Kate Williams

I would like to Cunt Kate Williams ‘ Royal Historian ‘

For fucks sake! First of all she always looks a right fuckin’ mess . Do something with your hair!

Secondly all she fuckin’ does is state the bleedin’ obvious. This latest gem from her: “Harry’s wedding will require a lot of security” Well fuck me who would have thunk it?

Nominated by Richard I

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  1. Well see the Donald has dropped the ball big time and cancelled his visit to the UK. His pathetic Twitter bullshit mentioned not liking the obummer administration and their decision to move the embassy from grosvenor Square to the South Bank. So he’s not coming to spite them. More like he’s been advised there could be some trouble. Well put a huge two mile exclusion zone round the embassy ala what they do for new years eve celebrations declare it a no go zone and line it British and US troops with a no go shoot to kill policy.
    Fucking hell he’s slowly morphing into a politician there really is no hope for the world.

    • His reasoning seems pretty kosher to me:

      “Reason I cancelled my trip to London is that I am not a big fan of the Obama Administration having sold perhaps the best located and finest embassy in London for ‘peanuts’, only to build a new one in an off location for 1.2 billion dollars. Bad deal. Wanted me to cut ribbon-NO!”

      He’ll be coming here later this year anyway – and besides, it’s not as if he doesn’t have more important things to do…

      • 1) If his reasoning is so kosher, why didn’t he turn down the invitation months ago before the security planning began? No, the lying cunt originally accepted the invitation, but the precious little snowflake can’t countenance the idea of TV pictures of mass demonstrations.

        2) It’s not as if he doesn’t have more important things to do? Like what – sitting in bed eating McDonalds or playing golf? The lying cunt who berated Obama for his golfing has played golf far more than any previous POTUS – at enormous cost to the American taxpayer:


        • I didn’t say he wasn’t a “lying cunt who berated Obama for his golfing has played golf far more than any previous POTUS – at enormous cost to the American taxpayer”, just that his reasoning on this issue was pretty kosher. I mean, wouldn’t you prefer to be “sitting in bed eating McDonalds or playing golf” if you were Trump?

        • The snowflake can’t countenance the idea of TV pictures of mass demonstrations? Seriously?

          Not only were there orchestrated and paid for ‘mass demonstrations’ against Trump during the election campaign, they were often deliberately violent so that violence could then be blamed on Trump and his supporters. One rally in Chicago I think had to be cancelled because the rent-a-mob rioting was so bad. If Trump were a snowflake, he would have apologised for existing, retracted anything and everything he’s ever done and said which may have offended anyone ever and retreated to his safe space to have a good cry. In fact, he went on to destroy lying/corrupt snowflake Kilary in a landslide election victory. Kilary who, by the way, has done nothing but bitch, moan and complain ever since about getting owned by a non-politician businessman/TV personality. Ha!

          As for keeping score on golfing trips, let’s just gloss over the fact Trump continues to conduct business when golfing/entertaining business and political leaders. He’s a businessman and is used to brokering deals over a quick 18 holes. Yeah, what a bastard he is.

          If we’re in the keeping score game, let’s discuss the US national debt which Obama managed to increased to a level greater than all the previous US presidents COMBINED. Now who’s the cunt?

          • Cannot understand why Pres Trump would want to visit Londonistan anyway. I mean I was born there and I have not visited for years. Cannot understand what most of the fuckers are saying anyway.
            It’s bad enough having to hire a bullshit translator when I deal with the local council here in the East Midlands; fuck not being able to make myself understood in the place I was born. Agree with the blond golfer re “shithole countries”.

    • The decision to move the embassy was made before Obama came to power, so Trump is a lying cunt.

      • Name one American President who was not a lying cunt?

        At least with Trump we don’t have to kid ourselves.

        • Fair play to the orange cunt, I say. He has been insulted by every cunt in the country, notably mayor of Londinistan Suckdick Khunt who says Trump “got the message”. What message is that then? That you want to virtue signal by blocking a democratically elected leader of not just the most powerful country on Earth but one of our oldest allies and at the same time scupper any post Brexit deal with America because you are a self serving short arsed little cunt? Yeah, we get the message too…

          • My exact sentiments too Skidmark. Apparently the new embassy was in progress when Dubya was President, so Donald Tango should have said he didn’t want to come because of the lefty liberal/ snowflake generation that were going to protest against him. My personal opinion is that he should have come, cut the ribbon and behave like a President, without going on Twitter and expressing his opinion.

  2. I’ve always quite fancied Kate Williams even though she is a bit of a Professor Pissflaps.

    Wouldn’t mind chucking my muck over her actually.

    Good shot Sir, blinding, there’s plenty in the tank for Ms Williams.

    • She does look a bit witchy.

      I reckon she would try to shove a broomstick up your arse whilst gently teasing your balls, perineum and shaft with her pointy hat and screaming satanic sex chants.

