Eric Clapton

Eric Clapton is a cunt…
Now, I’ve always respected EC: as a musician and as a man… But recently he finally caved in to the PC libfucks and the social medie hordes: by saying he was ‘ashamed’ on his views on migrants and their affect on the UK… Back then he said this:

“I think Enoch’s right, I think we should send them all back. Stop Britain from becoming a black colony. Get the foreigners out,” Clapton said from the stage. “England is for white people, man. We are a white country. … This is Great Britain, a white country. What is happening to us, for fuck’s sake?”

Now, he says this:

“I sabotaged everything I got involved with,” Clapton’s quoted as saying. “I was so ashamed of who I was, a kind of semi-racist, which didn’t make sense. Half of my friends were black, I dated a black woman, and I championed black music.”

So what the fuck has he got to be ashamed about?! Quite obvious that Clapton wasn’t (and isn’t) ‘racist’… He was simply concerned and frustrated about how Britain was going to get overrun and how foreigners would take priority over British workers, citizens, families, children, and pensioners… Which is, of course, what has come to pass…. Like Clapton I have friends who are black (and British), and friends who are Indian (and British), but it doesn’t stop me being concerned about how hordes of illiterate and mercenary migrants draining the welfare system, taking housing, jumping queues, clogging up schools and the NHS, and who mock the British justice system… Anyone else see those African lot ‘protesting’ outside a Manchester court: because they wanted their relatives freed after they’d been rightly imprisoned for rape? (and every one of those cunts will ‘No speaky Engleesh’ and be on benefits of some kind!)…

But Clapton now feels he has to ‘apologise’ to the PC pricks for caring about his country and those who were born and live in it?!

Nominated by Norman

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  1. Yet another cosseted sleb, oblivious to these hordes, enjoying life in a soap-dodger free area.

    I suspect he wasn’t so affluent when he uttered his former views and back then had no choice but to mingle with the gimmegrants.

    Perhaps Eric would like to visit Romford, where I work? Old Slowbollocks would then realise what this once anodyne place has now become as a result of the unfettered gimmegrant population migrating outwards from Greater London – Jurassic Park as one of my colleagues remarked.

    • What’s the difference between a 20 gram zip lock bag of coke and s a 3 year old kid? You always know where one of them is.

  2. Does anyone remember this rather sick joke from 20 years ago: Who’s the fastest reader in the world? Connor Clapton…56 storeys in 7 seconds…

  3. Just another middle-to-old-age celebricunt who has changed tack on immigration or related views, for one or more of the following reasons:

    i) Toeing the current line to ensure social status is not at risk of hysteria
    ii) Bloated and wealthy, now far removed from the jungle frontlines
    iii) just a fucking cunt

    I have to say, Clapton is not someone I ever got into musically. To me, he just typified the self-indulgent guitarist which festooned the 70s. However, I certainly didn’t dislike his canon.

    Now though, my opinion of him has plummeted. I have no problem with people changing their views on anything and certainly don’t cunt them just because they don’t share my perspective. But here, Clapton is unashamedly demonstratng the traits of a right-on turncoat. And for that, he definitely qualifies as a cunt.

    As much as a colossal cunt as Morrissey might be, he nevertheless remains one of the few amongst the famous who doesn’t care whether his opinion is popular or not (i.e. Brexit). It’s a fucking shame that more of these cunts can’t be a bit more honest, with less pandering to the fucking rabid liberal zeitgeist.

      • @General Cunster. That reply that you got in the other thread from some wanker whose previous posts must have been so interesting and memorable that I wasn’t even aware that he posted on here, certainly didn’t speak for me. I suspect that he’s sat in his Mummy’s bedroom being really “daring” by posting on the Growm-Up’s sites.
        Puerile wanker.

          • Do you remember any of Cunts Cuntsoffitan’s previous posts? I’m fucking sure that I don’t.

          • Could it have been a bored Mod? Not much of a stimulating nature going on last night…

            And if a genuine first post, surprising the mods let it thru…cos in effect it was cunting a cunter.

          • At least when Krav and I start swinging our handbags we do it with a certain vindictiveness that I rather suspect that we both enjoy.

        • Hey Dick…thanks for the info. I definitely felt cunted and probably over reacted. Don’t get me wrong. I could definitely use a good cunting. But a proper cunting. Not some half assed (arsed), juvenile, I’m going to boil my head in piss cunting.

