Michael O’Leary [4]

For those flying with Ryanair Airlines, please go to Gate Cunt.

Not content with being the shittest, meanest, most money-grubbing airline company in Europe, Michael O’Leary (chief executive Tinker) has threatened to ground its planes after the UK withdraws from the European Union to persuade voters to “rethink” Brexit. He wants to make people realise they are “no longer going to have cheap holidays.”

Wow. Could a businessman be any more threateningly cunty? Well, yes.

He continued, “When you begin to realise that you’re no longer going to have cheap holidays in Portugal or Spain or Italy, you’ve got to drive to Scotland or get a ferry to Ireland as your only holiday options, maybe they will begin to rethink the whole Brexit debate.”

Hmm, I see. Therefore nothing to do with your greed and insatiable appetite for business? Sovereignty, self-rule, law-making and Independent pride can piss off and atrophy because your rapacious thirst for profit targets is more important?

Could there be a more miserable, less attractive, more uncomfortable way to travel than with these penny-pinching turds? You know your aeroplane quality is turgid when it’s more harmonious and sedate to travel with National Express!

Listen up you drunken, salivating, Leprechaun-cocked ex-terrorist, take your wretched airline with its stingy baggage rules, pay-for-the-toilet bollocks, over-painted and ill-educated ground staff and empty-headed hussy trolley dollies and shove them up your facking arse.

Typical lying Irish cunt.

Nominated by Captain Magnanimous

Bog hopping mega cunt Michael O’Leary has been at it again. He is threatening to ground his fleet of planes in order to force us to “rethink” Brexit.

If you can bear to read it, here is what he said to a meeting of airline bosses in Brussels ( where else? )

“I think it’s in our interests – not for a long period of time – that the aircraft are grounded….It’s only when you get to that stage where you’re going to persuade the average British voter that you were lied to in the entire Brexit debate….You were promised you could leave the EU and everything would stay the same. The reality is you can leave the EU, yes that’s your choice, but everything will fundamentally change….When you begin to realise that you’re no longer going to have cheap holidays in Portugal or Spain or Italy, you’ve got to drive to Scotland or get a ferry to Ireland as your only holiday options, maybe we’ll begin to rethink the whole Brexit debate. They were misled and I think we have to create an opportunity.”

In other words the short arse twat want’s to threaten the British people into changing the vote on Brexit. I’m not sure but I’ll bet that coercion by means of threats in order to influence a political vote is illegal, or fucking well should be.

Now I know there is a stereo type that the Irish are thick as fuck, and that there have been a handful of bright Irish throughout history. But stereo types are such for a reason, generally because they are true. This fucker is proving the stereo type single handedly: “You were promised you could leave the EU and everything would stay the same.” No you thick Mick cunt, we were promised EVERYTHING WOULD CHANGE!! That is why we voted to leave, if we had wanted nothing to change we would have voted to remain. Doss fucking cunt!!

The false magnanimity of this statement takes the fucking biscuit ( pie, sandwich and cake too ) “The reality is you can leave the EU, yes that’s your choice” Well thank you so fucking much for allowing us the right to self determination, I never realised it was in your hands to grant it. We should all be grateful to the little fucker.

Then there is the rank hypocrisy of it all. O’Leary once called the EU and “evil empire” and staunchly opposed the ROI ratification of the Lisbon treaty. Now he is the EU’s little bitch. I wonder what caused him to change his mind? Could it possibly be anything to do with his attendance by invitation to the shadowy Bilderberg Group meeting last year? O’Leary is a two faced gobshite bought and paid for whore of the globalist establishment. And a cunt.

Nominated by Skidmark Eggfart

68 thoughts on “Michael O’Leary [4]

  1. Two wonderful cuntings for the price of one. An example to Leary of how to attract customers instead of inspiring them to swim the Channel rather than endure his cut-price flying cattle wagons.

