Michael Heseltine (5)

This perennial EU loving shitbag has now claimed that he’d rather have Comrade Corbyn and his merry band of commie cunts in power than see the UK out of the EU, the sell out cunt claims that the former would be less damaging.

Why and how has this man ever had and continue to have a foothold in politics?

Right from the start even in the Thatcher government he was always a back stabbing Europhile cunt.

Christ, he engaged in a level of selling this country down the river to the eurocunts that would even make Blair and Major creams their pants!

This cunt should have been put out to pasture (or worse) a very long time ago!

Maybe the Tories will finally get a fucking clue and expel this cunt!

Nominated by Prime Minister Sinister

36 thoughts on “Michael Heseltine (5)

  1. Dinocunt. Obnoxious undemocratic selfish twat. A leader with any backbone and who believer in Brexit would have booted him out a while back.

  2. In keeping with the festive period this cunt is like black ice(can I say that?) A fresh sprinkling of pro EU bullshit on top of a cunt that wont fuck off and melt away.

  3. Never has a more undemocratic, undeserving and untrustworthy cunt graced the political arena. Having been quite active in destroting British industries since 1953, whilst making a tidy profit from real estate (one of the biggest proponents of right to buy too) the cunt has done nothing but feather his own nest while shitting in yours since the 60”s. One of the original neoliberal’s and a very dangerous toad… Along with Clegg, Osbourne, Timmy Farron, Mandleslime, Alastair Scumball and Titan Cunt Blair all you need to know is that they actually (and legally) represent absolutely bloody no one (politically)… and the BBC love him and give him unlimited airtime. A sign of true evil if ever there was one.

    • You know he’s a POS when he’s a Tory that the BBC will happily give air time to.

      I’m surprised he wasn’t on that traitor trip with Clegg, Blair’s bum chum and Clarke recently.

      How Thatcher kept this cunt in a position of power after the crap he pulled in ’86 is beyond me. What a mistake that was on her part giving this snivelling maggot another job in her cabinet after that!

      I have this cunt in the ISAC Deadpool, it would be nice if it were to happen……

      • Believe it or not, at the time ‘Tarzan’ was considered the ‘darling’ of the Tory party. Snatcher kept him cos he was a popular ‘wet’, and thought it better to have the preening cunt pissing out of the Government tent than on the back benches pissing in.

  4. I must say, I’m surprised this is the first ever cunting this old bastard has ever had on ISAC.

    • Probably because he’s kept a low profile publicly/politically since leaving Government in 1997. Until this year when Brexit roused him from his stinking pit in Jurassic Park.

  5. Never ever liked this cunt. A traitor then, and a traitor now. A scullerous puke bucket who has the eyes of a reptile, the stinking breath of a baboon’s bare arse in the height of summer, and the intellect of a festered gonad.

    This pro European Union cock sucking , Macron loving twat, should have his nuts sewn to the lining of his jaw and force fed a giant curly wurly and powdered glass. With any fucking luck, this festering fool will appear in the dead pool very very soon. Cunt.

  6. I quite liked in the film ‘UP’ but in the political world this is one of the most obnoxious back stabbing self serving sewer rats that we have ever had the misfortune to represent us in Parliament. Tarzan as he was known always fancied himself with the ladies and maybe the odd rent boy for all we know but I don’t trust any cunt that cannot be arsed to trim his ear and nose hair whenever he appears on our screens. No doubt his favourite chair at home has that distinct stench of senile piss as he allows it to seep through his mustard coloured elephant corduroy kecks. Lets hope the cunt doesn’t see 2018.

  7. Useless, irrelevant traitor sitting in his multi-million pound Kensington mansion oblivious to the realities of modern Britain. Shove your Sikorsky-Fiat tanks up your treacherous, craven arse, you democracy/people -hating turd.

    Good Spitting Image puppet though.

  8. Hardly his debut on these hallowed pages, it’s his 3rd appearance that I can remember. Hopefully his last as the sooner he is brown bread the better. At the time he was growing up cunts like him would have been taken to the Tower, tied to a chair and filled full of holes courtesy of the Lee Enfield rifle. A right fucking Lord Haw Haw this cunt is.
    Will the Tories kick him out of the party? Why? Eighty per cent of the Tory cunts In Westminster think he is right, including the Maybitch herself . She doesn’t give a fuck anyway as she will be dumped before the next election to take her retirement in the Lords pig trough.
    What a fucking mess this country is in.
    Fuck it i’m going up the pub before they turn it into a 🕌 fucking mosque.

    • Lost one of our locals to a peaceful religion worshipers den.

      Pity, it was already a fine educational establishment, being a flat roof pub where lessons were taught & learned most evenings and weekends.

      I shudder to think what’s being educated behind the closed doors now.

  9. Well if this was the 13th to the 17th centuries then traitor’s gate would look like an Aussie bushman’s hat with all the treacherous danglies hanging out there.

    Prime spots reserved for Ovaltine, Cuntosaurus Clarke and Prick Clegg.

    Admirably supported by Anna Sour-berries (for the femanist angle) and – on a specially designed spike – vaGina Piller for the ethnic angle.

    Chuck in Lord Haw Haw O’Brien and Cunty Izzard and you’d have enough danglers to provide a surreal table football exhibit.

  10. Man City fans who struggle with the fact that without the oil money they’d be in the championship right now….Yeah, them cunts…

    • Hate the cunts Norman.

      And their training outfits look like man utd colours.
      A shade of read with black and yellow thrown in.

      You know who my team are Norman , but let’s be honest, English football would be in a poor state without man utd and their success these last couple of decades.

  11. Tarzan and cuntasurus ken are just remnants from the Cretaceous period of British politics!!! Do the county a favour and just Fuck off and die you bitter old Cunts!! ……..

  12. Heseltine is yet another politician that holds its electorate in complete contempt. For that reason he is a supreme, nasty, cunting piece of fuckshitwipe.

    I am not aware that this Jurassic Jockstrap is working to anyone’s mandate. He is simply doing what he does best; using his standing as an ex-Tory cabinet member to feather his own nest yet again.

    His Spitting Images puppet was far too complimentary; it portrayed him as a blonde-maned, snarling, swivel-eyed, rabid pot of shit.

  13. A dinosaur that’s too fucked to find his way into the nearest tar pit.
    Shove him in tbe Natural History Museum with the other extinct fossils.
    Stuffed, naturally….

  14. Dammit! We have a winner showed up on the isacunt… Google search. I then clicked on the site, saw Michael Heseltine’s name and put 2 and 2 together thinking it was the announcement for the latest Dead Pool.

    Unfortunately I got 5.

  15. In his defence, at least he is long consistent ——- a consistently long piece of arrogant, stinking elitist shit, that refuses to flush through the u bend of history

  16. Come on fellow cunters, he’s a politician. What else do you expect? I’d make it illegal for anyone to put themselves forward for election and anyone who tried to would be given a fair trial, then shot. All politicians are self serving cunts with their noses in the trough and should be hunted to extinction (I’ve got dibs on Nick Clegg and Nicola Sturgeon). MPs should be elected by sticking a pin in the telephone directory for the constituency. It couldn’t be any worse than what we’ve got now.

  17. On another note, something has gone seriously wrong when the House of Lords for this tiny little island is the 2nd largest political body in the whole world, second only to the Take Away Boys politburo!

    How the hell is that right?!

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