Polly Toynbee [5]

I think I may have found the winner for Anti-Brexit Cunt of the year. Step forward Polly Toynbee. Yes, you ignorant, far left, traitorous bitch. Step the fuck forward. There are many reasons that Toynbee could be nominated for this esteemed award, but the reason I’m nominating her today, is for calling on Sinn Fein to swallow their pride, take the oath of allegiance to the Queen, and vote to stop Brexit.

Yes my friends, you read that right. Toynbee is actually ask a group made up of (allegedly) known and suspected IRA terrorists to help undermine the democratically expressed wish of the British people. As cuntery goes, this has to beat all others. We all know that Toynbee is a cunt and a traitor of epic proportions, but she has actually managed to surpass herself with this one.

It actually disgusts me to think that this left wing hypocrite is SO desperate to destroy Brexit, that she is SO against democracy, that she has to stoop to asking that lowlife scum, literally makes my blood boil. I see this as a sign that remainers have run out of ammunition to shoot at Brexiteers. This goes way beyond her hypocrisy over second homes, when she used to own a Tuscan villa. It goes way beyond this multi-millionairess’s views on taxing the rich.

This is the type of cuntery not even Corbyn, McDonnell and the Abbottopotamus combined could think up. I doubt that Sinn Fein would ever take the oath of allegiance, but still, Toynbee is guilty of an epic level of treason just for suggesting it. FUCK YOU Toynbee. Fuck you and the left wing horse you rode in on.

Nominated by Quick Draw McGraw

118 thoughts on “Polly Toynbee [5]

      • Would anyone be surprised to know that the death penalty for treason was abolished in 1998 by Tony B. Liar?

        Quelle surprise…

    • ………….
      I’m trembling….

      With rage…

      What a treasonous cunt.

      • So, after 100 years of refusing the oath this bitch thinks they are going to overturn that to save her and her mates from the horrors of Brexit.
        She must think that they are as unprincipled and treacherous as the average remoaner cunt. Fuck this fucking bitch to hell.

        • What a loathsome vile sapurating stinking pustule of a person who the fuck does she think she is ,smug fucking traitorous cunt. Can you imagine a dinner party of her and her ilk. The smell of superiority and self importance would be like a world war 1 gas attack. I hate these twats with a fucking passion bordering on unstable. CUNTS

          • You take a dim view of her and her ilk I gather civvydog ?

            Nay worries, me too

          • Detest all of the twats that betray the country .
            To patriotic and old fashioned i suppose which nowdays is a flogging offence Leo.

          • Seems to me the country is divided not just along class divides now but also the division of Smug superior elitist patronising know alls and us thick as shit knuckle draggers.

    • Toynbee used privilege and nepotism to deny a more deserving student a place at University. Hypocritical old cow.

    • Isn’t it a shame that Blair removed the Death Penalty for treason against the state.

      Obviously he did it because he knew in the fullness of time – after selling out this country to 4th Reich and importing terrorists by the mini-cab driver load – his own neck wouldn’t be too far from the gib!

      Even so it’s such a shame – especially in this day and age of anti-democratic fuckwittery – that it can’t be used as a deterrent to the likes of Toynbee, Miller, Sour-berries, et. al.

      But to invite the IRA in just to continue sucking on the corrupt teat of the EU, why Polly, in your case I’d happily bring back hanging, drawing and quartering!

      You two-faced disgrace to “journalism” (and that’s a low bar based on the current crop of cunts like Kuntsberg, etc.).


    • That is to assign la Toynbee far more importance and influence than she merits. She is a writer of thinkpieces for the Grauniad, and (ignoring very occasional token contributions from mild Brexiteers), she is paid to echo the paper’s hysterical remoaning. And, all but her greatest admirers agree, she is usually proved wrong by events, whatever she’s banging on about.

  1. Toynbee is archetypal Corbynista. Posh, Hampstead, unpatriotic. Manning the dinner parties rather than the barricades

    By the way I just noticed that the delightful Anna Sourberry is a Nottingham MP. With a majority of just 800. In a Leave area. I wonder if self interest will pull this odious hag back from her Remoaning path?

