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Twitter deserves a massive cunting. Just went on it to see who Katie Hopkins has outraged/upset/offended etc today and, on the right of the screen, Twitter has suggested I follow these cunts:

Alan Carr
James Corden
Jack Whitehall

It’s not often James Corden is the least headbuttable person in any list.

Fucking Twitter.

Nominated by Galted Asas

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  1. Yeah but on the bright side, Ben Affleck is currently getting some well deserved flak for not indulging in former jizz bucket Rose McGowen’s delusional rewriting of history. Can’t think of any one more deserving than Affleck, although I don’t believe a word it from the Joker faced cunt McGowen (and I’m not talking the Heath Ledger Joker either, I’m talking the medically induced perma-grin of the Jack Nicholson variety)

    Still, McGowen is at least providing some good advice for any budding, young actresses out there. If you suck the producer’s cock now, not only is it more likely to get you a starring role, it will provide you with that extra insurance in 20 years when you are all washed up and can turn it into a fake rape allegation.

    A mouthful of Weinstein. It’s the gift that keeps on giving.

    • That woman has severe problems, and I’m not at all sure she can help it. And if Nick Cohen, Owen Jones and Jack Monroe – eminently cuntable persons all – object to her, there is probably something to be said for her.

  2. I reckon if confronted with those lot I would go for a trick shot and try and get them all with one single awesome headbutt. I think it could be done with a swinging arc left over to right. The difficulty would be getting all three of them to stay in the target zone.
    Perhaps they can be distracted with the image of something gay.
    Seriously though, twatter is nothing more than some magic mirror for those pricks that continually validates their existence and hides from them the rotting cancer that they truly are.
    Fuck twatter, its for twats.

    • And someone should give katie hopkins a large dose of PCP. Then wind her up and let her go. She has the potential to cause a major society schism across many subject areas. PCP will just unlock her ability to get the whole world done in about eight minutes.
      In cunting terms, she could be like a cunting jesus.

    • Totally agree CF
      I’ve never been on twatter and at 53 can’t see that changing. I’ve the social meeja footprint of an ant!!
      Other vacuous shite that I’ve dodged includes Facebook, Snapchat and that colossus of cuntitude instagram!!……

  3. I only started looking at Twatter about 6 weeks ago and it’s a bit like this site wherein you do get drawn into and can’t help but respond to some of the utter diarrhoea that some cunts post. I’ve had a few good spats, mostly over Brexit and my tactic is to gradually annoy the fuck out of them as they pompously try and belittle anyone that disagrees with them. My aim and I’ve successfully managed a few is to get blocked. Fuckin result.

    • I find a good one is to gently point out that Islam is a religion and a Muslim is a follower of said religion and therefore you cannot use the term racist when describing people who object to the religion of peace.

      The other classic is the use of Nazi when anyone who has a ‘right wing view’ offends the twitters, Short for national socialist. Sociallists, as left wing as they come.

      They go into meltdown and invariably a blocking occurs.

      It’s great sport.

      • Fair play, that is admirable. Don’t think I could be trusted to keep my cool though. “Cancer is a conspiracy” – yep, those cunts. I reckon it’d be 30 minutes before the cops knocked the door in.

        • Yep, just straight to the point with em. No messing or bad language or the like the just the simple fact that Islam is a religion…. Etc.

          It’s the left wing teaching they’ve been indoctrinated with at Yoni and the like, it switches off their brain chip that allows common sense, reason or that someone can have a different view of the world and life in general.

  4. Yep good old Twatter, why is it so popular like Cuntbook? Because it taps into the users need to feel important and makes them feel like a celebrity. This is the future cunters and it’s only going to get worse. On a different subject, Black and White cunt was in Sainsburys yesterday shopping like all the other cunts and some cunt has put a sticker on my trolley saying ‘Brexit is not a done deal’. Cunts, cunts, cunts, what kind of cunt goes and gets stickers made and then vandalises the trollies and turns my shopping for Jerk Chicken into a cunt experience. The cunts. To be fair though somebody picked off the not which I thought was a sign of patriotism.

    • Fuck me, if I ever came across one of those stickers, wherever it was, I would go fucking apeshit. I can just see myself in the middle of the supermarket swearing like a trooper and desperately trying to get that thing off. What kind of cunt does that? I would love to kick seven shades of shit out of them the fucking traitorous bastards.

      • Utter cunts they are, and to think the sad cunt(s) paid money to get these made is even more sad. The cunts.

        • You should have made a complaint to the supermarket that they were advertising fascist politics on their trolleys. You never know you might have got a discount or some freebies out of the robbing cunts.