    • So typical of empty-headed remoaners…

      Thinks that the EU exists to provide everything on the cheap. Holidays, nannies, &c.

      How very philosophical of the peat-gobbling little-bollox.

    • Me sadly, had hoped he would see out my other picks to he honest. I liked the old cunt. Look at the shite we have doing our game shows now Brucie, Monkhouse and now Jimbo has gone!

  2. Dirty bog trotting cunt,never travelled by Bog Air but it must be an uncomfortable experience to spend your journey with your face buried in the seat in front as the little Paddy twat rogerz you and your pocket rotten with his “cheap” air fare, dont fart on his planes else your get a global warming tax added to the bill

  3. O’larey is a stupid Irish twat.
    If I were in charge I’d pre-empt the cunt by revoking his licence to fly or land or whatever the fuck. Revoking his licence to breath our air would be nice.
    Take your fucking clovers, leprechauns, lucky charms, Irish chipperness, stupid accent, tarmac, shit planes, drunken surlyness, ronan keating and cuntishness and piss off back to the land of the EU.
    And stick the blarney stone up your arse while you’re at it.

    On a separate note…
    Corbyn gets up in the commons to discuss the chemical weapons attack by Russia on British soil and expresses outrage at “Tory cuts to the diplomatic department”.
    Even his allies in his own party are calling him a cunt.
    Ha ha.
    This is where Corbyn supporters had better shut the fuck up coz it’s Corbyn’s weakest issue.

    This where everyone sees just who’s side he’s on!

    • Good stuff Mr Sausage,

      Spot on about Dustbin, I’ll wager that people will still vote for the cunt though, despite him being a British hating commie sympathising garden gnome look a like turncoat fuckwit.

    • I reckon if we tell him he can’t land here, there wouldn’t be enough tarmac at Dublin for his redundant fleet.

  4. Simplistic, spastic Cunt! I am fed up to my cunt with these rich cunts thinking we are stupid and that Brexit means we can’t even go to Europe ever again. We are leaving the EU you fucking fools, the EU is not Europe. I wouldn’t fly on one of his shit heap planes either and never have. Cunt rag.

  5. Have any of you heard of “Ireland 2040”? It’s a joint EU/Irish government plan to bring cultural diversity to the Emerald Isle. Oh yes.
    It involves flooding the country with more than a million immigrants and is much favoured by the Teashop Poof and big business cunts like Ryan. Apparently the government has been pressuring the Irish media to take a positive view of immigration as they already have big problems with Africunts , Peacefuls and Roma pikeys. The prediction is that hundreds of thousands of Paddies will be coming over here to get away from the cunts. There’s a good video on YouTube if you want to see what the EU has planned for us.

    • Fuck them, they let them in, they can stay and assimilate with them now. Irish Sea border a must with real control on ports.

      If we let the pikey cunts flee here, they will worm their way into politics and send out the welcome here virtue signal too (as if its not bad enough) and they will flood us worse than the tattie howkers themselves.

  6. I’m boycotting Unilever …
    It’s gonna be hard coz it seems half the shit I buy is from them but fuck it.

    They’re sacking or “relocating” British workers and fucking off to Holland.
    Fuck off then.

    Don’t expect any more business from me though cunts.

    I recon we should have a “brexit cunts and heroes” page where we can see all the companies that help us during brexit and all the cunts (especially Ryan cunting air and Cuntilever) that cunt us off.
    Then we can tell them through their wallets that we’re quite happy for them to fuck off and find business elsewhere.
    Treasonous cunts.

    • Brilliant idea. Walkers need to be in it for paying Linekunt and blaming Brexit for raising the price.

      • Great idea, DTS. Dyson should be on the heroes list though I’d never buy one of his exorbitantly expensive sweeping brushes. Weatherspoons should go in the plus column too despite catering almost entirely to cut price alcoholics.

