        Krankys so fed up getting told what to do by the English she’s decided the best thing to do is get told what to do by Brussels!!
        Where Scotland will have even less control over their country and its policies? Hardly a brave new world now is it? 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🇪🇺

        • The EU is losing a large net contributor when we go. I don’t think yet another gimmegimmegimme, which is what Scotland is, will be high on their priorities. We are stuck with the cunts.

  6. Good idea Richard… except they almost certainly love Adele’s shite. Maybe play them a little Throbbing Gristle instead, ‘Zyclon B Zombie’ for instance, on a loop…

  7. I think verhovstadt is great!
    Every time the cunt opens his mouth he draws more people to our side.
    No one is scared of him, no one respects him and no one likes him.
    He looks like a serial killer / child molester and is the epitome of all that is rotten about the Reich.
    He clearly doesn’t give a monkeys about citizens or their jobs and has no meaning to his life whatsoever outside acquiring more wealth and defending his empire.
    He’s unimaginably arrogant but he must know their days are numbered.

    He also has the most punchable face on the planet.
    I challenge any cunter to find a face that they’d rather punch (based on looks only)….

    Fuckin stuck up, loud mouthed, anti democratic, ugly, gap toothed, shit stirring cunt.
    …. but he is helping the “no deal” cause so happy days.

  8. Is there a single cunt in the EU council or commission with an ounce of charisma or likability?

    I don’t know if it’s just coz I’m biased against the Reich or if they really are ALL a bunch of truly unlikable shits…

  9. Why do they all look so bloody ugly and smelly? You’d think they’d choose better looking skins to help convince us they’re great and they’re right.

  10. Total cunt, balls deep in the true establishment (and as a Belgian, probably a few small boys and a pretty cow or two). The cunt once even said that Europe should beware the coming ‘ring of autocrats’, as he sat around a table with his unelected masonic mates discussing how to slip a few lines into a treaty that would harmonize (read: take total control of) member states tax affairs. These nasty autocrats he spoke of ? Yes those dastardly democratically elected monsters, like trump or anyone else he didn’t personally pick. This cunts golden rule of life is ‘you don’t need to rig an election if you either don’t let them happen or simply ignore the results’. Cunts like this scare me far more than an army of 1 million pissed off peacfuls. He does however do a very good job of exposing the terminally thick or truly evil members of our society… anyone that agrees with him or votes for him is in either column a or column b, no grey areas in that respect.

  11. I can make this very simple for all involved.

    Step 1. We allow all of those in Northern Ireland who believe they are British to relocate to England.

    Step 2. We ship all of the illegals, peacefuls and remoaners in the oposite direction.

    Step 3. We give Northern Ireland back to the Irish.

    Step 4. We have a permanent fleet of frigates and destroyers patrolling the Irish sea, making this a ‘soft’ border. Woe betide any cunt trying to sneak back into blighty.

    There you have it. Everyone gets what they want.

    The illegals still get to sign on and bleed Ireland / the 4th Reich dry.

    The remoaners get to stay in an EU country, surrounded by the illigal immigrant divershitty that they love so much.

    Ireland is returned to the Irish.

    England is returned to the English.

    The EU get to go and fuck themselves.

    The English then make Brexit a success without a bunch of whimpering ponces whining about how we stole their future and the likes of Verhofstadt trying desperately to hold on to our cash, without which the EU is fucked.

    Works for me. Any objections?

  12. I like that Danny’s bowler hat in Street Auction….all he wants now is a pair
    of spats to go with his jeans & a silver topped cane.People of this ethnicity
    alway look brilliant in top hat & tails preferably…..super cunts.

  13. He should have been sent as the EU’s representative for the opening of the US Embassy, forced to wear a stars and stripes three piece, Uncle Sam top hat and then kicked out into no-mans land and let the Pally’s have him…getting tasty over there, the Israelis do not fuck about.

    • Give the Israelis their due – they don’t do things by half measures and they are consistent – cross them and there is only one response.

      Pity it’s only been 50+ Pally cunts so far…..

      Fuck them.

      • This is an example of Hamas or whichever bunch of cunts putting silly bastards on the front line facing certain death for political ends. Hamas,or any other peaceful organisation doesn’t give a fuck about people as long as they can show Israel or us or any fucker they oppose in a bad light. And they oppose all civilised values. The Israelis don’t fuck about.

    • Big Don triggering the Peacefools and the Libcunts, it’s glorious!

  14. This demented, ugly ghoul comes across like he’s either frighteningly religious or out of his he’s on class 1 smack. Moreover, he looks like the ubiquitous “unmasked baddie” from Scooby Doo. Weird cunt.

    • He’d have gotten away with it too, if it wasn’t for those meddling, er… adults?

