Tulip Sadqui

Stupid leftard snowflake, Tulip Sadqui, was on LBC with Iain Dale the other day. Reckons a woman who have suffered the indignity of a man touching her knee is a victim of serious sexual abuse and how dare anyone say otherwise!


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  1. If that is sexual abuse ,what does she call putting your hand right up her skirt and grabbing the full anti pasta ,let alone worse? Halfwitted mare.

    • During that LBC interview the silly cow insisted that women who’d had their knee touched or who’d even been looked at in a funny way should be considered “survivors”.

      A dumbstruck Iain Dale spent the next five minutes trying to convince the daft bint that “survivor” was a term usually reserved to describe a victim of serious abuse, not some snowflake who’d been wolf whistled at or had a door held open for.

      The cunt would have none of it of course – all men are abusers and 95% of women are survivors, end of.

      Legitimate women’s libbers of my mother’s generation are surely spinning in their graves…

    • How’s the police and legal system going to deal with investigation and justice?

      Or is it just a name & shame or smear in the case where the accused is innocent?

      Police, courts and prison services appear incapable to deal with today’s crimes let alone investigate thousands from back in the day.

      British prisons are a joke as well. Go see how foreign prisons such as Iran, Mexico, Libya, Syria. Foreign offenders should be treated as they would back home, given they want their culture in our country.

      Specific prisons for each country of origin should do it though deporting them back to their own country where they likely already have previous convictions or they fled from due to being wanted for crime.

      The absence of a manfat filled stench trench for DNA purposes is a problem for investigating prehistoric rapes but how do you investigate a “touched leg / buttock” complaint?

      • Wonder if Lord Janner ever touched anyone’s knee? Guess we’ll never know now. Could still do Rolf Harris though, if someone was brave enough to come forward…

        • He gave a talk at our school. I asked him how he managed to get to so many meetings . Answer:”Oh I have a car for that!” Arrogant and as camp as christmas. Took sone boys from my school on a tour of the coomons. Dirty cunt. Check out his dyke daughter Marion. blight on the NHS the robbing cow with her “Starwards” charity. Don’t ask where all the money goes….

  2. Wouldn’t touch her manky old tulip, not even if I was paid to endure the ordeal.

    I imagine her cunt has sharp teeth around the wingflaps, a bit like that Doris in the horror film, the name of which escapes me.

  3. I despise her politics and opportunism. She’s an exec of mcCuntsky’s Unite, nominated Corbyn for leader – which got her on the Labour front bench – then backed Burnham .

    However, she defied a three line whip on article 50 because she went with the wishes of 75% of her constituents in the referendum. It cost her her Shadow job so she does at least have principles. There are many MPs in Parliament who forget they are there as elected representatives not to push their own views. For this she deserves credit…

        • No one can be a cunt 100% of the time. Exceptions to this rule are as follows

          Mad Dog McDonnell

          Tony Blair doesn’t make this list as he is way beyond being a cunt

          • Bonio is up there with Blair. He’s a member of U2 which was also an ultra-high altitude reconnaissance aircraft. Gary Powers was famously shot down in one by the Russkis, back in the sixties. So Bonio is definitely a cunt on a higher plane.

          • Ageed 100%…….
            Pretentious second raters!!
            Working on the longevity theory!
            Just because you’ve been around for a while it doesn’t automatically make you a super anything!!
            If that was the criteria for greatness my dogs shit in the back garden would qualify!!

  4. How long has this sexual harassment thing been in vogue? Two months is It? It seems to be the latest must have, almost to the point where there must be something seriously hideous about you not being a victim. We’ve had resignations, public embarrassment, checking into clinics etc.

    But. How many arrests? My latest census, I’ve added up all the cases and have a total of none. 82% of all the women in the world have been sexually attacked and no one has been arrested. Am I missing something?

  5. Without question one of the most annoying women in politics, as dio said as wonky as some of her views are at least she had the principles to serve the wishes of her constituents unlike bull dogged faced Anna soubry who’s broxbourne constituents voted leave by 64%!
    Off point…. It was delightful to see brexit denial specialist umunna bleating about the brexit vote that will be given to parliament, “ it’s like the government don’t understand or think MP,s are stupid “ this from the egg headed weasel worded quisling is pretty rich!, as useless as the government is at present they can see umunna and his unsavoury crew coming a mile off………

    • One has to be careful when cunting MPs. Since the St Jo of Cox murder, MPs have been told to report such ‘abuse’ to plod. However, Soubry clearly votes against the wishes of her electorate and this alone, in my personal views, makes her unfit for office.

