Michael O’Leary [3]

A cunting is surely deserved for shitcunt extraordinaire Michael O’Leary, the penny-pinching bastard behind Ryanair.

This fucker is the Mike Ashley of the skies. A mad little shit of a leprechaun, repeatedly sitting on his shit-throne screeching “me gold, me gold”, the cunt has managed to make airlines yet another capitalist race to the bottom, by offering the shittest possible flying experience for a pittance. This cunt has exactly zero ethics outside of the balance sheet; and it only amazes me that it has taken this long for his truly shitty brand of air travel to monumentally fuck up his customer’s en masse.

The tier of cunt who is universally despised, transcending class, political leanings and nationality, we can only hope that a stray engine falls off one of his crappy stock, plummeting down into his Leinster mansion and mangling the scrawny cunt into a veritable mess of blood, broken bones and shite.

Nominated by The Empire Cunts Back

O’Leary is one megacunt. So he has to cancel something like 50 flights a day for six weeks, that’s 2100 fucking flights if my maths are correct and the cunt comes out and says it’s due to a balls up with pilot holiday rotas, what a complete load of bollocks. Fuck me have they allowed all the pilots to take the same fucking holidays? Now he’s been made to look an even bigger cunt by finally admitting they have a pilot shortage, the real reason for the cancellations. What an absolute PR fuckup, and by the person in charge. He couldn’t organise a pissup in the Guinness factory, the twat.

Nominated by Lord Swinging Balls

101 thoughts on “Michael O’Leary [3]

  1. About 140 pilots have walked out on the grinning monkeycunt, presumably because he treats his staff just as badly as his customers. Then the cunt says anyone can fly a plane, shouldn’t be hard to find another 140 then, you fucking mick clown.
    Lord Comeuppance has marched his troops up that cunt’s arse and I hope it hurts the little cuntox.

    • In all fairness to the peat burning, potato famine’d cunt he does have a point re, ” anyone can fly a plane”.

      If the pig fucking, child molesting Muzzy cunts who took down the Yank Towers can learn to fly a plane, then he may have a point?

  2. I’d love to see a new TV show based on this site but on a national scale. It would be great to see monumental cunts such as O’Thickly, Brand, Branston, Green, Ashley, that cunt of a plumber that lives down the road from me and many others herded together and put through rigorous tests over a series to actually find who the public think is THE biggest cunt of all. Be a fucking long series me thinks. Perhaps a great opportunity for mega ginger cunt Evans to get back on TV. Could even win the crown himself. I reckon it would beat all previous viewing figures.

    • I had an idea for a reality TV show called “Deport a Muslim”. You start off with 12 of them and each week the least cunty gets voted out until after 12 weeks there is one left and then viewers get to vote on which shit hole to send him to.
      Beats I’m a celebrity.

        • Can we not just expand it a little to deporting a Nation? First for me would be the sand wogs, then the real wogs, then any branch of wogness remaining in Londonistan. Then the Eastern European windscreen washers, then the Polski Sklep wollers, then a mass brawl in Saudi Arabia for any remainers (yes, I will include remaoners too) and finally a non dom celebrity death match. Would love to see Dickie Branson and Harry Webb slugging it out to meet Reg Dwight in the final.

    • Good idea.
      We could call it the cuntiques roadshow.
      People could bring cunts from home or the local community to be valued and assesses for the quality of cuntitude.

      We can enjoy the looks on their faces when the valuer says “Sorry it’s one hell of a cunt but I’m afraid cunts like this are quite common round here. Worth maybe 100th of a farron or 1000th of a B.liar.”

      • I’ve missed this thread as I’m on holiday!! Just had a look at the game show ideas!!
        Fucking classic stuff lads!! , had me laughing out load in the bar!!, but cuntiques roadshow??
        That’s seriously funny!!
        Excellent stuff DTS 😂😂😂😂

  3. Michael O’Leary is a prat of some magnitude. This is the guy who ferociously advocated that we “thick Brits” should vote to remain in the EU, as it was good for us ( and for him obviously ).

