Sajid Javid M.P

Nomination for Business Secretary Sajid Javid. This slap headed piece of troll jizz has called for more new homes to be built and solve Britain’s housing crisis, but there is a problem,the Baby Boomer generation.

Yes they are all selfish NIMBY cunts with no clue of the real world, who have paid off their mortgage so anyone else can go and fuck themselves. No you cunt, the reason we have a housing problem is because successive governments open our borders to any boat jumping towel head, every unskilled Boris from Eastern Europe and various African shitholes being plagued by war,famine,drought,ebola or Bob Geldof.

Nominated by liberal liquidator.

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  1. Divide and rule. The British Empire was built on such a policy but nobody dreamed that they would follow us home and pull the same trick on us.
    That Queen Victoria bitch has got a lot to answer for…… nah….I don’t think so…’s what you get for being nice to cunts.

  2. Credit where credit is due. The Islamophiles at Jimmy Savile House have actually published a story about some Egyptian maniac saying its ok to rape girls who don’t wear hijab. Odd of the so-called BBC to attack their favourite ‘victim’ group.

    Full details here…

    Sajid Javid always reminds me of one of the minions from the Despicable Me movies. Thinking of which, Russell Brand is a cunt.

  3. There is no housing crisis.

    There is no NHS crisis.

    There is no school crisis.

    And even if there were, it has absolutely nothing to do with immigration.

    The ABBC for the first time in years ran a story on immigration this week, the “huge” reduction in net migration since Brexit was voted for last year.

    Positive as that sounds, the reduction was down from a 330,000 net influx of migrants p.a. to a mere quarter of a million influx per year.

    The net result of this is that we now only have to build one house every 6 seconds rather than every 4 seconds and that our gross population – excluding newborns and a longer living elderly population – will increase by 1 million every 4yrs rather than every 3!

    Thank you ABBC for putting my mind completely at rest on this white-elephant, non-issue of immigration.

    What the AL-BB-CERA also helpfully fail to mention is the fact that those statistics were taken between the time of Brexit being voted for and a year later (shortly after article 50 was invoked).

    At that time the laughable mockery of Brexit negotiations was not fully known, nor that HM Govt are likely to fold quicker than a bad poker hand on any EU subject including the free movement of cunts from the EU.

    I would imagine that next year’s net migration statistics – now that all the cunts know our Brexit negotiators are as soft as stray dog’s shit – will show migration numbers back up to the “healthier” figure of at least 330,000 net p.a. – although I’d fancy the figure to be even higher, a mere snip at 400,000 p.a., now they know we’re actually going to do fuck all about it (as it has been from John “Bullshit” Major, through the dark ages of the BL-OWN era, and to the ineffectual leadership of “nice legs – shame about the policies” May).

    But whatever you say, there are no crises relating to services directly associated with overpopulation, and overpopulation definitely has nothing to do with immigration.

    Honest guv!

    • What beggars belief is that when any cuntis asked if immigration contributes to the housing crisis, they deny it! How the fuck can it not contribute? Do we build lots of secret houses and give them to immigrants? It makes me so angry.

          • On shifts too in my neighbourhood too.

            About 7/8 of them go to the foreign food outlets in the morning and work until late afternoon chopping & prepping food for the evening. Another load leave late afternoon to said outlets to cook and the morning crew return about 45mins later and hop into warm beds.

            The other half of the cooking squad sleep on the customer area of shop floor through night and morning while work goes on through back.

            They are locked in by the shutters and there is no fire escape out the back of the buildings, just an enclosed at infested shithole dump they’ve created with their waste.

            The local council buildings overlook the rear and clearly are turning a blind eye so as not to be upsetting the “community”.

      • Exactly right CNR
        As I posted before Andrew Neil obliterated hiliary Benn on the housing shortage….
        Benn said immigration wasn’t responsible for any of it? Absolutely nothing at all??
        Jaw dropping bull shit from blitherary Benn……….

  4. Sajid Javid is one example of many. Politicians who are too thick and too far removed to manage even a successful bowel motion let alone a country.

    This thick twat has made numerous statements on anything and everything and is rumoured to fancy his chances at leadership. Well slaphead, I’ll tell you why that aint gonna happen.

    Firstly, you ARE a thick cunt with the IQ of tadpole stuck to a ducks arse! Secondly , as a sandwog you stand no fucking chance unless you switch to labour. Thirdly, there aint no Tory Party to lead now that the useless fanny pad Mrs May has destroyed it completely.

    In addition, as a former Managing Director of Deutsche Bank you cant be fucking trusted! And as the pig that sucked Camerons cock, I personally find you a revolting little cunt!