    • You mean, a bit like Corbyn campaigning to get us out of the EU for 30 years, then switching to Remain at the last minute when it came to the crunch.

    • She’s a 2 Time Cunt!!
      Firstly…. railing against her party
      Secondly…. her own constituents voted to leave the EU in the referendum!!!
      So who exactly is this utter Cunt representing?
      Excellent cunting!!
      Toynbees just another mega Cunt off the production line at the guardian!!
      What she said is truly fuckin despicable……

    • I doubt even self interest will force that ignorant fucker to deviate from the remain path. Every time I’ve seen her spilling anti-Brexit Bullshit, usually on the BBC, she’s had this crazed look in her eyes. I really think that the ONLY thing occupying her brain cell right now is sabotaging our withdrawal from the EU. I hope that come the next time she’s up for election, the constituents she’s betrayed remember that she deliberately ignored her duty to represent their wishes in parliament, and vote her out. It won’t take many.

  2. Off topic.
    My mother in law is stuck in Blackpool. This is because the M62 is shut. This is the road that links the ‘Northern Powerhouse’ which is taken oh so seriously by politicians. I had to look on local BBC news to find out the details. Doesn’t seem to make the national news. (I couldn’t find it) Well, it is outside of London and the Home Counties so fair enough. Priorities old boy, eh?

      • She lives in North Lincs. So, M62 is only practical cross Pennine route. Unless the coach goes South to Birmingham and up the M1/M18 of course.

    • A1, A19 and A68 all shut here (for various reasons).

      However in 30yrs time, when HS2 is running, none of this will matter as that service will never be affected by bad weather, will never be late, and will be available to everyone at a really low price…

      • You mean the railway that allows London ponces a day return to the ghastly north or midlands in time for organic quinoa?

        • I’ll tell you now about the North/South divide…

          The local shops darn sarf were ransacked of soy milk, etc., but you could still get a pint of gold top.

          Oop North there’s not a stitch of milk to be had (gold top, blue top, green top or red top) with the soy/almond/walnut milk section completely untouched.

          Ahhh, how it warmed the cockles of my heart! 😁

          • Tried soy milk once. It tasted awful and nearly made me puke. All I can say is those southern nancies must love the taste of pasteurised bull semen.

      • In 2016 Ipswich to Manchester standard class open rail ticket return £449.


        • Makes the cunts at EasyJet look like amateurs with return flights to Faro and back costing an eye-watering £100 quid!

          You know how they put “price per ltr” or “price per kilo” on booze and foodstuffs so you don’t even have to work out if 8x330ml bottles of Bavarian piss is better value than 4x500ml bottle of Brown Ale? They should do that with a “cost per mile” on all transport.

          If the fuckers did that and ran a league table I’m sure they’d be shamed into offering a modicum of value for their shit and overpriced rail (lack of) service!

          I wouldn’t care we’re paying for HS2 (that no fucker wants) and do we get any benefit for our generous outlay to all of these operator cunts?

          No. They’ll just jam us with eye watering fares, for a service that will be late more often than not, and that exists purely so that Tristan and Jemimah can commute to their 6 figure salary jobs in the smoke after selling their city bedsit for £2mil, buying an 8 bedroom mansion “Oop Norf” for a peppercorn and hedge funding the rest! Cos they’ll be the only cunts rich enough to buy the tickets!

          Oh and as a double bonus for folk “Oop Norf”: when the Tristan and Jemimah types start buying along the HS2 “city cunts bonus” route, just watch as house prices soar there too excluding all of your kids from the property market in the place that they were born!


      • Yeah, right !!

        It’ll be sold to that cunt Branston for a fiver, no doubt.

  3. That cunt Toynbee is John Prescott sporting a lighter shade syrup and shoved into a dress.

    Never seen the pair together – you’ll see I’m right.

  4. “Polly Toynbee” is actually an anagram of “Yon Pot belly” “Plenty Blooey” and “Bleep Only Toy”

    I feel that that last one particularly appropriate?