    If we were considering to leave the Union, then it would be catastrophic. Ryan Air would relocate its business elsewhere. His investment at Stanstead would be terminated, the price of Guinness would double and the sky would fall down on top of us.

    You may have noticed that none of these things have happened as yet.

    To fail to manage your airline is not a failing of our leaving the EU, it is the failing of a greedy cunt who cut too many corners, treated his staff like shite, and has ripped off the public with his dubious add on fees.

    I pissed laughing when this ridiculous bog wallah retorted “anyone can fly a plane” Christ, have you watched the Jet 2 flight school programme? Flying a fucking plane is no easy task.. What a complete fucking moron.

    The sooner Ryan Air is taken over the fucking better. This is one arsehole that deserves his failure. Cunt.

    • Just endured my first trip on Ryanair. Didn’t have much choice, unless I drove another hundred miles or more to a different airport. I was dubious about the trip with the fuckers anyway, then all that shit about cancelling flights came about. Fortunately, our flights were not on the cancellation list, so I got to ‘enjoy’ the Ryanair experience. Thank fuck it’s over, can’t say I’m in a rush to repeat it. Flying scum shovels…

  4. Words simply fail me when it comes to this odious, bog-trotting, short-arsed leprechaun.

    Go and tar and feather yerself, and shoot yer kneecaps off.


    • Regroup the IRA and tell the murdering, get out of free jail card holder cunts, that he is an informer.

  5. If flying a plane is so easy, there’s gonna be some Uber drivers who own a sat nav looking for work.

    Ryanair are shocking in every dept.
    Getting allocated the passenger seat in Stevie Wonders’ two seater Cessna is preferable….

  6. Have used them a couple of times when no choice. Don’t like the experience, particularly the surly check-in and the crew cleaning the plane before you land. So glad I am not using them next week – the knock-on fuck ups on car parking, transport and hotel don’t bear thinking about and it’s obvious that the cunt wont compensate any where near the actually losses and extra costs.
    Cheap (if you are very careful with the process) nasty with a withering contempt for customers and it would seem, employees.
    As big a cunt as Branson which is some achievement.

  7. Do Oleary Branson Ashleigh et al, do they start off cunty or do they work hard to develop cuntiness?

  8. If anyone can fly an aeroplane why does the programme air crash investigations exist ? Maybe coz every year some of them get tired and just drop from the skies ??

  9. Was I having a nightmare, or did I see footage of that wankstain Camp-bell-end wrecking Beethoven on the bagpipes, outside the liebore farty conference ??

    Neither Beethoven nor the pipes should be subjected to such an abomination.

    The twat should show some respect for a dead haggis…

    Hatchet-snouted cunt.

    • No, your eyes didn’t deceive you.

      Some heroic fucker should have gaffer-tapped the blowpipe to Cuntbell’s well-used sphincter (to avoid confusion, I mean the orifice this cunt talks out of), and reverse-blasted some Chlorine-based gaseous mixture into that carapace of pure cuntfuckery.

      The fact that this cunt exists at all is already an affront to humanity; to give it airtime and publicity beyond a war crimes trial is fucking utterly inexcusable.

      There could never be an end gruesome or torturous enough for this high-ranking cunt.

      • TECB, You are truly a Poet Laureate in waiting.

        Apparently Laura Kuntsberg now has a bodyguard.

        I guess Goebbels had one too.

        If she were a PROPER journalist, she wouldn’t have a problem.

        The worst Richard Baker had was a threat of marriage !

    • Lady Nugee is a severe cunt and likely has a severe cunt. The kind that looks like a butcher’s window when she dropped her pants.

      • Just noticed she’s already been Cunted, under her Populist appellation, Emily Thornberry.

        Undoubtedly due another cunting, but SO MANY Labour cunts falling over themselves to be cunted, she may have a while to wait.

        • Lady Nugee – a typical two faced champagne socialist.

