McDonald’s customers

McDonald’s customers are scum cunts.

They seem to be responsible for the majority of roadside litter, as they thoughtlessly dispose of the heavily branded packaging from their chavtastic meal, normally at speed from a moving vehicle, so you get the maximum spread of crap.

Don’t get me wrong, there are KFC and Burger King items also, but overwhelmingly it seems, the maccy dees fan takes the crown of littering scummy cunts. McDonald’s don’t have to signpost their locations, as the trash that they call customers can easily find a franchise by following the trail of brown paper bags and coffee cups to their point of origin.

A takeaway used to be a treat, maybe once a week, or a special occasion, but these days cunts live off them, while moaning that they are always skint. And, I don’t give a rats arse what they say about natural ingredients on their shitty adverts, a mate of mine found a McDonald’s cheeseburger, still in its wrapper, under the seat of his car that his son had dropped about 6 months prior. It still looked fresh. Not even mould would eat it. Put that in the fucking adverts, you cunts…..

Nominated by Gutstick Japseye

106 thoughts on “McDonald’s customers

  1. My sister worked there for 9 months after she left school… She said that ‘Maccy-Dees’ customers are the worst type of scum there is, and the management was not much better either…

    • I’m not sure it’s mcads fault but just a sad reflection of the cuntishness of the human condition.I used to drive home in a van on the way home and people would through there empty beer cans out of the windows.People are cunts it’s not McDonald’s fault.

  2. It’s a children’s restaurant. Any adult who eats there is likely a cunt. I worked there (for all my sins) as a student and the customers are some of the scummiest you could wish to meet (outside of the scrap metal trade). Coincidentally, the caravan dwellers were a constant nuisance. If they weren’t trying to confuse the ‘brighter’ employees on the till with the old ‘no, I gaved yous a twenty pornd nort so I did’ they would buy something, eat half and return it with ‘a hayer in der so der was’ or ‘was corld’ or ‘snot wat I oyderd so it isnt’. Its such a high volume place that management never questioned it. Taught me a lot about life though.. what happens if you remain thick, what will happen to you if you eat too much of this shite and ultimately to never take your eyes off micheal, not for a damn second.


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    • Hi CWCC

      i posted a rant last month that obviously never made the grade of the brilliant cuntings on here as it was never posted… just wanted to say im no fucking bot /other website troll/ all round cunt…. and love this site
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      these lefty liberal cunts have stopped just being a placard waving bunch of nonces..they are proper weaponising… both physically and digintally…be aware

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        • hi Pedantic

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          class site with some eloquent fuckin posters keeps me sane

          please know theres over a million scots who are with you

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        • Cheers Deploy

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      • Btw nothing really happened yesterday. An American geezer came on, he seemed ok but went all guns blazing on the banter which didn’t bother me. Some cunt signed up just to have a go at him which I thought was a bit cuntish.

        You’re still welcome general if you’re still around. Mccunterson, or whatever, was a bit of a cunt.

        There’s a line between banter and cunting someone off. I don’t think general deserved to be cunted. Fair play to him.

        But I’m just a drunk cunt so don’t take my opinion with any kind of credibility.

        • I’m afraid I am the aforementioned new face/geezer. I posted a note to the mods in one of the threads.

          In typical wild west, gunslinger fashion I did fire off a few rounds in the air yesterday. When one hombre drew on me I took deliberate aim and fired.

          OK…enough metaphoric speak. I think this is a great site and I’m happy to be here. I am an American and I’m proud to be an American. As a nation, as a culture and as a people we have a veritable plethora of collective faults. In many ways we deserve all the ill will we have accumulated from the rest of the world. However, as a nation, as a people and as individuals we do have some redeeming qualities and certainly as individuals we are not all bad.

          I did take exception to some of the generalizations made yesterday in the Superbowl thread. Perhaps I was a bit thin skinned. This is after all Is a Cunt. But it seemed to me that some of the remarks were a bit over the top.

          Originally, I simply identified myself as an American and made a remark about not responding further. Some of the remarks continued, so I continued in what I thought was the spirit of things until I felt unduly attacked. Then I proceeded to simply tell the offender…in what I thought was a sarcastic bit or rhetorical logic that he was a cunt.