  3. Once upon a time history programmes on TV were presented by crusty old cunts like AJP Taylor standing in front of the camera droning on about Bismarck and the fucking Franco Prussian War.
    Ok, it was shit but now we’ve gone to the other extreme. Every fucking history programme is fronted by Suzanna Lipscomb, Lucy Worsley (it’s an acquired taste) or this sort, changing their kit every five minutes, flashing their legs and tits and pouting like Nigella Lawson on speed.
    How am I supposed to learn anything about history with these horny tarts parading across the screen? It’s ok for poofs but no good for Heterosexualis Brexitaurus.
    Listen cunts if I want to watch soft porn I know where to find it so stop taunting me.
    TV is supposed to “inform, educate and entertain.” All I see is two bob entertainment for morons and snowflake propaganda. Cunts.

    • Alice Roberts gives me the horn – although strictly speaking she is an anthropologist. Mary Beard knows her stuff but should do voice overs only!

      • For me it has to be Bettany Hughes, got a filthy look in her eye old Bettany has and in estate agent parlance a ‘desirable frontage’, quite happy to gazump all over that.

        Not sure what it is but I have a big think for Merrilees Parker, don’t know why as she isn’t that attractive, but there is just something about her that gets the juices flowing, bet she is a right dirty cow too.

        • Big thing, not big think, what a cunt I am, I reread that twice as well due to being a bit pissed to make sure I got all the spelling right.

          Pissed up old cunt that I am.

    • Dunno who Suzanna Lipscomb is, but the name reminds me of that rugby song,”The hairs on her dicky-dido hang down to her knee”

      • I once made a grab for Suzanna Lipscomb’s tits. I got done for a historical sex offence……

  4. I don’t see how I could possibly take seriously a woman who claims to be an historian and not just because history is made by men and not women and thus written by men but because you know that they are always flashing at you their bodacious tatas.

    Being a Royal Historian (careers advisor at school never mentioned that one to me) is surely just a way to brown-nose oneself into the upper-echelons – much like St John Stevas.

    • History is made (up) by men, then airbrushed by future generations to suit whatever PC agenda is fed the sheeple at any given time. After all, everyone now knows Churchill was a tranny, don’t they? Why else would the virtue signalling libtards allow his statue to remain standing in Parliament Square? And Nelson? “Kiss my bellend, Hardy…” He’d be a gonna too by now otherwise.

  5. Whos that gilf historian on tv,not that crusty old hag Beard,this ones about 50,ish,dyed long black hair but more importantly she has a really descent pair of tits,quite busty……the sort youd like to see on a home made bongo vid on Xhamster getting fucked in front of her husband…..

  6. Trump knows that this sceptre’d isle is sinking under the ever increasing weight of gimmegrant parasites, a sect called, I slam the West and a traitorous weak knee’d cunt of a figure head at the front of this rotten ship of state, Sharia Dis-May.
    Why would he want to then associate himself with a riot in Londinistan, provoked and orchestrated by the “let them all in” fellow travellers of the lefty brigade that is aided and abetted by most of the vote hungry politicians here, when he is trying his best to stop his own country from deteriorating into another replica third world shithole?!!

    • Reassuring to see Suckdick Khunt this morning further queering our pitch with the Americans. After all, if we can’t agree a reasonable trade deal with America, maybe Brexit will go away and we will all live peacefully ever after…

  7. Trump is a cunt who makes me despair at times but my God saying “Why are we letting all these people from shit hole countries come in” is incredible.Not for the comment itself a perfectly reasonable assessment but for the predictably hysterical reaction.It is not so much I love Trump but he upsets the people I despise the most so he ain’t all bad.

    • Reassuring to see Suckdick Khunt this morning further fouling our pitch with the Americans. After all, if we can’t agree a reasonable trade deal with America, maybe Brexit will go away and we’ll all live in peaceful harmony ever after…

      (Apologies for repetition, but previous comment currently in moderation, a trigger word used presumably)

  8. I feel for the descnt people of Londistan being ruled under that sandmuck self promotor Kahn,what a mess London is in…tragic😕😕

  9. Off topic – but very much on topic up here ; POLICE SCOTLAND!!!!!!!!
    What the fuck ??
    Guys have a look it’s an omnishambles
    We thought it was bad when that bunglecunt kenny mcCaskill let out the Lockerbie Bomber but oh no there is a figure that is actually worse ….. step forward the SNP justice secretary Michael Mathieson- a man who is to justice what Starbucks is to HMRC !!
    A gargantuan of a fuckup this one ( he prob will go far ) Not only has he fucked up regards the chief constable getting back to work he’s now telling us NO MINUTES were taken during a meeting with the Scottish police board
    In the words of Malcolm Tucker ” it a government dept he is running NOT a Jayne FUCKIN Austen costume drama

  10. Lucy Worsley, yes please. I suspect she’s adventurous, come and play in my ball park.

    • It’s Juicy Lucy’s short tongue that does it for me, “plenty o’ room” for ol’ bigly wigly!

    • Won’t be long now – soon as they’ve trousered our £40billion they’ll be fleeing to South America in true Nazi style.