  5. The northern powerhouse is only taken seriously by politicians in the run up to elections. They don’t give a fuck any other time.
    I use the M62 most days and it’s joke – especially the 50mph gantry sections, a complete joke given I can’t remember the last time I got over 50mph on those stretches.
    Apparently closed until further notice due to snow and accidents today. Fucking useless.
    I remember when I was little that stretch over saddleworth was kept open at all costs – no one gives a shite now.
    In fact, the M62 is a cunt .

    • I was back in UK a couple of weeks ago and those variable speed limit motorways are a right cunt. First gantry 60mph, second gantry 50, third gantry back to 60 again. Make your fucking mind up!

      They are dangerous too, every cunt going bang on the speed limit using their cruise control. This means they are not really in control of their vehicle and are probably not really paying attention. Recipe for a pile up right there. And then there is often the case when speeding up is a better option for avoiding trouble than slowing down, but if you are already doing 70 and the cameras are set to click at 71 you have no option but to break, thus forcing others to break and causing a domino effect where some poor cunt gets back ended by some dozy cunt not paying attention because his cruise control was driving the fucking car for him.

      Still, it was nice to see the Audi cunts ( and it is always fucking Audi cunts ) having to go the same speed as everyone else for a fucking change. However it dosn’t stop them driving so close to your rear end they could tell what you had for breakfast if you farted.

      • I don’t drive, but I really enjoyed reading that post Skidmark, sad cunt that I am.

        Treeza’s on the telly right now droning out yet more vacuous words pretending we’re leaving the EU again… sort of.

        • “Weakness is strength” by any chance ??

          “Tough on bogroll, tough on the causes of bogroll”

        • Perhaps you can answer this. Are all Audi drivers cunts or do all cunts drive Audis? I used to drive Audis in the early 90s when cunts drove Beemers. I went working abroad for 7 years and when I got back the cunts had traded in their Beemers for Audis. And are indicators fitted or an optional extra? Also, do Audi drivers have poor eyesight that makes them have to drive as close as possible to the car in front? At 85 mph?

          • Audi are part of the Volkswagen Audi Group or what the Krauts call VAG. Couldn’t make this shit up could you.
            Anyway, Audis are like a penis. One day every cunt will have one.

          • Re VAG…

            I’m sure the boche used to have a car called NSU. A bit itchy / smelly…
            Some of them looked like a four-wheel version of a Thundersley Invalid trike.
            Maybe room for a Mercedes-Bellend ??

          • Absolutely, NSU was purchased by VW in the late 1960’s. To be polite, they were shit.

    • Yep. Northern Powerhouse is complete bullshit. Gideon is driving it for fuck’s sake. More spent on London Bridge station than the whole of the Northern rail structure.
      I use the M62 as well. Fucking nightmare.

    • You’re right about that. Near where I live, there is a road that’s needed a bypass for about the past FIFTY years. In the run up to the 2015 general election, both Clegg and Gideon visited the area to see for themselves just how bad the traffic is. They both swore that the money was there and we’d definitely get the bypass. Three years on, no fucking bypass. And with Jenny Jellyspine in No10 now, more concerned with throwing our money at countries other than the UK, I’m not holding my breathe for a bypass between now and 2021.

  6. Toynbee’s foul kite reminds me of what Bette Davis said about Joan Crawford’s fizzog:
    A saddlebag with eyes…..

  7. The bog hopping terrorist scum currently have 7 Westminster MPs who, if the murderous cunts took their seats and voted against the government would give Saggy Maggie a majority of just 4, and that’s only if the DUP and ALL her party back her. May is dead in the water and should leave No.10 immediately and let The Mogg take charge, cease and desist from further “negotiation” with the forth Reich and go to WTO rules all by the middle of next week.

    • Come on. Mogg would be a complete electoral disaster and set the tories back to the 60s. He takes a good stand on Brexit but that’s about his only asset. He will make Steptoe look like Churchill. His appeal is to the Shires, and even that stance is an assumed persona. He is amusing and clever but the media would gift the Marxists the election.
      I am old enough to remember Alec Doubtless Whom. Labour’s secret weapon in the 60s. Mogg is similar.