    Now go fuck yourself you feckless cunt!

    • If he’s the business secretary, he should be sorting out business as there is plenty of post brexit planning to be done.

      I’m sure there is a housing minister to take care of housing, although the peaceful religion worshiper ones will have them tied up appeasing the Grenfellians.

      They don’t allegedly want to spend this Xmas in B&B’s & hotels although as most of their cultures & religions don’t partake in our celebrations, its just another day for them anyway isn’t it?

      Accept the houses you ungrateful trespassing fucks!

  5. Also just watching the faux socio-globo-libero shill Marr, why is it that neo-liberals are more upset by Trump’s ill-advised re-tweets of “Britain First” videos of “peaceful” atrocities, rather than being horrified by those atrocities themselves?

    The same was true on Cuntstion Time on Thursday where the same subject came up and when – in no defense of Trump – Henry Bolton (UKIP Leader) said that we definitely needs to discuss the rise in “peaceful” atrocities caused by those from both within and without, the venom coming back from the right-on rest of the panel – including champagne socialism’s poster boy, Chukka Umunna – was repugnant at best.

    The orange one re-tweets the observation of “peaceful” atrocities from a right-wing group and the world collapses.

    Some “peaceful” cunt blows the fuck out of a concert in Manchester, full of predominantly children, and the next day it’s a “hug a peaceful” love-in just in case some one dares offend one of the poor wee lambs with a “hate crime” (i.e. name calling) because that crime is far worse than being blown to bits by an IED laced with nails and ball bearings isn’t it!?!

    The thing is, what these privileged neo-liberals fail to understand is that by avoiding the issue and refusing to even discuss the issue, folk who do have legitimate and actual concerns about the “peaceful” issue (i.e. those directly affected by it rather than the champagne socialists completely unaffected by it) – even the moderate ones – as they have no voice, find themselves drawn to the likes of “Britain First” and the EDF because those groups are the only ones who are prepared to address it.

    Then they (the neo-liberal cunts) have the gall to say that Britain is becoming more divided internally, insular externally, and heading more and more to the right in their opinions because of the likes of UKIP, Britain First and the EDF

    No, the reason why ordinary folk are heading (or being driven to) more right-wing views is because none of the mainstream parties or politicians will address or even discuss these concerns for fear of being fed upon by their “right-on” cannibalistic peers!

    So by avoiding the issue, the net effect is the exact opposite of what they actually want! Pity they’ve neither the sense nor brain power to deduce the end-game of their inactivity.

    Still, it probably doesn’t affect them in their cheeky weekend retreats in the Cotswolds, unlike the poor indigenous cunts of Lutonistan or Bradfordrabad!


    • Alan Milburn on Marr Show said something halfway sensible for a Remainer, in reference to immigration & housing:

      “If you’re going to be tough on Brexit, you need to be tough on the causes of Brexit.”

      • Fuck me! Sensible indeed shitcake. I always thought that if the EU was capable of acknowledging that they needed to change ( and change dramatically ) we might not be leaving.

    • Its so easy now to just grab a candle from the drawer, light it up, stand shoulder to shoulder and warble don’t look back in anger for a few minutes.

      I have a box of candles my mother bought us decades ago that haven’t been touched. I’m going to send them to the local government of the next “strike” affected area to help them solve their problems.

      Never under estimate the power of candle wax. It even beats rock, paper & scissors.

  6. Very little to add to the nom or the esteemed cunting from colleagues, except to say that Javid is the archetypal career Tory politician – a coffee-guzzling yes-man with zero real-life experience of the matters he is fucking with.

    And this middle-Earth looking cunt has a head which is about to fucking hatch something prehistoric.

  7. Javid looks as daft as his mate Fukka Umunna, the silver spoon in their respective gobs, spewing out a load of shit. Arseholes the pair of them.

  8. Will I come under too much friendly fire if I say this fella does have a few redeeming qualities? He was raised a peaceful and is now an atheist (that shit really boils Mohammed’s piss) with pro Christian leanings (getting warmer by the day). He came from a real working class background (dad was a bus driver innit) went to a shit school and a shit uni, but still managed to become MD of global bank. He did vote remain, but immediately accepted the proper result (“That’s why, with a heavy heart and no enthusiasm, I shall be voting for the UK to Remain”). His problem seems to be that he will say just about anything to try and get folk to like him, which is a bit stupid. Pick a side and fucking own it. He’ll tell the vegan lobby that meat is murder, then go for a steak dinner with Butchers association. He’s destined for failure, but on the balance of things I’d take one of him over 1000 Lady Nugees, Catweasles, Gideons or worse. He’s what I would call a very useful cunt, as he is very likely to turn with the majority in any situation, and not one of these ‘principled’, anti democratic cunts who always know best. We need more of these brainless, mindless types in politics as they may eventually do as we ask…

    • Interesting post…

      “On the balance of things I’d take one of him over 1000 Lady Nugees, Catweasles, Gideons or worse.”

