Davina McCall [5]

Davina McCall is a 24/7 cunt, this utter fuckwit who has been on the telly for the last 10 fucking years virtually non stop has said that she thinks having kids is the reason her marriage is going down the laazi….news flash cunt its more likely due to your as good as single husband bringing the kids up on his own as you are never there, and now rather than spend some time with her family she is having a multiple orgasm at the thought of inheriting [i’m a seleb get me out of here] from Alc and Dick, due to his latest fuck up, so no doubt another few months away from her family.
Now I don’t give a flying fuck about Davina McCall but when someone is so obviously the reason for a failed marriage to then come out and blame her kids is hard to swallow,so poor hubby,poor kids and Devina McCunt will be crying when has to cough up half at the divorce court…..ironic considering she has spent the last decade chasing the buck and the attention…..just another attention seeking money grabbing cunt…..

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  1. Cant watch this breathless gurning cunt. It is guaranteed that when her name appears the programme will be trite shite.

  2. How can it be her fault ?, she is a brave strong independent woman . And we all know that they cant do no wrong .
    Its her bastard , cis white male husband and kids fault for holding her back from fully reaching 100% tv saturation levels. HOW DARE her kids be so selfish and not let her be who she wants to be , pure discrimination plain as the eye can see .

    I recommend placing said kids in a burlap sack and drowning in nearest river/pond, then all the attention can be yours again Davina you small minded un entertaining loud mouth spunk bubble.

  3. Another annoying cunt that I can’t figure out why they are famous.

    Along with Amanda Holden and Denise van Outen.

    I spent a few years out of the country and return to find this triumvirate of cunts on every fucking TV show 24/7.



  4. Davina ( I have another crisis ) Mcall ( or is it fuck all )

    So much exposure on thetelly, her break up, her weight loss, her anxieties, her career. And to cap it all she hosts another one of those virtue signalling sponsored government ducmentary that really gets on my tits.
    She is a cunt, a Euro cunt, worse still a Euro cunt Londonistan cunt

  5. But is she more of an annoying over-exposed cunt than that Clare Balding fellow?

    • No.That is simply not possible.

      Jezza the traitor at it again today. He hates the UK. A total cunt.

      • He cant help it. Anything anti-British gets to him – IRA, Jihadis, Russia, Commies. They all stand for his values.

        • He hates:

          The monarchy

          3rd wave feminism
          Unilateral nuclear disarmanment
          Cultural marxism

          • I am a bit of a fan of irony and cant avoid the stray thought that wouldnt it, sort of, you know, be fair and just if he was to wander into the path of a “peaceful” expression of anger against the kaffirs.
            The expression “kaffir” ( comes in slightly different spellings ) is one of offence against white westerners , and would basically equate to using the N@@@@r word against an IC3, but of course no such restriction is to be made when a peeved peaceful mutters and rants equivalent abuse. Maybe our well known sense of tolerance means we should just put up with it while we while away the hours till the next atrocity. It’s all part of living in a vibrant modern culture of course/

          • Who the fuck would brag about doing that?
            Makes me wonder what his wife was like if he’s proud of rooting that mess.
            If I shagged the flabbott I’d keep it on the down low and never speak of it again.
            …And get my knob chopped off the avoid a repeat.

            Ur I feel sick.

          • I wonder what was going through his commie mind when he thought his friends would like to see the flabby tits and disgusting turkish delight of an allegedly female gorilla. And that’s doing a disservice to the attractiveness of female gorillas.

  6. I’ve disliked this Davina cunt ever since I first saw her gurning like a demented crone on MTV Europe in the 90s… I recall she said in some interview that she dd (cough) certain ‘favours’ to land these jobs, and also admitting she was part of the debauched sex drugs weirdos celebricunt set in the 90s (see those cunts, Sadie Frost, Jude Law and that Pearl Lowe slag)… So, another celebrislag, although admittedly a D List one….

  7. If she’s so desperate to get on the telly maybe she should go to Syria to do some journalism.
    Just make sure she has a nice big union flag on her car so the Americans know who to bomb.

    • You just reminded me of Kate Adie . It wasn’t a war if Kate Adie wasn’t there. They reckon she got Bedouin’dby Gadaffi ffs ! ( just heard that from george Soros )

  8. This cunt will still be on the telly when we’re all dead. I remember ages ago seeing part of some program where she was discussing and showing pictures of healthy and unhealthy human shit. To be fair though they obviously saw the way TV was going and were way ahead of their time.

  9. Speaking of dogs, I just saw a nice looking Staffordshire Bull Terrier outside Sainsbury’s. Sadly unable to say the same about Davina McCall and the fucktard owner.

  10. What are her actual talents?

    She touts the odd fitness video to show off her latest emaciated form – making her look like a still life impression of Concorde – and presents puerile TV shows for the intellectually challenged, and that’s it, and earns millions doing it!?!

    If I hear the cunt say “journey” one more time I’m going to FedEx my hermetically sealed vomit to her FoC.

    Didn’t drug-heads get pilloried and made pariahs in the past?

    Not now though eh! A Tefal headed drunkard and this drug-head gobshite – national treasures!


      • I always wondered why it was that in an equitable and fair society Ant and Dec wouldn’t be acting as crash dummies for a Sarin air burst test at Porton Down…

    • Since when did talent have any bearing as to who appears on modern day t.v.? 90% of todays ‘stars’ wouldn’t get a job serving tea in the days when being in show business meant you had a decernable talent of some sort.

  11. Whats the picture on the header? It looks a bit like she has befallen some misfortune is Eastern Ghouta and is being rendered aid by the heroic and Nobel prize nominated “white helmets”, much loved fantasy figures of the libtard press and luvvies everywhere: contrary to vicious rumours they may in fact be a creation of Islamist propaganda, these cheerful souls manage to appear at scenes of catastophe as if on standby, always in spotless overalls and corporate kit. Well, just so we are all clear I challenge any Cunt to operate for more than about 60 minutes in an environment like that without starting to look like something from Legion of the Damned.
    You dont think it’s a Libtard/ Al -bbc conspiracy to turn a bling eye to such apparent manipulations do you?
    I appreciate expressing such concerns may render me liable to shouts that I’m Russian sponsored Maskirovka. I’m not though, I’m from the East Midlands where they think Maskirovka is a cheap vodka.

  12. Well to quote Monty python

    “What have the Romans ever done for us?”

    Well they planted that fucking nose on her face the street hawk looking cunt.

    She is just one of those ‘will not fuck off’ cunts. All the talent of an empty scrotum, face like a blind cobblers thumb. So she does fitness and tightens her ass, and they say you do not look at the mantle piece whilst you are stoking the fire……….yes, but you got to pick the fucking matches up to light the cunt

  13. We can all be guilty of cuntish behaviour but I’m afraid I have a soft spot for Davina. Well actually it’s not soft but very hard and the likelihood of it ever getting near Davina’s love tunnel is about as feasible as Syrian President Asshat getting the Nobel Peace Prize.

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