      • I share your reservations, CC, but the media would rather an incontinent baboon were PM than Corbyn, on past form. And if the Mogg is better at backstabbing than Gove or Johnson, he might be capable of pulling the Tories together; he’s ‘amusing and clever’, which makes him a polar opposite to the unhappy May. So I’m not writing him off just yet. Oh, and his tongue is firmly embedded in the Murdoch arse. That’s a winning trait.

        • I think a Mogg/Corbyn face off would be good. Mogg is unashamed old school conservative and we have not had a genuinely conservative conservative party in some time. He is for far more than just Brexit, he is about personal freedom, small government, personal responsibility and genuine equal opportunities. Corbyn is unashamed Marxist to the core. He wants total state control and in return the state will look after you from cradle to grave, or that’s the theory at least. The little inconvenient truth being Marxism has never worked and never will because it is essentially anti human.

          The Conservative approach has led to the most prosperous, most free and most socially dynamic civilisations the world has ever seen. Marxism has produced the exact opposite and has resulted in well over 100,000,000 deaths in its a little over 100 year history.

          • I take your point but Mogg has some narrow religious views which will get him crucified, if you’ll pardon the expression. Nothing wrong with old style conservatism but Mogg worries me.
            I don’t see an alternative to May at present. Boris a disaster, Gove a rubber faced backstabbing cunt. May is pretty fucking useless but we are stuck with her at present.

          • Unlike Tim Farron and Catweasel, Mogg immediately held his hands up when asked about his bizarre views on rape /abortion. He also made it clear that he would not seek to change the law in respect of those views if in a position to influence legislation in that area.

            Contrast that with Farron’s weeks of tortuous teeth pulling over his views on gay marriage etc. And Comrade Corbyn’s evasions and continuous sidestepping of questions re IRA /Hamas and his admiration for totalitarian leftist regimes throughout the world, the Venezuelan basket case being amongst the most recent.

            The electorate will forgive a lot if they feel a politician is being honest and straightforward with them and has real vision concerning the important and serious issues facing the nation.

            Mogg currently appears an unlikely candidate for PM, as did Thatcher before she was tested and got into her stride as leader, but I really can’t see anyone else more suitable on the horizon – even Churchill was distrusted and considered an outsider (Liberal turncoat) by his party before he stepped up to the plate and took over from Neville Chamberlain (well meaning Mavis May appeaser of his time). Many other parallels between then and now, not least Britain standing alone, up against the undemocratic 4th Reich…

          • I think you’re right Skidders.
            Moggs’s the man.
            He seems to be on the side of good old fashioned common sense on just about everything except abortion in my view.
            At least he isn’t afraid to state what he stands for….rather Thatcher-esque wouldn’t you say?
            No bad thing I’ll wager.

  8. I’d just like to thank god for this cunting of ‘orrible witch faced cunt Polly Toynbee… Amen

  9. Today’s fun fact you won’t find in the oh so scrupulously honest MSM;

    75% of Type 1 sex offenders ( gangs who target children based on their vulnerability ) are peaceful despite the peaceful population being only 7%.

      • Bit like the Romanian fuckers that are here but nobody wants.

        I regularly check our regional crime figures, and whilst the local press do not usually give the nationality of the accused (just that he lives in the area) it is quite easy to check.

        Romanians cause a lot of problems where we are, and are prolific at drink driving offences.

  10. In that case only 7% of telly ads should feature mixed peaceful perfect families then, instead of the near 100% that do now !

    • I’m waiting for the next all-inclusive advert for Richmond sausages, wonder how many peacefuls will be in that?

      • They took over Christmas TV adverts last year with Tesco’s ‘Everyone’s Welcome’ bollocks especially since we are all heathen infidels.

        • After picking up the wife she insisted we stop off at Tesco as she’d heard they had a special on.

          Just some cunt collecting trolleys in the car park….

          • You’ve lowered the tone of an erudite discussion again Cuntley. Shame on you.

          • Hi Cuntbubble…
            You’ve been on here long enough now to know what to expect from me…

          • I saw a special running alongside a bus today in -8 temperatures and I thought: “You tight cunt bus driver! Let the fucker on!”