          In July 1991 Emily Thornberry married fellow-barrister Sir Christopher Nugee, of Wilberforce Chambers, in Tower Hamlets (where else!). They have two sons (born December 1991 and July 1999) and a daughter (born November 1993). Sir Christopher later became a Queen’s Counsel, then a High Court Judge, when he was knighted (whereupon she became formally styled Lady Nugee MP, a title she does not use).Since 1993 they have lived on Richmond Crescent, Barnsbury, where Tony Blair also lived until the 1997 general election, moving in on the same day as the Blairs. Thornberry also part-owns properties in Guildford and South London.

          In April 2005, it emerged that Thornberry had sent her son to the partially selective Dame Alice Owen’s State School 14 miles (23 km) away from her home and outside her constituency. The Labour Party opposes selection and Thornberry was widely criticised over the issue as a result. Chris Woodhead, the former chief inspector of schools said: “I celebrate her good sense as a parent and deplore her hypocrisy as a politician. When will those who espouse the virtues of comprehensive education apply the logic of their political message to their children?” Later, Thornberry’s daughter also attended the school.

          In the last 12 years she has held 6 shadow cabinet appointments, including Shadow Secretary for Exitting the European Union until replaced by Keir (don’t call me Sir) Starmer, and Shadow Foreign Secretary. She is currently Shadow First Secretary of State, effectively Shadow Deputy PM to Corbyn.

          I wouldn’t trust her as far as I could kick her…

          • Roll her up in an England flag and lash her to the front of a white Transit van.
            Because apparently they “represent everything wrong with Britain today”

  10. Planes, or at least those with the latest avionics, are now so easy to fly that this is starting to build a spike in crashes. A plane can take orf, fly and land itself all left to the onboard systems. Problem is this has led to a degrading orf normal flying skills particularly with some airlines which no longer train to get oit of basic problems ect because they believe a modern plane can never get in that position..
    Air France in combo with AirBus is one orf the worst offenders. Recall the Air France plane falling oit orf the sky over the Pacific? Doine to second officers left in charge and not being trained to recognise stalls or how to fly oit orf ’em. All hushed up naturally, Frogs would not want to alarm the travelling punter.
    Old school pilots like Shelley Schulmberger (or whatever the cunts name was) who had the moxy to land his plane orn the Hudson are a dying breed.

      • TheBournemouthRed. In the world of dumbed down education, text speak and ebonics you are a true wordsmith, a beacon of light in an otherwise language corrupted world.

  11. am watching Mcdonells speech to the Labour Party conference. fuck me, all i hear is how Labour will spend spend spend. no fuckin plans as to how that money will be made in the first place. it all sounds very luvvy dovey but wheres the fuckin beef you stupid twat.

        • And people who are throughly sick of the Tories’ endless lies about public services maybe?

          I despise Emily Thornberry (cunted prevously), but she fucking owned Boris Johnson this morning.

          • And incidentally, the last Tory manifesto contained no costings at all. So they don’t care about explaining how they intend to pay for anything either.

          • And Labour’s endless lies about how they are going to put it all right by unaffordable pay rises and mass nationalisation?

            I say give them all a 5% rise, but let them strike for 6-8 weeks first on no pay. It’ll give the treasury a cash flow advantage and cost nothing for 3-5 years when they they’ll be back where they were having eventually made up the money they lost by striking. Striking for more pay makes no financial sense at all because it takes years to make up the lost pay during the strike. McCluskey of course doesn’t give a shit about that because he’s still getting his £130,000 a year off his members while they’re getting fuck all…

    • Very simple. They’ll borrow it from the ECB and the IMF, print a load devaluing the £ and then get the rest from you and me in increased taxation.

      Tax and spend. Been alive long enough to see it all before – but never on this scale.

      “We will squeeze the rich until the pips squeak” – Dennis Healey as chancellor. Nothing new under the sun.

      It doesn’t work, of course, because the rich employ clever accountants and lawyers and/or leave the country – so free enterprise is stifled and investment becomes non existent. It was known in my day as the ‘brain drain’ – and who could blame them frankly? If I was rich and McDonnell became chancellor, I’d leave immediately because to remain would be financial suicide.

