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Donald Tusk is about due another cunting. He recently made a speech in Dublin in which he said that was furious about Brexit, and called it “one of the saddest moments of the 21st Century”. No, Tusk, considering all the wars that have been, and are still being fought. Considering all the people who died in the World Trade Centre attack, all the people living poverty, starving to death, dying from diseases, and the simple fact that so many people in the world are being persecuted simply for believing in a different God, having a different political view or simply having a different opinion to smug, left wing cunts like Tusk, Brexit is nowhere being one of the saddest moments of the 21st Century.

This unelected prick has spent nearly TWO years slagging off the British people for having the audacity to want our leaders to be elected by US, rather than a committee of lickspittles and useful idiots. Yet in his speech, he actually had the nerve to say, “It is much more important that we all respect our common rules such as human rights and civil liberties, freedom of speech and freedom of assembly, checks and balances and the rule of law. This is the true foundation of our unity”.

What an utter fucksicle Tusk is. What a fucking hypocrite. He and his fellow unelected bureaucrats in the EU, and their traitorous allies in the Remain camp have spent the past two years DISRESPECTING the human rights and civil liberties of the British people. They have, and in some cases, still are, doing everything they possibly can to keep the UK enslaved by the EU. It’s our right to decide for ourselves who governs this country. Why won’t this undemocratic twat respect THAT? Why won’t he respect our right to decide to leave an organisation that has never done anything but take from the UK? All they’ve ever given us in return are insults and contempt, and then they not only wonder why we chose to leave, but blame us for that decision.

Tusk also said that Brexit could cause another conflict in Europe, and that it could lead to the collapse of the EU. Well, good. I hope the EU does collapse. It would be the best thing that could happen to that corrupt, autocratic, Sovietesque organisation. If was in any way a benevolent entity, we wouldn’t be leaving in the first place. The sheer bile that Tusk, Juncker, Verhofstadt, Barnier and all the other unelected EU tossers have thrown at us over the past two years proves the malignancy that infects the EU.

Tusk is so unpopular, even his fellow Poles didn’t want him to have the Job he’s currently doing. So, Tusk, fuck you and fuck the EU. You complete and utter cunt.

another epic QDM nomination.

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  1. So I guess no one had Mega cunt Barbara Bush for deadpool? thats a shame we had all the other Bush’s covered but not the mother rat

  2. Donald Tusk resembles an angry cabbage-patch kid without the looks.

    Plus he’s a fucking cunt.

  3. Fuck it, let’s have another vote. Every time I think about it, the idea gets more and more appealing.
    Just so that we can say “see? How about that then? Now, for the second time – fuck off!”
    I also hope that brexit causes the collapse of the EU.
    Perhaps the return to the true value of goods will make holidaying worthwhile again. Remember french wine being cheap? Remember spanish beer costing 5p?
    I mean, what the fuck else do these countries have to offer?

    • Believe me if theres another vote it won’t be a fair one

      “what the fuck else do these countries have to offer?” exactly very little there are parasites donald tusk is a gollum looking bellend

    • That would be good mate other than the fact that they have had 2 further years of project fear and doom while leave has had every good news story buried. They hope this is enough to swing it back to remain then it would be suddenly dropped…. no third referendum

      So no for me… its an unfair fight we “david and goliathed” them already that was enough

      • Everyone I speak to who previously voted remain state they would now vote leave in a second referendum.
        The reason given is always a variation of “I’m sick and tired of all this bollocks”.
        Based on these conversations I would say project fear has been a little overdone and now most people want everything EU to dissapear off the face of the earth.

  4. Now, which made up office of the poxy EU is this cunt president of again? Oh, don’t bother, I don’t fucking care and neither does anybody else.
    He’s just a lowlife gutter crawling parasite like all the rest of them. He should get a fucking Oscar for all his crying and hand wringing over the Irish border. Like he gives a fuck about the Paddies.
    Slimy, good for nothing, piece of shit CUNT.

  5. I know i answered titslapper but i dont want to start a 3000 word rant on this as you orobably know from my previous posts i could rant aboit these EU cunts all day and have so at depth

    On Tusk all i can say is his own Polish people thought him an eletist cunt and a shady part of the polish plane crash that wiped out their government some years back. Where does an utter cunt slink off to when his time is up in poland? Yup…

    • Saw a prog. on Italy, and a certain amount of Mussolini last pm.