            My mistake it was just their tongue stuck to the window…

  11. What the fuck was The Hunchback babbling on about today…….a “bespoke deal?” Same old fucking same old. Those cunts aren’t going to give us the shit out of their arses and everybody knows it.
    Just pull out and let the cunts do their worse. Let them put up the hard border in Paddyland, what the fuck do we care? Just tell them to fuck off you dithering old crone.

    • Quote from MSN report :
      {Theresa May urged Britons to face up to “hard facts” about Brexit today in a speech that accepted there were no “cake-and-eat-it” solutions to future relations with the European Union.}

      Sorry Tree-sap, but, what’s the point of cake if you can’t eat it ? I don’t remember ever buying cake as a fucking ornament, you gormless cunt

      • And when asked today if she thought Brexit was worth it, she wouldn’t answer. I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again. May is as much as a eunuch’s scrotum. She voted against Brexit, and she’s STILL against it now. She has no intention of delivering the Brexit that we told parliament we wanted, i.e. a complete and total withdrawal the EU. Since being elected leader of the Tories in September 2016, she has done everything she can to delay or dilute Brexit. She needs to go. For the sake of the UK, Jenny Jellyspine needs to either quit or be removed as Prime Minister.

        • I would suggest removal QDM. Twats like that cannot give up the high life, the luxury and the power. They have to be removed. I would look forward to seeing that. The cunt deserves it.

    • Just like you’ll never hear the ABBC say “peaceful terrorist” you’ll never hear May say: “Trade deficit!”

      If she was to grab Frau Merkelcunt by the bollocks (as I have my suspicions) and say: “Listen here you East German, Stasi loving cunt! Tell the rest of the 4th Reich twats to play fair or a Skoda Fabia will become the same price as a fucking Ferrari! And you don’t even want to think how much your cunt cars (Beemers, Mercs and Audis) will end up costing!”

      Followed by: “Oi! Macaroon! Get stood here cos you’re next you cunt! Right then, about Renault, Peugeot and Citroën…”

      But will she, will she fuck! Weak cunt!

    • She really is fucking awful, isn’t she? She doesn’t seem to have any idea what to do at all but spew more clichés and platitudes. How can some one so transparently free of any leadership qualities what so ever find herself running a major political party never mind a country? Even faced with the political non entities who run the EU, or should I say failed political non entities from bum fuck irrelevant principalities such as Luxembourg, she crumples and folds like a cheap nylon shirt from C&A. Come on for fucks sake, woman! Do you have absolutely no pride in your country at all? Either lead or fuck off!

      • The latter hopefully otherwise Comrade Corbyn gets in by default and then we truly are fucked!

        • Mavis makes Neville Chamberlain look like Trump!

          Come on Moggy, time to do your best Churchill impersonation…

  12. She really is a useless sack of shit. How the hell did she ever aspire to be an MP and represent other people? ………and how the fuck did she end up in Downing Street? You couldn’t make shit like this up.
    Frau Merkel must be laughing like a drain as she fills her voracious gob with sausages and finest Belgian lager.
    Hitler must be kicking himself…..born a hundred years too early.

  13. This from The Hunchbacks speech;

    “Fourth, it must be consistent with the kind of country we want to be as we leave: a modern, open, outward-looking, tolerant, European democracy. A nation of pioneers, innovators, explorers and creators. A country that celebrates our history and diversity, confident of our place in the world; that meets its obligations to our near neighbours and far off friends, and is proud to stand up for its values.”

    I don’t know about you but when ever I see the word “tolerant” I see 1400 of our young girls being systematically raped by organised gangs of peaceful cunts while the police stood back and let it all happen. And its still going on and we are still being “tolerant”.

    European democracy; we are not, have never been nor shall we ever be a European democracy! We are a constitutional monarchy you dithering old crone.

    What history and diversity are you blathering on about you senile old cunt? Our history of diversity, pre 1997 is between the English, the Welsh, the Scots and the Micks. That is the only history of diversity we have ever had and that is all the diversity we need thank you very much. Our history has not been diverse, so stop trying to link the two words.

    Our obligations to our near neighbours amounts to the square root of fuck all. We owe them nothing. Was it they who saved our skins twice in 2 world wars? Was it fuck, it was those cunts who started the wars in the first place.