      A nasty piece of work who clearly considers the wishes of the constituents and the UK electorate as a whole secondary to her own agenda. Arrogance in the extreme. An unpleasant trait made more so when found in a female especially when holding public office. Let’s hope her local party deselect her. She certainly deserves it…

      • Maybe all the MP’s who have cunted Trump should be investigated for their “abuse” or are the rules different for them?

      • Indeed they did dio, but I stand by my previous comments!
        She’s a bull doged face quisling!!
        Who does not represent her constituents wishes!!

  6. The most bafflingly bizarre example of “sexual abuse” given recently is that of the actress Ellen Page who has accused a director of sexual abuse for mentioning in front of the cast of a movie she was working on that she’s gay. And she is.

    Go figure.

    • What a drag. Every film that director was involved in will now have to be withdrawn, the masters junked and all existing prints destroyed. Hopefully the cunt will never work again…

      • Always had a thing for ellen page, she seems really sweet and not stuck up like other actresses. Its disappointing shes a carpet muncher tho never knew that

  7. So knee touching is now considered sexual assault? fascinating 20 years ago it would hardly even be considered flirting

    Then again in islamic countries if you flash a bit of knee or thigh (cheeky I know right?) you are considered a slut that deserves rape and possibly honor killed by your own family lol funny world we live in eh?!

  8. Hmmm, knee touching no longwr on the table eh?
    Ok, fast forward in time 2 more months.
    Now you cannot look at a woman.
    But, it’s impractical, society cannot function.
    Perhaps covering up the women will help.
    Not like there’s no precedent in other cultures…..

    • Is there a jihadi al Ken doll too? Accessories to include a truck bomb(TNT not included) AK47 and suicide belt.

      • Jihadi Barbie! Fuck me. But it gives me a great idea. Dress Ali and Barbatel in authentic dress, place at the bottom of the garden and let rip with the old air rifle!
        Replicate those long distance sniper kills! Who knows, in a year or two , we might need to do that for real

  9. Fucking hell, if all the women I’ve ever rooted, mouth fucked and ass banged come looking for me they’ll throw away the fucking key……with an extra twenty banged the end on for the facial cum shot I (accidentally) did on that coloured chick with the huge nipples years ago. It was a tough choice with that one, face or tits.

    I better start packing my shit ready for the stretch.

  10. Try this for size you stupid moron
    How about Tulips round my organ ….?
    Now rationalise that you cunt

  11. I consider some of these MP’s views PC extreme and given their position, a more neutral impartial person should be representing their constituents.

    Its all right for them to be a member of a political party and preach to me from their collective how I should behave and what i must accept.

    Yet I have views that are equally opposite to theirs and they decide that i am not allowed to join a collective where I could share and express my views with like minded people and on occasion go out to meet the public and voice opinion and raise awareness to people of what is being done to this country by these politicians and their appeasing PC nonsense / culture cleansing behavior.

    No, I must suffer this shit alone in my home, I must not have or voice my opinion with anyone or protest in any way other than marking a ballot paper with an X.

    A ballot paper filled with people from organisations that the government allow to exist, but they do nothing and fail to represent Great British citizens.

    Theresa May deserves a cunting as I just heard her “cunting”, by accusing Myanmar authorities of ethnic cleansing within their country while Great Britain itself is being “quietly cleansed” currently under her watch.

    Yet when Donald Trump does the same by voicing his views of the current “cleansing” going on in Great Britain and he gets hammered for it.

    May is a hypocrite for expecting another country to act on her views when she herself ignores the views of another countries leader and let’s our country go down the pan.

    People are being abused, raped and murdered here in Britain too by these peaceful religion worshipers but because its just random attacks over the country and they have luckily been unable to kill British on as big a scale as those in Myanmar its OK?

    Let’s just not talk about it and hope it goes away!

    “Run, hide and tell” will soon become “Run, hide and shut the fuck up and keep it to yourself”.

    That’s if we aren’t there already after all the government and police don’t want to know.

    Lets just stand shoulder to shoulder, stay strong and show them our resolve and that we will not bow to terrorism. That should sort them out!

  12. this silly cunt looks about 12 ffs
    and ugly cunts like her should take a touch on the knee when they can get it

  13. Snowflake Sandspade cunt… I would play her the infamous Brady/Moors Murder tape (that was used in the trial of those two cunts) to show this daft slag what abuse really is… I hope she fucking chokes, the cunt…

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