Houses covered in Christmas Lights

Houses covered in Christmas Lights are a cunt.

True to form,these cunting eyesores have started appearing in the less salubrious parts of Bristol,ironic when you consider the price of electricity these days – probably being run off the neighbours supply in most cases. What is the fucking point?. I saw one that had a giant inflatable Santa on the roof swinging a sack. The cunt must have been visible from Space.

Nominated by Mary Hinge

40 thoughts on “Houses covered in Christmas Lights

  1. God I fucking hate old people I was this close to murdering my step father in cold blood this morning. The fucker woke me up ruffling through the freezer at 1:30 am this morning and was also in the laundry room making a huge racket listening to the stones I say “listening” but the burnt old cunt is almost completely deaf and so had the volume at 60 decibels.. 50 at least not joking.

    Really I’m too nice and I won’t even bother asking him why he did that because his shit old man excuse will just enrage me futher, fucking stunned old cunt…

        • It was miss you from the some girls album definitely not a favorite subpar record I thought.. especially waking up to it at 1:30 in morning I had to work! I would never kill the old git or maybe I would I dunno but his old man stunts are taking its toll

          Beggars banquet is probably my favorite stones album tho sticky fingers is a close second

  2. Normally I would say that anyone who covers the outside of their abode with Christmas lights and suchlike is a right cunt… However, if such things continue to ‘offend’ council snowflake cunts, peaceful cunts, and general ‘Diversity in Christmas’ cunts then I’m all for it…

    Peace(fuls) (Hopefully not) on Earth, fellow cunters….

    • I wouldn’t even bother going through the work of putting up christmas lights what for?! 200 in bright lights to piss off my neighbours? I missed the part in the nativity story where god told everyone to drape their homes in bright fucking lights

      Its just a big increase on the electricity bill and a excess in worship of christmas, an a waste of energy too the yanks do it in a extreme way I decorated the tree and put up a door wreath this year, thats fucking good enough

    • All I’ll say is that unlike the ABBC’s “peaceful” animated Xmas family and Tesco’s “Turkey Every Way” (except Halal) “peaceful” family, here in deepest, darkest Lutonistan you won’t see any evidence of Christianity’s most holy of holidays.

      There may be the odd bauble in the main high street shops like M&S but anywhere else no chance!

      “Peacefuls” don’t do Xmas. Non-“peacefuls” don’t do Xmas (externally) either in Lutonistan for fear of a friendly “peaceful” reminder through their window that Lutonistan is now greater than 50% “peaceful” and is safely lost to the infidel.

      Contrast this to Ramadan in Lutonistan where they even have “Radio Ramadan” for the whole month.

      If I could understand what the cunts were saying I’m pretty sure it will be the equivalent of peace and good will to all men. I’m sure…

      • Radio Ramadan…
        Now I’ve heard about feckin everything.
        Hosted by peaceful equivalents of Smashy & Nicey, by any chance ?

        • Yes they’re called Blowey and Rapey but it loses something in the translation from Urdu.

      • Get a stronger radio and transmit over the cunts.

        Bet they don’t have a licence, something to do with freedom to transmit to all… Its in the Sharia code of shitey hand.

    • Nice one Norman. The miserable peaceful cunts across the road have to look out on my neighbour’s festive display each year complete with manger, baby Jesus, animals and crosses. All illuminated with 6 million watts of dazzling display. Do the peacefuls like it? Nah, certainly not!

      Fucking fantastic.

      • Think I’m with the peacefuls on this one (assuming they give a fuck anyway). Christmas represents everything I despise about our culture, especially the rampant consumerism and forced jollity – why can’t THEY just leave me alone!? And it’s fuck all to do with Christianity anyway imho. If they changed the name to Capitalistmas I’d probably show more respect. And I have no idea if God exists, but organised religion can FUCK RIGHT OFF!

        Ok, Xmas nice for anyone under 14, but the overkill of presents bought for the entitled little cunts in the making is enough to make a cat laugh! In 1958 I got a satsuma and a cheap drum, and went to a party organised by the local T.A. – best Christmas ever!… Except 1967 when I got Magical Mystery Tour EP, Are You Experienced & Axis Bold As Love, and a Ten Shilling note from purple-rinsed (!) Auntie Evelyn.

