Spot the jihadi [4]

We have a winner!

J R Cuntley correctly picked Kabul where a series of bombs has killed at least 40 people. But then as he said “Something happens there every other day….I expect to win…”

So the slate is wiped clean and we invite you to guess where the next significant sack of shit will be perpetrated. It’s only a matter of time.

One guess per person in this thread only please.

47 thoughts on “Spot the jihadi [4]

  1. Leeds. Close enough to Bradfordstan to make a trip in a transit van a worthwhile day out.

  2. Istanbul, a club was bombed on NYE last year and sure the peacefuls will want to make an example of the decadent behaviour of the infidel again.

  3. New York.

    New Year’s Eve.

    Times Square.

    I dunno, you’d have to expect the cunts to do summat on infidel year’s eve in either London, Sydney or New York so I’m going for The Big Apple again.

    • Well done JRC..sort of! All part of living in a big city according to Citizen Khan unless your unlucky enough to be from Kabul then its just the morning commute.

  4. I’m still suspecting the krauts are due some muzzie luv and as they love to destroy fine architecture as seen at Palmyra power tool exhibition in 2015.

    I’m therefore sticking with Cologne.

    A double bonus as filled with years of western world Gothic history though the explosion and flames might struggle to escape the Lidl bag never mind damage bricks and mortar.

    • The don’t shit on their own doorstep so you’re as safe as houses in Leedsdrabad, Birmingham Arabia or the two ‘stans’ Bradfordistan & Lutonistan!

      Fucking “peaceful” cunts.

  5. Tel Aviv.

    The way those cunts have been triggered by Big Don over Jerusalem, it’s only a matter of time before the cunts do their rocket routine again.

  6. I thought a long time ago that the strategy was to fire up the militant mentalists
    in Gross Deutschland and Belgium/Holland and get a decent resurrection of
    democraric socialist civil war going again. Now, it seems that. plus something more sinister. Merkel and her Kalergi awards and the blending of inferior european populations with superior more peaceful ones.
    Put the kettle on and forecast a place with the best headlines.

  7. What about that peaceful piece of cunt who mowed down a bunch of people in Melbourne recently. Didn’t kill anyone but was still of the Aloha snackbaaar persuasion. Might have missed it, I’ve been tucking into the festive rum this time of year as usual. Cheers and happy New Year’s cunters.

  8. Looks like we might have to disallow Kabul for the future nominations. More shit there this morning.

    Looking much too easy!

  9. I’m wondering what the skinny is on those 3 lads that were killed in Hayes in West London yesterday by a car. Daily Heil is saying the driver was ‘Asian’. Although Asians are not exactly scarce in that part of London.

  10. Goa. Quite a few potential Israeli targets there (almost all of them cunts, incidentally). Easy targets …. most of them sitting around, stoned as fuck! The ones that aren’t are Heroin or Coke dealers.

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