Simon Jenkins

EMERGENCY CUNTING: The Guardian’s Simon Jenkins wants to ban rememberance day. Words to describe this muzzie appeasing cunt do not exist. He deserves to be locked in a lift with me for 5 minutes. Only one of us would cone out alive the utter scum cunt.

Nominated by Kravdarth

And as a postscript to this story, read the comments in The Guardian in response to this fuckwittery. Especially this one :
“Forgetting past wars led to Brexit. The biggest success of the EU has been no wars between member states, yet those wars that occurred before its formation are so completely forgotten they were hardly mentioned in the Brexit campaigns.”

Firstly, Remembrance Day is NOT a celebration. Secondly it remembers all who died, not just our side. Jenkins’ attitude is an affront to those who died in all wars on all sides.

And why does the cunt that wrote that comment not understand that the EU is the third European war being fought with politics and economics instead of guns and bombs?

“Those who forget history are in danger of repeating it”

Nominated by Dioclese

92 thoughts on “Simon Jenkins

  1. Jank-ins is a pinko cunt. The reason that fucktard has enjoyed a life of freedom is due to the young men and women who perished in WW2.

    An arrogant, ungrateful little turd. He can roll up a copy of the Observer and poke it right up his chocolate starfish. Cunt.

      • He’s a Sir?!

        Pity Her Maj didn’t stick the sword through his throat instead of tapping the cunt on the shoulder…

      • My mistake, Dio but the Observer is a weightier tome than the Guardian and would splendidly stretch his Marxist sphincter until his piggy little eyes watered.

  2. 100% agree this waste of oxygen should be stoned outside the city walls the MASSIVE ABORTION OF A CUNT

  3. Totally agree with the nominations and the reasons given.

    Nothing more than an ungrateful unpatriotic disrespectful little shit. Incredible how many total cunts are given knighthoods.

    Extremely disappointing to see Tony Blair in attendance again today. Warmonger and opportunist.

    • There was a moment during the televised service today where Blair, Brown AND Cameron were all in the same shot, trying their best to pretend to be sombre. How my TV survived such a colossal overload of cunt I will never know. I don’t thnk my extended warranty covers it.

      Absolute fucking cunts one and all, Blair especially. How the shitcunt has the nerve to be at the Cenotaph of all places is beyond me – akin to having Iam Huntley at the funerals of Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman.

      • I popped in past my folks today go see they were ok and drop off some firewood …. the Cenotaph was on telly, it was eleven o’clock and I tried to observe a couple of minutes silence … That was fine until my mother (85 years old) spotted Blair in the line up …”That Cunt shouldn’t even be allowed near there …. the Cunt should be hung for treason” …. I’ve never heard my Mum swear in her life ….

        • … Honestly, she was livid, she couldn’t take her eyes off Blair, she was venomous…. her spuds went through the boil … and that never, never, never happens in our house.

          • Despite the polarisation with Thatcher, I genuinely think that Blair will go down as the most despised PM in British history.

          • With Brown & May equal second (unless May pulls a fucking ginormous rabbit out of her snatch).

  4. Unbelievably ungrateful behaviour. Perhaps he should fuck off to syria so we can send a drone after him.
    This is what all that pretentious academic conversation bollocks leads to – total disrespect of anything sacred.

  5. I was absolutely stunned to read this this morning. It’s a disgusting 2 finger salute to all those who fought and died. Free speech blah blah blah….fine, but there are some things which are so catastrophically offensive that they cannot pass.

    So many aspects of British life that many on here hold dear are being diluted, eradicated and/or glossed over by the rising tide of lefty/liberal/PC bollocks. Rememberance Day is and should forever be absolutely untouchable. Anyone who says different is a cunt and should be sent to the front lines of some sandpit hell hole to see how they like it. One way ticket.

    • Imagine either of the 2 wars with our current society. Unbelievable.

      Killing Germans is fucking marvellous. Genocidal, racist, arrogant cunts the lot of them. Proven fact, they only respond to megalomaniac racists telling them who to hate and murder to be happy.

      England 3 Germany 0.

