Meryl Streep

To divert criticism from herself regarding the Weinstein scandal (Streep says she was ‘desperately silent’… So – a la Rantzen – she did fucking know!) this libtard twat is trying to point fingers at Melania Trump… It wasn’t Melania Trump who was ‘desperately silent’ about a notorious Hollywood perv, was it?…

Streep has also (like that arch snowflake cunt and husband collector, Scarlett Johansson) aimed some snide shit at Ivanka Trump… Again, Ivanka didn’t stay tight lipped about Weinstein…

Streep has also pulled a particularly dirty trick: by saying that Dustin Hoffman ‘overstepped the mark’ when he ‘slapped’ her during Kramer versus Kramer… Bringing up something that was nothing from over 30 years ago, to make someone look bad, just so she can look good?… Concorde conked cunt….

I despise Streep and these other libfuck cunts who try to blame everything on Big Don and his family… Even their own misdemeanors and shitty behaviour… A hurricane flattens Florida? That cumbucket cunt Jennifer Lawrence blames those who voted for Trump… Madogga has become an obsolete has been? She blames Big Don… Scarjo and her fellow Saturday Shite Live snowflakes aren’t getting their way? She targets Ivanka Trump… Concorde Streep stays (cough) ‘silent’ over Weinstein? She somehow thinks that Melania Trump is to blame for the whole thing…

Cunts! Cunts! Cuntety Cunts!

Nominated by Norman

78 thoughts on “Meryl Streep

  1. Is this the same Meryl Streep who won’t have a word said against Roman Polanksi by any chance?

    • Yeah, that’s the one Krav! Streep seems to have a set of double standards. Protecting rapists, yet persuing them. (Selectively of course! )

    • No, that was Mia Farrow – whose own son (allegedly the illegitimate son of Sinatra) is now the self-proclaimed outer of Hollywood sexpests.

  2. Another one of the dress up and pretend in front of the camera mob. The cheek of these cunts preaching to the public to accept any shit that’s thrown at them while these “Actors” are behind the walls of their Beverly hills strongholds safe and smug.

    I’ve not liked this woman since I saw a bit of the French Lieutenants woman she did yonks ago. Everything she’s been in I have avoided because she’s a shit unconvincing “Actor”..
    When she had a go at Trump last year at some Hollywood self-congratulatory show I could instantly see she was an insincere phony trying to bullshit everyone.

    Never trust an “Actor” because they’re always acting. Cunts.

    Aside from the usual suspects, I also nominate Tom Hanks for a cunting too, the liberal two faced Cunt.

    • How the fuck did Tom Hanks ever make it with his tepid, mediocre talent. He must wake up every morning as if he’d won the lottery. Talentless, bland cunt-bubble.

      Meryl Streep’s a horrible, hypocritical pile of pus. If anyone doubts this, watch five minutes of ‘Mamma Mia’ (like I was forced to), it’s agonisingly bad. How do they get away with this dogshit.?

      • Fucked if I know captain, Hanks takes boredom to a higher level than most of the Hollywood trash. Streep makes me cringe when I catch sight of her, a poor excuse for a sentient lifeform.

        • Can anyone imagine anything more ludicrous than Streep playing Maggie milk Snatcher? What a gust of Hollywood dog breath that movie must be.

          BTW, Oprah Winfrey and all them other golden blubber butt-cheek cunts can fuck off my telly and get back to their hypocrisy filled Tinseltown cesspit where they belong.

  3. Every cunt in tinsel town knew about Wankstain and his appetites but we’re more than happy to say nowt so long as the $$,$$$,$$$ movie/TV roles kept rolling in from the Weinstein Company.

    This was even intimated back in 2013 at that most holy of holy tinsel town ceremonies, The Oscars:

    Cunts like Streep were just as complicit over the decades as the cunts Wankstain paid to hush other (lesser known and less able to defend themselves) cunts from spilling the beans.

    This all came about because the libtards in the USA were so “ass-hurt” at Trump getting in that they had to find some outlet for their rage and so they turned on themselves in feeding frenzy reminiscent of a pack of hungry sharks!

