Trevor Noah

Trevor Noah is a bit of a cunt, isn’t he?

“Who he/who that cunt?” you might ask. Well, he’s a South African (need I continue?) comedian (apparently) who’s about as funny as an unflushed toilet. The real problem is that he’s just not funny, even when reading jokes that have been written for him.

There’s a video doing the rounds of him attacking Britain’s past and haranguing Brits, as if people living now are responsible for events that happened centuries ago. He complains (for ages) about being questioned at the airport despite admitting he hadn’t organised the correct visa. He then does a bit about our lack of Summer (it’s thrilling stuff). He then subsequently berates Britain saying, “It’s really not that great here.”
Noah, if you don’t like it here, then please, off you fuck.

This smug, sanctimonious onion-head took over the Yank “comedy” programme ‘The Daily Show’ from Jon Stewart. Despite the viewing figures plunging (mainly because an unfunny, Saffer loudmouth was berating Yanks), it was papered over with “yes, but he’s big with young people.” You mean, in the same way David Hasselhoff was “big in Germany,” it transpires Noah is big online! Riiight.

He’s so edgy he’s done stuff on Trump, whether fat women are sexy to drunks, and pro-immigrant material. Goodness! What a pioneer of humour.

Noah is another pc comedian/presenter who oils the wheels of liberalism but he has a colossal chip on his shoulder which could be one of two reasons: Either he’s embarrassed because he knows that people realise he’s been elevated for, erm, token reasons; or he’s embarrassed by his own gaping deficiency of humour. Alternatively, it could just be his repulsive personality getting in the way.

Nominated by Captain Magnanimous

58 thoughts on “Trevor Noah

    • I knew what that would be before I opened it.

      “You can’t beat a little bit of Botha on your knife”

  1. Me too!

    Thanks A R Sole

    Just been down the YouTube wormhole reliving my time at secondary school when you came in on Monday having almost learnt all the words to the latest song…..

    Could you imagine the team putting together ‘have you ever met a nice Parking Stanley….’

    Nah, didn’t think so although factually the wording would have been absolutely spot on.

    Anyway I’ve genuinely never heard of that cunt but he’s got that manufactured cunt look about him that my cuntdar immediately honed in on.

    • That sketch hasn’t dated one jot! Only trouble is, Trevor looks a bit blick to me.

      Or is he white like Obama?

      I mean blick – what de fuck is ah sayin’?!

  2. Emergency cu ting for my son. As reported on these hallowed pages, he spanked his A levels playing computer games sand now works at the Co-op. Having spent 30 God awful years in management ive been coaching him. Ask question, make suggestions, volunteer for anything you haven’t done before, the team always comes first egg, with a view for him to be considered for supervisor in a couple of years.

    The cunt has dyed his hair pink.

    • My condolences Cunts and Roses.

      And people can be so arrogant as to think these things will never happen to them.

      We’re all here for you pal…….

    • Yikes! On account of never having and never wanting children, I may be sad and lonely with no visitors and no one to pass my wealth on to (such as it is) when I croak. But at least I won’t have had the years of stress, aggravation, sleepless nights, expense and down right mind numbing torture that seems to come with the package known as ‘children’. But hey, at least I’m not one of those childless people who thinks they’re an authority on parenting. Bullet dodged me thinks. Good luck CnR – hope things improve there mate.

      • You can leave it to me if you like IR.
        I’ll pretend to be your kid.

        Unless you want me to dress up like a little girl.
        …I want the money up front for that. 🙂 .

          • I could go buy one but I’ll have to get it online as I’m not sure if they’ll let me try it on in the shop.

      • Thank my lucky stars we never had kids. Reasoned at the time (1992) I did not want to bring them into a world on autopilot to Hell.

        Well things have got considerably worse since then! Fortunately whatever money we’d have spent on sprog has been wisely invested, so should be able to afford adequate care if or when we become incapacitated later.

        That or a timely trip to the Dignitas, of course…

        • Don’t be hard on yourself CNR.

          From my experience (I have three children) am of the opinion that a child’s character from when they were born stays with them throughout their lives. If they are born unenthusiastic or unsocial or disruptive or lazy or untruthful no matter how you try to correct them, their natural characteristics will always prevail.

          My eldest has cost me a great deal in terms of time, sanity and finances. The more I gave the less she did and the more she took. At 29 have told her that she is now on her own and that she can expect nothing further from me as I have nothing else to give. I will no longer be in any way responsible for her poor life choices and she is on her own. Has almost seemingly gone out of her way to annoy me as much as possible and to do the opposite of what I have suggested. Extremely difficult from the day she was born.

          Daughter number two is 26 and absolutely no problem. Sent to boarding school against her will. Said it was the making of her. Hard working, polite, ambitious and great socially. No problem since the day she was born.

          Child number three is 12 years old and is a great. He is hard working and enthusiastic about everything, likewise, no problem since the day he was born.

          In summary, think children will go their own way in life whatever the parents do or however hard the parents try to impart good advice. Sure you have tried your best, and appreciate fully how frustrating the experience can be.