        • Mind you BAWC I would like to have a sticker made?
          Virtue signalling champagne socialists are cunts!!!
          I could then put it on all the 4×4 tanks in Hove to sit alongside their greenpeace or Labour Party stickers in their windows!!
          There’s still a few Cunts that are displaying last years labour election poster in their house window!! “ oh I may have a enormous house in Hove and drive 2 4×4 tanks but I have a social conscience “ yeh those Cunts!

          • A ‘Honk if you have porked Diane Abbott’ sticker on Corbyns car. I bet the cunt doesn’t even drive himself anymore, thinking he’s a shoe-in for No 10. The Corbynista faithful already think he is the Red Messiah who walkson water powered by a diet of mung beans, tofu and a bit of light Jew bashing.

          • Unfortunately that’s true!!
            One of my mates is a medical professional, earns a bundle, has a big house, nice car , and for some completely un fathomable reason votes labour? He is exactly the sort of person who Corbyns labour/momentum crowd hate!! Already pays more in tax than most people earn! Fuckin mental………
            Hove’s full of odd Cunts 😂😂
            Go figure…..

          • Catweasel passed his driving test? Incredible..his abilities appear to be boundless.

            You’ll be telling me next he knows how to fill in a tax return!

      • It’s the same round these parts, Graffiti on the m way flyovers spouting bollocks about loving Europe and remaining, along with almost overnight it seems road signs have appeared spray painted with the blue and yellow flag of the 4th Riech, and they seem to have been made with some sort of stencil. What’s sort of cunt goes to the trouble of getting a stencil made then coming back later when the first coat is dry is to apply the gold stars. Cunts.

    • Correct BAWC
      What I tend to find is that people who generally try to look interesting by wearing really unusual clothing, cover their body head to toe in tattoos or relentlessly post their (AMAZING) life everywhere are some of the dullest Cunts I’ve ever met……..

  5. I ditched facebook a few yrs ago and Twatter just before Winterville,I called a well known comedian big nose and he got hurt feelings..boohoo diddums,he screengrabbed my comment,basically that was the catalyst to get outta dodge,delete the account totally,you gotta be careful on there cos the celebs have thin skins and hurty feelings you know…..

  6. For the love of fuck, I could never fill my day with this twitter crap. Mind numbing stuff.

  7. Cannot be arsed with either Facebook or Twitter.

    Apart from those highly educated, logical and worldly individuals posting on this great website I have realised that these days I tend to dislike most people, and have little or no wish to either correspond with or listen to what they have to say.

    Never understood why people complain about bullying online of get offended by other people’s online comments. Easy solution surely, if you don’t like it, avoid going onto these sites.

  8. Bloke goes into an Islamic book shop and a peaceful geezer working in there dressed in a dress says ‘yes can I help you’ so the bloke says ‘do you have a copy of the book on Great Britain’s policy regarding the deportation of immigrants?’
    The peaceful geezer dressed in a dress says ‘fuck off, get out and never come back’, the bloke says ‘yes that’s the one, how much?’

  9. Don’t have it myself but I have went to the odd politician page to hear their next wonder move or to see a link posted up or in the news.

    It never fails to amaze me how some people think they actually have a real connection with famous people because they “follow” them on a website.

    Bonkers beyond belief.

    I think they should open it up, make it a free for all and if you are offended, the choice to surf elsewhere is mine / yours.

    Katie Hopkins says many of the things on others minds and hand it to her that she doesn’t hold back fearing what others think. She generally holds her own and defends any points she makes well and rarely gets beaten unless the microphone or video link gets cut off.

    Carrse, Corden & Shitehall are just products of the likes of the ABBC who we are expected / brainwashed into laughing along with just because a prompted audience do.

    Real comedy is a dying art in Great Britain with the real masters finding themselves walking a tightrope in order not to offend rather than giving the audience the lightbulb moment hilarious thoughts and material they used to.

    Won’t be long until friendly / funny banter online will be outlawed. Look at the lengths some went to close down sickapedia… Why? If you are easily offended, don’t go on that site. You won’t exactly be missing any jokes about butterflies and bees falling off of flowers on a sunny day or any other inoffensive jokes.

  10. I just feel that the world would be a better place without Twatter, Fuckbook and the countless other mong fest wastes of time out there.

    To me it seems like a narcissit’s wet dream and the perfect avenue for people to behave in the most foul and obnoxious way towards other ordinary people that they simply wouldn’t contemplate in real every day life. For shame.

    I also add them to the growing list of things which have been completely ruined in my lifetime. Discourse, debate and competent communication skills being victims to the rise of these anti-social platforms. Not every so called advancement constitutes progress.

  11. I abolished all my social media accounts last year street coming to the realisation that they are a cancer in society. Full of narcissistic bell ends – the wife of a friend I had would post multiple ‘selfies’ of her fat gob each and every day. So fucking pointless. These sites are designed to keep you hooked all the while grabbing what personal information they can, the slimey cunts.

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