  15. I think that most of us cunts are probably on the same page on most things. That’s why I like it here, you’re all like the mates I wish I had down the pub.

    Europe is finished. There will be civil war within years if not months. You could argue that we’re already seeing the opening salvos.

    Of course, explaining that to any cunt that was educated after 1997 is very hard work and I don’t bother anymore. France is in flames every night (kept out of the media), Sweden is now the 2nd rape capital of the world (again kept out of the media). It is all going to go tits up very soon. And to be honest, it needs to happen sooner or later. Because the demographics tell you without ambiguity that within 10 or 20 years we will be fucked.

    • Awww, that’s very kind of you Rigs. You’re right about what the MSM keep quiet, I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s stuff in Krautland that they all keep the lid on.

      • The cops in Cologne and German mainstream media were complicit in supressing rapugees involvement in the NYE sex assaults. It comes to something when the hurt feelings of a bunch of savages trumps the rights of the host country’s citizens.

    • Saggy May really shouldn’t test the resolve of the electorate. If the daft tart wilfully fails to deliver on Brexit, I can see some serious civil unrest coming to the UK, which would make the Tottenham Riots look like a minor Nottingham Centre Friday night kebab shop skirmish.

      We all know that MPs are natural born lying cunts, but a non Brexit delivery would be a step too far for them. The troubling thing is that few of the cunts can see it; this is a measure of how fucking arrogant they are.

      ‘Nu Bregsit’ Supergroup – Clegg, Milliband and Morgan delivered their oratory at the salubrious Tilda rice factory in Rainham, Essex. Apparently no-one listened to their vanilla-flavoured delivery of piss and wind. If this trifecta of cunts had some grand notion they were as key as Crosby Stills and Nash, then they were much mistaken. Stop Brexit? This trio of cunts couldn’t stop a runny arsehole.

      • It’s all very well promising we’ll revolt and rebel but unless there’s an alternative name on the ballot, the 17.4 million will atrophy into mainstream parties being spoonfed endless, empty rhetoric ameliorating each side until it’s a lukewarm compromise, especially if we’re still being led by this devious, lying, spineless witch. We’re politically homeless without a port on which to dock.

        Vote A to give you a diluted Brexit with higher taxes that will benefit the pockets of the lazy and the scheming Gimmigrants.

        Vote B to give you a partial Brexit with financial links to the EU run by a coughing, cloying cunt.

        Vote C for a minor party full of intellectual dwarves or mentally-ill romantics and woefully-desperate policies.

        Happy New Year.

        • I am not suggesting I will revolt, Cap’n. Being one of life’s drones I have far too much to lose; house, mortgage, family and career. However there will be others who have fewer day to day concerns who will not take kindly to such a blatant and willful refusal to deliver the want of the majority.

          It takes relatively few to create carnage, whilst the most rebellious thing us mere mortals will likely do will be to spoil the next GE ballot paper.

          • I hear you, Paul. I just wish there were an alternative that would truly hold her feet to the fire.

    • There probably will be civil war, it’s probably been highly orchestrated as are most things. I certainly won’t fight in it. Wars a mugs game. But if one ever did kick off, id be straight down local polytechnic conscripting all able bodied hippies from the sociology / ppe courses (or anyone I meet on the way with pink hair). They can either do the fighting or become the sandbags. Consider it a life lesson in accountability, something sorely lacking in too many areas of modern life.

  16. I can’t look at a picture of that ugly gap toothed,curtain haired, kiddy fiddling look-alike cunt without wanting to wretch out the contents of my guts. If the cunt was on fire and I had a glass of water I’d fuckin drink it.

  17. If I had a gun with 2 bullets and had him and Jimmy Saville in front of me…… I’d shoot that cunt twice

  18. A load of no-mark cunts from two bob shit hole countries giving us the run around, it’s fuckin’ pathetic and embarrassing….

    When that cunt Verhofstadt smiles….it looks like his tongue is in jail…

  19. If he was on a life support machine I’d un-plug and charge me fuckin phone.

  20. So apparently Meghan Markel’s father will not attend the Royal Wedding.

    That’s alright, neither will Harry’s

  21. And a good, solid gallows at the Crossroads, too !!

    Michel Barnier is now mouthing off, saying that GB should pay into the EU Overseas Aid budget AFTER Brexit.

    I don’t know what’s doing the rounds in Brussels, but I’m guessing at a very nasty, drug-resistant form of syphilis, causing terminal brain-rot.

    Another eminently kickable face.

  22. Don’t want a hard border? Right. Build another fucking Hadrians Wall from Sligo to, erm, somewhere south of fucking Belfast. And while we’re at it redo the actual Hadrians wall 3 times higher to keep those troublesome ginger coonts oot fairly oye..

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