      I’m all for fairness and helping those in need – but not for screwing the wealthy just because of political dogma…

      • I’d love to soak the rich, but it would only result in a lower tax take. And fewer jobs. The top 1% already pay 27% of Income Tax raised.

        And the top 10% of households pay 27% of ALL the tax take.

        Screwing the wealthy might produce a feel good factor for a few months, but we’d end up worse off in the long run.

    • Did you spot a spack called Clack, and some …weird…Asian (??) guy(query “guy” here…) wot sounded suspiciously like a St. Trinian’s girl passing herself as a bloke.
      Or someone had his balls in a monkey wrench.
      Only in Brighton…
      My deepest sympathy to any fellow cunters who live there…

  12. Is he related to Dennis O Leary Yank comedian? Looks like he is threatening to crash into a building

  13. The Fire Brigade are trying to rescue Michael O’leary from the 10th floor of a burning building.

    Fireman shouts: “Jump Michael and we’ll catch you in this blanket!”

    O’leary replies: “Feck off, I don’t trust you, lay it on the floor!”

  14. Apparently the Germany right wing party AfD have caused trouble by winning some gains in the bundestag and then having a party to celebrate. Of course it wasn’t caused by the left wing protesters that turned up, threw bottles and shook their rattles and stamped their feet, crying and whinging because the evil, stupid people didn’t vote their way.
    It was the fault of the so called nazi’s.

    So how are these people nazi’s?

    Do they gas Jews? Nope.
    Do they plan to invade Russia? Nope.
    Do they have a funny little mustachioed cunt in fuck-me boots running them? Nope. (But they are germans so there’s bound to be one in there somewhere).

    No. They are against the 4th Reich, they are against mass immigration and they have a problem with the Islamisation of the West.
    They want to ban the Burkha, bring back the deuchmark and check on which cunts they’re letting into their country. They want to stop multiculturalism and vet all imams to combat radicalism.

    Sounds perfectly reasonable to me.

    It fucks me off so much that anyone with an alternative view to the main stream pussy, Islam loving, cissy fucking lefty, cock sucking, women’s panty wearing agenda is immediately called a Nazi.
    The AfD might be nazi’s. But I’d rather see evidence a little more concrete that some students pointing their fingers and whinging like a bunch or overprivaliged cunts before it’s reported on the news.
    …and it’s a bit rich coming from people that support and defend Islam, the most dangerous, oppressive and murderous ideology on earth today.


    • They are German nationalists, ergo Nazis.

      There are English nationalists, ergo Nazis.

      There are Scotch, Welsh, Irish nationalists, ergo patriots.

      • For the record, Hitler was a funny little mustachioed Austrian cunt in fuck-me boots.

        Not a lot of people know that…

        • He also used to get his niece to take a shite on his face and photograph it.
          That’s the mark of a good photographer, that. Not one splash or nugget on the lens.

          In Shitlers Bavarian puff piece filums, ever notice how shite scared his Alsatians are?
          He pets them, they startle and slink off.

          • Ha ha ha ha ….
            I’ve never heard that before birdman but it sounds like it must be true.

          • I heard it on Discovery Max or DMAX as its now known, deploythesauage.
            After posting, i realized that it was his chest she shat on and not his face. My bad.

            I don’t believe everything I hear on DMAX, but i chose to believe that. The way the historian was blushing, leads me to believe it to be fact.

          • FYI, page 237 of Robert Waite’s book ‘The Psychopathic God: Adolph Hitler’ quotes a psychological report prepared for the OSS in 1943 that reached the following conclusion with regard to Hitler’s aberrant sexual activity:

            “It is an extreme form of masochism in which the individual derives sexual gratification from the act of having a woman urinate or defecate on him”

            Pretty raunchy stuff for 1943, eh?

          • I thought everycunt knew he was Austrian, as were other top Nazis.

            His father married his niece, Shitlers mother, making his father his great uncle, and then Shitler becomes infatuated with his step sisters daughter.

            What a fuckin family. They put the Wests to shame.

            More Shitler bashing please, this is fun.

