Boy George [3]

Besides being a cunt in his own right, Boy George can now be seen as the prototype for all the trannies who are “invading my space” in our current fucked up world.

Back then we sang along to his simple tunes, smiled at his blatant poofery and thought it was just simple “entertainment “. How wrong we were!

Now we know we are all “homophobes”…..”transphobes”….and, if they happen to be black, racists obviously.

I’m having second thoughts about this nomination. To be honest I don’t think George has the brains to have foreseen the shit world he helped to create, but he’s still a cunt anyway.

Nominated by Freddie the Frog

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  1. He is indeed a cunt.

    Lest we forget this cunt has a conviction for false imprisonment of a male escort.

    Besides that, anyone old enough to remember this cunt in action will recall he jumped on any fucking bandwagon going to keep his meagre career alive… anyone remember that fucking Harry Krishna phase?

    Judging by the rate which the reaper has been collecting damaged 80s pop figureheads in recent years, this cunt can’t have long left on this mortal coil and would be a wise nom in the Dead Pool. Him, Holly Johnson, Jimmy fucking Somerville and that bent vicar – the holy quadfecta of 80s shirtlifters.

    But Boy George is easily the biggest cunt of them all.

  2. Whilst pondering this nomination, it occurred to me the Boy George, despite looking like a total twat, hasn’t actuaally done or said anything cunty and would probably be irritated by the current transgender/phobia mentalness. Then I remebered he chained some bender to a radiator in his flat, for some reason. What was that all about? Can’t remember. He probably wanted to Barrymore his botty.

    • A quote from the victim

      “”If a male celebrity beat up a woman with a chain, handcuffed her to a wall and threatened her with a sex toy, there would be a public outcry if he was given a high-profile job at the BBC.

      “But because I am a gay man they think it’s OK. It’s outrageous.”

      No because your a gay man, because your a man full stop.

      Any sort of wrong doing real or imagined against a woman and your career is over. The war on men is full on and we all better watch ourselves.

  3. A mate of mine, now sadly deceased, used to teach George in Eltham Green back in the day. Naturally I asked him if the young George showed any signs of poofery back then. Well, apparently, at the age of 13/14 he used to turn up wearing make up and nail polish and mincing about like a massive faggot.
    Now, like me, you are probably thinking that he must have got his head kicked in every day of the week. Oh no……the O’Dowds were a famous pikey family in the area with the usual pikey penchant for random violence. Naturally George was a notorious thief and would nick anything that wasn’t nailed down. One time he was caught walking out of the school gate with one of those big reel to reel tape recorders. He claimed somebody had told him it was broken and he was taking it home for one of his brothers to fix. Typical pikey……always trying to help out the local community. I’ve often wondered how many celebrities have noticed valuables missing from their houses after George has paid a visit. Whatever else he is George is a born and bred pikey and that never changes.
    When he became famous my mate tried to nick his school file to sell it to the red tops but some cunt had got there before him. Maybe it was George, the light fingered pikey bastard!

    • A hard bastard, by all accounts. Wouldn’t call him a cunt to his face, even now. And not thick at all, either. That said, I’m not a fan of his music.
      Now if you’d cunted Julian Clary or Elton John (despite his having once been pretty good on the piano) I’d have enthusiastically agreed.

      (Elton John is currently appearing at the World Economic Forum in Davos)

      • Julian Clary once admitted to fisting Norman Lamont. Don’t know about anyone else, but I’d have kept something like that firmly under my hat.

  4. I’ve never liked this freak from the word go. Listening to him drone out his soppy woofter lyrics to equally babyish melodies made my piss boil when I was in my twenties. I heard him once tell some interviewer ‘Oh, I wouldn’t dream of going out of the door in the morning without full makeup on’. CUNT

  5. Also I wonder what he was doing when he penned the lyrics to ‘Do you really want to hurt me ‘😤

  6. If it speaks,walks, dresses and sings like a cunt, I’m filing it under cunt . He even has a cunt name and a cunt beard; he set out to be a cunt ,the cunt.

  7. This cunt single handedly fucked up my first year at university. I was more into AC/DC, Black Sabbath and Motorhead at the time but were any of them played at SU discos? Were they fucking fuck! But karma cunting chameleon may as well have been on repeat it was played so often along with the 12″ vesion of blue fucking monday and the completely twatish Billie arse hole Jean.

    On the plus side it did mean I avoided anything connected with the SU and got me out mixing with real people instead.

  8. I take it all back. Sky “News” are not cunts after all. Despite broadcasting biased progressive bollocks dressed up as news ( about as convincing as a 35 year old child refugee, I might add) they are actually saints for single handedly cleaning up the worlds’ oceans of plastic. It’s something they are quite reluctant to talk about, of course. Cunts.

    • The latest shit is they are bringing in an app which lists shops who will refill your plastic water bottle for free thus saving you chucking it away and buying a new one.
      Any shopkeeper who goes in for this must be a cunt. Their shops will be packed with snowflakes all trying to out virtue signal each other, proving I care more about the environment than you. Normal customers spending money won’t be able to get through the door.
      They haven’t thought this through the cunts.

