Lily Allen [6]

I would like to renominate the gobshite cunt that is Lily Fucking Allen again for being an absolute weapons grade, ocean going, treble cunt.

Lilly the musical mong who said she was going to let her high cost house out to refugees,has actually let it out to foreign diplomats who are now claiming diplomatic immunity and refusing to move out and there is fuck all the silly bitch can do about it. Lily is now saying she’s going to be homeless and her very unlucky kids are going to have to endure her moving in with them for Xmas ho ho ho….

What a fucktard! I nearly soiled myself laughing its made my day. I hate asylum seekers but in this case I hope these termites manage to stay there for fucking years and we can look forward to lots of news pictures of the twat in tears looking for sympathy. You won’t get any from me and if nothing else this should teach you a fucking lesson. If you go on the telly defending these fucking wasters and then making a big thing about renting them property you have opened yourself up to having them take the piss.

This is why people in the real world won’t help. That’s what you get and it just enforces the reasons for staying well clear of these cunts. Here endeth the lesson, you cunt

****** Happy Christmas, cunters ******

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  1. As harsh as it sounds, I couldn’t give two toots on a terrapin’s todger for her ‘plight’.

    The hopeless spastic should have foreseen this as a Macbeth moment. The problem is that she has spent years blowing smoke up Johnny Bongo’s arse not realising that these human fleas are voracious and will royally arsefuck anyone who appears to be extending the hand of human kindness.

    I am enjoying this little squirt of Schaudenfreude.

    • Try finding a terrapins Todger. I have two fully grown massive cunts and had them for fourteen years and I still don’t know who has a todger. Evil little cunts that take a lot of looking after and need kept separately as one is always trying to kill the slightly smaller one. Trying to prize the head of one out of the locked mouth of the other one is not easy or nice. In fact terrapins need a cunting of their own. Green bastards.

  2. It’s all a load of bollocks. The people (Italians by the way) simply asked for a couple of days grace to move out and, in fact, fucked off yesterday. Just a fucking publicity stunt like all her crying over refugee cunts.
    Bitch doesn’t give a fuck about anything except filling her Gucci bag full of cash. Die soon you whore.

    • Absolutely right FTF …..
      The tenants simply asked for a couple of extra days to get sorted and champagne socialist mong hit the roof and started bleating !! According to the tenant no threat was used regarding their diplomatic immunity being used to prevent mong getting possession of her flat! So it appears crybaby Allen has lied and gone looking for sympathy on social media ?
      She’s a fuckin piece of work!!

      • Forget to mention apparently theres a deluge of abuse now being aimed at Allen on twatter!!
        I’m sure more tears will follow from this attention seeking crybaby…….
        one particularly funny post was “ instead of renting your flat out for money why didn’t you house some refugees in it ? “

  3. The notorious Lily Liar is at it again… She’s even makes serial bullshitter, Sinead O’ Connor, look like an amateur… Nothing -and I mean nothing – El Mong comes out with can be taken seriously… This window licking kipper stinking bitch would do a shit in the middle of Traflagar Square to get some publicity… Disgusting media whore spaztard cunt…

  4. Oh, and the reason she wanted to move back in was because she had to sell her 4.2 million house in the Chilterns to cover a massive tax bill.
    She ought to get some advice from her fellow refugee lover, Saint Gary Jugears. We can’t have rich cunts paying their fair share like us muggy twats.

    • Yeh the fuckwit had to pay a large tax bill…. I’m surprised she didn’t try to crowdfund that too..
      Poor millionaire spasmong has been receiving threats from the big bad inland revenue…..
      please give generously…….

  5. Off point….
    BBC doing a piece on fake news?
    Hopefully tomorrow they will run a piece on wonky eyed biased reporting?
    Don’t hold your breath…….

    • They also did another piece on Islam. This time Halal. Wonder if they will ever do a piece on Christians, Agnostics or Atheists. Probably not because don’t have victim status.

