Ed Sheeran [3]

That tuneless ginger gargoyle cunt, Sheeran, has said that his cycling injury (which he has whored all over social mong media and not shut the fuck up about!) has caused problems in his sex life… I presume by that, he means his arm injury has put the mockers on him wanking every night (probably over a picture of himself)… Let’s face it, who in their right mind would shag the ginger gremlin? Oh, I forgot, he’s famous and has got money….

Nominated by Norman

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  1. Ed Sheeran always reminds me of a mediaeval simpleton. One can imagine this cunt-of-the-moment wearing a potato sack, and stumbling around the fayre with his flagon of mead.

    • Puts me in mind of the Python ‘Village Idiot’ sketch. I can just imagine Sheeran perched on a low brick wall, wearing a shitty old straw hat, a filthy smock and knackered old wellies, wailing to one of his songs like he has the bellyache.

  2. The crazy thing is how the fuck did this gimp ever get to be so big?!
    He’s as ugly as fuck, his songs are substandard sixth form shite, he has the charisma of white dog shit, and he’s just fucking awful….

    This ginger gargoyle has now probably made more money and sold more records than John Martyn, Richard Thompson, Jim Croce, Gene Clark, Phil Ochs, and Tim Buckley combined… This world is fucking mad and is full of mongs….

    • I’ll be honest with you mate, I quite like a couple of Ed Sheeran’s songs and I haven’t a fucking clue who any of those cunts you name dactually are!

      • The Empire Cunts Back@ Use to be a Buckley fan I still listen to his stuff sometimes but music wise the last 5 months its been a steady diet of techno, sythnpop and mostly instrumental music like mike oldfield, vangelis and my bloody valentine

      • Admittedly I was heavily stoned, but one night I listened to Tim Buckley’s ‘Phantasmagoria In Two’ (both versions) over 15 times…Music doesn’t begin to describe the breadth of Buckley’s vision, hugely underrated. Starsailor (not the band) rules!

        Ed Sheeran is symbolic of the shite state of today’s ‘popular’ music and the cunts that buy it. He ranks with that irritating bitch Shami Chakrabarti, who has just been on the radio asking for another kick in the cunt.

    • I know those tattoos look horrible on his scrawny body, probably paid a fortune for them too

        • He was on one of them shows the other night, can’t remember if it was Johnathon Toss or Jabber Norton’s and didn’t think he did himself any favours.

          Just recalled Gordon Ramsay and Rita Ora sitting next to the cunt and they were talking about her not letting the scruffily dressed fucker into one of Ramsay’s eateries.

          It likely went a little something like this…

          “I don’t want any more eastern Europeans through my doors, you deluded fucking cunts are meant to provide security to the restaurant and guests. Any more fuck ups and you will be working for G4S in the prison service you useless fucking cunts”

          • Right about Rita Oral… ‘British’ my arse… She’s (yet another) Iron Curtain White Wog…

  3. I simply don’t get the Ed Sheeran craze.

    His vocals are nothing special. OK he can just hold a note but he sings like he needs a dose of Imodium. His lyrics are unsophisticated pish. Are people seriously comparing the sophistication of this so called wordsmith against the likes of, for example, 10cc, Kate Bush or Carole King? If do then they need to remove their heads from their arseholes and wash their fucking ears out.

    I was thinking the other day, If the likes of the popular, but regarded then as lightweight, acts of the 80s, such as Level 42 and Mister Mister, started out today instead of back then, the lyrics, arrangement and vocals of their songs would wipe the floor with the paltry offerings of the ginger thane and they would be heralded as some kind of geniuses.

    You see a similar phenomenon nowadays with Adele. Her songs cover a similar and predictable theme: corpulent girl gets chucked. Ex finds new girlfriend. Corpulent girl stalks ex and pours out bile and heartache. And the fucking daft public lap it up. Her vocal range is a cross between that of Brian Blessed and a stuck warthog. I think I would rather lick the cheese from under Diane Abbott’s tits than listen to an Adele album.

    It never ceases to amaze me that there are attractive girls out there who would be willingly drilled by this moonfaced ginger mutant. Cant be his vocals, playing prowess and lyrical abilities, surely?

    • Right about the 80s stuff.. Heard the first three OMD albums for the first time in years recently… China Crisis have also been on the CD player… And both piss all over Sheeran and his ‘Galway Girl’ drivel… Tracks like ‘Stanlow’ and ‘Christian’ are things the ginger gremlin is simply not capapble of…

    • As unbelievable as it sounds they sadly are!, back in the day this ginger cunt would still be playing in a tube station with a cap at his feet!!

      • Licking the cheese from under Diane Abbott’s tits? Attractive girls out there who would willingly be drilled by the moonfaced ginger mutant?

        “Oh the times they are a’ changing”…

        • Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark were ace Norm I’d recommend them to just about anybody, its about as good as 80’s synthpop gets in my opinion

  4. And as a pop star, Sheeran is crap… At least Bowie, Bolan, Adam Ant, and even George Michael looked the part and put on a show… Sheeran is like a Conference League Leo Sayer…

  5. I used to call Ed the ginger wanker, but now he’s broken his arm he’s just ginger.

  6. Attention!!
    A groundbreaking survey from money supermarket has drawn some staggering conclusions!
    Apparently men like to drink beer when they are stressed?
    And wait for it, according to MSM women go shopping for beauty products!!
    And here’s something to really blow all you cunters away!
    MSM state you are likely to spend 14% more if your sad, stressed or bored!!
    Well cut my legs off and call me shorty!!!
    Every Cunts heard of this phenomenon!! RETAIL THERAPY!! It’s been around for years!……
    Sarah Jane me me on sky news actually looks astonished by these findings? It’s certainly a game changer….. WTF

    • I was 100% more likely to buy a new porn mag and have another wank when I was stressed. Happier simpler times.

    • Even the adverts on Sky News are useful. It said this morning “it’s a good idea to play the postcode lottery”. I’m gonna do it. Apparently you get £30,000 every month! Absolute win-win.

      • With a minimum 31% guaranteed to fall into the pockets of the fat cat CEO’s of charities and likely to not find its way to someone in need, my cash will remain in my pocket.

        Lottery = legal scam.

  7. I think an instant arrest warrant should issued for the cunt that knocked him over
    As he obviously didn’t check his mirror and reverse over the tuneless and do is all a favour
    How the guck has this hobbit got a contract …?
    Utter cunt

  8. I think an instant arrest warrant should issued for the cunt that knocked him over
    As he obviously didn’t check his mirror and reverse over the tuneless cunt and do us all a favour
    How the fuck has this hobbit got a contract …?
    Utter cunt

  9. That picture says ‘think what you want, I don’t give a fuck, I’ve got millions in the bank and you haven’t! ‘

    • That picture says ‘I’m a cunt, who lives in a world of easy glory. But historically my tuneless shite will count for nothing…’

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