    Values. Another soft fuzzy pink word like “tolerance” and “diversity” which actually means “shut the fuck up and stop complaining” as your country is taken from you.

    You want to talk about British values? How about the rule of fucking law? The principle, set out in 1215, of common law. That in England the law applies to every one equally and that every one has recourse to the same law, hence it is common. How about that for a British value? So it is entirely consistent with British values that we stamp out any attempt by backward goat fucking cunts to set up a rival system based upon the incoherent rantings of a kiddy didler. Stamp out with extreme fucking prejudice.

    My piss really does boileth over. How can this useless old mare manage to squeeze so much pandering shite into a single paragraph?

    • Yes, but on the other hand she does have some smart frocks. And her husband seems a nice chap.

      • Can’t imagine who wears the trousers in that relationship. Probably him because she doesn’t actually exist. Maybe they take it in turns.

        Had the misfortune to see them on The One Show that time, both trying to out-wimp each other.

        What a fuck up this cunt Government is.

    • That was a terrific cunting skid, and an excellent pen picture of fact. I agree with everything that you have said, in fact, I couldn’t better it.

    • 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

      100% agree Skid!

    • Absolutely fucking spot on Skidmark that kind of emotionally charged writing is why I love this site. People who are sensible and can see through the crap the MSM try to use to hide all the underhand shite the government are up or the wonderful peacefuls have been doing or are planning. Brexit won’t amount to fuck all. May has no guts and although Mogg may be a bit of a god botherer but for debating skills, parliamentary knowledge and the ability to make complex points straight forward. Also he seems a fairly honest politician. Which makes a change.

  14. On the subject of this Tonybee creature, this is actually the first picture that I have seen of her. I must warn admins of this site that I am instructing my solicitor to act against the site portraying such an abhorrent and ugly creature, causing injury to the eyesight, and a significant trauma. Yuk…Christ she is fucking ugly !

    • Verily, the appearance of this woman is surely a “Gross Hate-Crime against Humanity”

      Off with her head !!

  15. I wouldn’t wipe my rusty ring on a page of the Grauniad. A prize pukefest of a newspaper with cunts like Owen Jones and Zoe scruffy cow Williams who always looks like she needs a fucking good scrub and the snivelling looking down her nose Jenni Russel and finally topped off with the queen of punchable faces cuntess Toynbee. I don’t know what the collective term is for so many cunts, possibly a hemorrhoid of cunts.

  16. Toynbee is the very definition of a champagne socialist………posh, rich, lives in a fucking mansion and loves giving other people’s money away to any fucking cunt who stretches his hand out far enough.
    She wouldn’t go within half a mile of a pleb however, and screams like a spoilt brat when the said plebs don’t vote the way she tells them. Bitch.

  17. Talking of cunts, did anyone hear Michael Heseltine on radio fucking four this morning? The crazy old prick said something to the effect that leavers have a coordinated campaign, when you see or hear their side of the story, it’s usually delivered by ‘the same old faces’, and the remainers need to get together and combat this. So, when the the remoaners get on air, which is a lot, it’s not ‘the same old faces’ giving out their shitbag propaganda? Of course it is, and this smelling of piss old washed up cocksucker is one of their ‘same old faces’, along with his bathchair compatriot Ken Clarke, or Tony Cunting Blair, or any of the cunts we call out daily on here. I mean, question time last night was basically the Ken Clarke show, and yet Heseltine thinks they need more coordinated exposure. Get fucked.

  18. So the remoaners claim we weren’t given the full strength on what might, could or will happen if we left the EU, before the referendum, so that forms the basis for a second vote.
    Have I got that right?

