Jennifer Lawrence [3]

Jennifer Lawrence is a cunt… This is the daft slag who said that the recent hurricanes that hit the US were a punishment for those who voted for Big Don…. I know: what a fucking stupid cunt…

This is also the cunt who took pictures of herself in the billy bollocks, then claimed to be ‘violated’ and called in the Feds…. Again: cunt….

Now the stupid trollop has had more narcissistic photos of herself in the rik published, and she’s blubbed that she feels like she has been ‘gangbanged by the whole world’….. Well, I wouldn’t say the whole world… But I’m sure the Hollywood slapper gobshite has done more than her fair share of it….

Nominated by Norman

22 thoughts on “Jennifer Lawrence [3]

  1. Sweden Rape statistics “From 2004 – 2014:

    45% of people sent to prison for crime were foreign born.

    82% of people sent to prison for gangrape were foreign born.

    70% of those sentenced to a 9 year prison sentence were foreign born.

    The leaker is being sued, so they appear to be real statistics then. In Europe you know, this race stuff is a secret and leaking it is a criminal issue because it shows the politicians to be lying, thieving PC mudslime appeasing cunts

    • Fucking ace thaT, JR…. Cheers…
      To (sort of) quote a Stone Roses classic: ‘I’d love to do it, and the mong has always had it coming’…

  2. “gangbanged by the whole world”- yeah, she wishes.
    Famous-for-nothing-more-than-being-a-cunt spunk trumpet and prize C U N T.

  3. She doesn’t seem the fussy kind, I wonder when’ll be convenient for her to pop round to my place and put a bit of lipstick on me dipstick. I can’t promise not to get any jizzle in her eyes,mind…doesn’t look the sort to be too bothered,to give her her dues.

    • Just keep the spread of the gash downwind. The stench of ripened hummus and falafel combined with over ripened sea urchin would probably be a bit of a game changer.

  4. I’m no biologist but there has to be more than one dose of jizz on that slapper’s boat.
    Looks like she was filming some kind of gangbang bukake session……..that i’ve been told about.

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