        • Yea and the japanese car makers (cant remenber exactly which ones, but I’ll find out) were the first to pin their colours to our mast when we decided to leave the Reich.
          So good on ’em.

          Jaguar land rover whined like bitches, even though the end of Audi, bmw and Mercedes in this country would’ve allowed them to clean up.

          I might go on wix and see if I can start a page. It’ll be shite though as I haven’t got the first idea how to do it.
          …..or maybe better to leave it to the experts.
          … we’ll all end up getting a virus or something.

          • That would probably have been Toyota in Derby, it was on our local news that they were going to actually increase investment in the plant and bring new models to the production line.

          • Dyson headed off to Thailand or Malaysia or thereabouts as he was always getting fucked over by the EU as they favoured some other mainland European vacuum cleaner company. The EU really put obstacles in his way on development and production so he said ‘Fuck this for a game of soldiers’ and fucked off … I don’t think he even got any backing from the UK MEP’s either …

          • Probably Miele. I think a lot of company’s buggered off due to being strangled by EU decisions to favour the “real” euroland countries.

            I’m sure plenty will come back here once decisions are made here.

      • Ah shit, Unilever make Marmite. I suppose I’ll have to acclimatise to the Sainsbury’s own brand.

        Splendid idea about the Brexit Heroes & Villains. JCB and Witherspoons have been vocal in support. Land Rover (Indian owner) can fuck off back to Slovakia where they’ve opened a factory. They’re now about as British as saurkraut.

        There’ll be plenty of villains as there are so many tinpot companies “funded” by the EU (so kind, and nothing to do with British tax-payers’ moolah): Education groups, hairdresser trainee centres, electrical fitters, etc. Probably one reason why the Remainians’ vote was so high.

        • Captain

          Have tried various alternatives to Marmite and can say that nothing even comes close.

          My youngest daughter is in Melbourne at the moment and can only get the Australian alternative, which she says is not comparable.

          Perhaps you could make a small exception?

          • Willie, I lived in Melbourne for a while and there’s one called Marmite but it’s a local company and made by someone obscure firm (they possibly filched the name). It’s almost as bad as Vegemite (ghastly stuff – made by Yanks {Kraft} and flogged to the Convicts as “theirs”). Same with Mightymite, foul stuff.

            Tell your daughter to seek out “Our Mate” – it’s real Marmite and the same coloured jar.

            Yes, agreed, despite Unilever’s behaviour, we’ll have to stick with it.

    • Is that right ? Well fuck them, count me in

      #me too 😀

      If your company won’t make anything here, it won’t sell it here!

  7. Ryanair aren’t even that cheap. By the time you’ve paid for a case, a seat and priority boarding ( a huge fucking con as every fucker else does so it benefits you not a fucking jot ). And for fucks sake don’t even think about getting thirsty or hungry while on board. And I’m assuming they must have cunt class and not cunt class but I’ve as yet not worked out how to book not cunt class, thus the staff treat you like a cunt.

    I did a fair bit of flying round Asia last year and by comparison the regional low cost carrier is Air Asia. They are cheaper, more comfortable, the on-board catering is edible and reasonably priced and the cabin crew don’t treat you like a cunt. How can this be possible when Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia and Cambodia are not members of the EU?

  8. Used the fuckers once. As mentioned above you need to factor in charges for just about evefyfuckingthing. Shit service at the airports. Demotivated staff. They also seem to clean the plane on the way down. Customer service is modelled on the Gestapo.
    And it wouldn’t be self interest from this bogtrotting cunt would it? Why are the Micks interfering? Did they get a vote?

  9. Fuck O’leary’s Wretched Airline , I dearly hope it goes Bust. Another shite Airline will soon take its place. These cheap flights have been going on since Freddie Laker . The Irish Cunt won’t ground a single aircraft if he thought he was going to loose money. It just shows what a complete Cunt this Irish knob really is when he makes stupid statements like that.