          By the way…I’ve admired your postings for a while now. In the war against Cuntkind you are a true warrior. If you were here in the states I put you in for the Cuntgressional Medal of Cunting. (That’s our equivalent to the Victoria Cunt.)

          Thanks again.

          PS. You have a sister?

          • I have more than just a sister, GC. We Fiddlers are an unusually fertile people who have spread our seed far and wide. We lurk in every land, like foul-mouthed funnel-spiders ready to pounce on the unwary. Behind every Grassy knoll,behind every D.B. Cooper, lurks a Fiddler looking for a pecuniary advantage.

          • To the contrary Dts…I respectfully disagree. The world needs all the capitalistic , free market, Day of the Jackal type Englishmen it can get!

            Dick, respectfully, I wouldn’t be interested in your sister. There are plenty of women here in the states who would like to see my demise. If they found out about your sister they would take up a fucking collection.

        • I’m lagging behind this weekend and missed this one. Can’t keep up with the cunting these days.

    • TECB- I’ve never been a fan of the smiths and mozs solo stuff but I’ve always respected the fact that he says what he likes and gives not a solitary fuck if people don’t like it.

      I don’t doubt for a second that a lot of these celebricunts have views more in line with those espoused on ISAC behind closed doors…..

      • I’m pretty sure there are a few celebrities on here venting their spleen about other people in showbiz they despise.

          • Even the so-called hard man, Liam Gallagher apologised to the faceless social media libfuck mob, when he referred to someone as a ‘batty boy’… It’s gone mad and very stupid…

      • Most of these celebricunts have management teams that would drop them like a hot potato if they said the wrong thing. Cunts like them on Xfactor.

        Recently heard that ginger cunt sheeran is owned up by Elton john of all cunts. I expected him to be under Walsh being Irish.

        Anyone ever heard of the Xfactor cunt that was sleeping on the streets in a fucking box?

        Tugged my heart strings that did and I think he went on to win and buy a house. Why couldn’t the council have given him one though when there is so many going spare the Grenfellians don’t want.

    • As for guitarists, well…

      Narciso Yepes and Pepe Romero are pretty good, also Andres Segovia, John Williams and Julian Bream.

      • John McLaughlin, circa 1971 – 73. Live album ‘Between Nothingness And Eternity’ underrated imho.

    • Wtf is a canon. Did he have massive balls or are you just another cunt. Sure as fuck you know SFA about music. All Clapton fans are cunts. Albert Hall Shag bag.

  4. I didn’t know Morrisey was a Brexit man. Not that it makes any difference….I have no interest in the opinions of rich Taxdodgers. They should take their money, screw the Treasury and shut their fucking cakeholes. Cunts!!

  5. I like Clapton’s music but I’ve lost respect for him if he’s pussied out to the twitch fork mob on twatter.
    No doubt scared about the fuckin mob justice from the snowflake twatterati … cunts.

  6. Always felt he was just a popular choice. Sure, his work inspired the likes of joe bonamassa, but as a musician I think he’s rather bland.
    In fact there’s a bit of footage with him and joe in the albert hall on stage together and you can see the awe in clapton’s face.
    There are many more guitarists over the years that are exciting both musically and in a performance sense, but for some reason failed to impress the masses.
    Any guitarist worth his salt will acknowledge that cranking out blues numbers is something anyone can manage, even when utterly pissed as fuck. Hence the endless creaking blues night in every music pub throughout the land – yawn….what a cunt and what cunts.

  7. The thing I don’t understand is that instead of wringing theirs hands and apologising why don’t they just give the cunts a quick lesson on supply and demand.

    Totally unemotional, completely factual and can be explained in two minutes.

    You can even explain it in terms where oranges, or buttons, or shoes are the supply and population is the demand.

    Eventually – as demand keeps on increasing at a higher rate than supply – trying to get more oranges, buttons or shoes becomes folly, and therefore the only way to achieve parity – let alone surplus – becomes clear: reduce demand.

    And they (the neo-liberal, socio-globalist, virtue-signalling, snowflake cunts) get this perfectly, until you change oranges for houses, buttons for school places and shoes for NHS beds, because then, all of a sudden…

    (Supply Vs Demand) = Racism

    • I know what you mean. I said the other day – same size pie, but more people want a slice.

    • Excellent post RWAC…….
      I think more probably understand it but like the petulant Cunts they are would rather cover their ears whilst shouting “nah nah nah!!” Racist!!
      It’s so much easier than having a sensible debate on the subject..