          Feeling as though I had gone to far, I posted a note to the mods in hopes of diffusing the situation. I did however, continue to post in a sarcastic manner, but still in what I thought was the spirit of things. Perhaps I offended some here.

          Despite my reaction yesterday and the serious nature of this post, I generally don’t take myself too seriously. I have referred to myself as an Americunt, posted quips about the land of ‘this’ and the home of ‘that’, posted suggestions for the Cunters Dictionary and made light of some of my own nation’s failings.

          I’m a sarcastic, smart assed and sometimes self deprecating American who isn’t afraid to criticize, satirize or poke fun at anyone or anything…no matter what side of the Atlantic they are on.

          Jesting and cunting are two different things. I usually know the difference. But maybe I crossed that line. I didn’t think so and (if I may be so bold) at least two long time posters here didn’t think so either. Be that as it may…for those of you who feel I did…I’m sorry.

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          • Don’t worry mate. You’re ok. You might get some stick here and there from cunts but cuntie mccunterson or whatever isn’t a regular on here. … I never heard of him anyway. He is a cunt but i always find best to ignore trolls. Just say what u think and try not to piss people off too much.

            Though I did deliver a full on cunting to mr cuntie cunt .

            ….if you didn’t see it you should check it out. I smashed the cunting out in about 10 minutes and it still makes me smile.

            That cunt deserved it.

          • You’re alright chief. You have not been banned as you can tell by that fact you are still able to post.

            My earlier comment was directed at the other guy who abused you. It was also to point out to new faces in general to read the rules before positng.

          • Like I was saying…I’m not one of the new guys they were referring to but some of you other cunts really need to chill! 😉

          • Who you calling a cunt?? Only joking !! Stick within the rules and you’ll be fine.

          • @General Cuntster

            As I’m sure you’re sick of hearing by now, everyone and everything is game for a cunting on ISAC, cunts of all races, nations, religions, colours & creeds, even WASPS!

            And judging by your postings above, your contributions from an uppity former British colony will surely be more than welcome here!

            As esteemed long time cunter Dioclese wrote in a recent ‘Humanity At Large’ cunting:

            “As the regulars here and on my own site will know, I have travelled extensively across our glorious planet. It is a beautiful and wondrous place.

            “There is though, beyond a shadow of a doubt, one single thing that completely fucks it up wherever it touches: Humanity.

            “I sincerely believe that the world would be a better place without people.”

            Hear hear!

          • @ScB

            Thank you Shitcake! May I call you Shitcake? (By the way, if I may be so bold…why is is Shitcake and not Shitecake?)

          • Shitcake by name, shitcake by nature. Would be deeply offended General if you called me anything else. Unless it was CUNT of course. Or Baker.

            So why not Shitecake? How dare you General! My award winning shitcakes are baked over a 24 period in a perfectly maintained organic oven and delivered fresh every morning, usually just after breakfast at about 8am.

            As a result, my shitcakes are anything but shite!

            Sometimes I enjoy a cheeky shitcake with my afternoon tea…keeps me nicely incoherent till BBC Television shuts down with a stirring rendition of the National Anthem around midnight, for which I stand respectfully to attention before then fucking off to bed.

          • Actually I lied – it’s Kenko instant coffee (Rich). Black, no sugar.

            Now you know everything worth knowing about me General. If only others on this site were so candid!

  4. I live 30 odd miles from the nearest McDonalds and yet I still occasionally see their detritus blowing about the verges. I don’t blame McDs, I blame the scummy slobs who think that throwing their rubbish out of the car window is easier than putting it in a bin. I can’t get my head around the thinking of going to a National Park to enjoy,presumably,the scenery and decide to add to the unspoiled nature of the countryside by throwing their fucking litter all over it. I long for the day that one of them slips up and throws out something with their name and address written on it,a letter from the dole office,perhaps. I’ll be at their door with a tractor and trailer load of shite that I’ll tip on their garden. See how they like that one,Cunts.
    McDonalds itself seems to be pretty tasteless stuff to me,and fucking pricey for what it involves. Still,I suppose it saves a lot of chavvy single mothers having to take time out from watching Jeremy Kyle and updating Facebook while they cook their multi-hued,taxpayer -funded brood of “On the Spectrum” brats a meal.
    Fuck them.