  6. Would love to see my size 11 boot turn this smug snowflake turd’s face into corn beef and onion sandwich filling…. Who ever said it was a celebration?! I just remember relatives who fought in both World Wars and anyone else who did so too…

    Wish he’d met my granddad: when he got back from fighting the Japs and a spell in Changi prison as a guest of those Japanese cunts… He’d have shoved his bayonet right up Jenkins’ libmong arsehole…. Also, isn’t what this cunt is saying sort of anti-Semitic? If this smear of shite wants the remembrance abolished, I presume he wants the Jewish resistance and what they did forgotten too?… How about the Holocaust victims and survivors? I mean, if this cunt wants the men who liberated those death camps forgotten, I presume he also wants the poor people who perished in them at the hands of the Nazis airbrushed out of history as well?…. I hope this evil cunt is crucified for saying the men (and women) who saved this land and so many people in Europe and the Far East should be cast aside like trash… I really hope his fucking joke of a career is destroyed and him with it… The cunt….

    • This week we remember Haanah Senesh. A Jewish S.O.E agent parachuted into occuied France. More balls than this BUNGLECUNT.

      • One hell of a brave lady who did not break under torture! The snowflakes of today forget in history , that they live today for her lost tomorrow.

        • “And vee are going to torture you, you svinerhunt!”

          “Oh noooo. So, er, so you’re going to hurt me!”

          “Nine, much vorse!”

          “Oh noooo. So, er, what are you, er going to do?”

          “Vee are going to give you a latte unt return your iPhone!”

          “Er, ok, cool yeah, er I could do with checking my TwitBook. But, er, that doesn’t sound so bad at all actually, yah!?!”

          “Zee milk eez full fat!”

          “No, not that, noooo!”

          “Unt vee hef no WiFi!”


  7. I had to read up about this cunt….and found out he truly is a cunt. A hypocritical cunt to boot too. Agreed with the Falklands war then back in 2010 decided it was wrong and waffles on about the islands being given to the Argy bargies, under some sort of lease plan. Moans about the colonial past but still takes a knighthood. Fucking shameful cunt should be taken to the Tower and waiting execution. Fucking bellend.

  8. Against Hinckley, HS2, and Heathrow…does that not earn the cunt a brownie point or two? Probably not today – emotions running high, and rightly so.

    • Also needed to look this guy up before submitting my earlier posting Shitcake.

      As a fellow Brexiteer and in light of some of his political views gave him a lighter cunting than I might otherwise have done.

      Still badly out of order on this one though.

  9. Thanks Cunters. What about the teacher in the Mail on Sunday suspended for misgendering some fucked up traany dyke pupil? CUNTS.

    • If you don’t want to be a man or a woman it’s an easy choice are a CUNT. Transgender bollocks indeed.

  10. Great cunting Dio. Couldn’t agree more. Was in Morrisons this morning and they announced one minute silence. Literally everybody froze, not a sound. It was quite moving. My thoughts were not just with the British but with everyone who gave their lives. What a waste.

    • This dribble of arsegravy, whom I have always suspected of being an A1 cunt, might redeem himself if he were to observe two DECADES of silence, while standing upside down in a tank of cold sick.

      But probably not.

  11. Simon Jenkins is a cunt of vintage brewing. This cunt has, on at least two occasions I’ve seen, rushed to defend the ‘honour’ of UK-based Muslims in the immediate aftermath of terror attacks.

    This obelisk of cuntitude neatly encapsulates what the Grauniad has become – simply a load of ill-researched, left-wing clickbait opinion pieces. I cannot express how much I despise all the Graun’s columnists: Jenkins, Toynbee, Jones, Chakorborty, Marina Hyde, Hadley Freeman (rabid man-hating cunt) and John Crace – one and all deserve to suffer brutality of the most extreme categories.

    Jenkins, with this article, is merely carrying on the current trend of self-hating liberals doing their level best to shit on everything fundamental to traditional British culture or its history. It’s a fucking monumental insult that something as sacred as Armistice/Remembrance cannot be conducted without the bastard shitcunts on the left politicising poppies, or attempting to tenuously attribute their wailing on fucking Brexit/Trump/patriarchy towards demonising acts of respecting the war dead.

    Despcable pieces of shit.