    And a lot of names in this frenzy (hated white males) have been sullied when there is absolutely no evidence to justify said accusations from “anonymous” accusers. If they had been justified then arrests would have been made. Yet another ploy to Immasculate western male society.

    If they are guilty then prosecute them. However that’s not the point is it. By merely intimating any kind of wrongdoing without any justification or proof is enough to ruin that person’s career. Which is what they were after all along so that it can be replaced with an ethnic, female, or preferably both, substitute.

    It’s a pity they weren’t so vociferous about the plight of their fellow non-privileged Americans whose lot are taking a nose dive as immigration (especially illegal immigration) soars in the Golden State and yet the glitterati of tinsel town are all for California becoming a “Sanctuary State”.

    Yet more sickening virtue-signalling from over-privileged cunts who wont have to suffer the consequences of their support in their Malibu, West Beverly Hills and Monterrey Peninsula mansions.

    It’s like the Linek-Mong utterings over here but on steroids!


  4. Trying to frame Hoffman for doing something that was scripted and part of a film shows what a self serving and backstabbing cunt Streep really is… She can’t claim that Weinstein messed with or mithered her (not being one of his best mates and all that… Like Esther Rancid and Sir Jim’ll), so she tries to divert attention, criticism and blame from herself by saying Dustin Hoffman ‘violated’ (these celebrislags love that word!) her by slapping her in a scripted scene… I’ve heard of some low and dirty tricks in my time, but this is one of the shittiest and lowest yet… I really do hope old Dustin sues the snatch off her… Concorde Conk is obviousy the sort of cunt who would sell her own grandmother in order to save her own skin… A truly monumental cunt…

    • Excellent nomination for a well deserved cunting Norman! Streep is my least favourite person, and I agree with every word in your post.
      A shite actress and a twat of duplicity. Cunt!

  5. I never watch anything with Streep in. She is fucking appalling at acting, being so wooden that she was probably carved in the Black Forest. The worst piece of casting in history was her in Mama Mia, a deed so dire that the I almost forgot about Agnetha’s fine arse. Streep is a top grade cunt

  6. And Streep trying to drag Melania and Ivanka Trump into the Weinstein scandal is also very dirty and totally snide… I doubt if either of them knew anything about Weinstein, and why would they? It was Concorde Conk who stayed ‘desperately silent’ about King Leer, the Tinsletown Titgrabber, yet she’s trying to shift blame onto two women who aren’t even in the film profession?! If I were Big Don I would view Streep’s shitty behaviour as threats against the First Lady and have the old bitch arrested for treason… Same goes for that Johansson tart.. If she took the piss out of my daughter like that and I was the most powerful man in the world, she would know about it… It’s a bit like those murdering Scouse cunts at Heysel (‘It wozzunt us, like! It wuz de NF! It wuz Chelsea fans! etc)… Every libfuck celebrislut and snowflake cunt (like Stephen Cuntbert and the Saturday Shite Live mob) will now forever say ‘It was Big Don! It was Melania! It was Ivanka!’ to everything and anything… Cunts!

    • The lying orange cunt’s nearest and dearest are likely to be arrested for treason themselves the way Mueller’s investigation is panning out. And let’s not forget that the cunters on this very site nominated the lying orange cunt as Overseas Cunt of the Year 2017 – and rightly so. The sooner the ignorant, mental, balding cunt is out of office the better.

      • I must admit that I find that Trump being voted a bigger cunt than Rocket Man mindblowingly difficult to comprehend.

        OK Trump might be a bit of a cunt, but he doesn’t drive his own people to starvation, force them to chant his name or be shot, execute people who disagree with him, make himself supreme leader for life, ban democratic elections and political parties, torture people who try to leave the country – need I go on?

        Probably not…

        • Agree Dio, surprised me too – thought even Barnier a more likely candidate for winner, considering how universally despised he is on this site. Trump by comparison usually has quite a sympathetic ride.

          I strongly suspect Russian involvement in the overseas COTY result…

        • I’m surprised too.