          • Dick you have given me the recipe for the worst nightmare in the fucking World!! The image of flabbots large sweaty arse cheeks gaping open….. Dick you are a cruel man and no mistake. Something’s are just really bad and should never be spoken of. Even anti social cunts like me have standards.

  15. I used to fly back most weekends when i worked in Dublin.
    Now, i ain’t the boldest flyer and require a BA Baracus Burger to do so, but flying Ryan Air really shit me up.
    Aer Lingus had these bright white, clean as fuck flying machines whereas Ryan airs needed a right good clean.
    I know that spit and polish ain’t gonna stop a plane crashing but who would you rather trust, a clean plane or a manky one?
    If they cant be arses to keep them clean, what else are they half arseing?

    Whilst working in Dublin, i had an “affair” with a bird that worked in the Aer Lingus booking desk at the airport, so that was another reason i never flew Ryan Air, but i made sure my girlfriend at the time did when she came to visit.

  16. This lying mick reminds me of Gerald Ratner and looks like he’s adopted the same business model.

    Saying that, cheap cunts will always want cheap flights to whatever god forsaken shithole they think is so important.

  17. Do you want to know how thick the press and people are?
    The Sun and Mirror are reporting that fans are “shocked” that “Liam” is not Liam Gallagher’s real name.

    I wander if “Robbie” is Blobbie Walliams real name?

    Dumb cunts everywhere.

    On another note, that liam Gallagher cunt, whilst slagging Noel, has brought vegetarians into the argument.

    Fuckin watch yerself, LfuckinG.

      • He’s doing it all wrong.
        Put kettle on, 100 pushups, pour water, brew for five minutes, another 100 pushups, add one teaspoon of brown sugar, half a teaspoon of soya milk, and hey presto, a lovely brew.

        • I’ve never tried, Birdman. The work I do means I get my fair share of exercise,I reckon. Using a chainsaw or doing farmwork occasionally keep me fairly fit for my age.

  18. I’ve used RyanAir a lot. It suits me just fine when I go across to Dublin. I just treat it as I would treat a bus…an economical way to travel. I just want a cheap seat,I’m not interested in taking endless luggage,buying extras or any of the other ways they have of ripping people off.
    An earlier Cunter said that O’Leary and Mike Ashley are the same type. True enough,but people should acknowledge that they are only giving the public what they want. Neither of them would have a business if people didn’t take advantage of what their firms offer. I freely admit I couldn’t give a shit how Ashley treats the people who work for him,or how O’Leary treats his staff. I’ll never work for either,so I’ll mind my own business and continue to take advantage of cheap flights.
    I will admit O’Leary has made a monumental cock-up with this latest cock-up. I just hope it doesn’t mean that the price of my next ticket has to go up to pay compo. to a load of whinging holiday-makers or grasping pilots.
    Fuck them.

    • I don’t understand how Mike Ashley’s sports shops get described as “cheap and tacky” when he’s selling the same brands as other retail sports shops but at more affordable prices.
      The exact same product ffs, and cunts see that as tacky? Get a fuckin grip.

      I know cunts that love telling you how pricey a purchase was and they take great pride in spending more.
      Fuckin posers.

  19. The Australians are getting a vote on same-sex marriage. I wish we’d been allowed a vote. I’d have voted NO. Those fat queers Elton John and Stephen Fry would have had to continue to “live in sin” with their partners instead of receiving Gods Blessing for buggering each other.
    God said in the ten commandments ” You shall not covet your neighbour’s wife.”,presumably he doesn’t mind you coveting your neighbours son…or fucking him up the exhaust-pipe.
    God-botherers and deviants,a mix truly made in heaven.

    • For what it’s worth, DF. I voted and chose no. I resent being asked, but the government has already involved me in marriage, divorce etc., plus it can’t keep its whiskey soaked, mostly Oirish hands out of my pockets anyway, so as I’m expected to contribute to further funding, fuck ’em. Bloody bummers!

    • I is a gay who once snogged a black man (so I am not a racist) and agree. Gay marriage? Fuck off! I have lived with a man for 17 years. No fuss, no fanfare just a quiet life….Unless Justin Bieber was round my house : Items needed:
      Gaffer tape, plastic sheeting, rope and hagen Daz….