        • Guess I was lucky. My daughter is fiercely independent.

          Worked her way through uni and refused to take a penny of me while she did it. She bought a car last month on HP. I offered to loan her – not give her – the money at 2% interest. She took the HP.

          Has a BSc in radiography, two kids who are genuinely well behaved. Expects nothing from us and resists taking anything freely offered.

          Does us credit when I look at my friends families and we how they carry on…

      • The wife opted for a horse rather than kids, but I can’t help worrying (like you IY) who’s going to look after me when I get old? Well it ain’t going to be the wife, because she can’t even look after her fucking self!

        If I did have kids and they’d turned out out to be snowflake libricunt I’d be gutted!

        Maybe it’s just as well I didn’t?

    • I’m no expert on kids and parenting but here’s what I know. The whole thing is a double edged sword.
      I never fancied having kids but she wanted them and we ended up with two lads, now in their late teens.
      They fuck me off on a daily, no, hourly basis and I’ve bollocked them a thousand times for a thousand reasons but occasionally this parenting shit has its moments.
      The elder of the two was seen playing football and we were contacted to see if he wanted to trial for an academy team against a Premier league U18.
      He was nervous as fuck, came on after ten minutes, at half time I heard somebody say that No 9 is class and is playing for the wrong side. The manager pulled him off with five minutes to go and he was applauded off the pitch.
      My other lad in the County Cup Final, goes past two defenders, chips the keeper in the final minute to get his hatrick and win the game 4-3.
      I’m not bigging them up or singing their praises because they can be fucking arseholes.
      But my point is, I can’t remember what all the bollockings were for, but I’ll never forget those two moments….

      • Never doubted it was a double edged sword – I (the wife) could have given birth to the man who saved the world, or more likely a complete nightmare cunt. Have had the occasional regret – if the wife had pushed I wouldn’t have stood in her way, but with the country the way it currently is am happy with having just ourselves to feel responsible for.

        Happy for you JRC, but my kids wouldn’t have known a football from a pile up my bunghole.

    • Must be frustrating but we all have an experimental phase, it doesn’t always mean forever. A snowflake parent might say, “I’m so proud to see you expressing your inner you”, but I’m guessing it’s more of a get it out of your system situation. Just be sure to check his computer for Bronyisim!! Who’s to say his direct employers are not snotflake cunts too?

  3. Noah wasn’t too bad in South Africa. Admittedly without a great deal of competition. But when he came to the UK and to the States he turned into an insufferable cunt.

  4. Never heard of this guy but he has cunt written all over his face.

    Being a “comedian” he’s bound to be a cunt coz if your jokes aren’t “right on” and promoting the British values of diversity, lbwgt rights and lefty cuntitude you get banned or scorned.
    Comedy is dead.
    Thank god for the Donald.
    “Little rocket man is on a suicide mission” ….I’m still laughing every time I hear that.

    • I heard this cunt on the radio a while back,saying that a few years ago and after his first visit to the US,he had decided to assume the character of a black American because they all seemed “cool” to him. So the cunt is unsure of his own identity yet feels entitled to be derogatory about other nationalities. I think I might become a Tuareg dwarf next week,after all reality has nothing to do with it does it? It’s what you identify as isn’t it!!. I may also decide to identify as 15 yrs older so I can get me pension,it can’t fail!

  5. Not the faintest idea who this particular nominee is, although just a passing glance at his oh-so-pleased-with-myself mush means he’s quite likely to show up on the Prichter Scale. Little wonder the Yanks like him – wall-to-wall teeth…

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      Every fucking time ? FFS

        • Unlikely, Dioclese – I keep a log of all of my comments on ISAC, copied into a file on hard drive, in case anyone claims I’ve said summat controversial / libellous… Maybe I’m just unlucky to get moderated every single time but it’s fucking irritating !

          • Well, now you’ve flagged it up I’m sure one of the admins will look into it.

            Cunts Mate Cunt had the same problem and nobody has ever figured out why…

    • I went to see his recent tour in Liverpool and left quite disappointed.

      I think being Lily Mong’s step dad has taken its toll on him.

      That said I still wet myself at his Clive the Geordie sketches.

  6. John Ashworth (Shadow Minister for Health) is today calling for Jeremy Cunt to be demoted rather than promoted in the next Tory cabinet reshuffle. Because he is a useless cunt.

    He probably has a point however most of the remaining cabinet are useless fuckers as well, and he and Labour (also all useless fuckers) cannot forget that the NHS is (and always has been) hopelessly mismanaged (recruiting agency nurses at multiple times the hourly pay as a NHS salaried nurses, paying way over the odds for many medicines and not bothering to collect the £2b owed to the NHS from overseas patients who have been treated here for free.

    The more useless scrounging fuckers he and the Labour party want to let into this country the worse the situation will get.

    My daughter is flying to Australia tomorrow, on a work visa (which she has to apply for months in advance and which is relatively expensive). On top of this she must provide her own medical insurance for the duration of her stay, plus demonstrate she has enough money to look after herself whilst she is there (about A$5k or £3k.