  8. Cream did some great stuff, for which I will be forever grateful. Then Hendrix appeared and blew him out of the water. For a few more years he was ok, but never that significant again.

    Didn’t give a fuck what the cunt thought back then. Certainly don’t give a fuck what he thinks now.

    • “Then Hendrix appeared and blew him out of the water”

      Then Hendrix appeared and Clapton sucked his big black cock lol there I fixed it for you, seriously tho guitar politics aside they both had their merits as musicians and guitarists. Liking one over the other is apples and oranges

      • Clapton was great, but Hendrix forced him to up his game, an overnight step change. Pretty sure Disraeli Gears and Wheels Of Fire would not have been half the albums they are without Hendrix’s influence.

        And as I remember it there was very little “guitar politics” at the time, unless it was amongst certain fans. Hendrix and Clapton had great mutual respect, but certainly not in an indulgent cock sucking sort of way.

        Besides, Hendrix blew everyone out of the water in 1966. Apples and oranges were for Pink Floyd /Syd Barrett fans.

  9. Yet another famous and wealthy coward goes belly up to appease a bunch of snowflake cunts.
    Hendrix blew this cunt out of the water anyway…

  10. I always thought of Eric Clapton as a complete boring old dullard. Long tall sally and i shot the sheriff what a couple of duff songs, other than Layla everything else he’s made just goes in one ear and out the other for me. Badge by Cream was good.

    • Layla

      After arguably one of the best rock musical introductions ever, deteriorates throughout and finishes with a whimper.

      In my opinion.

      • Derek & The Dominoes overrated – Fans (and fellow musicians) were still in awe of Clapton’s time with John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers & Cream. Layla overexposed on media for decades. Well sick of it.

        • Layla can go on a list of songs that have been, and still are overplayed to fuck. Here is my list of shit I never want to hear again:-

          Freebird – Lynyrd Skynyrd
          Hotel California – Eagles
          Sultans of swing – or anything by Dire straights
          Smoke on the water – Deep Purple
          Paranoid – Black Sabbath
          Long way to the top – AC-DC
          November rain – Guns n Roses
          Schools out – Alice Cooper
          Crazy nights – Kiss

          I know, my list looks like the running order of one of those dreadful ‘Dad Rocks!’ type of compilation albums, bought by some cunt who thinks these are what a real fan wants to hear. Overplayed, too long or just plain shit, I never want to hear these tunes again. But I will. By the end of the day, I’ll have probably heard at least three of them.

      • I agree , to much widdly widdly guitar playing which does not enhance the song one iota.The overated cunt Noel Gallacunt is also partial to widdly widdly shit.

  11. A fine cunting Norman. I agree with all you have said. He is indeed a cunt, and a hypocritical one at that!

  12. Great on the Bluesbreakers Beano album from way back. His playing was a revelation. Great in Cream but they got self indulgent. Layla fantastic but then not much else since.
    I cant understand why grovelling apologies are needed for reasonable views. I actually disagreed with Powel back then. He was right but perhaps for the wrong reason. The problem is culture not colour.
    All in all not an A list cunt. Just a bit of a cunt. I will carry on playing the Beano album.

  13. Had a date with a lady the other week. She asked me if I voted out in the referendum, I said yes I did. Out comes your racist and xenophobic. I mentioned the fact my son is mixed race Indian and she shut up and fucked off in a huff. Fucking liberals are everywhere.

    • So she fucked off before you’d produced your Spotty Dick? How very rude. You’re well rid of that one,Bob. Plenty more fish in the sea,eh.

    • Hey Bob, I’m in this dating game too. You can get sick of libtard wimmin. It’s a real treat to (occasionally!!) meet one who’s actually marginally homophobic and borderline racist; it’s not that I agree with them (much), it’s just so refreshing to talk to someone who doesn’t give a fuck.

      • There’s one who works in a shop in Bury (near Manchester)… She despises all the eurotrash, parking stanleys and bogo-bogo cunts who try to blag, rip off, and do the haggling ‘Me no speaky Engerleesh! Me w@g!’ bollocks and try to get stuff on the cheap… She’s fucking fit and all….

    • The trick here is to give the impression you are listening to them. At least until you’ve shot your load.
      Pointless arguing with a woman, my old man used to say, that will get you nothing and nowhere.

      • My sister-in-law hates me and everything I stand for. Except when I pay her an insincere compliment or utilise some false flattery. Putty in my hands for a good half hour after that!