      Me fucking too!

      • Yes, an interesting post. He ( like suckdick ) is the product of a bus driving fucker from Pakistan. Both have past history. In the case of Sadiq, he was the top honcho for Deutsche Bank no less. Now that in itself is curious. Looking at his “work history” something smells quite peculiar. Chair of this, Chair of that, Expert in everything you can think of. To be that good, you must have a credible work history. Javid was propelled to the top straight from his baby walker. Curious. Very Curious. just sayin.

          • I had never seen that article. It is very disturbing, and I had not realized how deeply he was involved in the formation of structuring “bad debt ”
            That recklessness has caused decades of austerity and the collapse of many a pension fund. The fact the Javid targeted the pension funds specifically shows what a plutonium grade paki shit faced cunt he really is.

            Thanks for that link Komodo. As a natural Tory voter., I think I need to realign myself!
            Its amazing what you can learn on this site.

          • Have always felt vaguely uneasy about this cunt. Now I know why. Let’s hope he never makes it to the top. Stranger things have happened recently…

  9. I object to the easing of the planning consent rules regarding Green Belt land. If they forced the big builders to use the land that has been “banked”,there would be less need to destroy the countryside. Besides,a lot of the new houses will be destined for “cultural enrichers” who only want to live in their inner-city ghettos. They don’t want to live out in the sticks,and we sure as hell don’t want them.
    Send the Cunts to Scotland. Beautiful country,friendly urbane natives…I might even move there myself. I wonder if any of the locals could recommend where I should go?

      • Pulled the best card from ‘shit town top trumps’ right there. Hope you like benefits, Burberry and buckfast (and aren’t too fussed about cleaning your teeth), you’ll fit right in.

        • Don’t knock the Jocks, after all toothpaste was invented in Jockland, well it must have been invented there, if it were invented anywhere else it would be called teethpaste.

    • C’mon Dick Fiddler,
      You’ll be invited to many a fried chicken party and might even get invited to try a delicacy like Sheep’s eyeball like on that Bond film when they have a housewarming. That might make you an honorary member of the tribe. Also think of all the things you can buy at market for ‘Special price’. The futures bright.

      • Do you think so, B+WC? I’m not sure that my digestive system could take a diet of deep-fried everything washed down with Bucky/IrnBru cocktails….I might have tried haggis,but apparently it’s made out of the bits that civilised people feed to their dogs.

        Have you been invited to the Royal Wedding yet? I’m going down on the £10 Newcastle to London party bus. We could pick you up. I’m taking a banana cake that I had specially commissioned for the happy couple.

        • No Dick Fiddler, I meant when the darkies and sandies turn up and move in to your part of the world. You’d be invited to eat fried chicken and a bit of monkey if you’re lucky. Anyways the banana cake is a very thoughtful idea, but maybe you could make it with Irish soda bread to show her true roots.

          • The DM published her ancestry proving that she is of English Irish Scottish and Welsh Blood, who has been close to the Royal Families since the time of King Oswin of Northumbria. Her relatives fought at Hastings, Crecy, Agincourt and much later at Trafalgar.

            Her roots are firmly embedded in Englands Royal Family, having descended from no less a tasty shag as Nell Gwyn!

            Meghan Markle is more English that all of us put together, and if any bastard mentions having darkies in the family, then they will go to the fucking Tower!

            I feel so fucking humble…..

  10. Everything is fucked, I give up. Looking out for myself and my family now and fuck the rest of the cunts.

    This Government is taking the piss but to be honest the amount of traitors and EU secret agents on the EU payroll it’s not a surprise we have and will mess this whole thing up and ‘leave’ the EU but still have freedom of movement in return to access to the single market. They will no doubt put some spin on it and say the scrounging cunts will have to get a special visa or some bollocks but believe me cunters fuck all will change and Teresa reMayner will fuck off and some other cunt will take over call an election and then Corbyn will get in with an alliance with the Lib Dems. No doubt Clegg the cunt will offer to be chief negotiater with regards to us asking to rejoin the EU. This time though we’ll have to pay another 40 billion to rejoin and accept the Euro.
    What an utter disgrace, and my only hope is there is no deal.
    This country will be ruined in 15 years and I predict war on the streets.