    • We should have a poll on this. I’d put Toynbee and Owen Jones way, way out in front. The others are *almost* tolerable by comparison. Almost, but not quite.

      • Polyfilla Toynbee and Whining Owen Jones are so laughable, they are self-caricatures.

        I think, by definition, they have therefore probably cunted themselves…

  12. Falls over himself congratulating the turgid EU for keeping the peace in Europe …. as if NATO had never existed.

    I wish I could construct a Brexit Countdown Clock which would tell me the months, weeks, days, hours and minutes we have left until we leave this nest of blood-sucking, money-grubbing, hateful gangsters; not to rejoice at leaving, but so these carping, moaning, Remainer eunuchs can finally halt their ceaseless whining.

  13. Good cunting, but what do you expect of an ex-Tory turned LibDem cheerleader?

    He’s one of those irrelevant cunts to whom The Graun gives columns out of a sense of “balance”. Matthew d’Ancona is another one. Makes The Graun even more appalling than normal.

    • d’Ancona

      WTF…sounds like something available at Fartbucks…
      Is it skinny and tasteless ??

  14. Simon Jenkins is probably one of those people who are ashamed to be British, one of those who see themselves as a ‘european’ or ‘world’ citizen. They look back on the turbulent and often bloody history of these islands and their people with horror and disgust, and seem to think that remembering and commemorating the sacrifices that were made make us horrible and disgusting ourselves by association. Our history is our history – warts and all, and I for one am proud to be British.
    It would seem that Simon Jenkins would be all for bringing in some kind of ‘newthink’. A situation where those of higher intelligence { him and his ilk } would disseminate to the great unwashed {us plebs }the approved and officially sanctioned correct code of conduct.
    One of my relatives went down in the Battle of Jutland in WW 1, he was a teenager, 16 or 17, an uncle was a pilot in Bomber Command at 20 in WW 2, survived the war but now dead, another uncle was an RSM in WW 2 who fought in Burma, survived the war but now also dead,yet another uncle served on minesweepers in WW 2 – he’s still alive, not only does he commemorate Remembrance Day he runs the white ensign up on Trafalgar Day, dad’s cousin took part in the D – Day landings and dad himself was RAF ground crew.
    Does Simon Jenkins for one moment think me and my family are going to consign the 20th century {or any other } to history ? Does he think that thousands upon thousands of others will ?
    If he’s so embarrassed about his history then that’s his problem, if he wants to take it from others then that shows his utter contempt for his countrymen past and present. The man is a national disgrace, the fact that he is democratically entitled to make himself thus is down to those that paid a heavy price to afford him the privilege, who we WILL REMEMBER.

  15. Newsflash! Suck Dick Khunt now wants to welcome PORUS to the U.K! Two faced hypocrite son of a bus driver…..

    • What a lily-livered motherfucker Sadiq Khan is.

      Livingstone and Johnson between them had a great many faults, but both were visibly active as London mayor and stamped their own authority on their respective tenures. Khan is an absolute fucking yes-man stooge, in addition to lacking any charisma or nous whatsoever.

      Sadiq Khunt is a bactracking stool sample who is about as much use as a tampon in Angelina Jolie’s handbag.

      • Suckdick Cunt suffers from SMS – Small Muslim Syndrome. A mighty fucking dwarf of a man who mutters like Marlon Brando’s Don Corleone whenever He is interviewed. The brown arse clinker lacks any public speaking skills and resorts to mumbling complete horseshyte.

        He is clearly deluded – Trump will scrape him off the sole of his shoe; he has no interest in this spunkbubble’s insatiable thirst for embracing peacefuls.

      • “Hey Saddam! How’s it going there in London, England? Just wanna say, you guys are doing a great job. A really great job!”

        “Er, thank you Mr President, it Sadiq by the way.”

        “Sure, sure Muammar. I understand. So what can America do for you Mr Mayor?”

        “It’s Sadiq! Well I wanted to invite you to London for you to experience first hand the integration and the wealth of benefits the UK ‘peaceful’ population brings to the country and especially this great city.”

        “Sure, sure Osama. Sounds like a blast. I’ll have some of my people contact some of your people and let’s do this thing.”

        “IT’S…SADIQ! Mr President, a gentle reminder.”