    • Exactly DF, the irony is some of these cunts are probably not all having the day off from the Jeremy Kyle Show and are quite respectable but no excuse for not using a fucking bin.

      The trailer load of shit over the garden sounds like a fine deterrent, reminiscent of local regional news items that occasionally appear of a pissed off farmer muck spreading slurry over his local branch of Barclays or council offices.

    • Last trip went to Carter Bar on the border of England and Scotland and fuck me ! The litter! Some of which WAS Mcd! Bearing in mind that the nearest McD must at least be in Jedburgh, then that is absolutely fucking amazing.

      • Galashiels is actually the nearest Maccies to The Carter…30 fucking miles! Mind if they’d saved the burgers to chuck at that old Cunt who sometimes stands playing the bagpipes while Chinks take his photo,I’d find it hard to disapprove of their actions.

        • The tuneless cunt with the kilt who earns more in a fucking chinky day than me in a year! Cunt!

    • I’m reluctant to put my head over the parapet, but I quite like them, once in a while. Of course, they never deliver what the pictures promise, but, hey, one expects that. Does this make me a cunt…?

    • Fiddler

      how do yo think us normal cunty scots think when wee bastard ,nicky sturgeon teet sucking fucks decide to camp at loch lomonds shores…. leaving the equivalent of a calais migrant camp toilet at their arse

      total cunts

      • It’s nice around Loch Lomond,although I must admit that I prefer the Rannoch area. No place on God’s Earth deserves to have Sturgeon dribbling her vitriol,she really is a hateful bitch.

  5. Too right. I try and stay away from shit like that. Nobody’s kids ever go to school these days, as they’re all in MacDipshit’s. The only time I go in there is on a long motorway journey and if I’m really peckish…and there’s no other option. I try and plan it when there’s not armies of bastard cunt kids running everywhere or 13 year old bus-pelters pretending they’re adults with their plastic gangsta cuntery. Cunts the lot of them. The drive-through is a quieter option. Order the shit, sit in the car, put the empties in the bin afterwards and then fuck off.

  6. The customers are as thick as the food is shite. What a great scam – selling grub that doesn’t fill you up. They put sugar in the salads, saturate their tasteless rubbish with sauce and the “meat” is all from a cow’s tail, horn or genitals. If you buy this ghastly vomit, you must be retarded and if you eat it, you soon might be.

    Gaudy, neon, American tat in every town in Britain with the streets peppered with rubbish. I only enter to use their toilets and even then I piss all over the floor.

  7. I’m currently in dispute with McDonalds after finding a chip in my salt…

    In truth, I’d rather eat the packaging….

  8. I don’t mind McDonald’s just coz it’s so convenient.
    There’s one by my house and quite often I’m not getting back til 8 or 9 pm so I think … cook or drive thru.. ?
    Fuck it.

    I know it’s bad for me but I’m a lazy fat cunt.

    …kind of proves the point really so I agree with this cunting and yes, my whole area if fucking covered in mccuntalds bags, boxes and half eaten burgers.
    …man, I fuckin hate littering cunts.

  9. Hey Mike. Long time no see!

    Bet soros has been boiling your piss lately! …. I know how much you love that cunt.

      • I’d love to see that cunt poor or in prison first though… just for a while so we can watch the cunt squirm.
        Didn’t he fuck the bank of England?
        Surprised GCHQ or MI whateverthefuck didn’t clean him out to teach him a lesson.

        • He certainly did!!
          The pound was incorrectly set I believe against the Deutschmark on the ERM and soros jumped all over it and made billions at our expense……..

  10. Haven’t had a Big Mac since 1978.

    Major problem in Japan a few years ago with their chicken nuggets. McDonalds imported bad meat from a Hong Kong I think and tried to pass it off as fresh. The Japanese got wind of it and largely boycotted McDonalds for quite a while.

    When I think of McDonalds I always think of Kevin Spacey in American Beauty.

    My son has a McDonalds roughly once every two months on the way home from his badminton training. It seems like such a sad and desperate place, the people eating there and those behind the counter.