          I voted for barnier but thought Kim jong mong would’ve won.

          …Wonder how many times fred voted. 🙂 .

          I don’t know if it was possible to vote twice as I didn’t try it

      • Much as it may pain you Fred, give me El Orangina any day of the week over 8yrs of Obama nothingness, 8yrs of ‘GW’ bumbling shite and 8yrs of the fornicating bar-steward Clinton.

        Trump may be a cunt but at least he’s trying address the “no go” subjects such as illegals and immigration. A subject which plagues most of the western world including Europe and especially the UK while no other western leader will.

        Twitter cunt that may be but at least he’s saying something to buck the trend.

        Oh, and if you saw any of the Fox reports last week, it’s Killary and her advisors that need to be far more concerned about Russian collusion that Trump’s lot.

        So Trump might be a cunt, but he’s my kind of cunt!

        • Perfectly summed up Rebel – and think Deploy probably bang on the money re multiple voting…fancy cumming clean Fred?

  7. And just because she stood outside a Noo Yoik hotel when they were there in 64, Concorde Conk puts her very vast hooter into every TV programme made about The Beatles too… Good job she never met them though, good job for them anyway… Because now she’d be trying to smear the name of one of them, and probably one of the dead ones… I can hear it now, ‘George Harrison told me to fuck off and said I had a big nose! I feel violated! I’m a victim too!’… I wouldn’t put anything past this cunt…

    • A friend of mine, big Beatles fan bless him, was walking along Kings Road back in the 70’s. Out of a car in front of him came John Lennon. My friend could barely contain himself, walked up to him, hand outstretched, said “hello John”. Was told to fuck right off in the strongest possible terms. Totally disillusioned him.

      I met Mick Ronson once and he was really nice.

      • Lennon was a cunt to everyone… His bandmates. his wives, his son, his fans… You name ’em… I spent a night in The Living Room on Deansgate drinking with Simon Le Bon and two other lads from Duran Duran in 2004.. Top blokes and all got their round in… Met Mick Hucknall in the same place and he was a colossal cunt…

        • The only difference between John and Paul is that John is a dead cunt who looks down his nose at everyone and Paul is still alive…

  8. Apart from being in the thrall of cunts like Weinstein, Streep was also one of Killary’s biggest luvvie supporters – the same Killary Rodham Clinton who knew well of her husband’s history of sexual assaults and alleged rapes, who in more than a dozen cases went even further than turning a blind eye to his abuse, attacking the credibility of his victims, frightening them thru vicious intimidation tactics (not rocket science if you happen to be a powerful lawyer), forcing many of her cunt husband’s victims into silence, thus enabling him to continue with his favourite pastime of systematic sexual abuse of women.

    Streep must have known more about the Clintons than any other celebricunt luvvie alive, yet still failed to speak out during the Presidential election. Strangely enough she wasn’t slow in condemning Trump’s locker room talk – not a peep about Weinstein, of course…

    Streep will never be half the woman Melania and Ivanka are. Hypocritical CUNT.

    • “Streep will never be half the woman Melania and Ivanka are”

      You mean an ex-escort and someone who only got where they are through nepotism…? No, you’re right – Streep will never be that.

      • Meryl Streeb – to use the correct family name – had the benefit of a rich Jewish immigrant family from Germany who put her through a Yale education.
        Privileged rich and influential background that meant she couldn’t really fail? Shurely not!!! Obviously no nepotism there whatsoever…

      • No doubting that Big Don and his family aren’t perfect.. But Streep doing an ‘Esther’ over Weinstein is the behaviour of a major cunt (see also Emma Thompson)… And Streep pointing fingers at others (be it Melania, Ivanka or anyone else) in order to divert blame from her own complicity over Weinstein is a biggie to put on her cunt CV….

  9. Problem Is there is no sense of accountability anymore.No sense of responsibility just blame everyone else to avoid looking in the mirror.

    • I agree Shaun, but half the problem is the press. They bang on about “holding power to account”, but all they do is pursue the usual partisan political agenda – smearing their enemies and turning a blind eye to the failings of their friends. And that’s not holding anyone to account.