      • Snogging a black man means you’re not a racist?

        Maybe you is a just a simple prevert instead.

  20. I am sick of the Marxist media which is almost all of them such as Sky and BBC calling the German opposition Ultra right wing… They do it to demonise them. All the AFD want is a halt to immigration, to stop the Islamification of Germany and maintain their National identity. What the fuck is unreasonable about that ? Sounds like total common sense to me .

  21. I hope that all the people who “starred” in Last of The Summer Wine are dead. They deserve it. Cunts.

    • It was a wank fest about old people being cunts. But everyone knows old people are cunts, so it was redundant.

    • Great programme.
      As i mentioned before, every episode always involved them going up a hill and hurtling back down again (usually Compo), but it was still fun.

      My granddads only complaint was that they never finished an ale. Never. Something always came up, probably to do with the top of the hill, and they’d rush off with at least half a glass full.

      • And they’d always rumble that wee old pal of theirs who was always up the moors trying to get his leg over with his brasser of an old tart.
        Lucky old cunt.

        • The best joke in Last of the Summer Wine was Burt Kwouk playing a Yorkshireman called “Entwistle”


  22. Lavinia Wooward – what a cunt. There’s no way of saying this without sounding mysoginistic (which I will admit to being). But what exactly do these damn cunts have to do before they’re actually sent to jail. This particular cunt stabbed a man and should’ve been sent down for attempted murder but got a suspended sentence, ffs. Almost a cunty is the cunt judge (Ian Pringle) who left this bitch off. He deserves testicular cancer because he doesn’t deserve his bollocks. A pox on him, the stabby bitch, the man-hating court system. Oh, and wimmin in general. Bunch of cunts, the lot of them. Bitter? Moi? Fucking right!

    • Ah, but you fail to see that this was a young lady of class and breeding. Fragrant even, to paraphrase judge Senility in the Archer case. She was probably unhinged by Brexit.
      So a drug fuelled psychotic episode is part of growing up. Lucky she wasn’t from some common council estate or she would be doing 5 years.

      • When I get (imminently) divorced, perhaps I should say in court that I’m a) a white convert muzzie b) transgendered or c) a pikey? Or any combination of the above? All three groups (of cunts) seem utterly untouchable in the current legal climate. Maybe I ought to say to the family court judge that I only recognise Sharia law and won’t pay the be-titted cunt a penny?!

    • I’d slip her a length. Just check for breadknives first. Fuck knows what she’d be capable of after being disappointed as only I can.

    • I get fucking infuriated at the gynocentric courts in this country.

      Still, if it is any consolation, knowing how the medical council adjudicatory bodies work, she will more than likely be assessed as unfit to practice surgery. So at least her career – which the cuntstruck judge was so desperate to save – will be ruined, without doubt.

      I hope the cunt dies horribly.

  23. I’m sure that fellow cunters will be equally amazed as I was, that the stunning example of feminine pulchritude, Chloe Ayling, may have fabricated that dastardly kidnap plot.
    I’d give her a good stuffing, particularly if there’s a sexy leather designer suitcase handy…

    • Indeed; clearly the kind of girl who can’t get enough of all orifices being filled simultaneously.

      “Yes” if you asked me…

  24. Newly discovered psychiatric conditions are submitted to two different committies that publish the two world respected manuals. I am going to submit my discovery:cuntitus. A terminal condition. signs: uses safe spaces, reads the guardian , voted to remain, watches Al BBC , eats organic, says Islam is a religion of peace and asks for your prefered gender pronoun whilst slagging off POTUS. Symptoms: votes labour, hails Jeremy Corbyn as the new messiah. Screams racism , sexism , trans fucking phobia at the drop of a hat, hates Israel , has gender neutral sprog and has 15 food allergies and an autistic child..Supports BLM and wants to tear down Nelsons colum before shooting the royal family and filling Buckingham Palace with Muslims.
    No effective treatment: terminal condition.

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