    • NEVER been to, or had a McDonald’s. Been to Burger King twice max, not great experiences.

      Back in the early ’70s used to get regularly wasted with a mate who around 11pm insisted we queue up at Kenfucky Fried Death for a “Standard” (2 pieces of chicken + portion of chips). By then we were so stoned and well lubricated anything would have tasted good, and it usually did.

      But for the past 40 years or so, it’s been Vindaloo /Madras all the way…

        • Yes. Their left hands. They use their right to cook and eat with. We English are far more civilised, just throw in a few bogies, snot and a dash of spunk to add a little character to our miserable restaurant cuisine. Then there’s McDonald’s…

          • Btw, my missus is of Indian descent and she’s fucking OCD about hygiene… liquid soap all over the shop… and certainly doesn’t wipe her arse with her hand!

          • I’m sure the key words there are “Indian descent”.

            The British Asians are clean people (cleaner than me anyway) but the actual Indians shit in the street (in india, apparrently) and don’t care too much about hygiene.
            I dread to think what goes on in half of these restaurants.

          • Yea I must say I thought it was hilarious when suckdik khunt said that the brits should apologise to the Indians… Sikhs I think … for the terrible atrocities committed a couple of hundred years ago.

            Strange. The Indians like us. I grew up in Southall, most of my mates were Hindu (they weren’t but their parents were) or Sikh. They all loved Britain. They were born here and are as british as I am as far as I’m concerned but they ALL FUCKIN HATED Muslims with a passion.

            Maybe suckdik and his ilk need to apologise, coz it’s him and his band of land stealing rapists that should be apologising to the Indians.

            Not us. We get on just fine.

          • I wouldn’t expect anything less from that titanic cunt suckdick!!
            Why the fuck should we say sorry for atrocities committed before our time?
            Maybe suckdick thinks the Spanish should go grovelling to Incas? Or maybe every American should be made to personally write a letter of apology to every Native American?
            Maybe every German should be made to own the atrocities of the Second World War?
            It’s utter bollocks!! And people like suckdick thrive on it…..
            Fuck him………

    • Every McD restaurant in the world is the same except Tokyo where the counter is six inch’s lower because the nips are shorter.

      • ISAC has become a temple of learning…. 😂
        PC where did you get that information from?
        I can’t wait to drop that casually into a conversation……..👍👍

  11. I think McD’s should use this as their slogan: “When everywhere else is shut we’re your only option.”

    I was caught out in shite traffic last week which meant it was stupid o’clock when I got to the digs. Even the fucking garage was shut.

    As I was fed up of being in the car I literally couldn’t face getting back in the cunt to drive to a 24hr Tesco so McD’s it was.

    Big mistake, I should have driven to Tesco. McD’s stuff truly is awful how cunts claim they get “withdrawal symptoms” if they don’t get a Big Mac every few days I don’t know.

    The fries weren’t crisp and light they were grease holders with the rigidity of yoghurt. I just had a plain old cheeseburger and you could feel it on your teeth hours afterwards – even after brushing. I don’t know what they cook them in but it must be as good as industrial lubricant!

    Half way through the bag started to look more appetising. I binned most of it and what I’d had rode on me like a jockey for the rest of the night with heartburn.

    I don’t know much about McD’s customers because the only time I’m ever in there is when there is literally nowhere else and even now I’ll avoid the place.

    I would imagine the regulars in McD’s usually go through the middle of the day, cos they won’t be working most of the cunts!

    Nice to see our taxes going straight to Ronald McDonald via Big Macs and shakes purchased using benefits money by the Jeremy Kyle dregs!


  12. I’ve worked there. They made us work hard. Never have I worked so hard for so little.
    However, it did gift me a couple of things:
    1) the concept of cleaning as you go. This has made my life easier in every respect ever since.
    2) an understanding of what that food is. I have never eaten ‘it’ or any other similar ‘it’ ever since.
    3) an understanding of what my working life would be if I didn’t try harder.
    4) the meeting of people who are genuinely fucking fat. Oh my god, oh my god. It’s one thing laughing at them from across the street, quite another handing them ‘food’ face to face through a drive through window and realising that they are filling up the car, the steering wheel a distant memory like their trouser belt, their chair adjusted to 30 degrees, their eyes glassy with junkie desire and oiled with fat…..
    That working experience was a wake up call. Christ….