      • Yeah, like the free pass they gave to the lying, morally corrupt community organiser Obama. Still waiting for their outrage and outing of the universe sized corruption machine known as The Clintons. But Tango Man – oh he’s the devil of course. Markets up, trade up, illegal immigration down, bullshit Obamacare all but dismantled. Yea, he’s a right bastard.

        • Some slag on the bbc last night was mocking Trump last night for defending himself against the allegations in that fucking book, saying that it would do him no good, as it just draws attention to the book itself. What, the book that the beeb has been obsessing over for the last couple of days? Lovely free advertising, courtesy of the tax payers. You’re welcome. It’s got to the point now where people have stopped listening, other than the hollow head twatter types, so when he does fuck up good and proper, it will be washed away with the bullshit.

        • Good point, Dio. His (ongoing) transformation from mega successful sleb/businessman to head of the free world has been painful to watch at times. Lots of missteps and gaffs. The left have done their best to abuse, besmirch and taint him in every way possible, but he is doing what he said he’d do. I also enjoy it way too much when he takes a swipe at his own party for not getting stuff done. Paul Ryan is a massive cunt and Mitch McConnell, jeez! What does he do exactly? Trump becoming more a politician will be his downfall. He should stick to his campaign persona. Now THAT was fun!

          • I must admit that I think trump is a bit of an idiot but he’s 1000 times better than the alternative.
            ….and certainly better that the cunts we have over here.
            Apart from Jacob and Nigel of course.

  10. I would watch her if she was packed off to the Middle East and forced to play a role in “The Real Housewives of Isis”….

    • I wouldn’t like to have to do the genital mutilation op on that cunt cos the clit must be the size of a tiger prawn by now (and smell like one too – after a week in a warm LA skip)!

  11. What exactly has Trump done? Ok, he is sexist, and, although im not, some cunters are. He might have patted a few bums along the way, but how many of those bums were coming on to a billionaire? He wants to stamp out illegals, well fucking good on him. The US economy and unemployment are healthy. He’s persuaded Russia and China to stand up against North Korea. Ffs that in itself is worthy of a Nobel for anti-cuntiness. He wants to savage foreign aid, good on him. And wife and daughter are deffo shaggabilitinesses.

    Compare that with the cunts in Iran, well it’s not comparable. I bet there isn’t a bunch of unemployed lefty cunts outside the Iranian embassy. Bastards.

    • It’s because the killer queen didn’t get in that they hate him so much.

      Killay would’ve had the world on the brink of war (wherever) quicker that I would have cum on Charlize Theron’s tits if she’d have gotten in.

      She was the most dangerous cunt on the planet and even though she signals one way she’s in the pocket of arms sellers and sex offenders alike.

      “Define ‘sexual relations’?” – well Bill that would be spunking your load over Monica Lewinski’s face and dress mate, but not in your or your cunt wife’s world eh!

    • The bandwagon of dissing Trump is as predictable as it is banal. He has his faults and some of his behaviour has, in my view, been less than presidential. Russian collusion accusations? More than a year on, still unproven. Zero evidence and who would have thunk it, turns out it was the Clintons who were colluding with the Russians. Oops! Next let’s try his mental state and his fitness for office. Swing and a miss. Next let’s slam his family. That’s sure to get a rise out of him (like it did with Ted Cruz during the election campaign). That might work, but he’s probably learnt his lesson from that one. Next…the left will continue going down the list hoping for an impeachment. Won’t happen. Not sure why the left can’t take a good look at themselves, come up with sound and reasoned opposition to what the Republicans want/plan to do and join the debate in a mature and grown up fashion. Probably too comfortable in their safe spaces. It’s easier just to throw rocks than do something constructive. Cunts.

  12. Off topic, has anyone else heard about the explosion on the Stockholm metro?

    One killed and one seriously injured, but police are not saying whether it’s a terrorist attack!

      • Why what’s happened, have I missed something..?
        I’ve just had a weekend away….in Sweden…

    • Is it yet another lone wolf, misguided, accidental, not related to “peacefulness” whatsoever incident?

