Polly Toynbee (4)

Of all the left wing professor pissflaps that I’d like to give a proper pasting nobody but nobody appears higher on my list than the despicable Polly Toynbee.

I genuinely can’t get my head around this cunts sheer arrogance and double standards.

Like all her left wing contempories that vie for power or set themselves up as mouthpieces of the left Professor Pissflaps selective memory and rambling articles about income and wealth inequality represent a type of hubris that I find so staggering I kind of think at some point she’s going to turn to camera and say ‘I didn’t mean it, I was just taking the piss’.

Most recently dear Polly has set her self up as a self appointed expert on the effects of Brexit.

On a recent episode of QT Polly was proclaiming Brexit would inevitably lead to 20/30 mile queues on the M20 on a daily basis if we left the customs union as customs checks would clog up the system. This was simply her ‘belief’ and she backed it up with absolutely no evidence at all.

When it was pointed out to Professor Pissflaps that the majority of cars exported by JLR go outside of the EU via Southampton and there was a perfectly good workable electronic system in place she simply gurned at the audience.

As this was on the AL-BBC she wasnt challenged but for how long are we supposed to tolerate hypocritical, twisted, vindictive nasty politically motivated privileged fucktards like Polly who’ve never ever worked in a role that involved wealth creation and yet we are supposed to see them as credible?

Fuck me Polly takes the fucking biscuit and if you want to hate her just a little more I encourage you to visit Guido Fawkes.

Her hypocrisy is staggering.

Nominated by CuntyMcCuntface

47 thoughts on “Polly Toynbee (4)

  1. I’ve seen this bitch’s mansion in Blackheath. Fuck me, i’ve stayed in hotels smaller than that. You could get three or four of those refugee families she’s always crying about in there and she wouldn’t even know they were there. Fucking champagne socialist remoaner slag who needs a good kick in the cunt.

    • I believe she also has a villa in Tuscany, just a safe space for a typical champagne Sociallist to escape to once in a while….

      And of course there’s always a spare room or ten down at Billy Braggs Dorset coast manor…..

  2. Q: “Where is she from?”

    A: “The Guardian…”

    Q: “Ah, here’s another beauty.”

    Probably one of the most consistent, longest running cunts in the cuntry…ever.

  3. A bit of a car crash history this one, Toneybee has been both a success and a failure. Has been both left and Right wing. Is pro Socialist yet opposes the “nanny state” Went to Oxford, left Oxford.Worked as a care assistant in a Nursing home, pro Blair then anti Blair.

    Need I go on.

    However, she has one redeeming feature. She came out of her closet to proclaim that she was “…proud to be an Islamophobe ” having described the religion as primitive and vindictive.

    She is as CuntyMcCuntface says a “self appointed expert” she has no specific qualifications, left without her degree, and all other degrees and accolades are honorary ( for her left wing feminist nasty and EU loving activities. )

    She is a cunt, but is equally capable of some insight into the sociological jungle we have created.

    Silly fucker needs straightened out !

  4. The labour party is no longer the party of the working class but the party of the chattering classes. Islington and Hampstead lefties to which brother Corbyn and this lady belong. The liberal causes they espouse will never affect them. They wont have scum living next door and Brexit means it will be more difficult to get a nannie. And all who disagree are racists of course.
    With the present move towards deselection of all but hard left MPs and candidates this country is heading for disaster thanks to useful idiots like these.

  5. The minging rat bag works for the begging bowl cuntish gnardiu – the paper version of the CUntington post – since they asked the champagne swigging mushroom stroganoff scranning leftie Islington luvvies for a quid to keep it afloat they moved en masse to the Huff post – you can tell which cunt is which just by the posts they make.
    Pay a quid to keep the likes of that cunt of a tyke paul Mason, the mansion man and utter talentless singer Billy Bragg, the ever bending Owen Smith, the insanely cuntish Will self and the odiously fucking horrible cunt Toynbee in Ferraris (she is known by Guido as the Supercar socialist), her last one was £135k?? When will the supporters of these so called “socialists” realise they are being fucked up the chutney locker by a bunch of cunts who want the best of everything for everyone as long as they aren’t paying?
    I have suggested before my fellow cunters spend 5 minutes reading the “common purpose” website – its how the left see themselves and how they really think they are ready to rule our country – the cunt with a face who needs ironing Soros would approve. I find it scary – and more dystopian than Orwell ever dreamed of.

    • I’ve come to the conclusion that socialism isn’t so much about helping the working classes as controlling them.

      Make them dependant on the state and then dictate how many crumbs are thrown down from the table.

      At least with capitalism everyone has a chance of making it and it promotes competition, which in turn increases standards.
      Unless it goes too far that is. Like the eu.
      Ultra capitalists are very dangerous people indeed.

      The working classes must always have a political voice and the ability to get what their labour is worth.

      Labour have lost the monopoly on the voice of the workers.