    • Ha ha sounds like me cuntflap 🙂
      Na I’m not that bad. My belly is getting a bit .. well … big but the rest is ok.

      …. I’m not fat, I’m buff. …

      I get embarrassed if I’m especially hungry and want an extra burger so I do the old “oh, what did she want again? Oh yea, an extra big Mac on that quarter pounder meal please”.

      I recon they must still know it’s for me and think “yea you fat lying cunt don’t try that one”.

      • Haha, yeah heard that one before!
        The whale in the car (still figuring out how it got in there + yes, there were many more than 1 of them) gives not a fuck in such regard and calmly, robotically even, lists the order with no hint of embarassment or shame.
        Their lifeless eyes defy you to read the order back and get it wrong – getting it wrong could be insinuated as incredulousness. And you don’t read the order out when passing it to them for the same reason.
        Occasionally you hear a news report where emergency services have removed the side of a house to get them out, but the news never let on about the team of dedicated, highly skilled professionals that get these cunts in and out their city runarounds every time a burger run is up.
        Right, no more. The memories are driving me to drink.

  13. Years ago me and my mate had a macca in the car park at lunchtime. There were 4 lads in another car over the way when sure enough the windows opened and out came the empties but didn’t drive away. There was a police station visible from the car park no more than 250 yrds so we rang em. Ok we’ll send someone round. Ten fucking minutes the lads were there for then fucked off. Another 5 minutes later along comes plod at a leisurely 10 mph straight in and out, lazy cunts. I wish I’d have followed the little cunts and done the fucking car. Wankers. And I’m a cunt for not doing it.

    • No you’re a cunt for thinking plod would do anything other than defend politicians and “peacefuls”.

      You should’ve said that your name was “Al” Qaida, stick on a slightly nasally, abrupt, stunted tone of superiority, and than an infidel had dumped some rubbish on your car containing pork products.

      The blues & twos would’ve been there in 20 seconds!

  14. The only time I went into a McDonald’s in this country was to have a piss. How people eat this shite I don’t know. I went into one in Tampa because it was the only place for miles around. I studied the menu and selected something that looked reasonably safe, but it was like eating plastic. When I told my brother-in-law, he laughed and said “The only edible thing at McDonald’s is an egg mcmuffin.” I didn’t return to check if this was correct.

    • The mcmuffin is just dough and grease.

      The grease actually drips out of the bottom when you bite into it.

      Fuckin disgusting.

  15. I don’t want to be gross but a learned friend of mine swears that if you are, ahem, blocked up down below, eat 2 big Mac’s and it works wonders. I was highly sceptical until I contracted said problem, ate 2 of the cunts and it worked wonders!

    • I think the theory is, it’s made of such crap the body will do anything to get rid of it.

      • Funnily enough, I had a McDonald’s yesterday and I’ve had 4 shits today. …swear on my life.
        My arse feels like I wiped it with sandpaper.

        I really gotta stop eating that shite, it is so bad.

        And how the fuck do they manage to pack so many calories into 1 fucking tiny, shitty little burger?

        I always say I’m done with it, then hard day at work, get home late, FUCK IT. I’m a weak cunt sometimes. …. when I’m not shitting my brains out that is.

        • This is true, and a common problem to many. The last one I had a few weeks ago left me with a really bad gut and shitting like a hippo in a zoo. Not sure if it’s the motor oil they cook it in, or the meat itself? It says “100% beef” but with the way it makes people ill, more than likely the scrapings from a pathology bin-bag.

  16. Had day from hell at work!Can’t go into details but it ended in people going to AaE.

    • Were they snowfakes?

      Did they deserve it though… that’s what counts.

      Weren’t your work colleagues giving u shit recently?
      Was it you Sean? …. come on, own up.

    • Do you work for the prison service, only from previous posts I had concluded that you did.

      No wonder you are fucked off with the situation if I am correct in my assumption

    • Put it this way.The job is fundamentally flawed. My role revolves around dealing with cunts that one could not put into a category.It is worse than prison though in my opinion. I will say no more but if I get reported I will lose less than the worth of my own life Clue 7 staff 10 physical restraints #Everyone gets battered senseless aka reality.