  6. Move in with her kids?

    How old are her fucking kids?! She must have had them young, probably to claim benefits, the cunt.

  7. What’s up with the filters this morning? Wanted to post a ling about snowflake cunts complaining about being called snowflake cunts because it hurts their snowflake cunting feelings, & I keep getting told I’m posting spam. Has pricky doublecunt been plaguing ISAC again?

  8. Lily Axewound Alan wouldn’t of had a problem with a roof over her head at Xmas. I am sure that one of the peacefuls she apologised to on behalf of the people of Britain in Calais would offer her a space in his sleeping bag.

    • She’d be much better off than that. The cunt is probably living in a council house in Croydon by now. She may have to put up with curried goat for Xmas dinner though. If she turns up he won’t be fucking it anymore.

  9. Lily Allen’s faff-batter is probably as corrosive as battery acid.

    Now that the details are more clear on this spoilt-cunt-mansion episode, from what I can see, Lil-mong made a tweet (twat) on how she couldn’t get her existing tenants out of the property in time for Christmas. The tenants, bemused by Lily Allen’s cuntitude to mention this and drag them into her world of online shite so publicly, made it clear to the press that they were only asking for an additional two days and are now already gone. Not before citing Lily as ‘stupid’ and making clear their regret of renting from her

    I have to say, Christmas has come early for those of us wanting to see a bit of Schadenfreude, or simply shit, flung at these champagne socialist justice warriors. First jug-eared beef curtain Lineker gets exposed as someone who goes out of his way to twist the tax the rules, and also as an unprincipled cunt who can be bought for a few shekels; hosting the FIFA 2018 WC draw despite this past tweet on his unequivocal ‘damnation’ of FIFA. But supposedly now, because FIFA have a pointed a bald cunt who is still corrupt but not Blatter-tier corrupt, Gary Shitroll believes that ‘FIFA are putting their house in order’.

    Then this week we see just how shitLily behaves when she cannot get relatively wealthy tenants out of her estate in 2 days. Imagine how she would cope with incoming freeloaders from bongo-bongo land, smearing the walls in faeces and screaming “unga bunga” at all hours of the fucking day. The whole episode neatly encapsulates what an utterly hypocritical shitcunt she is.

    Lily Allen was destined for hall-of-fame cuntitude the moment Keith Allen cut the fucking cord. It remains a blight on humanity that he didn’t attempt to strangle Lily with said umbilical the moment she was shat out of her mother’s anus.

    • It’s unlikely Keith Allen cut the cord. He wasn’t around by all accounts. Has been a cunt all his life so didn’t have even 1 day off.

    • Superb TECB.

      You just forgot a couple of factual points towards the end of the piece….

      …Neatly encapsulates what an hypocritical thick as fuck brain dead lefty luvvie shitcunt she is…..

  10. Flabbot twitter hot with support for the Grenfellians.

    This is some amount of bereaved family and survivors for a tower with 120 homes.

    What do they really hope to ultimately get from this enquiry?

    Imagine the circus show that would happen as a result of these clowns taking part in an enquiry when they can’t even behave at the arranged housing association meetings?

    People imprisoned for their involvement in the building management and refurbishment? More compensation? Nooses round necks?

    Yet many of these accusers finger pointing are forgetting they are not even here legally, so they will be happy to be treated by the same justice system too?

    Surviving a fire shouldn’t make someone exempt from prosecution if they have done wrong.

    Imagine a rapist in ten years time in the dock, claiming prosecution exemption due to being a Grenfellian and actually getting away with it as he has suffered terrible trauma and his conditions are a result if physiological injuries. More than likely walk away with another lot of compo, and his rape victim leaves empty handed.

  11. Sorry I can’t talk at the moment. Am held up in my safespace after being trigeered by suck my Dick son of a bus driver Khunt. He is upset because Islamabadians are annoyed with POTUS ocer Israel…

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