      • They showed one of the snowflake cunts the other day, big beard, long hair in a man bun, checked shirt, sneering condescending tone, just about what you would expect. And the check out girl looked more Jemima than Janet. These bring your own packaging stores look like cunt magnets for sure.

      • What’s the matter with the water out of the fucking tap. That’s a faucet if you’re reading this Immitation Yank.

  9. Nadhim Zahawi, the peaceful MP for Stratford-on-Avon is getting stick for attending an all male charity fund raising event. The same people who are calling for his resignation are strangely quiet about his attendance of a certain place of worship where the sexes are routinely segregated.

    Tumble weeds……..

  10. Ah for fucks sake I feel fucking violated. Honestly is Boy George a woofter?

    Cunt. I loved this guy, fucking superb showman and musician but I’m now having to re-evaluate everything.

    My teenage years were in the ’80’s, a time when men were men and spoons were spoons and big Cyrille had a never ending supply of free banana’s, music was a good as it got, U2, The Communards, Elton John, Marc Almond, Frankie and now it appears my absolute favourite of all time Boy George was a pillow biter…….. fuck off, I’m not having it.

    • The 80,s were what ? Cunty….Elton…?…Communards?… Frankie ? Marc..? U2..? ” Music as good as it got “. ?

      Dear boy, the 80,s and 90,s were a veritable wasteland, with only a few exceptions….

      • The 80s were fucking awful, starting with some blow dry cunt dj on radio 1 announcing that the future starts here and plays the Human fucking League.

        Thank God in 1987 for Appetite and 89 for the Stone Roses.

        The 80s. Give me a break.

      • Ultravox, Smiths, Throbbing Gristle, Pet Shop Boys, Joy Division, Cure, The The, Sisters Of Mercy… So not all bad, but far from being a great decade, granted.

  11. It is an absolute pleasure to participate in the cunting of ‘Boy’ George, and what a splendid cunting this is.

    The very fact that he prefixed his name with ‘Boy’, being a 80’s pioneer of gender bending, this step was needed to clear up any confusion (for some) about his sexual identity.

    I recall his first outing on TOTP – to me he resembled a cosmetics-festooned ballbag; there was no doubt in my mind that the fat poove mincing around in a hat and pigtails was no more female than Oliver Reed.

    A perfect example of substance over style. After a couple of hits, the cunt indulged in the typical celebri-poove tragi-comedy run of rampant cocaine addiction, bumming his band-mate (Jon Moss), releasing shit songs, converting to Hare Krishna, more bumming and tying rent boys to radiators.

    At the time (early 1980s), our Geography teacher – a ‘flamboyant’ man with a penchant for pink shirts and coquettishly biting his lower lip claimed he knew Jon Moss ‘very well’. Hmm, yes, I am sure they spent much time together strolling the Cadbury Boulevard, hand in hand.

    Whenever my father in law, an old-fashioned man, hears a Culture Club record on the radio, he launches into a tirade of expletives about Boy George – ‘fucking whoopsee, cunting faggot’ etc, etc.’ A man of sound judgement.

    • Jesus Christ, moderation again? I have kept my posting uber-polite so I really can’t see why on earth this keeps happening.

  12. Boy George must be a physically repulsive old cunt in that he used to have to tie up his boyfriends and that was 20 years ago

    • Agreed, Mr CP. Perhaps the last decade when we saw charts with real diversity, bands who could actually play their instruments, bands who were image conscious of course, but seemed more interested in their music and what they wanted to say than gyrating their hips in front of camera while flashing their perfect teeth and six pack abs.

      There is a fair amount of rose tinted nostalgia about 80s music though. Remember the ‘Stars on 45’ bollocks and the mindless manufacturing of hits by Stock, Aitken and Waterman? Truly awful.

  13. Boy was/is your typical theatrical showbiz fruit…. Always came up with Emeryesque ‘quotes’ and ‘quips’ to order: like ‘Water off a duckie’s back’ and ‘Rather have a cup of tea than sex’ (which he nicked off Freddie Mercury)… And the lyrics to virtually every Culture Cunts single (‘Do You Really Want To Hurt Me?’ ‘Victims’ ‘Karma Cuntmeleon etc)’ were about yet another bitching session/catfight with his bumchum on the drums, Jon Moss…
    I think one of the other blokes in the band once said ‘Well, they’re scratching each others’ eyes out again… Here comes another single’…

    And George is a cunt for kickstarting the freakshow we now have to endure… When Culture Cunts were at the top of the charts Boy was seen by the media as an amusing novelty and a catchy enough pop act… Now – as far as the media is concerned (especially the BBPC and Grauniad scum) the transbender circus act is now King (or is it Queen?)… So he is a cunt…

    And does anyone else remember Boy’s ‘friend’ ‘Marilyn’? Fucking Nora…

  14. I do, Norm I do. If I recall, BG got all upset with Marilyn for ripping off his (sorry its) image and muscling in (if you could call it that) on its ‘is it a boy or girl?’ marketing idea. Another cunt.

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