    • Remember the golden rule, Bob… Tell them whatever crap they want to hear to get your way…. It’s what they always do…

      That said though, you’re probably well out of it… Was she a bit of alright or a minger?…

      • Liberal women will get it both barrels from me. I’m not banging someone who’s probably had muslim cock up her. He probably has goat aids

        • With you on that one BS anything thing could have been in/up anywhere. On my rare visits to my nearest city I am oft amazed at the pairings I witness. These women are so naive if they think Abdul has any interest in them other than dick sucking hide the sausage, visa and money Expect most of them have put up with the odd kicking cos he loves me really bollocks. What is wrong with these fuckwits I swear by the little I hold dear that the IQ in this country is going down faster than Keith Vaz’s latest Balkan bum commando.

      • She’s probably bad mouthing him on for his behaviour. I got linked across to the site from another forum and had to take a look. Its for women scorned, though think its open to men Lbgtwhatever.

        An insight into what they think when they eat too many cakes, become fat cunts and get dumped for a model with less miles. You couldn’t please them on departure, no matter what you say.

  14. Clapton has ‘changed’ his opinion because now -as far as the leftist social media mob are concerned – you’re not allowed to have one, other than what they say and want… Saying not all men are like Wankstein and that hypocritical celebrislags are cashing in on Me Too and you’re a woman hating sexist… Worry about Islamists and their rape and terrorism and you’re islamophobic… Question mass immigration and you’re racist… Criticise oligarchs like Soros who interfere in politics and you’re anti-Semitic… People with the wealth and influence of Clapton should be fighting against these liberal fascists, not bowing and scraping to them… It really is sickening…

  15. Clapton is cucking to appease his masters , I like Cream, yardbirds and especially Blind Faith but after Derek and the domino’s Clapton hit a nosedive for creativity his solo albums were always pretty meh in my opinion

  16. Maybe our Eric is knocking on heavens door and is of the opinion that becoming a total sellout libtard will help his case with the Big man. Or he could be a cunt. My money is on the latter. All this bollocks appears to be a right of passage for many rich/sleb cunts can they not just fuck off and fade away. Or do something useful that does not involve telling me to give money to some bent charity.

  17. Very interesting comments chaps and chappesses. I have to confess a few things though.
    1. I own a black Clapton signature Fender Strat
    2. Once played in the same band as Clapton – John Mayalls B!uesbreakers. To be fair, Clapton left years before!
    3. Bonamassa irritates the hell out of me. Loud, brash, arrogant and about half as good as he thinks he is.

    You can’t really compare Clapton to Hendrix. Totally different beasts. Saw Cream at the Saville theatre before they went America. Came on in jeans and T shirts and played brilliantly. Saw them again when they came back. Psyodelic waistcoats, huge Afros and were shit. America ruined Cream.

    If you want to hear Clapton at his finest, listen to the solo on Crossroads off the wheels of Fie album. Fucking outstanding.

    Nearly as good as me 😂

  18. Being a music nut, I have an opinion on Clapton and it’s not very positive.

    I fully accept he is a very talented guitar player, but from what I’ve heard of his music, he seems to over elaborate. Like he’s constantly showing off his skill, rather than playing something because it just sounds good. Highly proficient players are often guilty of this. I’m sure fans of his would argue he has a style of playing which is unique to him. I don’t know – I haven’t heard enough of his output. What I don’t think he has though is a sound which is unique to him.

    Contrast Clapton to Geordie Walker of Killing Joke (the best band in the universe). Not only is Geordie an absolute fuck off guitar player, he has a signature sound. Two bars into anything he plays on and you know it’s him. Could Clapton claim the same? I don’t think so. Given music is more about what it sounds like, who’s the better or more impressive guitar player? Hint: It’s not Clapton.

    While on the subject of what it sounds like, Geordie is smart enough to focus on being an ace guitarist. He leaves vocal duties to the manic and quite frightening Jaz Coleman. Clapton, on the other hand, wants to be the main man so does the vocals too. And he’s got an absolute shit singing voice. Just awful.

    I’m really not interested in Clapton’s racist or otherwise views. For me, he’s a cunt for showing off, being all ‘bluesy’ (which is shite) and singing like he’s constantly got laryngitis. Cunt.

    • Agree about Geordie… He’s one of those you know it’s him in an instant guitarists like Keef, McGuinn, Angus, and Kossoff…

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