      Those Buddhists are right fuckers aren’t they!


      I notice the ABBC had no reservations in front-paging John Worboys (a convicted rapist cunt) on his release.

      As opposed to the page 28 shit, next to the classifieds, on the “some British men” accidentally grooming and raping UK girls in Rotherham, Newcastle, etc.

      I have no issue with the ABBC outing cunts like this. I just wish they would do it equally and with disparity – as they should do – rather than making one (Worboys) seem like Satan incarnate but the others misunderstood angels (the “peaceful” raping grooming cunts).

  13. Doesn’t sound like a Muzzie bomb does it? You’re not gonna kill many people in a train station on a Sunday.
    On the other hand I heard the bloke picked it up so maybe it was planted for tomorrow.
    Hard to see how it could be an accident.

    • It was reported that it was a primed grenade that had been left lying around. ( Yeah right ) What was not reported was that it was primed to explode upon being moved. ( a trap? nah , certainly not )

      • I have freinds in Stockholm and visit there. I can tell you now that the Swedish authorities will do ANYTHING to protect the peaceful population and push blame away from them. Stockholm syndrome is alive and well there.

  14. No doubt more ‘hacked’ (ye-ah right!) pics of J-Lawrence covered in jizz and Scarjo’s norks will surface… And they will say, ‘I feel (wait for it!) violated! But I want to know what Melania Trump has to say about this! It’s all her fault I got my tits out in front of a phone and my overrated fizzog got glazed in love piss! By the way, have you seen my Ivanka impersonation? It’s totally shit! I feel violated! I’m a victim too etc into fucking infinity.’…

  15. What I loathe about Streep (apart from her trying to make out she didn’t know about Weinstein and trying to shift blame onto others) and other celebflakes is their total and utter refusal to have any sort of debate or discussion… Anyone who voted Trump is merely a pig ignorant oaf and a brain dead peasant as far as libfucks like Streep, ScarJo, Madogga, Cuntbert etc are concerned… Same goes for Lineker and the Mong: every Brexit voter is an ignorant oaf… Every person concerned about migrants and terrorism is a ‘racist’ oaf…. They are right 100% and everyone else is wrong… They see themselves as superior because they are rich and famous… Somebody asked Lineker if he had ‘got over’ Brexit like he (Lineker) was demanding people did over Le Pen losing, and the lad who tweeted it was blocked… No discussion, no reason.. It’s their way or nothing and anyone who disagrees with them is Hitler… They are cunts, the lot of them…

  16. Lost the 1976 FA Cup Final to a miles offside Bobby Stokes goal? It was Trump’s fault!

    My ex was a total bitch who made everyones’ lives a misery? I want to know what Melania Trump has to say about it! She’s the one to ask…

    I was a bit of a cunt at school? Ivanka should be held to account… I know she wasn’t born then, but she is involved and that’s that…. And my teacher slapped me… So I’m a victim too…

    Hey, if Concorde Streep can do it, then so can I…

    • Hahaha. If healthcare is a ‘right’, then I have a right and am entitled to being a billionaire. Where’s my fucking Aston Martin and my 20 bedroom mansion? I’m a victim! I’m being discriminated againt! Why should Trump be rich and not me. It’s all his fault. Not fair! Not fair! Booo hooo.

  17. Meryl Streep must be one of the ugliest women ever to stand in front of a camera. She’s just one of an ever-lengthening list of ‘stars’ whose work I avoid like the plague.

    • I’ve actually always found Meryl Streep quite attractive.

      Pity she’s a cunt eh!