      Says a lot when Jacob Reese Mogg, son of a Lord, went to Eton, is as upper class as they come, yet is more in touch with the working man than all the other cunts put together.

      Reese Mogg for PM!

      • Quite right DTS – as was good old Winny – a toff but had more affection and empathy with the working class than was good for anyone of his time – and It was a fucking bleak time – and we had no peacefuls to contend with either – well we did but we were exploiting the fuck out of them in their own midden.
        Old Winny gave a lot of stuff that the lefties will claim as theirs as it wouldn’t be socialist to acknowledge he gave stuff like; as president of the Board of Trade, he introduced many social reforms. Notably he eliminated sweat labour, set up labour exchanges for the unemployed, and brought in a nationwide minimum wage, along with compulsory meal breaks at work. Plus a huge responsibility in setting up the NHS – oh, and introducing the tank. Interesting cunt was our winny 😉

        • All three parties were involved and broadly committed to the founding of the NHS and Welfare State following the war (see for instance Beveridge Report 1942).

          Labour won the election and therefore became responsible for implementing the necessary legislation.

      • Absolutely DTS, Socialists, like the names mentioned above, are deeply envious people, they really have no affection or affinity with the working class, in reality it is their bitter hatred and resentment of anyone that has more than they do rather than improving the lot of the working man.

        Read Orwells ‘Road to Wigan Pier’ where he clearly states that the problem with socialism is the socialists.

        I despise socialism, it is hateful, controlling, divisive and attracts gobshite cunts driven by power, greed and corruption rather than a genuine desire to actually help people.

  6. Praising James Obrien is difficult. Very. But credit where credits due. Today he called to question a minor labour party conference that was offering a £10 discount for non white people.

    This is it. The beginning of the end. An event horizon. The only way is down. I need to emigrate.

    • Yea I was moaning about it the other day, that it’s perfectly legal to discriminate against people because of the colour of their skin.
      I thought it was illegal but apparrently I was wrong.
      It’s not just coz it’s against whites. I’d be bang against discrimination against black people due to the colour of their skin too.
      Though I think that actually is illegal.

      Wierd that the lefty cunts that always bang on about racism are actually the cunts that are racist.

      …always fucking bangin on about race.
      ….except them.

  7. I reckon she’s either the sister, mother, daughter or nan of James o Cuntface. They sing or whinge rather, totally from the very same hymn sheet. Smug in the knowledge that they are totally set up for life with no issues about the cost of living, able to quaff high quality wine in the best bistros and never worrying about a health service they can comfortably by pass. This self satisfaction empowers them to shower us all from on high with their sanctimonious bile day after god damn day whilst being handsomely paid for doing it. Maybe they are the very same person. I don’t recall ever seeing them together.

    • Danny Mills reckons that neville doesn’t have the qualifications or experience to be given a top job in football.

      I agree, and that’s why he got the tarts job.

      “if wimmin were meant to play football they’d have their tits somewhere else”…….. Andy from Gregory’s Girl……… I’ve quoted it before, but it is a true story….

  8. Off topic…
    Diane Abbott was asked what she thought of Carillion, to which she replied
    “Wow a Carillion…how many is that?”

  9. What really makes me want to reach for the rusty nail to indulge in a spot of self harming when it comes to cunts like Toynbee is that, forgetting the fact she completely shameless, she knows damn well she can get away with making the most ludricous, without foundation statements, with no fear of being particularlly challenged, embarrassed or just made to look a proper cunt that will cause lasting personal damage.

    Why? Because she operates in a safe environment, usually on a TV panel show stuffed with symmetrical cunts like Will Self, Owen ‘MGBGTV8’ Jones or the latest embarrassment the ‘I’m getting a Unicorn for Xmas Party’ has just promoted to spokesperson for the department of ‘It was all Thatchers fault’.

    Of course QT is the ultimate ‘safe space’ for Polly and Co, they profess with virtual impunity, safe in the knowledge the ‘impartial’ Dimblecunt will intervene in the manner of a referee who spent a week on Don Kings private yacht just before the big fight.

    But as Cunstable notes these cunts have no interest in the working classes beyond harvesting votes, I’m from NW England and a Labour stronghold but have never voted Labour yet I know many people who do so without a second thought as that’s how they were brought up and sadly think these cunts still stand for them.

    They wouldn’t have a clue who Emily Thornberry is and probably aren’t interested either, they know who Catweazle is and he seems ‘genuine like’ and talks about giving power back to the people.

    It’s a brilliant ruse, I have to give them that, get a harmless looking Grandad figure to stand, he shocks everyone and wins, he energises young voters who buy hook line and sinker his fantasy politics, by now it’s not just a political party, it’s a ‘movement’ heading in the direction of a cult.

    Polly and Co can pretty much say anything at this point as the disciples will always justify it and the working man will say ‘Polly who?’

    Socialism is back sadly, on the one hand I find that shocking but then on the other I don’t as the generation buying into it and rejuvenating it have been brought up with sense of entitlement I think Imelda Marcos would have found a little embarrassing.