        At least this year the mother-in-law will be in hospital, so I won’t have to endure the ritual Xmas bore-athon lunch – every cloud, ha ha, bah humbug. Unfortunately there’s still the wife to appease…

        Happy Christmas Cunters, and I mean that most sincerely folks!

        • Oops, I lied – the cheap drum etc was 1961, not 1958…

          1958 was the year my brother was born. Worst Christmas ever!

          • Can’t really be arsed with Xmas SB. But anything that upsets our tawny twats gives me explicit pleasure. I guess Good Friday and Easter Sunday are the best. Giving Palm crosses and shouting hosannah. Now that really gets the cunts boiling piss.

          • Give me oil in my lamp, keep me burning…

            The peacefuls sing it different…

            Give me oil in my Bluebird, stop from seizing.
            Get me to the cash and carry I pray…

  3. I’m pretty sure it’s the same Cunts that cover their property with enough lights to illuminate a small town that also spend a disproportionate amount on fireworks and instead of letting them off around 5th Nov believe they should be let of anytime between early October thru to Xmas!!
    Neither particular bother me, other than the odd muttered “ cunt” and a wry grin, and if as Norman said it fucks off the snowflake councils and offends peacefuls I’m finding a new appreciation of this phenomena..

    • Persons of taste and discernment do not adorn their houses with flashing lights. They are CUNTS. However, I have already installed an opaque curtain to defeat my transient Bulgarian (CUNT) (?) neighbours’ midnight security light (CUNT), often triggered by roaming cats (CUNT), also the headlights of the frequent visitors to another neighbour’s teenage (CUNT) son for the purpose of playing video games (CUNT) and probably dealing drugs (CUNT, but depends on drugs), so the disturbance from bulk purchases of illuminated Chinese tat is minimal.

      Ain’t it funny, though, that the major beneficiaries of Christmas are Communist Chinese electronics foundries and Jewish songwriters?

    • Fireworks upsetting peacefuls? Always assumed it was peacefuls testing their weapons!

      Also, houses covered in Xmas lights could draw their fire…

    • Not me Quislings. I put Christmas lights up, I’m definately a cunt but fireworks? No. I fucking hate them and the cunts that let them off all fucking year for all sorts of stupid reasons.

  4. Yes my enemies enemies can often be my friends. Much as I am fucked off with the whole over the top Xmas bollocks I take comfort in the fact that there are plenty of top class cunts who feel it much more deeply than me.
    The light up my life brigade not only piss off the Muzzies but imagine all the climate change wankers crying about all that energy being wasted. Fuck me it’s enough to make you want to hug a tree.
    Imagine how a veggie or a vegan tosspot feels watching all those turkeys marching out of the supermarket. “ as a youth I used to weep in butchers shops.”
    Imagine all the holier than thou feed the world cunts wringing their hands at the over the top consumption of food and dreaming of saving Africa.
    Imagine the fury of all the libtards at the very mention of Christianity.
    Yes Xmas may be a cunt but there’s always somebody worse off than you…….and every single one of them is a pontificating up their own arse sack of shit.

  5. I am pleased to report I live in a towel-head free zone, but I will be lighting up our house like Chevvy fucking Chase on National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation to the dismay of the coffin dodgers along our road.

    My kids love it!

    • Good for you Paul.
      Quite right. Me and mine too.
      I am not religious at all but love Christmas and so do Mrs Appropriate and the kids.
      The fact that it’s anti peaceful, anti libtard and anti environmentalist is bloody marvellous.
      Too much to eat and drink, time off work etc. Fucking great.

      It’s New Year’s Eve I hate….what the fuck is the fuss about?

  6. Another Flabbott classic that slipped under the radar, while twatting about the Grenfell tragedy, “We know fire puts out water. Sprinklers in tower blocks now”. I know its nearly Christmas, but this posturing fat cunt is the gift that keeps on giving on a almost weekly basis.

    • Flabbottomus appeared to be on antipsychotic drugs during the Marr Show yesterday. She was also decked out in a black designer straitjacket. From what you say the medication needs to be upped significantly!

  7. Creative Thinking dept…

    Taking the technology involved in my cunt neighbour’s merrily ™ flashing walls, roof and plastic sleigh a stage further, how about adorning the Grenfell Tower with a wall of synchronised yellow, orange and red LEDs to create a rippling flame-effect wave of light moving up from the 7th floor to nearly the top – where the words HO, HO and HO are spelled out in strobe lights?

    It would be an Art installation, I think, and could even become a heritage site.

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