        • Whatever you’re doing bruv it sounds like a tough but necessary job.

          Good on ya. Well done for doing your duty mate.

          Hope they’re payin you well.

  17. MacDonald are 100% whole beef. Literally all the bits of the cow go into it.

    Its like stainless steel. It doesn’t mean no stains, it means less stains

    • But people praise the red Indians and African tribes for “using all of the animal and not wasting a thing”.
      Yet when some company decides, very graciously and generously, to provide us with a vast array of succulent and nutritious parts that would otherwise go to waste, they don’t like it.

      I’m an animal so I’m not too bothered.

      Apart from penises. Apparrently the Chinese consider a horses dick as a delicacy and if you refuse they get very offended.
      They don’t even chop it up either, you just get this huge wang that you’re supposed to … uoh… fuck knows, but that’s what I saw on telly.
      Saw it on a programme where an English guy went to do business and they proudly served him a willy the size of an arm.
      I was quite proud when he refused.
      They said it was a great insult in their culture to turn down food offered by a host.
      He said “No fucking way am I eating a horses dick, they taking the piss” (Or something along those lines).

      What the fuck do they expect? If you’re gonna offer horses willies to people you’ve gotta expect a few knock backs here and there.
      And maybe lose a few teeth along the way too
      Weird cunts.

  18. I have to cook my own – 3/4 lb. of mince, one Oxo cube, pepper on both sides, then grill. Add whatever onion, tomato, lettuce &c. you like.


    Because McCuntos don’t sell any wine to go with it, and I love a DECENT burger with a bottle of red. A delicacy.

  19. Meat is murder

    Any cunt eating any class of meat be it McDonald’s or the cheaper Donald burger bar here in La Linea, is a cunt.

    Their pizzas in 1993/94 were dynamite tho……

    C’mon the animals

    • Hey Birdman. You feeling better? I had some of those Linda McCartney burgers the other day.Very nice they were too…especially topped with black-pudding and bacon.
      Fuck Linda McCartney.She had the chance to smother that Cunt Paul and didn’t…what a bitch.

      • Linda McCartney was a she?????

        Sounds delicious that burger…… I miss black pudding but I’m a noble cunt at one with the animals.
        A sort of animal messiah, if you will.

    • Yea birdman’s back.

      How u feeling bruv? Heard u got the aids or something. 🙂

      Sorry mate, I’m very, very, very, drunk.

      I’m an animal. Am I still a cunt if I eat meat?
      Oh wait, I’m already a cunt.

      Topped with black-pudding and bacon.
      No sorry , FULL of lack-pudding and bacon.

  20. McDonalds has even more competition now that a Muslim fast food franchise has opened in my local High Street….
    Burka King….

    • Yea don’t ask for an angry whopper or they’ll give you a truck driven by some mentally disabled cunt with a stopwatch.

  21. Never had one or a Burger King, a lot of the food which is popular in this country doesn’t float my boat. You’ll never catch me eating a full english breakfast which is our national disaster dish or battered fish and chips, who the fuck thought it was a good idea to batter fish?

  22. I wouldn’t eat that shit if you paid me.

    It is pumped full of anti-hermetics to stop you from instantly throwing it back up.

    There is so much salt, fat and sugar in it that your body would naturally reject it.

    Don’t believe me? After a serious night on the piss, when you feel nauseous the next day. Have a big mac.

    It will either cure you, or you will purge the system like a seasoned projectile vomit lord.

  23. I took the kids in McDs recently, basically to vaccinate them against the place and to my delight they hated it. It’s changed since the last time I went in, has a ticket system like Argos and built-in tablets for the mouthbreathers to play on while they’re stuffing their snouts and not talking to each other. Very nasty.

  24. Havent been in one for years
    I think i opted for their healthy wrap mc thingy which cost about 9 dollars and quickly ended up in the bin
    I felt sick for fucking hours afterwards
    Would never take my kids there
    Theres a Greek fella who runs a caf up the road his burgers are to fucking die for made with pride and love
    Excellent fully deserved cunting for this shitcunt of a place

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