    Sadly for them it won’t last, it never does because, to quote the Iron Lady “the problem with Socialism and socialists is that eventually they run out of spending other people’s money”

    • Hopefully…at the next election the Tories will get themselves together enough to spell out just who Catweasel, Flabbott & McDonnell are – so much historic/archive material to use – support for IRA, Hamas, repressive lefty regimes everywhere, economic incoherence, racist statements aplenty, Unilateral Nuclear Disarmament and tons more – maybe then my niece might wake up and reassess her rose tinted view of the kindly old cunt who she imagined was going to cancel her student debt and force that greedy baby boomer generation to further subsidise her generation’s self entitled lifestyles in part payment for ruining their lives by voting Leave.

      Won’t be holding my breath though.

    • ““the problem with *politicians* is that eventually they run out of spending other people’s money”

      One further word. Carillion.

      • The actual Snatcher quote is:

        “The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people’s money.”

        Agree K, applies to all politicians, but socialists have turned pissing other people’s money down the urinal into an art form worthy of Duchamp!

  10. Yea I stopped watching QT ages ago coz the entire audience seem to hand picked lefty BBC plants.

    Great cunting by the way cunty.

    Champagne socialists are cunts.

    • Yes. Fucking too right.

      Watching QT is like going to Sea Life and seeing one of those performances where the Sea Lions perform tricks for fish treats then they give themselves a fucking massive round of applause which in turn sends the audience into raptures.

      Apparently though, the audience isn’t biased……

  11. For me Without a doubt she’s the biggest cunt over at the guardian, and that takes some doing!, wonky eyed doesn’t begin to explain the tsunami of anti brexit shit that fills her column inches!! A truly world class Cunt!!

    • It’s strange – don’t think I’ve read an actual newspaper since the early 1980s! Since then most news got from TV. Last 10 years mainly online sources.

      Read a lot of books but never newspapers, they just don’t figure in my daily OCD regime. However seen more than enough of this putrid cunt Toynbee over the years to know what we’re up against here.

      • I stopped reading the papers after Lee Rigby.
        Promised myself that if they put those pigs on a pedestal I wouldn’t buy a paper again.
        The next morning I walked into the paper shop and these animals’ pictures were plastered wall to wall.
        Never bought a paper since.
        I admit I go online sometimes to read and obviously watch the news on the telly but they’re fucking traitors as far as I’m concerned.

        • Ditto – judicious online/telly usage only.

          Sky paper review usually confirms what a pile of cuntage newspapers are.

      • Unfortunately where I live is infested with guardian reading pseudo intellectual Cunts! , typical Hove virtue signaling will include copy of the guardian on the coffee table and having a “ we’re with peter” ( labour MP Kyle) poster still subtly on display from last years general election!! , the point these utter Cunts are making is although they live in an expensive area and drive gas guzzling tanks they are real socialists at heart??
        I read the guardian (free articles) thru gritted teeth so I can argue from a reasonably educated position, keep you friends close and your enemies closer kind of thing..
        The guardianista love to tell you “ it’s the only truly independent paper”, their followers appear to believe absolutely everything written in it, “ it must be true it’s in the guardian “ Cunts!!’
        Other guardian turds worthy of a mention rafael behr , ISAC regular owen Jones And brexit doom and gloom specialist William Keegan, but Polly parrot is for my money the biggest Cunt!!

        • Understand your reasoning perfectly Q.

          Which is why I allow that cunt O’Shithead to prattle on in the background most mornings so I can monitor enemy thought patterns.

          Same goes for many online articles – Guardian included! – and TV documentary/current affairs stuff.

          “Know your enemy and know yourself – find naught in fear for 100 battles…”

          (Sun Zi, 6th Century B.C.)

          • Exactly SB, although I voted leave I’m always interested to hear what the other side have to say, most of it in my opinion is bollocks but sometimes something resonates, there are reasonable individuals on both sides, stupid Cunts too…
            Individuals like Polly parrot and o, shithead are complete bigots……..

  12. Lady Muck Toynbee is yet another fucking parasite who is where she is today because her father was a well known cunt of his day. Odd how so many so-called socialists don’t mind using family connections to get to the top of their dunghills: Stephen Kinnock the bald wanker son of the king of wankers Neil, Porky Prescott’s son (David) and worst of the lot ugly cunt Georgia Gould who is in her twenties knows fuck all except that her now dead father Philip was Blair’s favourite pollster probably because dead Phil used to get his tongue up Blair’s arsehole deeper than even Mandy. Bollockchops Georgia is the leader of Camden council, one of the most expensive bullshit factories in the cuntry. If only Mandy had been into fucking tarts instead of Brazilian boys she might have been Labour leader by now.

    It’s not what you know, and let’s face t this trio of shit know fuck all, but who you know

  13. One thing no-one has mentioned about la Toynbee. Her predictions are invariably wrong. If she ever recommends a share, sell it asap. And thank me.

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