        “I know it is. The other names were MY gentle reminder of what happens when prominent ‘peaceful’ cunts step out of line and get way too big for their thobe. Tell you what, come up to Scotland and have a round of golf with me next time I’m there. Get there early for coffee and bacon sandwiches and then we’ll finish on a pork supper with excellent home cooked scratchings. The chef at the Trump National has a Michelin star. You’ll love it. Gotta go, Putin’s on the other line….Nah, I’m just shittin’ yah. You take care now.”


    • Quote “to show the US president the places where people of all faiths “respect, celebrate and embrace” each other”.

      Does he read the news?

      What a CUNT.

  16. Simon Jenkins is an insignificant bitter self loathing turd like all guardian writers.

    • Deluded. Unless something has changed legally since his sentencing, he is to serve a minimum of 40 years before being eligible for parole and like Hindley before him, will almost certainly never be approved even after the minimum tariff has expired.

      He’s either just being an utter cunt or the Mail have mis-reported.

    • Why not? Most of the establishment are either dodging tax, committing treason or fucking kids. Why on earth would they want stringent or dissuasive laws around such crimes? Miss a council tax payment though….

      • Totally agree.

        My Japanese wife tells me long drop hanging is still legal punishment for those convicted of murder in Japan, but reserved to only those who have committed the most extreme murders.

  17. Ooer, my last comment is being moderated. Fook knows what trigger word I inadvertently let in.

  18. I’ve just read the article the cunt wrote. The cunt says he has a passion for history. Shame he doesn’t have much of a grasp of it. He boldly states that Russia won World War Two. Yes, I clearly remember the sound thrashing they give those pesky japs. Twat. Russia’s victory over the krauts had a lot to do with Germany making some big errors, no long range heavy bombers, advancing too far too quickly, not anticipating a really cold winter, oh and they were being kept busy in the west and the Middle East by the Brits. The guys who served on the arctic convoys supplying the Russians might feel a bit miffed, seeing as their contributions were unnecessary. Clueless prick.
    I don’t like football, but I know fuck all about it, so I keep my trap shut. Stops me looking like a tit bitching about something I know little of, and care even less.

    The worst part of that dreadful article was the the scrounging for money at the end. Like being touched up by a filthy old man, then being asked to pay for the pleasure. Fuck the guardian, and all those who write for it.

  19. Oh for fuck’s sake! Any other poor cunt had the misfortune to stumble on Louis Theroux on ABBC2 right now?

    Don’t get me wrong I like Louis but – surprise, surprise – in the right-on ABBC mold it’s about transgender ops in minors. Being done in – shock horror – San Francisco.

    These poor cunts look like Frankenstein’s monsters just before the “IT’S ALIVE!” bit with scars where there used to be the startings of tits and a badly filled chipolata where a vag used to be and vice versa.

    Fuck’s sake! It’s a mental illness pure and simple, and when the time is right if they want to swap image then fair enough but this continued promotion of these 1’s in 10’s of thousands will surely be having an impact on impressionable others thinking it must be “cool” to be like this.

    And how the fuck does a 6yr old even know the term “Transgender” and what it means if it hasn’t been brainwashed by its cunt “modern parents” (looking to get one up on their “modern parent” cunt friends) or the even bigger cunts teaching in schools!?!

    Christ on a bike! The world is fucked! Mohamed wins!

    P.S. If Mohamed wins, ‘peaceful’ women are not allowed to work, infidels have all been beheaded, and we know there’s about as much go in a dose of Andrews as there is in the ‘peaceful’ men folk; who’ll actually do the work? Oh that’s right, they’ll just turn on each other until there’s nothing left! Shariah Law – the gift that just keeps giving – sponsored by the ABBC.

    • The real cunts are the ones who say they are gender fluid ,non binary or some fucking tri-sexual unicorn. Being gay is not enough and this is the new progressive frontline, school uniforms, passports, changing room, toilets….just the start.

  20. Thing is, if this Jenkins shit had said ‘Abolish Eid’ or ‘Curb immigration’ the hordes of Libspaz Twitterscum (and the Grauniad vermin themselves) would be in meltdown and calling for his head… But hardly anyone will bat an eyelid over this… Your Lineker, Cuntberbatch, and Lily Mong will defend rapists, thieves, and sandwog filth to the hilt… But war heroes who died so they could be free? Nah!