  10. O’Leary may well be a Cunt,but I have no argument with his Ryanair flights. I used to,fairly regularly,fly Newcastle to Dublin. Fair enough,it was pretty basic,but it’s only a short flight. Nobody is forced to buy drink or food on his flights,surely people have the foresight to eat before getting on,as I say,it’s not a long flight anyhow. Paying extra to sit together? That’s your own choice.
    If you just treat it the same as getting on a bus,it’s fine.It’s cheap,it gets you there.If you’re daft enough to pay a tenner for a sandwich on a 90 minute flight,or what ever,well good,it subsidises my cheap flight.
    If I have to endure a bit of “cattle-class” for an hour or so,I don’t really mind. If it wasn’t for these low-rent carriers,I dread to think what the price would be.
    O’Leary may well be a Cunt,but anyone who uses his flights and then complains that they were ripped off for a can of pop and a packet of peanuts deserves all they get. Most of them probably couldn’t afford the flight if it wasn’t no-frills.

    Fuck them.

    • I’ve taken sandwiches and biscuits onto aeroplanes many times. The only thing you can’t take, obviously, is liquid.

      Nonetheless, Ryanair is a cunty company and this arsewipe can go go bust for all I care. Soap-dodging, potato-hoarding cunt.

      • Oh,he’s a Cunt alright…..In 2004 he purchased a taxi plate for his Mercedes-Benz S-Class, to enable it to be classified as a taxi so that he could legally make use of Dublin’s bus lanes to speed up his car journeys around the city…a sly,little Cunt.

  11. Apparently the sweet FA are “working” with the government concerning England withdrawing from the World Cup.
    Who the fuck are they trying to kid? Money talks, bullshit walks as our American friends say.

    • We won’t pull out but it’d be superb if we did, especially as 2018 should’ve been in England anyway. Instead of sending a large, brown envelope throbbing with green stuff, we sent Beckham, Prince William and Piggy-Fiddler Cameron. We must learn from our mistakes for future bids/bribes.

  12. I don’t care what the little bogtrotting cunt does, we always holiday in good old Blighty. Haven’t been on a plane in donkeys.
    Fuck him.

    • Quite. Furthermore look at his language:

      “you’ve got to drive to Scotland or get a ferry to Ireland as your only holiday options” as if this is an horrific alternative to the joy of using his service. Not the best way to attract customers from Scotland or Ireland.

  13. Sort of off topic, but…
    I get home from trying to earn a crust having run the daily gauntlet of PC correct snowflake cunts in the office, school run mums, potholes, missed Amazon deliveries, rubbish blowing about the streets cos the recycling team can’t be arsed to retrieve it as billows outta the van, more bills to pay ya de da de day….

    A quick check of MSM and other media reveals the BBC are having a wankfest over the death of davros, Corbyns been a cunt….again…in the house of thieves, Treeza the mudslime appeaser has acted sooo tough with russkies and there’s another beast from the east in the way… More panick buying and food shortages this weekend.

    The only antidote to this shite. Log on to ISAC where there is always a fantastic, accurate and spot on critique of all that’s happening out there in cuntyland.


      • Its the last bastion of venting your spleen in fucking great company Deploy. It is also responsible for broadening both my vocabulary and my appreciation of how many cunts really do exist. Long may it continue.

        • Ditto DtS…ditto Cunto.

          ISAC is the last bastion of sanity in the ever increasing tidal wave of planetary cuntiness that threatens the continued existence all of MANkind.

          😎 🇺🇸 🇬🇧 🇨🇦 🇦🇺 🇳🇿

  14. Flown Ryanair once. Lots of folk shouting “Welcome to Con Air”

    When we were coming in to land someone started a chorus of “He’s got the whole world in his hands”

  15. I’m sick and toired of this orish Cunt shouting the odds, only a few years ago this flip flopping chancer called the EU “ the evil empire “ funny what a few lucrative trade deals can do…..
    From threatening to ground his fleet to show the British people they voted the WRONG way in the referendum to the empty threat of moving his operation to Europe!! Neither will happen as this rapacious cunt only cares about the bottom line…..
    fucking little orish leprechaun!!