    • It makes me so happy when the E Europeans kick off against the EU scumbags.

      After all, Poland, Hungary et al suffered a lot under the IIIrd Reich, and then under the Soviet Union.

      As Gorbachev said, “I cannot understand why, when I have spent so much time trying to dismantle the Soviet Union, it is being recreated in Europe.”

      It also proves that there are many more countries than the so-called “way-cyst, thick, pesky Brits who want OUT”

      As (I think) they said in ‘The Green Mile’, “Roll two” for Juncker and Verminhofstadt…

    • After Bulgaria has seen how the EU troika treated their next door neighbour, Greece, its no surprise that they’ve got the wind up.
      Let’s face it, the primary motive for Junk head and co inviting in Bulgaria was to put the Ruskies nose out of joint. The secondary motive was to make loans that can not be serviced, by corrupting the PTB. It says something when the poorest “EU” country is too, heading for the exit. They don’t want what little money, businesses, land and property they still have, to end up in the pockets of the NWO globalist bankers.
      Peasants the Bulgars maybe, but stupid not, good luck to em

      • Bulgaria also another lucrative reservoir of cheap Labour, more minimum wage carers per €uro for rich cunts like Druncker to exploit.

  11. She used to do the press review on Sky sometimes. I don’t know if she still does. I hope if she has any true friends they would tell her to pack it in as she was making herself look a right cunt. She was always introduced as “Historian, author and broadcaster, Kate Williams”. She then proceeded to express the insightful comment one would normally associate with some form of mollusc, maybe a squid or a snail. On a good day she could probably give most octupi a run for their money.

  12. Amazing just how many fucking niche presenters and ‘specialists’ are under employ from the Al-BBC. This cunt looks like, well, a cunt and joins a pantheon of shitmunching gravy train interlopers already aboard the flying cunstman; all expenses paid courtesy of us license-paying shitheels.

    Other humanities-rooted absolute cunts worthy of a mention in a similar vein to Kate Williams include That cuntfuck of an arts editor, Will Gompertz. Looking like a bastard chimera composed from Andy Warhol, Bob Holness and the fucking cryptkeeper from ‘Tales of the Crypt’, this combover cunt is as infuriating as his face and shit hairdo suggests. A luvvie cunt who shoehorned his way into the Beeb after a stint as curator of the Tate Modern, Gompertz waffles and pseuds his way through any fucking penultimate item arts piece thrown at him for the 6 o’clock news.

    And utility shitcunt Helen Skelton – in before all and sundry make reference to how rootable she is – is now being shoved into shit like Coast and other historical/cultural shows that she doesn’t have the first clue about. A shrieking, dipsy tart who is blatantly happy to whore herself around for anything and the Al-BBC are more than willing to oblige.

    Just another issue to stick on the BBC’s burgeoning cunt-tab.

    • Gomo Gomcuntz, the living embodiment of the pseudo intellectual Al Beeb class, with an interview head that nods sagely more times per minute than a rear windscreen toy dog, at the back of a rally car in full pelt.
      What is the point of this ever grinning, mazda bulb, is he perchance employed by the NHS as a cheap cure for insomniacs?
      I just can’t remember any (f)art feature that this lurching, “see my new hip skinny jeans, ain’t I just the clever cunt” supposedly presented. Yawn, what a blessing that is.

  13. I enjoyed ‘History Of Britain’… But Simon Schama always reminded me of a cleverer Loyd Grossman…

    • Simon Schama… now there is an absolute cunt for the ages.

      I’ve seen this sack of shite on several episodes of QT and he comes across as an over-emotional, squawking liberal whose idea of a counter-argument usually involves sticking his fingers in his ears and throwing a wobbler instead of a reasoned argument.

      Whatever happened to Loyd Grossman? I remember when he used to present Masterchef – infinitely more enjoyable than the current shotshow featuring that Australian alcoholic and the mockney fucking greengrocer.

      • His curries are on offer,a quid at Asda pretty ok for jarred shit,Wallace is a fruit n veg barra boy flash cunt and Torode is an Ozzy cricket loving convict wallaby shagging mop haired fop cunt

    • I didn’t rate it. Henry 5th only got half a throw away sentence and it was his spirit that delivered Brexit. And lets remember Schama is an open door EUphile cunt.

  14. So funny watching all these snowflake kids realise their favourite “old school” TV shows like Friends and the Simpsons completely contradict how they parade their own progressive views to everyone on Twitter… Students really are cunts…

    • You know you are fucking grade one, dyed in the wool, la di da gunner Graham ponce, if you think that sop fest Friends is offensive. My advice to these cunts would be to soothe their angst with several packets of paracetamol, washed down with some Spar vodka. Cheaper than Dignitas…..

      • Fuck me, Dignitas was the top option in the predictive text. Who knew it was so popular!

  15. She looks like shes auditioning for the film the craft and she probably buys her clothes from brooms, spells and candlesticks witchy looking burnt cunt

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