    • I find it hilarious all the fuss the Graun made over Trump’s ‘misogynistic’ jock-speak, yet the shit-elephant in the room now is how so many on the Hollywood liberal end have been embroiled in the recent sexual assault witchunt.

      And nary a comment allowed. Fucking hypocrites. With a bit of luck, the Graun will actually go bust. Every time I make an ill-judged visit to their site, donation/membership begathons are endless and have been for some time.

      • I’ll happily make a donation to the Groniad.

        If they tell me where piss boy is, or the pure gatherer, I’ll hunker down and give generously!

  21. I did not entirely disagree with Jenkins’ article when I read it. Remembrance Day has become a farce in recent years – the opposite of the dignified, nonpolitical event it should be. I stopped wearing a poppy a long time ago, when the media started making it compulsory to wear one. Nowadays, disgusting rags like the Daily Mail cannot wait to declare jihad against anyone not wearing a poppy on the telly from the second week of October. Bollocks to that. Freedom is meaningless unless it is the freedom to hold unpopular opinions.

    Most people know fuck all about the First World War. As the historian David Reynolds said in his book The Long Shadow for most British people the war has been reduced to the poets, the 1914 Xmas truce and the first day of the Somme. The poets were a bunch of public school bumboys, most of the ordinary soldiers disapproved of the Xmas truce and, whilst hideous, the Somme was actually a major strategic victory for the Allies.

    For idiots on both sides of politics history has become a resource for ‘proving’ their arguments about today. Leftist twats think the Crusades show the West was always ‘Islamophobic’ but fail to recognise either the long term or short term causes of those wars. Right-wing foamers who go on about the Second World War forget that it took the combined might of three world powers – the British Empire, the USSR and the USA – to defeat the Third Reich.

    So you can slag of Jenkins if you like but he does raise important points about the misuse of History and memory. Perhaps there would be less hassle in Northern Ireland if some cunts stopped obsessing over 17th century battles? And perhaps the Middle East would be less of a violent shitehole if people forgot the tribal squabble about the succession to the semi-historical desert bandit whose ‘revelations’ supposedly started the Muslim religion.

    • Remember the episode of Dads’ Army when the platoon turned against Godfrey for being a conscientious objector in the First World War? Turned out he won the Military Medal for rescuing soldiers during the Battle of the Somme. That’s why he was the platoon’s medic.

      • I think Jenkins is just having a swipe at anything traditional and British… Anything that the British people are proud of and commemorate, he doesn’t like… But the cunt will suck the cocks of the EU Fourth Reich and lick out those peaceful scum at the drop of a hat… If the cuntr wasn’t having a go at remembrance day, he’d be having a swipe at something else that’s quintessentially British… He’s a cunt…

        • I seem to be in a distinct minority here, Norman but that’s not the way I read the article. As I said in my first post, I am uncomfortable with aspects of Remembrance Day at the moment but I am not opposed to having the day. I am particularly unhappy with the demand by the gutter press that everyone wears a poppy whether they want to or not. Making everything compulsory under pain of ostracism is the hallmark of the ‘politically correct’ and ‘snowflake’ twats who regularly get lambasted on the award-winning website ISAC.

          I am by no means a fan of Jenkins – a typical sneering Guardianista – by this is bang on the money…

          “Identity politics is explosive enough without drenching it in the fuel of history. An upsurge in Europe’s remembered complaints is threatening its stability. The Catalans have no substantive dispute with Madrid, beyond seeking a remembered separatism. The Scots’ case for independence is not the outcome of some present oppression, but of a congeries of past slights and indignities.”

          Identity Politics is the poison of our times.

          • What’s causing the EU backlash is nothing to do with remembered complaints, it’s because the EU is an unaccountable undemocratic proto fascist Orwellian superstate.

            The Catalan dispute is about them contributing 25% of Spanish GDP to Madrid and getting next to nothing back.

            Most Scots don’t want independence. They rely on English funding. The rabid SNP believe the EU will make up the shortfall. They’re deluded.