  16. “Stephen Hawking’s second ex-wife who once faced allegations of abuse against him claims ‘ladies’ man’ proposed to her TWICE after their divorce and says death is ‘a relief for him’ from his disabilities.”

    How on earth could he be a “ladies’ man”? I can’t get it up if I’ve had too much Guinness early in the night,never mind 50 years of motor-neurone disease. By the look of him,I can’t imagine that muff-diving could have been too easy either.
    It truly is one of the great mysteries of time and space.

    • Still so sure that “ISAC is the last bastion of common sense and sanity,” DTS?

      • I was considering adding the word “filth” in aid you mate but I thought maybe you’d prefer the term “vile” 🙂 .

        I fuckin love that word. If someone’s called “vile” you know he’s gonna be the biggest laugh in the place.

        Wouldn’t change you for the world bruv but every group needs a “wrong un” . …

        You’re right through … you speak sense.

        How the fuck does someone paralysed from the eyeballs down get it up?
        Does viagra work?
        Why the fuck would anyone want to?
        How the fuck can he get a bird and I can’t?

        …. rise of the machines.

        • Maybe him and his wheelchair are a sort of hybrid human/machine Sybian…with warp speed…and batteries that never die?


        • Some people get aroused by amputees &c. (so I have read), so I guess a similar situation could arise re those in wheelchairs…

          • I knew a lad once in the 90,s had a porno called Soviet Sandbags,quad amputees knobbing,never did get to borrow it…pahhhhh!!!

  17. Fuck O’Leary and his “cattle class” airline that drove its customers to inhumane behaviour like wearing their full wardrobe of clothes to save the baggage charges and wearing large overcoats with multiple storage pockets to wear while boarding.

    Don’t forget his recent behaviour and attitude to his customers when he cancelled ridiculous numbers of flights because pilots fucked off and left the knob in the lurch.

    I don’t think many people will be travelling GB to Euro routes other than visiting people or business if the Eurocunts don’t get a grip.

    Their childish behaviour could well lead to outcomes which will stick in the throats of GB holiday makers who will be flying outside Euroland for holidays, especially if £1 GBP = €1.00 or less.

    No wonder O’Leary is playing “The Fear card” as he’s probably thinking this already with Juncker & Co trash talking GB down. Well I smell Fear too…Fear of empty seats & planes.

    Might soon be time to trade in those Boeings & Airbuses for Dash 8 turboprop’s & Cessna’s.

    Can we put companies on our deadpool picks? 😀

    • Class !

      I’m sure there was a similar John Major song “I gotta brand new pair of underpants, Edwina’s got the key.” Wish I could find it (the link, not “the key”).

      • Should you find it, post it ! The cunt lives just up the road. I’d love to drive past full fucking volume!!!!

  18. Weren’t the government promoting the Great British public to have Staycations not too long ago
    Fuck O’Leary the greedy little cunt

  19. I am going on holiday in Blighty from now on. The stress of going through passport control is enough to give me a heart attack .all that cunt of taking your belt off, your money your watch is all to much for me now .no fuck it , I’m done with all that Foreign shit. Their all on the fucking take. Cunting Johnny Foreigner.

    • Same here, I fucking hate airports, set of cunts having you walking up and down those fucking aisles they’ve made with a bit of bunting, the cunts, no wonder the fucking gimmegrants would rather travel hanging on the chassis of a HGV on their way from France to the UK

  20. Shove your airline up your arse you semtex loving potato cunt,prefer Jet2 anyway….peace✌

  21. Guy Gibsons dog. Dont see a problem myself. If others chose to be offended, ah well it’s a free country. Well it was. Sort of. Once upon a time. When most people here were white…..

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