      Odd how some self-celebratory “Palace of Il Duce” bore more than a passing resemblance to bits of Brussels…

      Oddly, I quite liked the Italian architecture shown, but then it was in a nicer place than Brussels. A fuck of a lot nicer, which is NOT difficult.

      • Mussolini. Nasty Italian Cunt. I could do cunting just for him one day.

        Hanged upside down as he really didn’t know which side to turn to during WWII.

        A few treasonist bastards in the Uk could well learn a lesson or two from Italy in the late 1930s and 40s

  6. Tusk “….you are leaving…i do not understand why or how…this is a disaster. The EU may fall apart …”

    The above is factually quoted from a press report to Reuters correspondent Jill Kenith.

    The cunt was nearly in tears in realization that his dream of constant feeding from the tit of the EU, could be coming to an end. DT ( as he is known in AA circles ) is another product of the liberal cock sucking twats that infest this world. A product of the EU in particular, who use promise, wealth and untold adulation to all converts to the cause of the 4th Reich. The absence of Panzer’s and Stormtroopers should not fool you, they are simply replaced with bung and seductive promises. The underlying strategy of misinformation and smothering of free speech are much as they were in 1936-.
    Tusk is a complicit cunt.I hope his scrotal sack is fed into an old fashioned mangle and his nuts crushed like garlic cloves.
    Tusk….yer a cunt!

    • Is he really so criminally INSANE that he cannot understand why people want to leave the Fourth Reich ?? So, he is a LYING scrote as well…

  7. Halal slaughter is what it is.


    As I have said before in these hallowed pages, those who live by the sword…

    • So the future is kosher???

      Same bloody thing, but it is apparently illegal to suggest it.

      • Way back in 1965, on Felixstowe beach, a nice lady with her head wrapped in a tea towel told me my future was kosher. Cunt should have been arrested. The 6d I paid her would’ve been far better spent on candy floss.

          • I read somewhere that the Gizzard is nailed on favourite for the next mayor of Londonistan.

            Shitarse piece of journalism. Do they not realise what the peacefulls think of, and do to the gay?

            And not just gay, but cross dressing, lipstick and beret wearing to boot.

            Off the top of the shard for you Edie!

  8. Old Suckdick doesn’t look too happy in that picture but then neither would I having that raving poof all over me.
    Reading that article nearly made me heave. What a load of self congratulatory arse licking and cock sucking.

    • Damn right. Let’s hope that Suqdiq’s now thought of by the peacefuls as an apostate and a truck of tolerance breaks through the security cordon and pulverises them both.

  9. I’d say the poor Kiwis are royally fucked too with that liberalista Jacinda Hardon at the helm.

    Silly bitch looks like a bloke in a dress – hands like shovels and teeth like Dick Emery’s comedy vicar.

  10. Quite ironic that the speech of the neo-fascist Tusk was made in Dublin… wonderful little state, full of nepotism, croneyism and corruption. Violent crime prevails, and sink estates that would rival Bogata.. All ruled by some gay dancer Cunt who we must assume they like to have as a figurehead otherwise I feel sure he would have had the republican handshake. Bring on the next potatoe famine…

  11. This goblin faced Cunt is detested even in his own country!! Another fucking nobody who now strides the world stage as a colossus of cuntitude!!
    Before he became an EU President with his 250,000 Euro wages and a fucking calvacade of limousines that would make a sheikh blush this pathetic cunt was earning £47,500 a year as pm of Poland!! No wonder he loves the EU so much!!!
    Fucking prick!!

  12. Whilst I appreciate the effort and sentiment you put into this cunting QDM, I wouldn’t waste breath on more than 3 words where Tusk is concerned. Those three words, of course, being

    “Go fuck yourself”.

  13. His unfortunate mother must have been a fanatically devout Catholic. Didn’t even have the option of committing suicide, poor cow.

  14. These cunts like tusk might own 1% of the wealth but it’s people like us who own 51.9% of the vote. Suck it up Tuskie and fuck off back to your hole

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