            Sorry but not even remotely on the money…

  22. As other cunters have highlighted about the liberal left in general, the basic principles seem to be founded on selfish entitlement, attention-seeking, non-conformism for the sake of it, professional offence-taking or a combination of these.

    You are either male or female.
    No! Here’s 83 types of gender classification!

    Overweight people should do something about their size.
    No! Instead of expecting fat people to do work, the majority of non-fat people must be convinced to accept, promote and even force themselves to be attracted to the obese!

    Let us remember those innocents killed in terror attacks.
    No! The religion of peace is the real victim! #NotAllMuslims!

    Etcetera, etcetera.

    Clearly not learning a thing after the EU referendum vote, they continue to stamp their Birkenstocks on the floor in petulant anger when they can’t get their own way – which just makes them despised all the more.

    Just a reminder that the left are capable of social devastation beyond PC. The AIDS crisis in the 80s is a perfect example. When the disease was discovered, and strongly suspected as being spread by blood/sexual activity, especially within the gay community due to levels of promiscuous sex at the time, CDC doctors and experts were desperate for some kind of control on the gay bathouses and seedy nightclubs in New York and San Francisco, where the disease cases amongst gays were the most numerous. Most of the rabid gay lobbyists and associated liberals took any ‘advice’ as oppression; as ‘the man’ trying to control and restrict gay freedoms; safety leaflets too caused uproar. Similar left-wing attitudes prevailed at the recommendation that blood transfusions were stopped – we mustn’t upset anyone, must we? How dare you suggest gays/risk groups are screened!!

    HIV went on to pass the epidemic critical mass and the rest is history. And the left played a massive part in helping the disease get a foothold into 80s America and beyond.

    Beware of the fucking liberal, at all costs.

    • I recall a proto-snowflake teacher (and a cunt!) saying that AIDS was not a gays related illness… Wonder if she’d ever heard of Freddie Mercury, Rock Hudson, Kenny Everett, Gene Anthony Ray?… Even Elton John admits he’s well lucky that he never caught it…

    • Hyndley, Brady, West.
      Just need Huntley and Sutcliffe to go next.

      Makes a good case for bringing back hanging, doesn’t it? Think of the money it’s cost us to keep these cunts breathing. I’ll pay for the rope myself and pull the leaver for free as a public service – and no, I’m not joking…

  23. I also think it was this Jenkins cunt who squealed in the Grauniad that if the ABBC chose another man to be the next Doctor Who, that it would be an ‘outrage’… Needless to say, he wanked himself into a frenzy over the new Femstapo Lezzanazi woman Doc… So this twat is not only an anti-British, pro-peaceful scum cunt, he’s also a misandrist of the worst variety: a man who openly dumbs down and hates his own kind… C U N T !

  24. Simon Jenkins is nipping at the heels of front runners Blair, Cameron & Brown for cunt of the decade.
    Cunce! All of ’em.

    • Cameron is a cunt, no arguement. But to elevate him to Blair / Brown mega cunt status is way over the top, imo. After all, if it wasn’t for Cameron the Referendum would not have been held and Brexit wouldn’t even have the slim chance of happening that it has today.

      Though he might be seen as Blair sized if you’re a Remoaner, of course!

      EU in the news this morning, whinging about time almost up for agreeing trade deal due to UK intransigence or some such bollocks. That would be the same EU that refuses to even contemplate discussing trade deal before UK coughs up €60-€100billion! You could not make it up.

      Mindboggling arrogance. Please God let us not be taken for the mugs that Barnier, Druncker, Macron & Merkel believe us to be, and with some justification…

    • Too true… I don’t recall any stories of Ivans liberating France, Belgium, Holland etc… Also, if Jenkins had half a brain he would know that the Germans came very close to actually taking Russia… They had a series of spectacular victories en route to Moscow, and it took the Red Army a while to gain the upper hand…

  25. Piece if shite. I lost family members in both world wars and being an ex serviceman myself I’ve lost friends in Afganistan too. I’ll never forget them. This fucking cunt should be dumped on the front lines to see what it’s like.

  26. I’d like to hear the delectable Julia Hartley-Brewer’s opinions on Jenkins etc.

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