        • Wanting to do a young Helen Mirren (even if she is a cunt) I can understand entirely… But Concorde Streep?!! She looks like Mama Lazarou (Papa’s Head ‘Wife) from The League of Gentlemen…

  18. Well cunted norm, Streep is a cunt along with pretty much everyone in show business.
    They mugged us “deplorables” off for ages, talking down to us about brexit and trump, acting like they hold the moral high ground while knowing full well how rotten their industry is. Fuckin hypocrites.
    Not just defending perverts, rapists and paedos but actively helping them and even being complicit in their crimes.
    I’d like to believe that after saville and wankstain they would realise what utter cunts they are and perhaps learn some humility but I fear that’s just wishful thinking.
    The golden globes will be packed with virtue signalling and competing over who can express their disgust more, but if they actually gave a fuck they would’ve done something BEFORE it became trendy.
    If Kim jong dong has nukes may I suggest that he start with hollywood. ….ww3 would be worth it to get rid of those cunts.

    • Paul Joseph Watson is freakin’ awesome. I wish I was friends with him.

      Another social/political commentator who’s also awesome, but scares me shitless is Pat Condell. Check him out on YT too.

    • Great stuff, deploy… Cheers…
      And yes, Concorde Conk did applaud and arselick P@edo Polanski at an Oscars ceremony… The woman is a disgusting and sickening cunt…

  19. Again!
    I NEVER get moderated then 2 in a row on the same thread.

    Maybe it’s coz my internet’s down so I’m on the 4g.

    • I think it was the multiple links that may have tipped the balance Monsieur Sausage.

        • Oh yea. Saville was p ** do but I can see how that’d get modded.

          My own fault for being drunk… or at least a bit drunker than usual.

  20. Apart from her horrendous Ivanka impersonations, Scarlett Jotlibtard did a sketch for Saturday Shite Live that went like this…

    Scarlett Jolibtard keeps asking a dog questions about Trump, the US election, Mexicans, and other issues… The dog just keeps ‘barking’ ‘Snowflake!’ as every answer…. Snowflake fannies and celebrity libfucks in a fucking nutshell…

  21. Cunty Streep and her ilk probably suffer from vertigo from being so far up on their high horses.

    • Dead right, Colin… Needless to say, the Golden Globes was full of celebrity cunts like Nicole Kidman and Oprah (what a surprise, eh?) spouting shite about ‘the power of women’ and how only women have been harassed in Hollywood… First of all – as I have mentioned before – these self serving trollops don’t give a fuck about the scores of young boys and male actors who have been sexually abused in the film industry (people like the late Corey Haim and the still alive Corey Feldman)…. And secondly: all this righteous indignation and ‘shock’ about Weinstein? Pull the other one! It’s got bells on! Like the BBC and ‘Sir’ Jim’ll , don’t tell me that ‘none’ of them knew… Streep is a cunt, but she won’t be the only one who has kept her mouth shut conveniently over Weinstein…

  22. Streep is one the biggest cunts in the industry. I heard when she first started out she was told she wasn’t pretty enough for lead roles so now, it seems, she is getting her own back. She doesn’t have a right to condemn if she has stood by and watched in silence and she doesn’t have a right to ignore the fact that men are subject to much of the same treatment. I despise almost everything about her. The best ‘acting’ I’ve seen her do was in ‘the devil wears Prada’ and that, I assume, is because she could properly relate to the cold fish of a character who would be willing to do anything for ‘good’ PR. She does not represent women, just a hollow shallow calculating robot who diverts attention by attacking others. Why should anyone care what she thinks about the Trumps? The cunting reporters are forever sucking her minge for whatever dregs they can bring to our attention. Trump may or may not be IQ intelligent but his intentions to protect america are wildy more pure than anything she could ever pretend. Evil trollop.

    • The whole Hollywood weinstein abuse bollocks is complete shite. Until some little known actress accused weinstein loud enough and with great courage did, the others especially Streep who called him” God Harvey Weinstein” strangely remained silent, also gwyneth paltrow who’s godfather is the Hollywood non entity Steven Spielberg who apparently was propositioned by weinstein told Brad Pitt her boyfriend at the time who confronted him. Yeah right if my boss propositioned my missus I’d batter the Cunt especially as I have a godfather like Spielberg who has major power.
      So to all the A list women virtue signalling like crazy take a long hard look in the mirror because you are all guilty of taking 30 pieces of silver to further your careers and betray the small fish in the shark tank. Cunts to a woman

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