    So, God forbid that Steptoe gets the keys to no.10, but let’s assume he does, and subsequently does something never mentioned in the Labour manifesto and I don’t fuckin’ like it, can we have another General Election?….
    Can we fuck…

  19. Is it me or are most people so pig shit thick. After Mavis Mays speech the irish Teashop Leo ‘chase me’ Verruca says ‘Mays speech fails to provide Brexit border solutions’! What in the name of fuck does he think she’s gonna come up with other than ‘that’s it, it’s too hard, we’re staying in’ or does the thick mick think she’s gonna pull some magic leprechaun out of a hat. It’s been talked about and solutions put forward only to be waved away as not good enough. Well you come up with something you fucking bell end if it’s sooooooooooo fucking necessary to stop you from shooting each other. We can send fucking spacecraft to the far reaches of the solar system and dive to the lowest point in the ocean but we can’t sort out a fucking imaginary line on a poxy map. I say fuck off the lot of yuz. Cunts.

    • In fairness she did bring it on herself by holding an election where if she had said fuck all other than “strong and stable” she would have won by 15-21pts, would have had a resounding majority, and, could’ve done what she liked Brexit wise as the Cuntosaurus votes of Clarke and Ovaltine (as well as the traitor Sour-berries) would have been nullified.

      Alas she allowed a couple of Tristan and Jemimah types (who were completely out of touch, or – my suspicion – were EU toadies) to convince her open her gob on the Dementia Tax – thus guaranteeing no majority and therefore having to gift a lot of “say” to a tiny fraction of the UK populace.

      Between them, the Cuntosauruses and traitors in her ranks, she simply has no way of making policies and certainly has no chance of making a strong Brexit stand with all that interference going on.

      We need her to fuck off, get someone in with at least some semblance of national pride and gumption, hold an election (hopefully without idiot policy stunts to derail it) in an attempt to garner a decent majority (snowflakes aside, not many folk are ready for a “Bust and Bust”, immigration free-for-all government courtesy of Comrade Corbyn) and then say (after the DUP is put back in its purse): “Let’s not get bogged down with hard border hand-wringing just now Jean Claude. I had an interesting meeting with Frau Merkelcunt and Macaroon earlier and they’d like to bring forward the subject of ‘trade deficit’ and how all you EU cunts sell us far more shit than we sell to you. Once that’s sorted I’m pretty sure such trivialities as borders and the like will sort themselves out.”

      One can only hope.

    • Radzi Chanyanganya, also I understand on QT last night was one of BBC’s Winter Olympic “sports commentators”.

      Hopelessly out of his depth at the Olympics knowing about as much about winter sports as my cat (and Claire Balding).

      Without watching last night suspect he was again left wanting to have anything worthwhile to say?

      • You didn’t miss much… Nigel seemed strangely apathetic, going through the motions, failed to go for the jugular even once. Whole thing very dispiriting. Get the feeling the game is up, UK in Dignitas waiting room.

  20. Do you have anything to say about this Allison Saunders?


    Fucking disgraceful state of affairs from start to the inevitable sorry finish.

    Lock the fucker up and throw away the key. Has had enough chances.

    What a fucking insult to Jamie’s parents and to the poor lad himself.

    Totally let down. The best justice system in the world? A disgraceful and shameful excuse of an establishment that should be scrapped and adopted by people who give a damn.

    • This is why so many people are keen to bring back the death penalty…

      If “Life” actually meant life, or even if the Cocklecarrots would acrually hand down realistic sentences…

      Sadly, far too much to hope for.

      Meanwhile, those other grabby cunts continue to waste money insisting on searching for Maddie. Those bastard scum know the truth…

    • It’s fucking perverse how these cunts can justify throwing our fucking money at dirt like Venables. I’d rather them spend it at the fucking bookies than waste it on pond life like him.

  21. Grenfell Tower fraudster took so many donations of clothes and other items from well-wishers that she filled her room at the Hilton Hotel – and had to leave ten suitcases full with the concierge, court hears…

    Wonder what Lily Mong and that Stormzy cunt think about this?….

  22. Mr and Mrs Bulger have the bad luck to be British. If they had been foreign ponces they could have screamed raaay-sizzem.
    Then some dough would have been found……..all ending up in the pockets of rich lawyers obviously.
    British justice……dontcha love it?

    • Julia is just great.

      A normal person who does not bow to PC pressure, tells it how it is and does not suffer fools gladly.

      Wish she was in government.

  23. Polly Toynbee, I dedicate this wonderful late-night ballad (music by Wagner) specially to you…

    “You are a cunt, you are a cunt…”

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