    • I hope the British people still have the bollocks to make their voices actions heard and not ignored and give the government something to think abaaaaaht when the inevitable betrayal is completed.

      • Im up for a bit of rebellion B&WC. I think ( hope ) you are right. Some form of violence is likely. ! It works too!

        (The IRA gained political Power, John Major and Tony Blair used to regularly service the tools of Mcguiness and Company and give them anything they wanted.)

        • Lets not forget the french approach of dragging them out for a good old beheading. Definately required if jeremy cuntbin gets control.

  11. Cheer the fuck up cunters, we have a lovely Wedding to look forward to next year when ‘Our’ Harry marries the black and white cuntess. The Royal family are paying for it as well yeaaaah… Wait a minute that means us. What a bunch of mugs we are eh. The cunts.

    • Maybe all these popcunts and celebrity twats should do a special ‘St Jo Of The Blessed Cox’ or Elton John Lady Died cash-in style tribute single for ‘Our ‘Arry’ and Maple Markup… They could rework the old Motorhead classic.. ‘The Queen Of Spades! The Queen Of Spades!’…

  12. Re COTY 2017 – Where’s Chucka Umoaner?

    Less deserving than a nobody like Brand?

    Need to at least double number in each category if there’s no room for active arch cunts like Cunta…

    • Brand is on the wall of cunt. Spear Chukka isn’t. Maybe he’ll make it next year. Ditto Saddie Khan. They seem to be working on it!

      Keir Starmer is a bigger cunt than Chukka in my book especially on the Brexit front.

      I guess someone had to decide the top five and you can’t please everybody. I remember when I used to do this site I just asked for nominations in each category and the response was very low. I’m guessing the poll system will get a better reaction?..

      • Oh yes, forgot the dire and dreary Sir Kunt Starmer… FFS, who gives a fuck about perennial wanker Brand? Didn’t he once tell the snowflakes not to vote? Should be Man Of The Year imo!

  13. Sajid Javid MP by day, street shitter superhero at night….

    Imagine my surprise cunters a street shitting indian politician going against ethnic britons interests never heard of that before…

  14. I dunno maybe this is like karma payback for the ghandi honestly I don’t understand the whole ghandi thing and the last time I tryed to watch the film I fell asleep 40 minutes in.

    Maybe I just have poor concentration or maybe Ben Kingsley is just a insufferable boring cunt!

    • Seriously tho I do have horrible concentration, watching a 4 hour film is a daunting task to me nowadays and the film was especially boring

  15. The amount of potential candidates for COTY is positively frightening. I was trying to think of the reverse process, people worthy of being made an honourary cunter. All I could think of is Pauline Hanson who wore a burka to Australian question time.

    • Dead right C n R… Plenty of cunts could get the prize this year…

      Lily Mong and her shameless Grenfell publicity stunts
      Tony Blair and his continuous attempts to derail Brexit
      Whichever cunt it was who made Doctor Who a bloody woman
      James O’ Gobshite
      Banana Gob

      The list is endless, but I suppose my COTY would be our much hated Prime Minister… For bending over and letting those EU scum take her -and Great Britain – right up the fucking khyber… May is a massive Judas cunt…

      • Oh yeah, and May is also my COTY for doing fuck all about those soapdodging murdering, raping peaceful scum, even after the horror of Westminster and Manchester… Instead of deporting or arresting them, these filth are still allowed free reign… While crash bollards and armed police are now outside shopping centre Santa’s Grottos… Live and let live, eh? May and Rudd are pure cunts…

        • And what about that Parky Stanley cunt, who is suing a university 17 years after he graduated, because he’s got a shit job and is a fucking failure?… Now, that’s a real cunt…

      • Endorse Blair. Who epitomises cunt and should never be made to yield his COTY status. On again today on R4. Miss.

        • Don’t forget supercunt Lammy…Count him as Flabbott in drag, that’ll have to suffice for this year.

    • Time we made good use of those Trident missiles.
      Target: UK
      Put us out of our misery.

    • You are not allowed any concerns of this nature Norman because it’s the double-whammy of the race and “peaceful” cards in operation.

      In fact for even being concerned I would suggest you report yourself to the nearest police station for them to throw away the key on you before attending this week’s “nothing to see here”, hug a “peaceful” virtue signalling rally, while arresting the families of the Manchester victims for littering offenses relating to leaving body parts strewn all over the floor in a public place!

      This is what “acceptance” and “multiculturalism” feels like to me. Unfortunately I must be the only person in the whole of the UK that feels this way (according to the neo-Liberal cunt politicians and their cunt toadies in the national meejah).

  16. There is no housing shortage, look around you there are thousands of homes. what is fucking obvious is over population.

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