    Why the fuck can’t we do something like that here instead of giving nevernding streams of ungrateful undeserving peacefuls and Eastern Europeans loads of free stuff for fucking nothing instead of those who have paid into the system in the first place, and who the system was intended for, namely the British public.

    Fucking useless system and soft as shit politicians. All Cunts.

    • Entire Labour Shadow Cabinet give Jeremy Cunt the appearance of a bona-fide political heavyweight!

    • Got back to Wales on Saturday, got in a “taxi”, told “Ahmed” were I wanted to go…
      “Where’s that?”
      I told him the area.
      “How do I get there?”

      Well, you’re supposed to be a fucking taxi driver, you pigshit-thick peaceful.
      Such a useless cunt he didn’t have gps, nor did he phone his controller (The Fat Prophet ??) back at base.
      And the conveyance smelt strongly of old goat.

      • In Bridgend and using a peaceful taxi to the local HMP. Ahmed spoke very little English, no Welsh, No German, and did not know what a prison was! My ID pass was a Home Office Immigration issue, which when produced ( and I only meant to show the portcullis to give the cunt a clue ) The taxi stopped violently and I got kicked out!

        To this day, I cannot understand why he did that?

        • Worboys is due out soon, he’ll know what you mean if you say you want to visit a prison…

  7. I’ll admit I was a bit slow on the uptake when it came to Jon Stewart and his libtard tendencies on The Daily Show. For a while – OK quite a while – it seemed to me that he ripped the left and the right in equal measure. He didn’t and it became more and more obvious, so much so that I stopped watching The Daily Show altogether. The Comedy Central channel in Yankland is known for basically being the comedic arm of the Demoncratic Party. When JS decided to fuck off, I’ll admit I did tune back in to see if the Noah bloke would provide a fresh approach and make the anchor role his own. I was disappointed. He may be a cunt for his political stance, but the fact is he’s not funny. He just isn’t. End of. I didn’t agree with a lot of what JS said and was regularly pissed off by what he wouldn’t say (e.g. when someone on the left had done the exact same thing he’d ripped someone on the right for), but he was funny. Noah isn’t and won’t get canned because it’s Comedy Central and Noah promotes their bias. Cunt.

  8. When Noah first surfaced he had half a dozen gags. All long drawn out shit about apartheid, none of them sufficient to raise a smile let alone a laugh.
    How he gets a gig on primetime U.S. tv I don’t know.

    Although the Will Smith with Downs Syndrome impression seems to be working for him…

    • Like our own fat bellend James Corden and Ricky Gervais a few years back. The Simpsons is a good yardstick to test the popularity of foreign celebs with US audiences, Beckham politely told to fuck off when asked if he could appear.

    • Ouch! That’s quite cutting JR but I must say pretty accurate. Well observed.

      How Will Smith ever got elevated above his Fresh Prince persona is beyond me too. Same with Marky Mark who morphed into the shite actor known as Mark Wahlberg. Same expression in everything he does. How is that acting FFS? He’s like the Tony Pulis of Hollywood. Same facial expression for happy, sad, tearful, overjoyed, near death, you name it. Cunt.

      • He’s like the Tony Pulis of Hollywood….

        That is one of the best analogies I’ve herd in a long time.

        Keep ’em coming😂👍

      • Agreed. Will Smith has always punched above his weight. Talentless cock-womble and dreadful films.

      • Or Craig Ferguson … having been exposed to a couple of his chat show moments I cannot believe the cuntitude of this man. A ‘Brit abroad’ .. shows the Yanks for the shallow cunts they are.

  9. I watched the cunt on a recent TV show. He was billed as a comedian. He wasn’t.

  10. Never heard of this cunt, but seeing his picture transported me back decades to when I was a small boy with a penchant for jam butties.
    Fuck him.

  11. Anyone see Treeza on the Marr Show this morning? Deeply depressing.

    Nothing has changed. Nothing has changed. Brexit means Remain.

    Already COTY 2018 imho.

  12. No-one in the entire world really thinks the above cunt is funny.
    They just don’t want to be thought of as “racist”.
    Reprogramming at it’s finest…

  13. Is it too early in the year to cunt HSBC Wank for their truly awful tv ad ?

    So “diverse”, and deliberately ranting on about global-village-oneness, I thought the EU had started to advertise. And I only got about the last fifteen seconds.

    I’m sucking away on a litre of duty-free Cherry Heering (my Da’s favourite); I had a Pythonesque moment trying to buy some in Narge about 15 years ago. The guy looked doubtful, and said “Cherry Herring ? Is it fish flavoured ?”

    No. Fish-flavoured is Madogga, after she’s been on a mule.
    And I don’t think a litre of duty-free is going to keep me going for very long. It seems very cold and cunty out there… I shall “water it down” with some Polish Spirit.

  14. Noah is a playing to the snowflake gallery uncle tom cunt…
    And Stephen Colbert is a prize cunt and alll

  15. What a surprise, another lefty cunt in a suit making tired and predictable jokes (yes, we know how much you hate Trump). It’s a fucking cookie cutter business these days.

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